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Player contracts 20:13 - Jul 3 with 987 viewselectricblue

Just out of interest does anybody know what a players contract looks like or says...

My all time favourite Dale player Mr Lyndon Symmonds


Player contracts on 20:34 - Jul 3 with 918 viewsblackdogblue

Not as good as a 5 year GME one ๐Ÿ˜€

Player contracts on 20:35 - Jul 3 with 918 viewsfitzochris

It looks like a piece of paper that says โ€˜fook off you nosey fookerโ€™.

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Player contracts on 07:45 - Jul 4 with 759 viewsEllDale

The EFL, like most sporting bodies, have a standard contract which covers most conventional clauses of employment law. The crucial bit, as far as players and their agents are concerned, is a blank space where payments and bonuses are entered on an individual basis.

Player contracts on 09:33 - Jul 4 with 686 viewsDaleiLama

If you want to know what p2 says I refer you to Fitz's reply up the page.

Come on you Dayul
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Player contracts on 09:50 - Jul 4 with 654 viewselectricblue

Just to clarifyim not interested in what the player earns etc
Just what a contract stipulates..

My all time favourite Dale player Mr Lyndon Symmonds


Player contracts on 15:20 - Jul 4 with 500 viewsJames1980

Be interesting to know (excluding finances) stipulations of loan deals.
Minimum minutes & or games played.
Does the parent club get access to training sessions to follow progress.
If the player is injured does the parent club send their doctor to check the player over regardless of severity.
Any restrictions on position they play for example, in the event hoalie and sub keeper both injured. Parent club stipulates the loan player will not be used to cover goal keeping position.

I don't need to know this just think it would be interesting

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Player contracts on 15:27 - Jul 4 with 477 viewsdingdangblue

I managed to do a bit of digging and I got hold of this bury fc one...

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Player contracts on 15:47 - Jul 4 with 442 viewsCleedale

Player contracts on 15:27 - Jul 4 by dingdangblue

I managed to do a bit of digging and I got hold of this bury fc one...

Perhaps an easily answered question; perhaps not.

Does anyone know, say if 5 players are signed (not loanees) and long-term injuries keep them from playing is there insurance cover so that the club can claim. (perhaps a 'must-have?')

Just a thought in that you could have 5 x 1st-teamers permanently out but their wages still get paid/need to be paid. Does insurance cover for say, so long - (just like say mortgage cover if you were off sick) or a percentage of wages or, as is being asked, dependent on the individual contract.

Could see this affecting a small club like Dale more than others.
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