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The Hostile Takeover Thread 19:13 - Aug 19 with 31379 viewsUpTheDaleNotForSale

As requested, and following a similar format to our social accounts, here are all of the existing threads related to the hostile takeover in one place.

For any more revelations (& let's face it, there are lots ) keep creating them in new threads and then they can be linked from here too... it keeps the internet footprint of our new investor friends nice and big.

Trust Call For EGM
Trust calls for EGM by standale 14 Apr 2021 7:31

Americans Pull Out
The Americans have pulled out by chuckleberry 12 Apr 2021 13:14
Statement on Dan Altman’s LinkedIn:

Trust Statement - April
Trust statement by kel 12 Apr 2021 18:56

Open Questions To The CEO / Board
Open questions to David Bottomley or any Director of RAFC. (1) by A_Newby 11 May 2021 13:26
I understand that you may read messages on this forum so perhaps you could answer these questions below.

A basic business rule is that annual income needs to be greater than annual expenditure. If you spend more money than you bring in, then eventually you will go bust Bury style.

In “your” business plan for RAFC you talk about investment from an outside source by selling for £6 a share the remaining unissued and possibly new shares in RAFC.

How did you arrive at the price of £6 a share? This seems overly optimistic for shares in a company that virtually guarantees you zero return on investment. The only people who would be interested in such an investment are ardent RAFC fans with spare cash, and then probably not at that price.

There are currently around 400,000 unissued RAFC shares and the proposal from EGM 2020 is to increase these to 700,000. Using share prices of £2 and £6 a share, this will raise either £800,000 to £1.4m or £2.4m to £4.2m.

This capital raised is then planned to be used to acquire (our own) training facilities, employ a director of football and to improve the playing squad (increase playing budget?).

All these are extra annual expenditures. Where is any increased annual income to offset these going to come from?

Without an increased income, once this capital injection has been spent you will then be left in the situation that you have increased outgoings with no increased income to pay for them.

The only way of then raising the funds needed is looking for another capital investment or by mortgaging the assets, the ground and training facilities (The Bury model).

I understand that the team needs good training facilities, but do we need to actually own these?

By owning the club’s training facilities, are they not another annual expenditure (maintenance, staffing, business rates) or is there something in the plan to raise extra off field income from the club owned training facilities? If so what and how feasible are these?

Notice of AGM
Notice of AGM by judd 5 May 2021 16:03

CEO Relationship With The Board
CEO relationship with the Board. by AussieDale 4 Jun 2021 9:24
Would somebody with knowledge of how Football boards function in the UK advise whether it is normal to have the CEO on the board. I’ve been on the boards of sporting organisations in Oz of similar size and structure to The Dale and we would never even contemplate having the CEO on the board. Every board I’ve sat on has had an executive remuneration committee. This minimum requirement does not appear to have existed on the Dale board and is yet another shocking indictment of the boards’ performance in recent times. How anybody has had a pay rise, and a
significant one at that, in the current climate, is an absolute disgrace.

Confusing Ballot Paper
Confusing ballot paper omitted crucial word. by RooleyMoorBlue 7 Jun 2021 10:08
Until a Trust member pointed it out.

1st June AGM / EGM / EGM
AGM / EGM /AGM / EGM Match update thread - kick off 7pm by RAFCBLUE 1 Jun 2021 18:54
A beautiful evening this evening at Spotland for one of the most eagerly anticipated fixtures of the season.

Team news when we have it, but the Board are expected to play a flat back 5.

Zoom is filling up nicely with many in attendance.

Bottomley Leaves By Mutual Consent
Bottomley leaves by mutual consent by TomRAFC 28 Jun 2021 16:34

Sharehunters Alert
Sharehunters alert by Sandyman 30 Jun 2021 14:13

Looks like someone / some people are trying to hoover up shares.

Club Statement (July)
Club Statement by SuddenLad 7 Jul 2021 9:00

'Mandy' from Liverpool
As Cilla used to says: And here's our Mandy from Liverpool!...... by RAFCBLUE 3 Jul 2021 8:39
Messageboard folk meet Alex Jarvis:

Cheeky chappy scouser now assisting dim and distant third parties attempt to take over our beloved football club. He is connected, via LinkedIn to our former CEO, David Bottomley who was determined to sell the club before Bottomley was removed by shareholders at the EGM.

Here is what the Hull Daily Mail had to say about "Our Alex":

His Twitter bio says his interests include: "Football club M&A, ICOs & cryptocurrencies."

From Liverpool, he has previously said he left school at 16 and started brokering painting and decorating contracts. He has told Reuters a chance encounter with a billionaire on an ocean liner at 20 years old in 2011 gave him the opportunity to travel and work in China.

He has since put himself forward as a leading authority and middleman for Chinese businessmen looking to invest in Western football clubs, although it is not known which clubs he has assisted in brokering deals for.

The problem is:
1. Alex doesn't have two bob to rub together himself.
2. He introduces people and doesn't buy things himeself.
3. His company has only been in business less than two years.
3. He was born in 1991 - obtainable from Companies House - so at 30 he's managed not very much with his life.

But he has been on a cruise liner.

From brokering painting and decorating contracts to working with Bottomley to broker the sale of RAFC to any third party on any terms and at any price.

We have seen off better chancers than this clown.

I hope that our key shareholders and supporters have really done their due diligence on who they meet in dark and seedy corners and why they meet them, because Cilla has!

Now before our Graham with a quick reminder..... who has question number 1?

EFL Statement July 12th
EFL statement about Rochdale AFC by Sandyman 12 Jul 2021 15:15

Trust Statement - Andy Curran & Darrell Rose
Tonight’s Trust email by IOMDale 15 Jul 2021 18:56
Brilliant update - I know we’ve said it a lot of late but a massive thanks to all those working behind the scenes to make sure these shysters don’t get their hands on OUR club:

Trust Statement: Andy Curran and Darrell Rose

Supporters will be aware of developments over the past week regarding a possible takeover of the Football Club. We, as a Trust, do not believe this prospective takeover is in the best interest of the Club.

Much has happened over the past fortnight and, while we have updated our members twice during that period, it’s important we continue to bring you as much information as possible at this moment in time. Things are happening very quickly to the extent that even this communication might even be out of date by the time you’ve finished reading it.

We first became aware of the takeover interest two weeks ago, when it emerged that a Football Financier called Alex Jarvis had been contacting shareholders representing Andy Curran and Darrell Rose with a view to purchasing large shareholdings within the Football Club for the purpose of gaining a majority shareholding. We believe that some shareholders were informed by Jarvis that they had already acquired a majority shareholding in the Club, which was not true.

Our immediate response to hearing this news was to email the shareholders we have previously been in contact with in the run up to June’s EGM and warn them of what was developing. We believe Jarvis had been handed shareholders’ details that were confidential to the Football Club and not in the public domain, and this was being used to contact shareholders to purchase their shares.
Obviously, the names of Alex Jarvis, Andy Curran and Darrel Rose were new to us, as they have no previous links to our Football Club.

Andy Curran comes with very little digital footprint so far. For a man with sufficient wealth to purchase a Football Club, we could find very little information regarding his history other than one involvement with a construction company back in 2009. This raised several concerns to us in itself. The only other information that we had involved a link with Swindon Town FC last season, where his son was a member of the first-team squad.

Darrell Rose was been an easier person to track down. We know that he has a family-run car showroom in Worksop and is involved with a couple of housing companies. He, himself, didn’t flag up any immediate concerns.

Alex Jarvis is listed many times on the internet in relation to his previous deals, and one particular person that we have spoken to as part of our due diligence (who has had previous dealings with him) simply said to us: “Do not negotiate with Jarvis.” He has been involved in takeovers and attempted takeovers at Barnsley, Hull City, Peterborough and Woking. He is not expected to be part of any future involvement in the club, and his role is simply to try to acquire sufficient shareholding for Curran and Rose.

We emailed Jarvis on Saturday 3rd July asking for contact details for Andy Curran, with Curran himself emailing us back on Monday 5th, and we emailed back immediately expressing our views on the Football Club and any concerns that we as a Trust would have with regards to any prospective takeover. He replied with aims and plans for the Club, explaining what had gone on so far. A meeting was arranged for Tuesday 6th July.

A meeting took place on Tuesday as scheduled following an earlier meeting at the Club between Curran and Jarvis and the Board of Directors at the Football Club. The meeting was attended by Trust Chair Colin Cavanah and Trust member Richard Wild, lasting approximately an hour and a half.

During the meeting, we expressed a number of concerns about the prospective ownership model, the way in which the shares and information about them had been obtained, and the lack of information available regarding prospective new owners. As has been a stock phrase over recent months, we explained how lower league football has been haunted by the likes of Stewart Day in recent years and there was a need for transparency at every step of the way.

Curran explained to us that he had always been interested in football at a lower level. We were pleased that he didn’t just come out with promises of Championship football and beyond, as we have heard in previous weeks. He talked about sustainability for the Club and not over spending and he seemed to be on a very similar page to us.

He explained that he had no desire to personally be involved with the Club on a day-to-day basis and he was very happy to proceed with things at the Club as they currently are. He saw himself turning up on matchdays and treating it more as a social event, with those already in situ continuing with the running of the Club.

When questioned as to why so little information was available about him, he said that this was simply down to him being a very private person. He had made his money through a roofing business and housing, and since then he had preferred to be the money man behind ventures.

We explained how we felt it would be a real concern if we had an owner that fans knew next to little about, as we had seen over the past couple of years with a previous Chairman. Curran accepted what we had said, and agreed to be interviewed by a supporter who is a journalist and to take part in a podcast in an attempt to reassure supporters.

The Trust put out an update following this meeting. The purpose of this was to provide a platform to Curran, in much the same way that we had done with both Dan Altman and Chris Dunphy in previous months. We saw this as being an update to members reporting back on the meeting.

However, we were contacted by the EFL, through the Club, with regards to two lines that appeared in our statement, raising issues that related to shareholding and proof of funds. They stated that they felt they may need to issue a statement regarding this prospective takeover.

We had stated that Curran and Rose had purchased 42% of the shares at that moment in time. We now know this is not the case, and there hasn’t been a single share transfer form handed into the Club. Until this is done and approved, they do not currently own a single share in the Football Club. We amended our statement to state “agreed to purchase”.

The EFL also stated to us that the statement that Curran had provided proof of funds to the EFL was incorrect. We deleted this line.

We communicated a number of times with the EFL, stating our concerns and that we would be very happy should they choose to issue a statement. We asked them what the case was with regards to the Proof of Funding and the EFL stated that they had no evidence of any proof of funding being made available to them with regards to Curran and Rose’s takeover, and we published details of this on our website last Friday evening. To our knowledge, this situation has not changed.

We contacted Jarvis on Friday night who insisted that this information had been submitted to the Club, and it is the responsibility of the Club to pass these documents on to the EFL. We have spoken to the Club about this, who have said some details have been provided but nowhere near to the level of detail that should be expected in this situation, something Jarvis should have been aware of.

Following our talks with the EFL, we spent the weekend digging into as much information as we could find regarding Curran, Rose and the company being used to purchase the shares. Curran is not listed on Companies House as having any involvement with this company. We found a number of further concerns from publicly available information regarding the suitability of those wishing to take over at the Club and we have passed this information on to the EFL.

We have reached out to other Supporters’ Trusts, and information that we have received from our peers at Swindon Town has been passed on to the EFL as well. AWe are contacting the EFL on an almost daily basis to ensure that all necessary checks are investigated and that they are fully up to speed with the goings on. The attitude of the EFL is very supportive and they are appreciative of our efforts to keep them in the loop.

As things stand, we believe that Curran and Rose have made agreements to purchase the shares, but the share transfer forms have not been presented to the Club and, as such, the shares are not in the possession of either Curran or Rose or the organisation they propose to use to purchase the shares. We had made enquiries as to whether any money has actually changed hands but, at this moment, we cannot confirm this either way.

Despite claims they have made to individual shareholders, we do not believe that they have reached agreements to acquire over 42% of the Club. Of course, this does not rule out further share purchases that could take them above 50%, and there is a need to be vigilant to ensure this does not happen.

On the subject of proof of funding, the EFL Head of Governance, Ryan Hyde, wrote to us last Friday and confirmed that they “cannot find any evidence of the source and sufficiency of funding on behalf of the potential purchaser having been provided to us.”

The EFL rules of the Owners and Directors Test (Appendix 3) state in Rule 3.1 that for any Person proposing to acquire Control of a Club: the Person seeking control shall, as far in advance of the acquisition of Control as reasonably possible and in any event no later than 10 Normal Working Days prior to the date on which it is anticipated that such acquisition of Control will take place.

(i) submit to the League a duly completed Declaration in respect of each Person who will become a Relevant person upon the proposed acquisition of Control;
Having consulted with the EFL, we do not believe any person has either (a) contacted the EFL or (b) made the relevant proposal for acquisition of control.

There has been a great deal of work that has taken place over the past fortnight, arguably more so than at any other time in our history and this will continue until this is resolved. This is one of the most pivotal times in the history of the Club.

We have reached out to the Football Supporters Association, Rochdale MP Sir Tony Lloyd and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham for support with this.
We hope that in the next few days, we will be able to present to our members the outcome from some of the work that has taken place, and we will seek further member advice on this.

As always, the direction of the Trust will be guided by the members, so if you have any views on this that you would like to share with us, whether it is in support or against, please send them to

Furthermore, if you have any specific questions with regards to this, please send them as part of our new Q&A initiative to

We will be writing again to members in the next few days with our next steps in fighting this and ensuring that the Club will never be put in such a position again.

We need all supporters to stand together as a Club at this time. This isn’t a disagreement over the merits of a manager or a debate as to whether or not the Club is doing things right – this is the very future of the Club on the line. We’ve seen down at Bury just what can happen. That doesn’t happen here, we won’t let it. This time last week, I was convinced this was a fait accompli. A week on, I am convinced we can stop this and keep the Club in the hands of the supporters as it should be.

This is my Club. This is your Club. This is our Club!

An Open Letter to Andrew Kelly
An open letter to Andrew Kelly by ColDale 3 Jul 2021 9:36
With all the issues that have taken place this year, Dale fans have never associated yourself with any of that. You can see that with your re-election vote at the AGM where 95% of supporters voted in favour of you. You are not seen in the same light as Bottomley and Rawlinson. Dale supporters know you for what you are – a proper Rochdale bloke who loves both the Club and the town.

