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Fascinating Reading The Recent... 20:18 - Aug 27 with 974 viewsCleedale

...Dale postings and very interesting to hear all the ifs, buts, whys etc.

Only seen the one game this season - at Grimsby BUT it does seem to tie in with a lot of other reading. Won't bark on about that too much as it isn't what I want to ask but the match was played at a very pedestrian pace first half and we played way too deep to the point that Lillis was dispossessed in his own box. On the night we weren't punished by a team which is very much in the making. 2nd half livened up as there had obviously been some bollocking. We won just about every ball closing down well. Cannon was instrumental in taking the ball forward on numerous occasions and we looked dangerous. Both Rathbone's goals were taken very well but Keith said we looked 'Fluffy' in the final third and wouldn't disagree with that tbh.

I was thinking to myself, this is the same team and stand where Holt scored many moons ago, and Murray in a 4-0 trouncing on New Year's Day 2007 and perhaps sealed the job for KH at the time. Other scorers against Grimsby have included Lambert, Le Fondre and O'Grady amongst others.

So basically - correct me if I'm wrong - but (back then) the beginnings of the end of 'Likkle-Ole-Rochdale'. Players regularly moved on for money and then add-ons. The list continues with a few others but notably Dawson and Hogan - they were/are real winners and no one could ever doubt Jonah's contributions in that time. My guess is we really did hit jackpot and the 'no fear' mentality certainly buoyed the most optimistic period in the history of RAFC than had previously been witnessed. (Well, at least in 40 years).

I found Steve Bruce's comments about Hogan joining Villa tied in with what I tend to feel about the present situation at Dale. He said summats like..."he's a bit like the rabbit caught in the headlights." Banging in the goals at Brentford in a side with no fear. Suddenly, at a massive sleeping giant with immediate expectations...the story board changes.

So, are we now in the situation where we have to pay much more of the going rate to sign a level of player capable of playing in League 1 who perhaps is coming to us towards the end of their career? And, are we a bit 'rabbits in the headlights' in that the expectations on some of the younger players just isn't coming off how the club and supporters would have wished at this level? (Do realise we had to part with the 2 to Burton before the beginning of last season btw).

Discuss; please.


Fascinating Reading The Recent... on 20:35 - Aug 27 with 918 viewschalky_ncfc


Poll: Do you now think that Notts have suffered enough since Munto?


Fascinating Reading The Recent... on 22:14 - Aug 27 with 753 viewsmikehunt

Well, how do you explain our first three seasons back in this division? More than held our own without paying over the odds for "star" players.
But, I have to agree to a certain extent: if we can't pull any more rabbits out of hats, then a couple of decent signings may be necessary to keep us afloat in this division. I do not want to go down. As I said somewhere else - we have come too far to throw it all away.

Rochdale: where all the women are strong, the men are good looking and the children are above average.


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