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What does Chair have to do to get a start?? (n/t)
at 21:45 21 Aug 2019

New Signing
at 16:32 22 Jul 2019

McClaren Gone
at 11:49 1 Apr 2019


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Grant Hall on his struggles with depression
at 13:18 26 Mar 2019

Dropping Bright
at 14:19 16 Mar 2019

After that last performance? Really?!

But as Clive always says, what do I know...
Just Back
at 17:45 2 Mar 2019

Well that was as bad as it gets.

Firstly, the decision to bring Smith on, but take off Pav - the only player having a decent game and the only player capable of crossing the ball - was baffling. Who exactly was going to get the ball into Smith once Pav came off?! And how Steve can have sat and watched that and yet decided that it would be best not to make a single change until well some time into the second half is very poor.

Cousins was back to his usual for the most part.

Freeman was isolated on the wing.

Furlong has looked shaky for weeks now.

Lumley’s attempt at that penalty (that shouldn’t have been again) was embarrassing. EDIT Lumley was fantastic for the most part, and made some fantastic saves.

Wells looks appalling and has done for weeks - and no, I cannot forgive him for that penalty miss, he cost me what would have been one of the best moments of my supporting life.

Leistner literally cannot kick a ball sometimes.

Hall was dreadful.

And yes, McLaren needs to take a long hard look at himself after that too.

But there you go, sometimes when you’re playing the best team we’ve seen all season, what can you do...
[Post edited 2 Mar 2019 17:56]
at 18:09 29 Dec 2018

If Cousins is a decent footballer I’m the pope. He lacks any presence whatsoever. I’ve cut him a lot of slack for being injured and not given a chance, but that performance just tops it for me. He doesn’t even look like he has a footballing brain in his head.
The music has stopped...
at 22:41 21 Aug 2018

right now, I don’t hear a thing...

That’s the first time (in my briefer than many years support) I’ve come away from the stadium at the start of a season, knowing that we were going down.
[Post edited 21 Aug 2018 22:42]
Here we go again... Bidwell taking our penalties?!
at 19:24 30 Mar 2018

Jesus. Holloway's magic roundabout continues.
4 at the back - It’s not about formations... Really?!
at 14:53 17 Mar 2018

What a fantastic performance, and a fantastic week of results. Nothing beats ruining Fulham’s weekend!

But why, oh why, oh why, has it taken Holloway this long to figure out that we haven’t got the ability/players to play the ridiculous system he’s persisted with all bloody year?!

This is no coincidence. Furlong looks good, Bidwell looks like a different player when we’re not p*ssing about telling him to try and be a winger at the same time. The two center halfs look more comfortable. And it gives us more going forward.

Were we a change of formation away from promoation this year? No, absolutely not.

But don’t anybody tell me that it’s not about formation. Just staggering it’s taken this long to figure out.

Anyway, what a brilliant result, and performance. What a difference it makes to your weekend!
[Post edited 17 Mar 2018 19:42]
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