Arguably, you’ve been the one constant at the Club in the past twenty years, the one constant through the most successful time in our 114 year history and from my dealings with you, I am well aware of all the work you have done that doesn’t reach the public domain – whether that be your work with the academy, or your work with both Hilly and Flicker throughout that time. This club would not be what it is had you not been involved.

We’re Rochdale, we’ve always been different. We’ve never had an owner in modern history. The likes of Cannon have tried but there’s been a Rochdale way that has seen us shine since the dark days of the 80’s where we almost dropped into non league. That Rochdale way has led to a succession of hard working individuals acting in the best interests of the Club – you as much as any of them – and that has seen us survive and prosper.

We’ve not had the debts of other clubs, we’ve not gone into admin unlike every other EFL club in the area. We’ve had the stadium rebuilt into what it is today, we’ve had the most successful time on the field in our entire history, and we’ve been a benchmark for every other club to follow. That’s come on your watch.

This weekend is the most important weekend in the history of the Club.

By the end of this weekend, we might be in a position where we have a single owner or pair of owners. That fantastic video that the club put out about “This is my club” that got me all emotional might need remaking.

What do we know about them? Practically nothing – one comes from Essex seems to have no trail whatsoever which carries it own set of red flags and the other comes from Worksop with a history in housing developments.

But we are at the stage where they are close to getting the keys to the club.

What else do we know? Well I believe that they’d already shown an interest and you’d knocked it back. They weren’t good enough for the club a few months ago, so why now?

We know we disagreed about MH and whether that was in the best interests of the club, but if MH wasn’t the answer, why are we going with people who were dismissed as tyre kickers previously?

You can understand the others for selling to them. They’ve not got the history you have, despite their claims. They’ve never been here for most of their lives, they’ve never put their own money in year after year. They are not what we would call proper Rochdale people. You are. You’ve always been “What can I do for this club?” rather than “What’s in it for me” and that is why you are so respected within the town/

I implore you not to sell your shares in the Club, and if you do there are alternatives that protect the best interests of the Football Club and give you the legacy that you richly deserve. You’ve done your time and nobody can blame you for wanting to enjoy your retirement. You’ve done far more than any of the rest of us would do, but there’s one thing left to do that will protect the Club you love and have done so much for.

POLL - Have you been contacted?

Trust Update on Club Ownership
Update on club ownership from Trust by James1980 25 Jul 2021 14:58

Dan Altman's Social Conscience
Dan Altman's social conscience... by TomRAFC 1 Aug 2021 18:07
Mr Altman has been speaking up about some very worthwhile causes. Anyone who wishes to discuss why his share sale runs contrary to his principles can share their views with him here...

Dan Altman
Founder of and North Yard Analytics – Co-Founder of NYK Capital Management – Rochdale AFC supporter

Today we're dialing down the smarterscout presence on social media to focus on our main sources of revenue growth: clubs, agencies, media outlets, and betting services. Social media were critical to our early growth, and they brought us members from around the world. They also opened an unexpected door at an important time.

That door was the door to activism. For the past two years, I tried to use the smarterscout platform to support the rights of Black people, LGBTQ+ people, and others who had been denied equal rights by society. Why? Because if I had a platform, I had an obligation to use it to help people as much as I could.

There was a mix of reactions. We were accused by onlookers of "wokeness," as though that were some kind of sin. Some said we were just doing it for marketing. Well, we weren't doing it to promote smarterscout – but we were pushing progressive values and a fairer society. So in that sense, guilty as charged.

Another favorite of mine was the accusation of "virtue signaling". This could only have come from someone incapable of believing that the owner of a company would want to support human and civil rights publicly. Maybe this person was trying to figure out where the percentage was (I don't know, and I don't care). Maybe this person was asking why these rights were worth supporting (please, read a book).

In fact, profit is the furthest thing from my mind when it comes to social issues. (And believe me, I've thought about profit and social investment quite a bit: This is why I put our money where our mouth was by joining Common Goal. We make a donation every year out of our revenue. The return goes to society, not to us.

Our platform isn't very big. We have about 25k followers on social media and 17k members on our site. But I never thought that we'd be able to reach so many people. So I did what I thought we had to do – what I'd want my kids to do, too. And I hope that we brought them a tiny bit closer to living in a better world than ours.

EFL Statement - August 5th
Official Statement From The EFL by isitme 5 Aug 2021 15:46

The EFL continues to work with Rochdale AFC, Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited alongside a number of other individuals in relation to applications under the EFL’s Owners’ and Directors‘ Test.

Based on discussions to date, the EFL has reserved its position in respect of any matters arising out of the ongoing situation at the Club and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations.

Any allegations in relation to discriminatory comments are matters for the Football Association which can investigate any individual who is subject to the FA Rules at the time the comments were allegedly made.

The EFL will continue to work with the Club and relevant stakeholders as they seek to ensure a successful and viable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.

Useful MP & EFL Contact List
Write to your MP, the EFL, Andy Burnham etc. by AndyH 8 Aug 2021 14:57
Find below a number of addresses that you may find useful and please, just jot down a few lines to these people to make them aware of the potential injustice on the cards here. If each one of us sends a letter then it may make them take notice. No one on this forum likes to mention bury and their demise, but if we ALL don't take a stance against these imposters to our game and our club then we we will be the bury of the future. This is our club!


Sir Tony Lloyd MP
23 The Wheatsheaf,
Baillie St,
OL16 1JZ

Sir Tony Lloyd MP
House of Commons,

Chris Clarkson MP
House of Commons,

Rick Parry (Chair)
EFL House,
10-12 West Cliff,

Trevor Birch (Chief Executive)
EFL House,
10-12 West Cliff,

Debbie Jevans CBE
EFL House,
10-12 West Cliff,

Andy Burnham (Mayor)
Tootal Buildings,
56 Oxford St,
M1 6EU

POLL - Takeover Evidence So Far

MEN - 12th August
M.E.N latest by rkershaw 12 Aug 2021 14:21

Al Jazeera Investigation
Investigation proves that criminals can nearly buy an EFL club...... by RAFCBLUE 9 Aug 2021 20:40
Criminals nearly bought an EFL club......

No it's not us and the article doesn't mention Andrew Curran, Darrell Rose or Alexander Jarvis of Blackbridge Sports Limited but all very interesting just the same.

Here's the relevant bit for us:

Unfazed by the client’s crimes, Samuelson gave a step-by-step guide on how he can use offshore trusts to hide the investor’s money and identity.

To hide Mr X’s conviction, Samuelson proposed using two so-called minority investors to “front” the Derby County purchase as joint shareholders of an offshore company.

Denise Valarie Courtnell anyone? Faical Safouane anyone?

The Athletic Article
The Athletic - "Rochdale, a hostile takeover and a Rottweiler" by RAFCBLUE 14 Aug 2021 8:05

Good article and it clearly states that we are solvent which was the complete fabrication and lies Jarvis was spouting in the MEN this week.

It's behind a paywall but perhaps someone can but the transcript on here later.

SmarterScout Leaves Twitter
Smarterscout leaves twitter by TomRAFC 19 Jul 2021 22:44
Could be entirely coincidental...

Social Accounts
Up the Dale Not for Sale Twitter account by jacko_dale 12 Aug 2021 15:53
Seems to have disappeared in the last hour or so. They got a fair bit of traction the other night with clicks and retweets etc, and seemed to be doing a good job spreading the word. Not sure what's happened there.

POLL - DB Vote of Confidence

'It Was All Alexander Jarvis' Fault'
It was all Alexander Jarvis's fault by Denise_V_Courtnell 5 Aug 2021 21:22
Listen.. you northern lot... you can pick up on my spieling mistakes all day you numpties but you need to know that this wasn't our idea... We were rang by Alexander Jarvis from Liverpool about the deal... You had someone one in the club that told him 'get the top 5 shareholders and you got the club'... So all we done is seen a bargain.. Jarvis set this up with your guy, not us

A Love Of Weezer - Morton House
A LOVE OF WEEZER / Why MORTON HOUSE must fail the EFL tests (Part 5) by RAFCBLUE 9 Aug 2021 19:59
I've concluded that the folks of Morton House must be massive fans of the band Weezer.

For those at Morton House it's currently a very interesting state of affairs. If I briefly recap:

1. Company formed on 28th May 1999 by Ana Sacco and Darren Sacco.

2. It bumbles around for nearly 20 years before it renames itself MORTON HOUSE BUSINESS AND CORPORATE SERVICES LTD in on 18th March 2019

3. It's year end prior (31st July 2018) it has the grand total worth of £14,287.

4. On 22nd March 2019 DENISE VALERIE COURTNELL is appointed as a Director.

5. Darren Sacco left as a Director on 30th April 2019 and Ana Sacco had left before Denise is appointed on 15th February 2019.

6. 31st July 2019 comes and the net worth - £12,375. A loss for the year to July 2019 of £1,912. All before Denise has come in to work her magic.

7. On 10th March 2020 it changes its name again to MORTON HOUSE MGT AND FIRST FORM CONSTRUCTION LIMITED. Bit of a mouthful from the previous company name if you ask me (ooh err missus!)

8. On 30th June 2020 the Company files for a change of activity to do payroll services.

9. 31st July 2020 comes and the net worth - now £121,759. A PROFIT for the year of £109,024 and all thanks to Denise! It must have been on the old activity mind because the new activities of payroll at this point have only been going for one month.

10. On 1st May 2021, Denise brings in two new directors. Young blood. The well known one is DARRELL ROSE - a Worksop property company and used car garage owner. The lesser well known Faical Safouane who otherwise resides in a bedsit in Slough. Safouane however originates from Morocco.

11. We now know that Rose had bought 51% of this company on 1st May 2021 from Denise Courtnell except....

12. On 30th June 2021 Morton House FORGETS to tell Companies House that Darrell Rose has bought 51% and says nothing has changed. You can almost hear the teacups clattering on the Boardroom table because....

13. On 28th July 2021, Morton House files that things HAVE changed and Darrell is the owner not Denise.

Conveniently, this filing was done ONE DAY after the EFL meeting given we know the timeline from the disclosures in the Daily Telegraph.

So it go me thinking; something isn't right is it about Denise. 78 years young and starting a payroll company. Turns it around and then transfers exactly 51% to someone who happens to want control of a little League 2 football club.

Here Denise is, coming in to Morton House in 2020 and turning it around, taking over from two directors who have run it for 20 years without any really financial success and in under a year, a year with a global pandemic in it, turns a six figure profit and has £4m of current assets in the bank!

It made me go and look again at the Bar Lush raid in Chingford in July 2009 where Denise lost her home and her livelihood. The Enfield Independent gives a lot of coverage of the people involved.

It turns out it wasn't just our Denise involved. Reading all of the information closely the following dawned on me:

* 3 pubs closed - Bar Lush, The Station House and The Bull and Crown
* Drugs with a street value of £100,000 seized
* £10,000 of cash and stolen good seized
* 4 guns seized

Turns out what Denise was caught up in at Bar Lush was a lot more then a little bit of "personal use". Turns out that 17 different people were charged with 143 different drugs, firearms and money laundering offenses.

I shan't list the names - but see if any of the name in the Enfield Independent jump out at you.

Now, where was our friend Andrew Curran during this time?

He was running his father-in-law, Colin Green's company from 2008 - Supreme-O-Construction Limited and having in 2006 bought a home in Inglethorpe, Essex as Messageboard user fermin noted on another thread.

The Essex home - according to the Land Registry - cost Curran £1.1m in 2006.

Supreme-O-Construction Limited's profit / (Loss) for each year under Curran:

Year to February 2009: LOSS of £36,164
Year to February 2010: LOSS of £14,874
Year to February 2011: LOSS of £2,825
Year to February 2012: LOSS of £2,376
Year to February 2013: LOSS of £12,286
Year to February 2014: LOSS of £74,811
Year to February 2015: LOSS of £52,179
Year to February 2016: LOSS of £29,203
Year to February 2017: PROFIT of £109,229
Year to February 2018: PROFIT of £107,293

Ten years of business and an OVERALL LOSS OF £8,210 was achieved, whilst paying the mortgage on a £1.1m Essex house. He could have done calling Denise Courtnell in to turn his business around!

In June 2018, Colin Green sadly passed away. Andrew Curran got out and passed the Company over to Mark Farrugia.

Supreme-O hasn't bothered with filing accounts since 2018. It didn't file 2019's or 2020's and in June 2021 (WHILST THE EFL APPLICATION WAS WELL UNDERWAY) Farrugia has quietly filed for liquidation.

Supreme-O is helpful though in other ways. It shows in the public domain the link between the Green family and the Curran family.

The family ties between Andrew Curran, Colin Green (founder), Jean Green (Curran's mother-in-law and one time secretary of Supreme-O), Kelly Curran, Darrell Rose and Deborah Rose are unquestionable.

The apple they say never falls far from the (family) tree.

Denise Courtnell will be asked to go before the EFL I am certain of it.

The £4m of current assets that Morton House shows at July 2020 are HER current assets - Rose was not involved at this point even though he is now and Rose hasn't put any accounts out for Morton House - but he can and will.

Now, for three points music officiandos - what is the Weezer classic that ties all of these things and people together?

The Gifted Rolls Royce
The internet never forgets.

On the sales section of LKC Motors Limited ( website they show off a grand array of prestige vehicles that they have sold to punters. If you like nice cars, and who doesn't, then you can see that for yourself here.

The ramblings of Rochdale fans, scrutiny from the Daily Telegraph, the pesky interference from the folks at the EFL and the general chicanery of the last 8 weeks means that the "done deal" takeover promised by Jarvis and Bottomley to Curran isn't actually a done deal, far far from it.

This series has focussed on raising the profile of the difficult questions and tonight's piece focus on one lovely shiny black Roll's Royce Cullinan.

The Rolls Royce is a timeless classic car. Only 4,000 are made for worldwide consumption every year and more than 90 percent of all Rolls-Royce vehicles sold are personalized, and customers are usually placed on a waiting list for months or even years depending on their customization preferences. For instance, a waiting period of 12 months is the norm for a buyer to wait on a Phantom VIII or Cullinan.

A 12 month wait. Andy Curran is clearly a patient man.

Except Andy's Rolls Royce Cullinan has an interesting heritage. It's possible to check this for a couple of reasons.

First, Curran came to the ground in it on Tuesday 13th April 2021 for the Swindon home game. There is first hand accounts and pictures from the protest of fans who said hello to him on account of his motor.

Second, Curran and Jarvis came to the ground in it on Tuesday 6th July 2021 for a meeting with the Board. Again, there are first hand accounts and pictures from fans who were in the area who can prove it was there.

So what?

