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QPR come up short despite late rally - Report
at 12:44:46

If Smithies' header had gone in, I'd have been on the pitch. Wouldn't even care that I'd never get to go to Rangers again - what more would there be left to see? He died as he lived
Circling the drain – Opposition profile
at 10:55:24

Always makes me sick thinking back on the time in the premiership when the media were cheerleaders for the Venkys and blaming everything on the "unreasonable" fans. Seems they actually had a point

The media aren't everything wrong with football; but at times I can't help but feel they conspire to ignore the great systemic problems in football by fostering the tribal nature of football fans to cover it up
Southampton tickets and cheap trains - travel
at 15:30:12

London to Southampton is on the Groupsave route so if you book in advance for 3 or 4 people (or groups thereof) you can make quite a saving. Saved us a packet the last time we went down there
Transfer Deadline Day sort of live – LFW blog
at 13:53:01

famous at last!
The Iceman goeth
at 11:13:39

Agree wholeheartedly.

While it's probably the best decision to let him go, both in the promotion season and last year he was absolutely wonderful for us.

Last year especially - he was a rare picture of spine in those early days when all Warnocks "proven" Premiership players ran out of bluster post takeover.

I'm not surprised by his penchant for injury - the punishment that guy takes every game. Quite something when you compare most Prem striker rolling around in faux agony.

All the best Heidar, and thanks for some wonderful memories
Alan McDonald: 1963 – 2012
at 15:29:41

Really lovely pieces guys. Thanks both.

Really cut up about this. At 28 years old this is the first time I've really experienced a legend from my lifetime dying, though far too soon.

Growing up being tall and having no technical ability at all I was obviously made to play centre back. I used to get upset that I wasn't up front or what not, but my dad told me to look at McDonald next time we were at Loftus Road and see if he was upset he wasn't playing up front. As such he became my total hero.

My favourite memories of him are meeting him in the shop in Hillingdon Circus when I was like 11 while he was buying some fags and being totally star struck


when he went to Swindon and they came to Loftus Road. Fraser Digby got sent off and Alan McDonald went in goal and played a total blinder and we lost.
Lay down your pitchforks, Barton’s not the right target – guest column
at 09:49:09

I think the thing is that Tevez has been discarded because speaking from my own own perspective main bone of contention isn't with the sending off but with what happened after.

Should Tevez have been sent off - yes.

But should Barton have reacted? No. He deserved that red.

But then having been sent off losing the plot and dragging our club's name through the mud is one of the biggest games in our recent history, made all the more galling by how heroically the other players performed. I was in a neutral pub but everyone ended up cheering on Rangers because of how magnificently the lads played.

And on a personal level, I've spent such large parts of the season defending him. He got dog's abuse from all around me, often the second the game had kicked off, and it annoyed me how he seemed to get the flack for the team's wider failings. He got dropped and he came back the player we thought we'd signed in August. And then he went and did this.

On a personal level, I'm done with him. I don't want to see him play for us again.
Life, death and the love of Queens Park Rangers – guest column
at 11:03:30

Not much more to add beyond thank you for sharing
Behind enemy lines – the other side of Sunday’s miracle
at 09:34:09

Your twitter updates on Sunday greatly amused the pub I was in
Six for one declared, Chelsea annihilate sorry QPR – report
at 14:23:33

I was in a box for this thanks to a friend's dad

So I had to sit there in silence surrounded by Chelsea fans booing Anton whilst we meekly sat there and got humped. Spent the first 15 of the second half simply staring at the concrete partition in front of me, which showed more movement and intent than any QPR player.

Then I retired back to the box to chin as much of Chelsea's free booze as humanly possible.

Still find it hard to believe it actually happened
Fabrice Muamba
at 09:39:48

Here here.

From all at QPR, pull through and get well soon. All our thoughts of with you
Nightmare fixtures complete, QPR hunt important festive points haul – full match preview
at 10:37:33

Agree with every word
If you’re manning the panic stations, stand down
at 11:50:44

Agree 100% on your comments about the new fickle nature of football.

After the Villa game I saw us described as Toothless Rangers, and that we'd need to start scoring to stay up. This of course the week after we put 3 past Wolves.

Lampard has a bit of a bad patch - he's finished. He scores some goals "Don't write me off says Lampard to critics", printed of course by the very detractors who wrote him off in the first place.

Bothroyd hate may be new online, but in my seat I've been getting in my ear from the guys behind me from the first whistle against Bolton
Knife hot, butter everywhere, QPR crash at the Cottage - full match report
at 14:54:16

I missed the first goal as I was finding a stream, but interesting to hear Johnson was being a bell after the first goal too. I'm not one of these people who subscribe to the view that players should sit and take abuse, but was puzzled by the way he was acting towards the away fans
LFW Awaydays – Wolverhampton, Molineux
at 09:57:11

Great write up - slot machine man absolutely cracked me up
The Four Year Plan – LFW talks to Ad Hoc Films
at 11:36:02

Top interview, really insightful.

Can't wait to see it!
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