Well this Rolls Royce isn't your usual "one careful owner" type car.

The DVLA records show that before Andy Curran got his hands on it and put 71AC on it, it has two previous registration numbers:

Registration 1: KX70 FMC (a normal registration from Northamptonshire) and
Registration 2: 234JB (a private registration plate)

So what?

I never had Andy Curran down to be a used car fan. If you are going to own a Rolls Royce, you'd think you'd do it properly.

Things then take a really interesting turn.

The 2nd owner transfers it into LKC Motors - Darrell Rose's enterprise. It's only under 6 months old at this point - the uber rich get bored very easily these days and move cars on like there is no tomorrow.

And on the 8th March 2021, Andy picked his car up from LKC Motors and they were delighted to provide it to him.

Think about the statistical chance of that:
* A prestige Rolls Royce with a waiting list goes to an initial buyer.
* That initial buyer moves it to a second owner
* The second owner puts it into LKC Motors Limited and
* LKC Motors Limited sells it to Andrew Kirk Curran.

With all this takeover stuff, they have tried and tried to scrub the trail linking them to each other but the internet never forgets.

Here's what LKC Motors said on the 8th March:
"Love it or Hate it?

Either way, one of our clients loves it and is now the proud owner of this exclusive Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge.

One of our main services here at LKC Motors is vehicle sourcing. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, drop us a message or a call and let’s us find your dream car!

See more of this Cullinan in our story.

☎️ 01909 501001

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The questions that arise are as follows:

1. On what basis was the Rolls Royce Cullinan sourced from Rolls Royce?
2. How much did LKC Motors Limited pay the previous owner for it?
3. How much did Andrew Curran pay LKC Motors for it on 8th March 2021?
4. How did Andrew Curran source the funds for it? Did LKC Motors arrange him credit - they are regulated by the FCA as stated on their website.
5. Where is that Rolls Royce sitting parked tonight?

Of all the random coincidences - 7 billion people, 4000 Rolls Royce cars built a year, the waiting list we manage to link two people who just so happen to be working together now as part of a hostile takeover.

Darrell Rose is one of two directors in that business so it would seem that he must know well about how this car was procured and financed to his business associate?

Another question for the EFL to add to an ever growing list of sources and uses of funding questions!

Faical Safouane
Morton House's Directors - FAICAL SAFOUANE by RAFCBLUE 27 Jul 2021 8:57
"This time next year, Rodders - we'll be millionaires".

Step forward Faical Safouane; 2nd director of Morton House.

The EFL will be doing this, if they are a credible buyer, so there is no reason we should let the EFL have all of the fun.

We are saving the Darrell Rose thread as a "Special". There's lots and lots that people need to know about Darrell and his business dealings but that is for another time.

Faical Safouane is registered as a working director of Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited. He works alongside his other two directors Darrell Rose and Denise Valarie Courtnell.

Faical was born in January 1984 so compared to Denise he is just a young pup running a multi-million pound payroll services company. At the tender age of 37 (I remember those years well), he's made it to the top of the game.

Except young Faical:

a) Doesn't show up on the electoral register - but who likes to vote for pesky politicians.
b) He doesn't have a social media profile on Facebook
c) He doesn't use LinkedIn for business development

For a guy who is one of three people running a payroll services company in the construction sector he is, shall we say, someone secretive.

Faical has multiple addresses if you want to write to him:
1) 111 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road, London, England, NW9 6NB
2) 68 Lombard Street, London, England, EC3V 9LJ
3) Flat 3 Eton Walk, 2 Upton Park, Slough, United Kingdom, SL1 2DP

Hmmm - two generic postal boxes and a flat in Slough. I wonder which one would be the best one to find him at?

Faical and Denise are linked too.

In March 2020 a company called COLEMAN MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED was set up and Denise was a Director before handing the reigns over to young Faical.

Guess what - its filed no accounts so far and its nature of business is "Management consultancy activities other than financial management"

That's more than fishy when you consider that Faical's main job is being one of three directors of a payroll company - which is financial management.

What would the folks at HMRC say I wonder?

Now some questions:

1) How many 37 year old's don't have a Facebook profile in 2021 but are a successful multi-company director?
2) How are Denise, aged 78 and Faical linked? Are they long lost lovers?
3) What first attracted him to agreeing to his company making an multi million pound investment in the Dale?
4) Can he pay left back?

There's lots to consider here for the EFL, perhaps someone can pass across a Woodbine (Moroccan or otherwise) whilst we all have a bit of a pause and a think about what really is going on.

Darrell Rose still to come folks; he is the big fish in all of this.

The Family Rose
THE FAMILY ROSE / Why Darrell Rose MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 2) by RAFCBLUE 29 Jul 2021 22:30
Tonight's post is only possible due to disclosures made in the last seven days by Alexander Jarvis of Blackbridge Sports.

Its a long one.... here goes.....

The Morton House model; £2 share capital companies that do not have a long shelf life before being dissolved appear to be a dinner table theme for the Rose Family in recent years.

Darrell Rose (born June 1964) is married to DEBORAH JOY ROSE (born December 1963)

DEBORAH has a range of appointments:

They have a large number of children:

LEE ANTHONY ROSE (born July 1979) - loves to sell a good watch

RYAN ROSE (born February 1981)

LYNDSEY DIXON (nee Rose) (born August 1985)

OLIVER PAUL ROSE (born February 1986)

KELLY ANN PARKES (nee ROSE) (born October 1987)

Not limited to the kids, there are jobs for the son-in-laws:

DEAN DIXON (born October 1984):

THOMAS PARKES (born July 1987):


1) Can any of them play left back?
2) Where are all of these companies from and why do they need them?
3) How do so many children cover up so many operations for the mastermind?

Darrell doesn't own much. He owns a payroll company now (Morton House) following the chicanery of late filing.

What's really interesting is how intertwined the Rose children are with the Curran children. They go on holidays together, each others weddings and work alongside each other across various business interests.

The biggest question that comes out again and again is WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?

There is not anything across all of these people that says that they have the funds to pay £5m for the football club.

They offer payroll services, construction, watches, energy sales, insurance sales, website sales but nothing to do with football.

A number of them follow Sheffield United. Understandable given they are embedded across Doncaster, Sheffield, Worksop, Rotherham and Retford.

Alexander Jarvis' Working Relationship with 'Previous Board'
Alexander Jarvis and the working relationship with previous board by RAFCBLUE 9 Jul 2021 20:43
It's really intriguing that all of this Alexander Jarvis and Andy Curran stuff has come after the democratic removal of the former CEO at the 1 June 2021 EGM and following Mr Bottomley leaving the club on 28 June via "mutual consent"

David Bottomley is now currently out of full time work and probably too young to retire, so I do wonder what will be next for him.

In coincidental timing, Alexander Jarvis has popped up with all of these connections to RAFC shareholders days after Bottomley left the club.

It was like Bottomley left on Monday and then the club had this hostile takeover began on Friday.

I am certain Jarvis must have met with either all or some former member of the Rochdale Board. Maybe Jarvis and Curran have promised any former Board members there may be operational roles for them in any new regime - who knows?!

CEO Fit & Proper Person
Fit and proper person by judd 24 Feb 2019 22:55
Not me, you filthy gets.

Our CEO has a Linkdin profile thay has him as a Sales Director of a business called Hasbro around the same time as the same company was found guilty of price fixing with retailers, resulting in a huge fine c £15.98 million. The retailers also received massive fines. Upon appeal, thanks to co-operation from the accused, including those with the same name as our CEO, Hasbro fine was rescinded.

Hasbro later released a press statement to let people know that those involved in this illegality were no longer with the business.
It may very well be that there were 2 employees of the same name at that company at that time and so I withdraw any assertion cast.

Hope when we employ senior managers that our due dilligence complies with EFL guidelines.

We would also hope that conflict of interest was taken into account upon his appointment.

Morton House / Darrell Rose Part 1
MORTON HOUSE / Why Darrell Rose MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 1) by RAFCBLUE 27 Jul 2021 20:39
Part of the EFL test of those investing into clubs is know who you are dealing with.

Morton House (or to give it its full name MORTON HOUSE MGT AND FIRST FORM CONSTRUCTION LTD) is the Company that the Trust were told is the investment vehicle buying the club.

That's the one that the EFL are going to cast their beady eye over.

As I've been boring you with throughout this close season, there is a LOT of information about people in the public domain if you look.

So WHO OWNS MORTON HOUSE? That's the big question.

Well lets start with the easy bit - Morton House has just £2 of share capital being 2 x £1 ordinary shares. To own it you need both the shares.

What does Morton House do? It provides payroll services to the construction sector and has a website that can be found here:

Here's the first problem:
This website's news section hasn't been updated since 3 January 2021:

Sound odd for such a busy payroll services company? I'd be inclined to agree there.

What does it do?

It offers PAYE - but only has 2 employees.
It offers Limited Company payroll - now caught by IR35
It then represents CIS contractors - but claims it is a fully compliant PAYE umbrella company

It makes ZERO sense.



The law changes in 2016 about disclosures at Companies House. Before that it was requirement every year to have a full list of shareholders disclosed. After 2016 it became updates only. The 2016 position is always very helpful to see who owned it then and to then trace the subsequent changes to.

Starting in August 2016:
There were two shareholders ANA SACCO and DARREN SACCO

On 30th April 2019, both of those shares were transferred to
(you've guessed it)

There have been no shareholder changes since to 30 June 2021

Darrell Rose owns nothing of Morton House. Zero, zip, nada.

He owns less of Morton House that he is claiming to own of Dale.

I sense another cock-up by Jarvis if he has been floating to the EFL that Darrell Rose can signoff on this Company. DARRELL ROSE IS NOT THE OWNER!!!

What does our glamorous granny Denise have an interest in football - nothing that I can see. Does she even know where Rochdale is? Can she play left back?

The EFL should summon the glamorous granny Denise to see them. She is the mastermind behind this hostile takeover.

Not Rose, not Curran, not Jarvis.


Remember she is the lady that lost her house following the trial of a convicted drugs dealer reported in the Sunday Telegraph in 2012.

Why Darrell Rose could think he might owns Morton House is beyond me.

Here is the Companies House data in the public domain:

Perhaps Puggles and Jingles can explain!

Alexander Jarvis 20th July Email - Data Breach?
Alexander Jarvis' email of 20th July 2021 "2021 AGM Presentation / Revised by DaleEamonn 15 Aug 2021 19:01
Greetings Rochdale fans.

My name is DaleEamonn and I am a freelance investigative journalist. I first became professionally aware of the plight of Rochdale earlier this Summer when I saw the terrible news that Alexander Jarvis and Andy Curran were considering involving themselves financially with your football club.

Alexander Jarvis is not to be trusted. He is a brazen charlatan and fantasist and tells any form of lie to anyone who will listen to him to progress his own agenda.

You will have read extensively about Andy Curran and his involvement in Swindon Town over the last few years. Less known is Andy Curran’s previous involvements with Southend United and Colchester United, two Essex based clubs and his involvement in attempts to progress his son Taylor’s career by paying for his wages in breach of EFL rules.

As you will read below, Alexander Jarvis does not have any form of deal in place for your club which can be completed or done without EFL approval. If the EFL do not given any approval to Alexander Jarvis or his clients then your club is safe from these people who definitely do not have you or your club’s best interests at heart.

Below is the transcript of an email I received on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 11.56AM from Alexander Jarvis ( that also shared an attached Microsoft PowerPoint document (File name: 2021 AGM Presntation1.pptx) which was 928Kb.

The attachment was at eleven slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation given by David Bottomley at Rochdale AGM on Tuesday 1st June 2021.

I have forwarded this email and the attachment to it to the COO of your football club, the Board of your Supporters Trust, to Nick Craig (Director of Legal Affairs - EFL) and to Ryan Hyde (Governance Manager - EFL).

Tonight, I share it with all of you, the fans because it is important that you see Alexander Jarvis for what he is.

The full and unabridged transcript of Alexander Jarvis’ email reads as follows:

From: Alexander SW Jarvis <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 11:56 AM
To: Eamonn
Subject: 2021 AGM Presentation / Revised Offer

I trust this email finds you well, apologies for the delay in response, I have had a few days off on holiday.

That is correct, I am not the purchaser, nor have I ever purchased an EFL Club and have had no dealings with the EFL to date. As in the takeover process the lawyers are mostly involved.

It is also correct that no ‘takeover' is planned. My Client’s are merely investors who following a presentation by the Club several months back (I have attached for your reference) see Rochdale as an opportunity to get involved with a relatively well-run club where they can provide financial support with the aim of leaving it in a better position than when they came in, whilst enjoying a game and a beer on a Saturday afternoon. It also goes without saying, they do see the opportunity of seeing a healthy return on their investment in the future.

However, as someone with your wealth of knowledge in wealth management and the financial sector, I’m sure you would not advise any of your clients to invest significant sums into a business in which they had no control, for inexperienced people to spend their money as they please.

To conclude this deal to both parties satisfaction, my client is prepared to pay your clients £10 per share, however, on the basis both of your clients (with the circa 40,000 shares) agree to the deal. Further, my client will pay yourself £10,000 commission for facilitating the transaction, which they are happy to pay on signing.

Should you have any doubts as to my Clients availability of funds, please feel free to contact Gatleys who are able to confirm to you that £1 million has been paid into their client account for the purposes of this transaction, which i'm sure will alleviate any concerns.

My client wishes to execute the agreement with your clients within the next 24 hours and complete the transaction immediately upon approval from the EFL in line with EFL regulations. I can confirm that the EFL are now in receipt of my Clients documents in line with the requirements of the Owners and Directors Test and we anticipate approval within the next 7 days.

I trust you will find the above satisfactory and look forward to concluding the matter.

Kind regards


With regards to the Microsoft PowerPoint attachment, forensic IT examination of the Microsoft Powerpoint file shows conclusively that it was last saved by David Bottomley at 15.10 on Friday 4 June 2021.

It is unclear is how and when Alexander Jarvis obtained this email attachment, last saved by David Bottomley on 4 June 2021 and whether Alexander Jarvis obtained it legally or obtained it illegally.

What is clear is the lie in the email transcript which noted Alexander Jarvis’ investor “who following a presentation by the Club several months back (I have attached for your reference)” was seeking to invest.

The date of the Annual General Meeting of 1st June 2021, the forensic date on the IT file being saved on 4th June 2021 and the fact an Annual General Meeting is for shareholders only discredits why Alexander Jarvis would have this file in his possession for that reason.

David Roger Bottomley served as a statutory director of Rochdale Association Football Club Limited (The) between 29 May 2015 and 1 June 2021. David Roger Bottomley left his role as CEO by “mutual consent” on 28 June 2021.

Andy Curran Fact Check

Fact checking will soon be an Olympic Sport. Below is the fact check of the Andrew Curran statement released by Alexander Jarvis as reported.

He went on: "The club is certainly not a 'cash cow, far from it. It's got no money and without significant investment, the club will run out of money before the end of the year.

At its last published set of accounts, RAFC made a profit of £1.36m and generated positive cash of +£360,463. RAFC held a cash balance of £764,178 out of net assets of £1,522,925.

The statement that the club will run out of money before the end of the year (31 December 2021 is therefore) false. As Alexander Jarvis will know, the club had to submit to the EFL a submission of their business plan for the year showing how the club would be run solvently.

"The board has already confirmed it has no intention or means of putting in the funds required to sustain the club for the foreseeable future. (These include) a substantial outstanding loan (which) is secured against the stadium; HMRC payments are in arrears, and players have been sold below market value.

This is not true. On 16th June, Simon Gauge confirmed that the club planned to consider an EGM to raise share capital in the club in support of it being a fan owned club.

The second part is contradictory to the first point; how can players have been sold below market value (which itself is an opinion of the buyer and the seller) and the club have no cash?

"We have made an offer to the current chairman to provide immediate funds to pay off these debts, increase the playing budget and buy players for the best possible opportunity of achieving promotion back to League One this season."

This is contradicted by evidence on and comments made at a public fans forum by a number of board members.

"We estimate this to be a requirement of around £500,000 immediately, with a further £500,000 in January. This offer has not been accepted."

This statement cannot be correct. Having sold Humphreys and Rathbone in August - how does Jarvis conclude a further £500,000 is needed in August? We have further home games and only limited outgoings in the next 19 days.

"It is clear our acquisition of shares in Rochdale AFC cannot under any circumstances be likened to the situations at Bury and other clubs which have been left weakened from owners."

The EFL are the ones to consider that having had to publicly expel bury football club. They are the experts here.

"If anything the board will be the demise of Rochdale AFC if they continue to act in the manner in which they have been."

This is actually defamatory. Here Jarvis is alleging that the current Board of Directors are not running the club in the best interests of fans or shareholders which it is their duty to do under EFL rules.

"Furthermore, we have paid in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs."

This point on financial quantum cannot be fact checked. The club have however said that they have not yet received any share transfer forms from any shareholder which are required to be presented at a Board meeting.

"So, alluding to the fact we intend to use Rochdale AFC as a cash cow for our own benefit is factually incorrect and completely untrue. There simply is no cash to ‘milk’."

Again untrue. There is cash from the EFL, from recent player sales, from previous transfer sell-ons and other monies controlled by the club.

He said that the 'rumours, misinformation and speculation on social media and the forums' which Mr Lloyd describes as 'jarring' were the result of 'several individuals breaching the non-disclosure agreement which is in place between ourselves and the club, a matter which we will address legally with those individuals in due course. The most important item on our agenda as it stands is ensuring that Rochdale AFC exists past 2021'.

This is untrue and again contradictory. In claiming there is a non-disclosure agreement hasn't Mr Jarvis and Mr Curran breached that by talking to the Manchester Evening News and previously the Daily Telegraph?

The link to publicly available information relating to Rochdale Football Club, as filed at Companies House can be found here:

The Rose Hokey Cokey
THE ROSE HOKEY COKEY / Why Darrell Rose MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 4) by RAFCBLUE 3 Aug 2021 21:47
You put your left arm in
Your left arm out
In, out, in, out
You shake it all about
You do the hokey cokey
And you turn around
That's what it's all about

Owning a business is a big choice. Getting your hands on the share certificates of a company are often the keys to a bright future, a financial security not afforded to many and a way to build something long lasting.

I thought it might be interesting to share the changes in ownership of Darrell Rose's companies - Rose & Co Developments Limited (registered company number: 09360092) and LKC Motors Limited (registered company number: 07639075)

As always - all in the public domain:

Like any good drama - lets introduce all the characters.

Darrell Rose - family father and head of the clan
Deborah Rose - loyal wife and dutiful mother
Lynsdey Dixon - daughter and now married
Dean Dixon - son-in-law, married into the Rose clan
Kelly-Anne Parkes - daughter and now married
Thomas Parkes - son-in-law, married into the Rose clan

Here is how Rose & Co shares have changed hands over the last six and a half years:

• The company was founded by Darrell Rose, Dean Dixon and Thomas Parkes who held 60%, 30% and 10% of the share capital on incorporation on 18 December 2014.
• On 16 June 2016, Darrell Rose sold a 30% stake in the company to his wife Deborah Rose
• On 18 September 2016, Thomas Parkes transferred 10% stake in the company to his wife Kelly-Ann Parkes and ceased to be a shareholder.
• On 14 January 2017, Darrell Rose sold a 5% stake in the company to his daughter Lyndsey Dixon
• On 14 January 2017, Deborah Rose sold a 5% stake in the company to his daughter Lyndsey Dixon
• On 30 December 2019, Darrell Rose sold a 10% stake in the company to his son-in-law Dean Dixon and a 5% stake in the company to his daughter Lynsey Dixon
• On 30 December 2019, Deborah Rose sold a 25% stake in the company to her daughter Lynsey Dixon.
• On 1 April 2021, Kelly Anne-Parks sold a 10% stake in the company to Darrell Rose
• On 1 April 2021, Dean Dixon sold a 5% stake in the company to Darrell Rose
• On 1 April 2021, Dean Dixon sold a 10% stake in the company to Deborah Rose
• On 1 April 2021, Lynsey Dixon sold a 15% stake in the company to Deborah Rose
• At the date of this post the four shareholders are therefore Darrell Rose, Deborah Rose, Dean Dixon and Lynsey Dixon. All own a 25% shareholding

Here is how Rose & Co shares have changed hands over the last ten years:
• The company was founded by Darrell Rose and Thomas Parkes who each held 50% of the share capital on incorporation in 2011.
• In 2013, Thomas Parkes sold a 20% stake in the company to Deborah Rose
• In 2013, Darrell Rose sold a 15% stake in the company to Deborah Rose
• On 1 March 2015, Darrell Rose sold a 2% stake in the company to Kelly-Anne Parkes
• On 1 March 2015, Deborah Rose sold a 3% stake in the company to Kelly-Anne Parkes
• On 1 March 2021, Darrell Rose sold an 8% stake in the company to Kelly-Anne Parkes
• On 1 March 2021, Deborah Rose sold a 7% stake in the company to Kelly-Anne Parkes
• On 1 March 2021, Thomas Parkes sold a 5% stake in the company to Kelly-Anne Parkes
• At the date of this post the four shareholders are therefore Darrell Rose, Deborah Rose, Thomas Parkes and Kelly-Anne Parkes All own a 25% shareholding

Why would you do this? All of that paperwork to just transfer shares around and around the same six people in the family?

Well anyone would think looking into this - as the EFL will be - that Darrell doesn't actually want to be seen to own anything.

The total net assets of both companies is just £1.8m and that net worth is shared between six people!

The good thing about this crude tactic is that the Companies House filings make you say what you have done. And that allows us to all ask WHY?!

Let us not forget Darrell's son Oliver Rose who it has been discovered works for John Radford the Mansfield owner at One Call Insurance.

More coming folks, this series has more episodes than a Netflix hit....


Woah, the hokey cokey
Woah, the hokey cokey
Woah, the hokey cokey
Knees bent
Arms stretched

Alexander Jarvis is Now Trying To Sell Shares
ALEXANDER JARVIS IS NOW TRYING...... by RAFCBLUE 10 Aug 2021 22:05 dump the shares in Rochdale Football Club that his clients Andrew Curran and Darrell Rose don't yet legally own at £6 a share!

Here's the thing folks.

Young Jarvis has set all of this up on a bit of a flyer.

Back in early May, Alexander Jarvis is claiming in leaked emails that Alexander Jarvis met with former CEO David Bottomley with regard to a takeover of the club.

David Bottomley openly admitted in public interveiws available on YouTube that he wanted an outside investor and a training ground for Dale and was prepared to compromise the integrity 100 years of league football to do that and so that he could be a part of a club that owned its own training ground.

Jarvis wanted to do a deal - any deal he could given quite a poor track record of failing with a number of football clubs where he was the nearly man.

Here's the first bit of humour. Jarvis reckoned he was so much brighter than most at the club he was bragging about it to quite a lot of people. Jarvis believed that those running the club doesn't really understand business and that he'd be able to be used and moulded to what Jarvis wanted and then tossed aside.

At the Swindon game on 13th April, the one with the protest, a secret behind closed doors beauty parade was held. Andy Curran was in the building that night.

Rochdale were relegated vs Doncaster and (as witnesses have noted) the champagne was opened. Relegated and hopeless under BBM a takeover would now be seen as a positive if Rochdale wanted to "survive"

Bottomley and Rawlinson were removed democratically at an EGM on 1 June 2021 by a Trust motion in line delivered in line with the Companies Act.

Jarvis persevered. Opportunists always do.

A deal was verbally done for Andrew Kilpatrick's shares. Jarvis arranged an Non Disclosure Agreement - "NDA" with Kilpatrick and a power of attorney so that he could control the 110,000 shares. Roughly 22% of the club.

Similarly Jarvis then reached across the pond to the United States of America and did the same trick with Dan Altman and Emre Marcelli. Two more NDAs, two more powers of attorney and hey presto another 74,685 shares. Roughly 14% of the club with that transaction and now 36% of the club all in.

This is easy pickings thought Jarvis and armed with both a list of shareholders and their contact details, David Bottomley's pre-AGM presentation and other information sourced from his relationship with the former CEO, he set about trying to secure a further 14% of shares. Alexander Jarvis has emailed David Bottomley's private shareholder presentation to external parties which does make you question how Alexander Jarvis got hold of it? I am sure that these emails from Alexander Jarvis could be reproduced in the public domain if required.

Curran and Rose were persuaded by Jarvis to then move their funds to a law firm; Gateley PLC and Gateley PLC were given the job of rounding up all of the documents for Kilpatrick, Altman and Marcelli and writing them in such a way that meant the payment was completely conditional on getting control of the club.

Gateley PLC were asked to advises on a range of corporate matters, including the acquisition and general corporate governance matters. The money still sits in their hands and hasn't move as the deal hasn't moved as Jarvis wanted.

Now, we all then know that Jarvis makes a big mistake and lets the cat out of the bag. His Blackbridge Sports email address is compromised and in the process he manages to loses a lot of his own data - ironic really that having been handed the private email addresses and phone numbers of certain shareholders, which he used to make emails as calls, he makes the rookie error of leaving his data unprotected.

The breach exposed Curran and Rose and all they had previously kept secret.

Meanwhile in London, Andrew Kilpatrick is saying "Where is my money Alex?"

In the USA, Dan Altman and Emre Marcelli are asking "When will we complete and get paid Alex?"

Jarvis tells them some cock and bull story about "the next few days" and from that bedlam ensues with the EFL. Rochdale fans are called "small minded" and "nancy boys" by one of the buying party and Jarvis has to backtrack in the Daily Telegraph.

The upshot is, the Curran and Rose have been committed to nearly £1m of purchases that they can't get out of but they don't want to make those purchases unless they can guarantee control.

They are exposed financially and they can't simply withdraw than money back out of Gateley PLC.

They've gone from being really keen to buy the club to being really keen to not buy the club.

Andy Curran isn't answering his phone anymore, Alex Jarvis has not go a lot of friends left as between people at the club, Curran and Rose no one has got what they have wanted.

So tonight, if you want to buy Rochdale shares from Jarvis you can do so for the sum of £6 a share.

Jarvis is now a seller not a buyer because, if he doesn't complete the purchases of Kilpatrick, Altman and Marcelli then they will sue him and sue Curran and Rose for what is known legally as "specific performance" or in English - pay me what I am owed.

The last thing that Darrell Rose and Andrew Curran want is to turn up in the High Court being sued by Kilpatrick, Altman and Marcelli.

The second last thing they want is to sink a cool million quid into a minority shareholding of a well organised, well run and well mobilised club where virtually every supporter knows forensic details about them that are in the public domain. Supporters invariably have long memories.

So too do the folks at HMRC, various landlords of rental properties that have rent owning and anyone who wants to type their names into Google, including the EFL and quite a lot of Swindon Town fans!

Add into that a sprinkling of a cast of characters, Kelly Curran, Taylor Curran, Denise Valarie Courtnell, Oliver Rose, Faical Safouane, Mark Farrugia and many more and the whole thing is completely in the public domain.

At £6 a share Jarvis is trying to save face and his skin and make his clients a 20% return in order to pay Gateley PLC's not insubstantial legal fees.

Practically those shares are all worthless because there is no market for them.

And the best bit - Alex Jarvis is the one who has breached his own NDA's. Andrew Kilpatrick and Dan Altman will be FUMING to find out that that we know that they would sell the club down the river.

You really could not make this up! Or could you?!

Next up for Dale - Scunthorpe United (H).
Next up for Jarvis - Essex (A)

Trust Tshirts
Up The Dale Not For Sale T-Shirts by ColDale 18 Aug 2021 20:05
Available now, only £7.50

Denise Valarie Courtnell
Morton House's Directors - DENISE VALARIE COURTNELL by RAFCBLUE 26 Jul 2021 22:57
Tonight dear readers, we start a journey into the exciting world of Morton House's directors and opening them up to a little bit of public scrutiny to check the stories that are about them in the public domain.

The EFL will be doing this, if they are a credible buyer, so there is no reason we should let the EFL have all of the fun.

As they say, ladies first!

Denise Valarie Coutnell is registered as a working director of Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited. She works alongside her other two directors Darrell Rose and Faical Safouane.

More about Faical Safouane tomorrow!

Denise was born in March 1943, so is 78 years young. Still working hard in the corporate world.

Her claim to fame - appearing in the Sunday Telegraph in 2012 for being involved with a chap called Taoufik Didi. Read that Sunday Telegraph article for yourself in the public domain here:

The Sunday Telegraph reported at the time
"With the help of a friend, Denise Courtnell, 68 (in January 2012 when the article was first pubished), Didi set up and managed a nightspot, Bar Lush, in Chingford, northeast London, but it was here that he began dealing drugs.

He was arrested in 2009 after selling £160 “wraps” of cocaine to undercover police on four occasions, and was jailed for three years at Snaresbrook Crown Court in 2010.

The bar business collapsed and Mrs Courtnell lost her home. The criminal, who has previous convictions for false accounting, criminal damage and perverting the course of justice, served half the sentence and was freed last October.

Denise has multiple addresses if you want to write to her:
1) 111 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road, London, England, NW9 6NB
2) 14 Stanford Close, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8DY
3) Ackley Ma Lee & Co., 111 Watling Gate, 297-303 Edgware Road, London, United Kingdom, NW9 6NB
4) 20-22, Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU
5) 68 Lombard Street, London, England, EC3V 9LJ

Despite this she isn't currently listed on the electoral register - but who likes to vote for politicians.

Now some questions:

1) How many 78 year old non-retired company directors do you know?
2) What would a 78 year old lady be doing being involved in a payroll company in the construction sector?
3) What first attracted her to Dale?
4) Can she pay left back?

I'm sure other Dale fans will have questions that might help the EFL lines of enquiry; feel free to fire away..!

Chairman Responds
Chairman responds by judd 14 Aug 2021 11:22

I know another poster has posted the link elsewhere, but felt this fine response from Simon merited it's own thread.

MEN clearly highlights the spin and obfuscation emanating from Jarvis in the name of his client.

Respinds sounds French edit

Jarvis' MEN Comments Contradicted
Jarvis MEN comments now contradicted by EFL statement by RAFCBLUE 13 Aug 2021 16:10

Jarvis has been at his world of make believe again.

You'd think by now that he'd remember that if you speak to a national media outlet there is an inevitable fact checking and questioning of that outlet. Whilst the club are yet to comment (presumably because unlike Jarvis and Curran, they do not wish to break EFL regulations), the EFL has commented today on the MEN article.

In yesterday's MEN Jarvis had said clearly:

"If anything the board will be the demise of Rochdale AFC if they continue to act in the manner in which they have been.

"Furthermore, we have paid in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs. "

We wish to conclude the process in the professional manner that we have conducted ourselves in throughout. The EFL has been provided with information on the ultimate beneficial owner, along with proof, source and sufficiency of funds.

"They will come to their own conclusion as to whether this is acceptable in line with their requirements from their own findings, in their own time; from conversations, we have had so far they have been positive and they are certainly not drawn on speculation."

Now that was fact checked and proven to be untrue.

The EFL view completely contradicts young Jarvis and the statement made on behalf of Andy Curran.

In the statement today the EFL have said:
"We note the recent comments in the media but as we have stated previously whilst these matters are under consideration, we are simply not in a position to provide a running commentary as to what stage the process is at."

"The stakeholders involved understand the circumstances are are being kept fully appraised of developments."

"The League continues to reserve its position in respect of any matters arising out of the ongoing situation at the Club, with the overwhelming priority to ensure the long-term viable future of Rochdale and, despite the distractions, we will be using the full powers available to us under EFL Regulations to work towards achieving that outcome."

Jarvis said in the MEN that the takeover '100 per cent going ahead

It seems that Mr Jarvis, who has a long history of failed deals, is at odds between the EFL position and his perception of the reality.

It is encouraging that the EFL will use their "full powers" to investigate the proposal by Andrew Curran, Alexander Jarvis and Darrell Rose including asking the difficult questions about how the £2m noted in MEN article has been legally generated wealth.

MEN article:

Daily Telegraph article

Dale Trust Contact EFL - Homophobic, Aggressive & Threatening Comments
Dale Trust contact EFL over "homophobic, offensive and aggressive comments& by RAFCBLUE 5 Aug 2021 10:20

Surely the EFL have to act against people who make "homophobic, offensive and aggressive comments" whilst pretending they are interested in running a football club?

Lessons From The Past - Bird & Bird
Lessons from the past - the demise of bury fc (Bird and Bird review) by RAFCBLUE 10 Aug 2021 22:30

One positive from the demise of bury fc was the criticisms in the Bird and Bird review, ordered by the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

It's a good read and if you're interested in doing so make sure you have brew before you start!

The pertinent bit for Dale fans in challenging the EFL and the mockery of a process being enacted is on Page 31 (of 33)

"8.3 This case has highlighted several issues with the EFL Regulations, in particular in relation to:

8.3.1 the OAD Test. There is no doubt that the EFL applied the OAD Test properly in relation to Mr Day and Mr Dale. The question is whether the test as currently written is fit for purpose. In particular,
it only looks at a narrow list of objective criteria, and does not take into account various other factors that speak to whether a new owner or director is a fit and proper person to own/run a member Club.

8.3.2 the regulations that apply to changes of ownership of a Club. Once again, the EFL applied those regulations when Mr Dale acquired Bury FC from Mr Day. However, the regulations do not prevent a new owner acquiring the Club before he or she has provided a business plan for the Club and proof of the funding required to underwrite that plan. I am aware that the EFL is already considering blocking changes in control until the new owner has provided adequate evidence of source and sufficiency of funding. For example, it could require the new owner to provide irrevocable financial guarantees of payment of any funding requirements for at least two seasons.

8.3.3 the regulations relating to ongoing monitoring of a Club's financial health. In particular, the Regulations do not currently require League One and Two clubs to submit annual business plans,
underwritten by adequate proof of funding, or half-yearly management accounts, and the SCMP submissions they are required to file were never intended to be and are not an adequate substitute.

We are a club able to ask the EFL that:

1. Are they applying the narrow criteria or, as recommended, the wider consideration of the Bird and Bird review?

2. Have Morton Rose, Curran, Rose and Jarvis provided their business plan - as opposed to the Club's business plan. Testimony from the fans forum indicates this has not occurred. The Bird and Bird review suggests it should have done.

3. We been told that we have submitted our Annual Business Plan; that includes the recent sales of Rathbone and Humphreys for money which will come directly into the club without the need for any further financing. Our financial position and prudence is good.

4. Have Rose and Curran provided the "irrevocable financial guarantees". My feeling is not.

These are four more good reasons why the EFL should kick out these folks into touch.

The main worry is stated in 8.34

The lack of regulations preventing Clubs pledging capital assets such as the stadium and training ground as security for loans that are used not for capital improvements but to cover operating costs or other short-term purposes. In this case, it has been suggested that the mortgage placed
on Gigg Lane to secure the loan from Capital Bridging was a key factor in C&N Sporting Risk's decision not to buy the club.

Beware any business plan injecting loans. I'm sure the EFL don't need me though to tell them that.

Andy Curran Swindon Town Legacy
The Andy Curran Swindon Town legacy by RAFCBLUE 16 Jul 2021 12:26

Here's what happens to your club when you pay for your son to play, whilst assisting others in its downfall.

This is a tale of woe from the Guardian about the plight of Swindon Town.

I am sure the EFL will go to town on people like Andy Curran and Lee Power when all of the evidence of mismanagement at Swindon comes to the fore. As will other authorities.

But he does drive a Rolls Royce Cullinan!

EFL - 'Cannot Find Evidence of Sufficient Funds'
TAKEOVER OFF? by RAFCBLUE 9 Jul 2021 19:33

Interesting news tonight emerging that the takeover might be being called off.

According to the Trust statement the EFL have said it ”cannot find any evidence of the source and sufficiency of funding” being provided by the potential purchaser.

I’m not a bright fella but even I know you have to get the EFL to signoff on a takeover after what happened to our friends at bury.

Rule 16.21 appears to be the key one:
“16.21. 2 The League shall have the power to require the Person who proposes to acquire or has acquired Control to appear before it and to provide evidence of the source and sufficiency of any funds which that Person proposes to invest in or otherwise make available to the Club.”

So that means if you are Andy Curran:
1) You have to go and see the EFL in person
2) You have to provide evidence of the source of the funds (i.e. have made the money legitimately from life and you’ve not up to anything naughty or illicit)
3) You have to provide sufficiency of funds (i.e. you can’t just turn up with £5 and a bag of crisps and say that will be enough to run a club before plunging them into a ton of debt).

Then the EFL have to signoff on you. No EFL signoff = no control.

I assume that person doing the signing off must be Nick Craig who is the EFL lawyer who was in the news when bury were taken over by a charlatan who ran them into the ground. I also presume that the EFL have a number of tests they do to check things like your background and your wealth to conclude you are a fit and proper person and I've heard David Bottomley use his name a few times before at fans forums.

With all that in mind if the EFL are saying they ”cannot find any evidence of the source and sufficiency of funding” being provided by the potential purchaser. then where does that leave Andy Curran?

To be fair, I’ve never heard of Andy Curran before his name showed up on here so couldn’t tell you how he’s made his money in life but he must have a wodge of cash from somewhere if he is going around trying to buy up shares in any football club.

Do that mean the takeover is off?!

It’s a strong quote from the EFL and their Head of Governance Ryan Hyde and suggests that Andy Curran is a liar who hasn’t provided what is needed for the EFL to review his credibility.

'If I Were Curran & Rose...'
If I were Andy Curran and Darrell Rose tonight…….. by RAFCBLUE 9 Jul 2021 19:55
I would be turning up at Alexander Jarvis home or Liverpool office first thing in the morning and giving him a real hard kicking for leaking my involvement with a supposedly “secret” bid Rochdale that is now fully public because of the ineptitude of Blackbridge Sports forgetting to provide the evidence of funding to the EFL.

After giving him a prolonged and robust kicking I’d sack him as my adviser.

Andy Curran and Darrell Rose had previously held a veil of anonymity so far that the EFL have said today they “cannot find any evidence of the source and sufficiency of funding on behalf of the potential purchaser having been provided to us.”

It does looks like both Curran and Rose has been the victim here of a premeditated and vicious sting/con by Alexander Jarvis. Andy Curran and Darrell Rose, both with limited football club experience, appears to have been taken in by an experienced footballing intermediary chancer and I sincerely home they are not out of pocket for this chancer’s time and costs.

Have a look at this New York Times article:

To start off with the picture from outside the BBC which Jarvis posted on Twitter. “Looking forward to a morning of interviews. #BBC”

He’s never been on the telly according to the NYT! Just posing outside.

Duffen said it soon became clear to him that Jarvis “had not done a football transaction before, or more likely, any transaction.”

So limited football experience…….not helpful if you are either Andy Curran and Darrell Rose, his clients paying good hard earned money for supposed “expertise”

Company records and interviews with people who have dealt with Jarvis indicate that Jarvis may have overstated his connections with some of the top figures in the sport and exaggerated his partnerships and associations with top clubs and companies — some of which have asked him to stop trading on their names.

So a liar……again not helpful if you are Andy Curran or Darrell Rose. If he is prepared to lie to people in the past then he is likely to have lied to you.

“In the football space I’ve got unlucky on a few big things, been screwed over on some things. But I’ve not lied,” said Jarvis,

So inexperienced……not helpful if you are “unlucky” all of the time. You tend to find that winners don’t make excuses like that.

“Barnsley, a second-division club based in northern England, was looking for new investors last year.
Jarvis had established a relationship with Chien Lee, a Chinese-American businessman who owns the French club Nice and is now part of the ownership group at Barnsley. Jarvis introduced the businessman to several soccer teams in Britain. Jarvis said he also acted on behalf of the Barnsley seller Patrick Cryne, who was terminally ill at the time and died earlier this year.

The relationship grew fractious, and people close to the Cryne family accused Jarvis of leaking information about the deal to the news media in order to boost his company’s profile. Jarvis denies this, describing Cryne as a “bitter man” who was “high on drugs” at the time. A lawyer for the Cryne family declined to comment.

So a self promoter who described a dying man as “bitter”. Nice one Alexander.

There is not a lot of information in the public domain about Alexander Jarvis’ successes and you’ve got to think that is because he hasn’t any. If you google his name and company the third best link is this messageboard.

It’s amazing how people are taking in by these snake oil sales types.
Looking at the internet he left school at 16, was a painter and decorator and now is Managing Director of a company of 1!

I'm not sure how much Curran and Rose have paid for his advice but it looks like money wasted!

The Proceeds of Crime Act
The Proceeds of Crime Act. by BigKindo 22 Jul 2021 14:22
RAFCBLUE gave a lot of very interesting information on this subject. Can anybody clear up a question. If in the event that ,say, perhaps laundered monetary assets obtained from criminal activities are used to purchase other assets would the seller of 'the other assets' be considered to be a 'receiver' of the proceeds of crime and under a court order could have money, goods and chattels to the value of the sale confiscated. In addition are they also likely to lose the assets which they sold which in their own right which might have been disposed.

Caveat venditor.

Money Laundering
Money laundering by judd 28 Jul 2021 21:37
Fascinating subject.

Layering and ultimate conjoining.

The weakest link is the players themselves simply because of the inherent duplicity required.

Most leaders of successful criminal ML gangs are good because they have not been caught.


Paying VAT - Darrell Rose
PAYING YOUR VAT / Why Darrell Rose MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 3) by RAFCBLUE 30 Jul 2021 23:43
Now that Darrell Rose is formally claiming at Companies House to be the legal owner of Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited perhaps he can clear up something that bothers UK tax payers?

That question is, is his business registered for and paying the appropriate taxes that a payroll company should, particularly VAT?

You must register for VAT if your VAT taxable turnover goes over £85,000 (the 'threshold'), or you know that it will. That's the law.

Except Darrell's new company looks like it had HMRC REVOKE its VAT registration some time ago.

It used to have the VAT number: GB 736128534

If you use that website then guess what ; the is NO RECORD of Morton House.

This says that either:
(a) HMRC said they were not doing valid activity to warrant being VAT registered so cancelled their registration.
(b) The turnover is less than £85,000 - meaning it doesn't need to be registered - in which case how is it finding £4m in its current assets in 2020?
(c) It is trading illegally, without being registered.

If you don't believe that website to check then here is the Government's:

Guess what - they've not heard of Morton House for VAT either!

Now here's a separate story about a busted payroll fraud. The biggest busted payroll fraud in the UK ever found. The scam came to light after information was passed to Essex Police, resulting in an investigation led by the Kent and Essex serious crime directorate, with the assistance of HMRC’s criminal taxes unit.

What similarities do we have with that story with what we know about Curran and Rose and Morton House:

1) Family
2) Spending the money on lavish lifestyles
3) Umbrella payroll companies, which were used by recruitment agencies to manage the wages of thousands of temporary workers.
4) Essex Police
5) Designer clothing, watches, and deposit transfers for a Las Vegas casino.

Here's a summary if you are thinking about payroll services at Morton House about what we know about their affairs:

No income tax
No money back, no guarantees.
The future's dark
They're looking pale
We won't stop until you leave Dale.

Andy Curran associates seemingly with an unregistered VAT business in his Rolls Royce Cullinan which is trying to buy the club.

Alex Jarvis is pushing this unregistered VAT business to the EFL as a credible party to sit the Owners and Directors test.

It's Jingles and Puggles I feel really sorry for. When there's a knock on the door they'll be thinking that its time to be going for walkies!

Daily Telegraph Article
Daily Telegraph by judd 5 Aug 2021 18:43

No Selling Shareholder Has Received Cash
BREAKING NEWS: No selling shareholder has yet received ANY cash from Alexander J by RAFCBLUE 14 Jul 2021 20:40
It appears the proposed takeover committee of Alexander Jarvis, Andy Curran and Darrell Rose have hit a bit of a problem.


When you offer to buy something, we all know you must pay for it to get it and so far, not one of the selling shareholders has received a penny of the proposed funds that they have been offered by Jarvis, Curran and Rose for a private and quick sale of their shares.

There are “agreements in principle” for several significant shareholders with Alexander Jarvis to sell but only IF Alexander Jarvis can secure a controlling shareholding. No shares have been transferred to Andy Curran or Darrell Rose and therefore no money has been received by selling shareholders.

The deal is being managed personally by Alexander Jarvis of Blackridge Sports and law firm Gateley. Gateley describe themselves as “passionate problem solvers, we get our kicks from finding the right answers and getting our clients where they need to be.”

That’s lawyer speaks for saying we do as we are told.

To be clear, Gateley are not writing the cheques here, they are a middleman handling client funds for Alexander Jarvis, Andy Curran and Darrell Rose and can only pay for the shares when they say so.

This has come to light following the EFL statement yesterday, that has put a huge spanner in the works for the deal.

Without getting to 50% there is no deal and Alexander Jarvis, Andy Curran and Darrell Rose are not going to put money into having only a very small shareholding in a League 2 football club as there is nothing in it for them.

The EFL statements reads like truly little is known about these people and a full investigation will be done [i[IF they present the required information to the EFL.

The other concern is the source and use of the funds. The EFL have already raised this via their statement but both them and the lawyers acting for Gateley and for the selling shareholders both have to comply with two bits of law:
1. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and
2. The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017

The requirements on solicitors are onerous and found here:

Any selling shareholder is going to want to make sure that they have carefully checked the source of their windfall; because the authorities can and will seize anything they believe is caught by either legislation.

Even Rochdale Online has some good examples of the authorities seizing dirty money and shows how easy it is to fall four of the law in this area:

If I had agreed to sell to Alexander Jarvis and that wasn’t binding I’d want to make sure that I wasn’t being duped and that somewhere down the line there would be a knock on my door by a Police Officer!

A conditional offer refers to a takeover offer which is expressed to be subject to certain conditions being fulfilled. This means that the buyer will only become obligated to purchase the shares in the target company (i.e. Rochdale) which have been validly tendered in acceptance of the offer after the conditions have been fulfilled.

The EFL signoff is itself conditional on the proposed buyers complying with all EFL regulations.

And before that can happen though, Alexander Jarvis, Andy Curran and Darrell Rose have some cash transfers to get done.

EFL Formal Complaint (From RAFC)
EFL receive formal complaint against potential investors from RAFC by RAFCBLUE 4 Aug 2021 19:45
From the forum.

The club have reported the potential investors for discriminatory comments made.

Disgraceful that in the current day and age people make discriminatory comments and well done to the Board for taking the steps to properly report these to the EFL.

Alexander Jarvis & Hull City
Alexander Jarvis & Hull City by UpTheDaleNotForSale 19 Aug 2021 9:58
As we know, A. Jarvis of Blackbridge was involved in the failed attempt to buy Hull City relatively recently.

This deal fell through, and there are striking similarities between the Hull situation and the attempted hostile takeover of Dale by #AndyCurran #DarrellRose #MortonHouse #FaicalSafouane and #DeniseCourtnell - namely the massive overvalution of the club by the potential investors (detail on the link below)

The question we keep returning to... #AndyCurran went from 'having nothing to do with Rochdale' to wanting to invest, use it as a place for beers with mates, and ultimately (according to Jarvis) make a profit on their investment.

If the shares bought are overvalued (rumoured to be offering 5x the share value of £2), plus legal fees, plus fees to #GatleyPLC, plus throwing around £10K 'finders fees' like confetti - where exactly is the profit going to come from?

- Where is the money for the purchase coming from?

- Why is the club being so overvalued?

- How do they intend to make a profit?

- Why Rochdale for a beer / play thing? When its so far away?

- Most importantly, is it Jingles or Puggles that Andy is planning to bring to Dale? & why is the other one not allowed?

Fans Forum - 4th July
Fans Forum with the Dale Trust - Wednesday 4th at 7pm by boromat 23 Jul 2021 14:02

Great idea and brilliant that it'll be streamed again. Not sure it'll be as eventful as the last one though [angel]

Rochdale Development Agency
Rochdale Development Agency by UpTheDaleNotForSale 16 Aug 2021 7:02
For those that don't know, Rochdale Development Agency is a body that exists to further enhance the town by calling on the expertise of local business people. They do some great work, and are becoming an integral part of the future of our town.

The board of the RDA can be seen here:

These people would be good people to contact about the ongoing situation at the club, as I'm sure they would want to help keep professional football alive in the town. They could also support us by commenting on how disastrous this hostile takeover could be for local businesses.

Somebody (or multiple people) may also be interested in alerting them to the revelations from Eamonn last night around misuse of data etc - they would never want to be in the same situation and have sensitive data leaked from within to further anybody's own personal agenda. I'm confident they would appreciate a heads up.

Trust Update 20/8
Trust Update by UpTheDaleNotForSale 20 Aug 2021 18:31
Brilliant update from the Trust tonight on the hostile takeover.

Andy Curran
Darrell Rose
Faical Safouane
Denise Valarie Courtnell
Morton House

Solicitors Regulation Authority Investigation
Solicitors Regulation Authority investigate a law firm working for Morton House by DaleEamonn 20 Aug 2021 20:09
Greetings Rochdale fans.

Following my release on Sunday of the Alexander Jarvis email of 20th July 2021 which set out his real intentions alongside an attached presentation from your club's AGM, the Solicitors Regulation Authority is now investigating a law firm involved in supporting the affairs of Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited regarding the sources of funds received by that law firm and the checks which that law firm made prior to accepting receipt of those funds.

An Investigation Officer has been appointed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the role of that Investigation Officer is to decide what further action is required. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is liaising with the law firm concerned who are providing full co-operation and disclosure.

It may assure you to know that the Solicitors Regulation Authority is already aware of many issues regarding the involvement of financial broker Alexander Jarvis and those others involved in the hostile takeover attempt involving your football club.

The EFL are also aware that the Solicitors Regulation Authority have launched an investigation.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is a regulator of professional law firms and solicitors who work for them and their approach focuses the use of resources on those whose conduct creates risk to the interests of their clients or others.

Morton House Pull Out
Morton House Pull Out by UpTheDaleNotForSale 21 Aug 2021 11:04

Chairman Hails Bright Future
Chairman Speaks Out by UpTheDaleNotForSale 23 Aug 2021 16:27

anybody else waiting to see if Jarvis provides another insightful response to their request for comment?

Darrell Rose Resigns From Morton House
Darrell Rose Resigns... by UpTheDaleNotForSale 24 Aug 2021 22:10
... as director of #MortonHouse.

We wonder why, after such a bumper year last year.

The Athletic Article - 28/8
The Athletic by UpTheDaleNotForSale 28 Aug 2021 15:04
Another article this weekend - the journo even made the trip up to watch the game last night too.

Great to see that the press are keeping on this, and also good to note from Curran / Rose a bit more detail in the letter they sent to the EFL (that was also mysteriously leaked to the press at the same time)...

"With the EFL seeking to conclude its investigation prior to providing Morton House with the assurances sought regarding its Owners and Directors’ Test, along with the precarious financial position of the club; the widespread speculation and rumours circulating across social media and the targeted harassment and abuse aimed towards directors, officers and representatives of Morton House; it is at the detriment of all parties concerned to protract the process any further, and Morton House have been left with no alternative but to withdraw from the EFL Approval process and seek to divest its Shareholding in the club.”

We'd suggest a forensic deep dive into their business practises and livelihood is anything but 'harassment', and actually would be welcomed by real businessmen as an opportunity to showcase their worthiness and credentials. They clearly don't like being in the public eye, so we need to keep them (& their associates) nice and visible over the coming weeks.

Price of Football Podcast with The Trust
Price of Football latest Podcast by boromat 2 Sep 2021 11:17

Not seen this posted yet but if anyone hasn't it's a great listen and well done to Col you come across great as always. Let's hope this keeps the media attention up and serves as a good message to other clubs.

Trust Update on Shares
Trust Update on Shares by UpTheDaleNotForSale 2 Sep 2021 21:21

sounds like really positive news, & fingers crossed the AK shares are sorted soon too.


WestRose Leisure Ltd
WestRose Leisure Limited... by UpTheDaleNotForSale 5 Sep 2021 3:36
... & Tommy Cannon. What could the 2 maybe have in common?

we wonder.


Fast Key Leisure Services Ltd
Fast Key Services Ltd.. by UpTheDaleNotForSale 6 Sep 2021 21:28
... have shown a keen interest in our social pages over the last couple of days.

there are a couple of names within their history that have an interesting link to names seen here before. they are also from Essex.

& this is exactly why we need to be vigilant until those shares are safe.


Morton House agree to sell 25% of RAFC to Matt Southall
Morton House sell their shares. BUT.......... by SuddenLad 17 Sep 2021 11:28

From the frying pan..into the fire. Southall is as unsavoury as they come.

Matt Southall Part 1
MORTON HOUSE / Why Matt Southall MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 1) by RAFCBLUE 17 Sep 2021 13:35
The problem with Morton House is and was they were clandestine, secretive types who were do not like the limelight.

Morton House have spent £1.3m on a 42% shareholding in RAFC which currently is undergoing a disciplinary investigation by the EFL because Morton House, Andrew Kirk Curran, Darrell Rose and Alexander Jarvis have broken all the rules.

The EFL cannot ratify that (it is above 30%) and Morton House are refusing to co-operate with the EFL.

How do you get out of a mess like the one that having sunk £1.3m of cash into something that is unquoted.

Sell it to a buyer who will take it from you at the best price you can get.

The problem is, Matt Southall has baggage. My favourite phrase protects anyone quoting public sources from libel.

Here is what is in the public domain about Matt Southall:

Matt Southall is quoted as a "football agent" by the BBC:

I am sure there are EFL rules about agents being involved with clubs.....

Matt Southall breaks the law and does not follow lawful instruction so is prohibited from using Companies House codes to make changes:

In a witness statement presented to the court by Southall’s solicitor, it was claimed Southall been lied to about the sale of ESI, which he remains a director of and has a 35% stake in, which was the reason for his actions.

However, this was dismissed by Judge Richard Pearce, who said the wording of a press release issued on 10 June indicated a sale was yet to be completed and this had been backed up by a witness statement provided by another ESI director, Chris Farnell, on 13 July.

Matt Southall leads a lavish lifestyle:

Matt Southall is known to EFL investigations on ownership:

Matt Southall was banned from the premises of Charlton Athletic:

Matt Southall was involved with Sheffield Wednesday earlier in 2021:

Lyle Talyor is not a fan of Matt Southall:

Whilst very little publicly was known about Andrew Curran and Darrell Rose, that can't be said about Matt Southall.

And that's before any of the work really begins on due diligence.

I'll ask the same question I had when we heard of the previous interest as it's still valid.

What possible reason could Matt Southall be interested in buying a minority stake in a Northern League 2 club?

I'm not sure that Matt Southall can pass the EFL Owners' and Director's test from what is already in the public domain about his time at Charlton.

Matt Southall Part 2 - ft. Shaun McHugh
MORTON HOUSE / Why Matt Southall MUST fail the EFL owners test (part 2) by RAFCBLUE 20 Sep 2021 20:43


Deary me.

Matthew Southall's business of "sports consultancy" - meet the team:

* Matthew Southall
* Shaun McHugh
* Chris Harper

Here are their charges:

Unless we have agreed any variation, our charges will be based upon each individual service provided.

For the purposes of the Services, the following rates will apply:

​Receiving and reviewing an email: £1,000
Drafting and sending an email: £1,000
Reviewing documents: £2,000 per hour
Drafting documents: £2,000 per hour
Receiving a phone call: £100 per minute
Making a phone call: £100 per minute
Attending a meeting: £2,500 per hour

​We reserve the right to vary these rates from time to time. Details of our future rates will be notified to you promptly and are always available on request.

£6,000 (presumably + VAT) for an hour on the phone. £2,000 (presumably + VAT) for receiving and then replying to an email.

These folks must be good.

There are a few problems though.

1. The London office - it's just another Alexander Jarvis / Andrew Kirk Curran postbox -

"We have chosen prestigious London addresses in the West End, The City and the Strand – perfect for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs eager to impress client and suppliers. "

2. The Company - Sports Media Consultancy Ltd (registered company 11645603)

It's about to be struck off. Voluntarily.

It's only filed one set of dormant accounts - to 31 October 2019; nothing since.

Very hard to understand how (as their website says) they have done 27 successful transactions and raised 640m?

October EGM
New EGM announced by DaleiLama 21 Sep 2021 9:02
Some new shares to be issued if resolution passed

EGM - Trust Member Ballot
Dale Trust Members Ballot by blackdogblue 27 Sep 2021 21:41

I know which way I will vote but any advice for people who do not understand?

Chris Harrison Joins as Non-Exec Director
Another new board member by boromat 23 Sep 2021 13:39

Anyone know anything about them?

POF Podcast - Money Laundering
POF Podcast - Money Laundering by UpTheDaleNotForSale 26 Sep 2021 19:09
It looks like the POF pod this week has a detailed conversation about money laundering and how football clubs can be used as a vehicle for unscrupulous activities. It could be an interesting listen for us based on some of the allegations / theories we have had to contend with over the summer.

We'll link to it in this thread when its available.

MEN Article - Matt Southall & October EGM
MEN Article - Matt Southall & EGM by UpTheDaleNotForSale 29 Sep 2021 16:28

Makes it even clearer that we should be backing the club's resolution at the EGM... diluting the holding of Morton House, Andy Curran, Darrell Rose, Matt Southall OR the previous directors (depending on who legally owns the 42%).

Matt Southall - The Rose Connection
Matt Southall - The Rose Connection by UpTheDaleNotForSale 30 Sep 2021 8:34
We've been doing some digging overnight (bring coffee!) and found some interesting names related to #MattSouthall.

We know that Matt Southall is heavily linked to a solicitor called Chris Farnell (he owns IPS Law based in Hale, Manchester).

Chris Farnell has a documented relationship with a guy called Fred Rose (who has an alias 'John Burke').

John Burke was a big supporter on social media of Southall & Farnell when it went west at Charlton... and it feels like the name 'Rose' being involved again is too obvious to be a coincidence. We're carrying on digging to see if there are any links to #DarrellRose & #AndyCurran

Trust Meeting with Matt Southall
Trust Email - Meeting with Matt Southall by UpTheDaleNotForSale 30 Sep 2021 19:59
The October update has landed from the Trust this evening... its worth grabbing a brew and having a read - we did and now feel physically sick about the threat of #MattSouthall becoming involved in the club.

Matt Southall - Fit & Proper Person?
MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall and the Fit and Proper Test by RAFCBLUE 1 Oct 2021 22:48
I read the Dale Trust statement today and thought to myself, can Matthew Southall really, credibly sit in front of the EFL and media knowing that Google search brings up this:

"In the ruling at the Manchester Court today the judge found that Mr Southall’s actions were entirely unlawful and that there was no basis for his attempts to remove the directors or change the service.

"Mr Southall did not attend court nor provide any witness statement. The judge also ordered costs in the sum of £21,000 against Mr Southall."

particularly when the EFL's regulation state, very openly:

"'Disqualifying Condition' means all or any of the following:

Criminal matters:

(g) having an Unspent Conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction in England and Wales in respect of any offence involving:

(i) a Dishonest Act;

(ii) corruption;

(iii) perverting the course of justice;

(iv) a serious breach of any requirement under the 1985 Act or 2006 Act;

(v) dishonestly receiving a programme broadcast from within the UK with intent to avoid payment under Section 297 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988;

(vi) admitting spectators to watch a football match at unlicensed premises under Section 9 of the Football Spectators Act 1989;

(vii) ticket touting under Section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994;

(viii) any attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the above offences;"

How can a judge, quoted on the BBC label Southall "unlawful" and he'd have any hope to pass the test based on (viii)?

Alexander Jarvis' Big Problems
MORTON HOUSE / Matt Southall's mate Alexander Javis now has BIG problems...... by RAFCBLUE 1 Oct 2021 22:36
Running a company at Companies House isn't as friendly as it used to be.

Back in the 1960's, it was simple. You filed something, Companies House filed it for you. Times have however moved on.

Dale Trust disclosed today that Alexander Jarvis is back in town.

"Southall began by stating that he was contacted by Alexander Jarvis on behalf of Morton House with a view to a purchase of the shares. He said that he had known Jarvis for a few years and the pair had worked together before including at Charlton. Jarvis had told him that he had a deal that had “gone wrong” that might be of interest Southall.

Andrew Kirk Curran was Alexander's client. Now Matthew Southall is too.

Alexander's rise to prominence was on the cruise ships of the high seas but "Blackbridge" has a much darker side than the name suggests.

In 2017, Blackbridge Cross Borders Limited supported Chinese investors in a bid for Southampton.

Big deal. Big money. Big commission for Jarvis.


Blackbridge Cross Borders Limited operates from a Liverpool letterbox address and was formed in May 2014.

It's net worth history is as follows:

March 2015: Net worth £100
May 2016: Net liability of £17,906 - 15 months loss of £18,906
May 2017: Net liability of £54,320 - Loss for year of £36,414
May 2018: Net liability of £56,106 - Loss for year of £1,786
May 2019: Net worth of £188 - Profit for the year £56,294

It hasn't bothered filing accounts since.

Five years - £88 of profit. Not exactly the "superstar" agent or financial intermediary portrayed.

In January 2021, Jarvis applied voluntarily for the company to be struck off.

In March 2021, that was suspended as the Registrar received an objection. This is almost unheard of.

Why would someone object to a company apparently worth £188?

Because in that article on Southampton, Jarvis was credited with:

"Alexander Jarvis, chairman of Blackbridge Cross Borders, a financial advisory firm specialising in sports deals and with a strong focus on Chinese football investment via its sports division, confirmed that should Lander fail to complete the deal then the Chinese investor appetite for Southampton is still very strong.

Jarvis would not name interested parties but said there is Hong Kong investment aside from Lander that has the money available and is in position to buy the club. Furthermore the alternative investors are able act quickly.

The sale price would be around the £210 million mark but could rise to £225 million."

The Southampton deal completed in August 2017. Lander bought 80%

A £225 million deal brokered by a £188 company. AMAZING!

We've missed Alex's involvement over the last few weeks but thanks to Southall we know HE's really the one flogging the dead horse for Morton House.

I hope to God that Southall hasn't trusted Jarvis with his personal details, such as his Dubai hiding place, as Andrew Curran or Darrell Rose did or they will all over the world wide web.

"Gone wrong" is an understatement in the Dale Trust article for the scrutiny from authorities when you consider what luck Jarvis has brought to his clients so far.

He is to football investors what Jonah is to sailors.

Jarvis managed to make Andrew Curran and Darrell Rose famous on a national stage in 4 weeks.

Matthew Southall is a lot easier to find out about and there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff in the public domain about him.....

In the meantime - lets hope that "objection" to the Companies House strike-off of the £188 company, Blackbridge Cross Borders Limited isn't from one of the statutory authorities that get interested when significant money changes hands....

That MIGHT end up linking Curran, Rose, Southall, Jarvis, Swindon Town, Charlton Athletic and a whole of others in terms of football club misfeasance over the past 7 years.

After all it's Southall who has said to the Trust, Jarvis was involved at Charlton.....

Optimus Build .v. Matt Southall & ANother
MORTON HOUSE / Optimus Build Ltd v. Matthew Southall & Another by RAFCBLUE 3 Oct 2021 8:21
judd put me onto the case of Optimus Build Limited vs Matthew Southall which is interesting given that it was claimed in the MEN that Matthew Southall had an exclusive deal with Morton House

Southall's builder took him to court over a mass of unpaid monies that, based on records in the public domain, are still outstanding.

Interestingly, Southall's tactics throughout appear to have been to threaten and bully this poor builder into giving in, claiming that the builder has committed fraudulent representation.

You can read it for yourself but midway thorough the judge says:

"It was apparent from Mr Southall's evidence generally that he could be capable of expressing himself forcefully when crossed or contradicted and I accept her account that he did so on that occassion.

As he said at one point in cross-examination "you only get one chance with me""

You've got to feel sorry for the builder who comes across as an honest bloke doing the best for his client but that client didn't actually want to pay him in full for the work done.

Why You Should Always Pay Your Builder
Why you should pay your builder by judd 4 Oct 2021 16:01
Following the announcement of Southall’s agreed deal to “acquire” 25% of the issued shares in Rochdale AFC and the subsequent investment claims in the Zoom meeting with the Trust, contact was made with Optimus Build to make them aware of this, just in case there are monies outstanding.

There is a significant sum still to be paid to Optimus, such that today they have instructed debt recovery agents to commence with a bankruptcy petition against the defendants.

Further, details of the publicly-available court order are being sent to the EFL.

It is available at the link:

When Matt Southall Was Sued in March 2020
MORTON HOUSE / When Matthew Southall was sued in March 2020..... by RAFCBLUE 3 Oct 2021 13:19

The link above is a public domain document from Brandsmiths who acted for Laurence Bassini who fell out with Southall over an unpaid debt, due from Southall of £606,570.03.

It's a really interesting read over a cup of coffee.

Southall didn't go to the High Court that afternoon and has no ability to do so now. He owed Bassini significant sums and Bassini, concerned about his ability to pay had enough.

The legal documents lists all of Southall's personal contact details:

Mobile: 07921335921 - listed as a live contract mobile still with them since September 2004

It's even got his passport number on it - 523981968

Amazing share from a Charlton fan with the link above. Southall really upset them with the way he attempted to destroy their club.

You got all that UpTheDaleNotForSale?

Matt Southall .v. CAFC Trust
Southall vs Charlton Supporters trust by 49thseason 4 Oct 2021 11:29
Southall threatened to sue the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust for defamation. Here is the account of what happened...

Non-Shareholder Tries to Cancel EGM
Non shareholder tries to cancel EGM by ColDale 3 Oct 2021 11:53
Matt Southall has written to the club to ask them to cancel Wednesday's EGM:

Dear Sirs

We are happy to enter positive discussions with the Board. We suggest a meeting next week.

Unfortunately, the Board has initiated an EGM with the sole intention of seeking to dilute our shareholding. We have taken legal advice upon that process and the Board will receive correspondence from our Solicitors within the next 24 hours.

The correspondence will insist that the Board sends notice to all shareholders of the cancellation of the EGM on Monday 4 October.

If the Board try to proceed with the EGM, we are advised by the lawyers to start legal proceedings in The High Court to obtain an Injunction on Tuesday to ensure that the meeting does not proceed. We do not want to do that, but if the Board do not cancel the meeting, we will, and will also seek an order that the Directors who initiated the EGM pay the costs.

I stress that this is not a route that we want to take, but if the Board refuse to act in a co-operative manner, we will be left with no choice. The decision to call an EGM was a poorly conceived and unhelpful tactic which individual Directors will be held to account for, if they chose to proceed.

The best starting point for a constructive discussion is for the Board to immediately – this weekend – cancel the EGM. We will see this as a very positive and sensible move; and we can sit down and talk next week to explore all options with the Board. A pre-condition of commercial discussions with the Board, is confidentiality. You will understand that placing commercial discussions into the public domain is very unhelpful.

We are keen to reach a solution as soon as possible. We are sure that positive discussions can take place in the next week or shortly thereafter, so long as we can undertake the discussions without the need to tell the lawyers to commence action on Tuesday and on the basis that we are not going to read what we have discussed in confidence with the Board, half an hour later on the internet.

We look forward to your urgent response.


Matt Southall

Matt Southall - A Sacrifical Lamb for the EFL
MORTON HOUSE / Why the EFL are about to hang Southall as the sacrificial lamb. by RAFCBLUE 5 Oct 2021 16:32
When you stand back and look at it coldly, Matthew Southall has been nothing more than an extension of Morton House's June and July takeover efforts which came after two previous directors were removed from the Board by fan vote.

Southall is a bluff. A trojan horse. Designed to get under the skin of RAFC by Curran, Rose and Jarvis and to secretly see if he can do a deal that could not be done.

Having elicited illegal shareholder information and contacts the literally hit a wall at 42% buying shares from shareholders who thought more of money than the love of their club.

They did not envisage the EFL charging them with disciplinary offences on the 21 August 2021 and that, makes a takeover by Morton House, highly impossible and for them to sell their shares very difficult.

24 hours from the EGM, the EFL must be hoping we win.

Having seen countless number of clubs go to the wall because of bad owners (Macclesfield, Bury) or nearly go to the wall (Swindon), they are about to possibly have a case to hang on the wall as one where standing up against the b*llshitters is going to have proved to be the right thing to do.

If you are a shareholder, PLEASE get down to the club tomorrow and lend this Board your full support - they exist only for your benefit and want to move the club away from the people who, quite frankly, are going in the Hall of Shame for having attempted to sell the club down the river.

This Summer, the Trust have been immense, the fans have been immense and this whole episode has united a club who before Morton House was more than a little bit disenfranchised.

RAFC exists for us all. Tomorrow night 300+ shareholders can send the loudest of messages to Jarvis, Southall, Curran and others who think that clubs in the lower leagues are easy pickings.

The EFL want us to win and I'd suspect that if we do, they will progress the disciplinary sanctions so far into the future that these people never bother English Football ever again.

EGM by UpTheDaleNotForSale 6 Oct 2021 18:05
Good Luck tonight to the new board, the trust, & everybody else connected with the club.

Hopefully the trust ballot is a good indicator of how all shareholders (who are actually fans) feel, & we get the right result to take a huge step forward from this whole situation.


We've Got Our Club Back
We've got our club back by judd 6 Oct 2021 19:15
7 minutes and 1 vote against.

Thank you, Mr Chairman and fellow board members.

The Charlton Dossier
The Charlton Dossier by UpTheDaleNotForSale 7 Oct 2021 7:37
The release of a new website built by Charlton fans has been brought forward, with the intention of helping us fight off Southall and his cronies.

Its a fantastic piece of work and gives real detail into what Southall & co got up to there, and also has a long list of names for us to watch out for (take a look at the 'minor characters' tab for example).

They've been fantastically supportive of us on social media, in private, & we believe with the trust too.

The website is well worth a visit -


Bottomley to Oldham?
BIFFO news by kel 6 Oct 2021 22:37

Didn’t someone say on here a certain ex-Rochdale CEO was at their game the other day?

Football 365 Article
Football 365... by UpTheDaleNotForSale 8 Oct 2021 10:00
... have published another article today (written again by Ian King) which does a really good job of keeping our fight visible, and also summing up the whole summer saga so far.

Ian carried another story earlier in the year too linking people directly to 'The Hostile Takeover' thread on here, and he seems keen to keep telling our side of this until its all resolved.

Shocking BBC Article
Shocking BBC article. by boromat 12 Oct 2021 20:10

In case you've not seen it. Good on the DaleTrust jumping on it.

FAO Simon Stone
FAO Simon Stone by RAFCBLUE 12 Oct 2021 22:03
Here's what our Board said on the 1st June 2021 (the day of the AGM/EGM):

The key bit:
"Should the resolutions put forward by the club be passed by shareholders, it would ensure that any investment will come directly into Rochdale AFC through the issue of new shares, which would be put directly into achieving previously mentioned ambitions."

On the evening, shareholders rejected the resolutions proposed.

This somewhat contradicts your statement

"When Halsall backed away, Curran and his Morton House group became the board's number one choice.

The plan had been for Morton House to take a majority stake in Rochdale through private, independent deals with seven shareholders. But former chairman Andrew Kelly did not complete, which left Morton House with 42%."

Look forward to reading the retraction.

Trust Reaction to BBC Article
Response to BBC article by Dale_Trust 14 Oct 2021 21:26

Dan Altman Statement
Dan Altmans Statement by wozzrafc 15 Oct 2021 9:32
If any of you have not seen Dan Altmans statement regarding the sale of their shares

Leaky Alexander Jarvis
MORTON HOUSE / Leaky Alexander Jarvis emails Simon Stone LOTS of information by RAFCBLUE 17 Oct 2021 17:08
He's been at it again!

Not content over the Summer with outing the personal details, home addresses, email addresses and car registrations of Andrew Curran, Darrell Rose, Denise Valarie Courtnell, Faical Safouane and David Bottomley, Alexander Jarvis has been at it again, this time publicising his links with BBC journalist Simon Stone.

Before we get properly started on Jarvis' latest indiscetion, let's start with something in the public domain that hasn't been raised in the furore of last week - Simon Stone has been in trouble at the BBC before and their HR processes because of publishing racist material.

In March 2020 Simon Stone was hauled over the BBC for racism where he used a racist term in a tweet in an "uncensored racist insult"

As Andrew Curran would whisper in an TOWIE sort of way "He's got form" and this is not the first time that the BBC have, sadly, had to pull Simon Stone over to "have a word" about something he has written.

The BBC has some pretty straightforward editorial standards and the link above is the BBC's code of conduct.

Section 1.6 (Slide 16 of 29) has the BBC's editorial values which are summarised as:
i. Trust
ii. Truth and accuracy
iii. Impartiality
iv. Editorial integrity and independence
v. Preventing harm and offence
vi. Serving the public interest

On the face of it the BBC's article last week, which have been taken down scored a big fat ZERO out of six.

Meanwhile, over in the darkness of his bedroom at his parent's house in leafy Birkenhead, Alexander Jarvis on the other hand still loves the sound of his own voice.

Having burned £1.2m of Morton House illicit funds in a tiny minority shareholding and at the same time bought only a full EFL disciplinary investigation into Morton House (that Alexander and his chums are trying to run away from), the Scouse Disaster is now trying damage limitation to try and somehow in the process save his skin from Andrew Curran and Darrell Rose who funded Morton House over the Summer.

Jarvis is the source of all of Simon Stone's "material" and persuaded a naive BBC journalist who should have known better to publish what anyone who has been following the story over six months a ridiculously incorrect article.

The club politely said the "article has several factual inaccuracies within it".

The Dale Trust more robustly published a detailed line by line deconstruction of the way in which the article was wrong.

So how did Simon Stone get it so wrong?

One man. Alexander Jarvis.

"Jarvo" continues to think just emailing any old thing he might have historically from David Bottomley is still relevant and in date.

Jarvis has infamously dropped David Bottomley right in it when he emailed David Bottomley's confidential AGM presentation to a third party on 20th July 2021. The evidence on the file reported showed that the file had last been saved on 4th June 2021 at 15.10;2021-agm-presentation--revised/#0

Bottomley was voted off the Board on 1st June at the EGM alongside Graham Rawlinson. Three days later (whilst not legally on the Board) Bottomley then emailed Alexander Jarvis chapter and verse on how to do a hostile takeover.

It still hasn't properly been explained how Alexander Jarvis got hold of that presentation when Jarvis WASN'T A SHAREHOLDER!

Ignoring the obvious data theft question, I'm beginning to think that Jarvis is to data protection what Inspector Clouseau was to policing.

Anyway, having been contacted by Alexander Jarvis and being given any information - leaked emails, leaked reports or the like, Simon Stone is supposed to check that information for those six things before he puts it out on the BBC Sport website:

i. Trust
ii. Truth and accuracy
iii. Impartiality
iv. Editorial integrity and independence
v. Preventing harm and offence
vi. Serving the public interest

Stone didn't do that. Far from it.

Stone said on Twitter he had contacted the club before the article was published. He clearly hadn't. Simon lied. We have the reply to the Dale fan who asked him.

Stone said on Twitter he had contacted the Dale Trust before the article was published. He clearly hadn't. Simon lied. We have the reply to the Dale fan who asked him.

And now the BBC's lawyers have taken that article down because it doesn't meet the required standards of factual accuracy or compliance with the BBC code of conduct.

I would expect that there is some form of HR investigation into the journalist concerned, particularly following his racist tweeting in 2020.

Unfortunately for Jarvis and Simon Stone, the BBC published it on 12 October and then edited it on 13 October. Copies of both BBC articles have been saved by various fans - it's criminal to think that we wouldn't save them as we saw them, such is the amount of material that has been generated over the last few months, this is just another two pages in the file.

The data says that globally the BBC website is the 66th most prolific website in the world. Inadvertently Rochdale has been slandered to millions of people around the world!

Simon Stone on the other hand is going to have to go and see the BBC HR department again to explain his actions. And then the BBC legal department to explain his actions.

I hope the club are taking this properly seriously and lining up lawyers to pursue both the BBC and the journalist for damages. The BBC do payout for making these types of factual errors as Harry and Meghan know.

It would be highly ironic if Jarvis' leaky email accounts generate the club some serious legal funds from a defamation claim against the BBC, particularly when the information published by the BBC was illegally obtained in the first place.

Rule 1 of journalism: Never publish something that isn't true.

Andrew Curran FA Charge
Curran charged by FA by wozzrafc 28 Oct 2021 17:31
Thought it is worth it’s own thread

Updated BBC Article
The beeb by joecooke 26 Oct 2021 10:30

Trust Update - 1st November
Trust Update - 1st November by UpTheDaleNotForSale 1 Nov 2021 20:34
Another brilliant update from the Trust tonight on all things shares / 'investors' / club.

We're excited to hear the shares news, as well as the outcome of the ongoing share issue. We're also curious to know if Southall's PA charges £1000 to read an email, or if that is just to the man himself...

Jade Katy McManus' Web of Companies
MORTON HOUSE / Jade Katy McManus' web of companies is cover for Matt Southall by RAFCBLUE 6 Nov 2021 13:32
It's all gone very quiet in the Dubai beach hut.

On 1 October, the Dale Trust spoke to Matthew Southall, disgraced ex-Charlton Chairman and the Trust reported:
He stated a number of times throughout the hour long zoom call that this was a deal between himself and Morton House, and that no other approach had been made for the shares.

It's now the 6th November. Five weeks and no sign of any money from Matthew Southall, no sign of any shares and no sign of Morton House who are hiding from the EFL's investigators no doubt.

The only thing that has happened since then is a BBC article which was so wrong the BBC took it down and rewrote it.

RAFC achieved something that Prince Andrew, Owen Patterson and Boris Johnson couldn't, getting the BBC to remove a story - even if arrogant Simon Stone could not admit he was wrong to have penned it in the first place.

So where is our Dubai based hero Matthew? It's all gone suspiciously quiet from a man who likes the good things in life; ask Charlton fans about the expensive luxury central London flat overlooking the Thames or a Range Rover and they will tell you how he used Charlton as a cover for some rather expensive tastes.

Yet, a little bit like Andrew Kirk Curran, there is very little in the public domain about Matthew and his business interests - because he doesn't actually touch anything or have any money to touch anything with.

His partner Jade Katy McManus however is quite the businesswoman. Born in September 1991 and a law graduate of Newcastle University, the 30 year-old mum has lots and lots of appointments.

1. August Rae Developments Limited (registered company number: 13398441) - incorporated in May 2021 - net worth unknown

2. 17Media Ltd (registered company number: 09830875) - incorporated in October 2015 - net LIABILITIES of £18.852 at October 2019. No accounts since.

3. Love2BeHome Ltd (registered company number: 11206554) incorporated in February 2018 - net worth £1 as at February 2019. No accounts since.


4. Live Lusso Aesthetics Limited (registered company number: 10700280) - incorporated in March 2017 - dissolved in April 2019. No accounts ever filed.

5. Sports Media Consultancy Limited (registered company number: 11645603) - incorporated in October 2018 - net work £1 as at October 2019. No accounts since and now dissolved.

So 5 companies since March 2017, two dissolved and three still alive with overall net liabilities of £18k.

It's not the greatest success record you would see at business. If Jade went on the Apprentice I'm sure it would be commented on that she "doesn't have a bleedin' clue!"

Then there is the fact that Jade Katy McManus is named by Optimus Build Limited as a party in a lost court case over building works on 11 December 2020.

Jade McManus, like Morton House, seems to like to move around. In the last few years her five businesses have operated from:

A. 5 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, United Kingdom, SK9 1HY
B. 264 Leigh Road, Worsley, Leigh Road, Manchester, United Kingdom, M28 1LF. This is the address where Optimus Build Limited court case win was about.
C. 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. A favourite operating address of Denise Valerie Courtnell.
D. Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX - a virtual office
E. 63-66, Hatton Garden, London, England, EC1N 8LE - another virtual office.

Finally like our ex-CEO, Jade has a brilliant LinkedIn profile:

Currently "SUPERWOMAN" at only August Rae Investments. Not bad for a former jewellery shop salesperson and 10 months insurance accountant who shacked up with Matthew Southall.

I wonder if Southall told her he used to steal from Woolworths:

August Rae investments doesn't seem to actually be able to invest in something - no deals, no pedigree. They have a lot in common with Alexander Jarvis and Blackbridge Sports Limited.

There's only one superwoman in football and she has a message for Matthew Southall:

I actually doubt Southall has more than two bob and like a lot of the Instagram generation he's quite good a taking a couple of pictures and putting them on Twitter but actually doesn't have a business.

Dale Trust AGM
Dale Trust AGM today by blackdogblue 13 Nov 2021 17:52
Anything to share from anyone who made it?

Sports Media Consultancy Ltd
Matt Southall - Sports Media Consultancy Ltd by UpTheDaleNotForSale 17 Nov 2021 7:22
is no more.... struck off at Companies House.

David Bottomley's Reading FC Reference
Remind me who said that Reading FC were a club we should strive to emulate..... by RAFCBLUE 17 Nov 2021 20:30

Because they have been done today for overspending by £18.8m over the last four years and breaching the financial rules of the EFL.

League 1 is very likely to have Derby and Reading in it next season.

About time the EFL got a grip of all of this financial doping.

Pay your bills and live within your means

Andy Curran Swindon Town Legacy
The Andy Curran Swindon Town legacy by RAFCBLUE 16 Jul 2021 12:26

Here's what happens to your club when you pay for your son to play, whilst assisting others in its downfall.

This is a tale of woe from the Guardian about the plight of Swindon Town.

I am sure the EFL will go to town on people like Andy Curran and Lee Power when all of the evidence of mismanagement at Swindon comes to the fore. As will other authorities.

But he does drive a Rolls Royce Cullinan!

Share Issue
Share Issue by UpTheDaleNotForSale 18 Nov 2021 13:49

We'd expect further movement on this (& maybe a statement from the club) very soon.

Chairman's Update - November
Update from Simon Gauge by UpTheDaleNotForSale 19 Nov 2021 9:10

Thank You
Thank You by UpTheDaleNotForSale 27 Nov 2021 19:44
Following on from Robbie Stockdale's interview after the Exeter City match (where he references the fact we have defeated multiple takeover attempts, and next weekend's FA Cup tie is an opportunity to reflect & celebrate where we are as a club), it feels like the right time to draw a line under the ongoing saga, thank a few people and reset ahead of 2022 and beyond.

To Andrew Kelly - thank you for making the right (but difficult) decision not to sell out to Morton House. We know that decision has come at great expense (financial, health and physical) but without your decision on that fateful Sunday, who knows where we would be now? Thank you.

To Col - we know you won't enjoy being singled out for a name check, but without your 'Open letter to AK' thread and the countless hours you have spent spearheading the campaign to save Dale (including having to have actual conversations with the likes of Andy Curran and Matt Southall), as well as your fantastic leadership of the Trust, we firmly believe we may still not have the club in safe hands today. Thank you.

To Cloughie (& the executors of the will), your legacy will live long in the folklore of the football club. The estate you left enabled the Trust to become the single biggest shareholder in the club, and on behalf of the fan base they will continue to work in the best interests of Dale. Thank you.

To Simon Gauge, and the new Board of Directors, thank you for stepping up to take over the reigns of a sinking ship, steadying it and setting it back on the right course. We wouldn't want to have to deal with the stuff you have (including threats and intimidation from certain parties, the rotting remains of a previous dictatorship, and a club that was being run into the ground) since taking over - rest assured you have the backing of the fanbase and we look forward to seeing the club flourish under your leadership. Special mention too to Graham Morris, Trevor Butterworth & John Smallwood who set the wheels in motion for you to take over the club. It would be amiss at this point to not mention the late, great David Kilpatrick. Alongside Mr Morris, one of the original ‘Overcoat Men’ – a role model of what custodianship of Dale looks like, and a true example for Simon Gauge et al to follow. Thank you.

To thank you for providing a platform for the brilliant work referenced elsewhere in this post. Despite repeated legal threats from various parties, you moderated the discussion diligently to ensure that all relevant information was, and still is, able to be viewed by any member of the public who is interested to know what has gone on, and just how close we came. Thank you.

To our shareholders – thank you to our original shareholders for fighting the proposals of the previous board to allow them carte blanche to sell the club to the highest bidder without (by their own admission) due diligence, and for supporting our new board in their determination to hold a new share issue, safeguarding the future of the club. & to our new shareholders – welcome to the club… your support (both financial and moral) means that our club is now owned by more than 500 individual fans, and means it will be substantially more difficult for any future people to try and gain a majority shareholding in Dale. Thank you.

To RAFCBLUE (plus Judd and all the others on here and across the internet) who spent hours and hours digging up information on anybody who was showing an interest in getting their hands on Dale - the information you provided has helped prevent a disaster - just as importantly, you've demonstrated to any future wannabes just what lengths Dale fans will go to in order to protect this club. Thank you.

To Fitzochris, a real fan of the club and fantastic journalist – thank you for continuing to report on matters of importance to Dale fans, for holding individuals within the club to account, and for your honesty and integrity with matters related to the previous board. Thank you.

To The Trust (board, members and supporters), under Col's leadership you have role modelled what a supporters' trust can do... we bought our 'This Is My Club' scarves today and wore them with pride. Thank you.

To Alexander Jarvis - thank you for essentially not being a great broker of football club sales. Without your intervention, it would've been a lot easier for Morton House / Matt Southall to take over this club. For the absolute comedy of errors - thank you.

To Tony Lloyd MP, Nancy Frostick and Matt Slater of the Athletic, Ian King of Football 365, the Price of Football podcast, and various other publications thank you for continuing to spread the word of our plight over the Summer. Thank you for giving a balanced view to the wider football family, and for helping to keep the spotlight on the aggressors of the hostile takeover who, before this Summer, were suspiciously absent from any online footprint. Thank you.

It would be wrong at this point to not highlight the challenges we faced from biased and inaccurate reporting, disappointingly in the main from the BBC, which could’ve done real damage to our attempts to protect the club, as well as reputational and financial damage to the club on a longer term basis. As much as we will forever remember the amazing work done by countless people, we will also not forget the lack of support from publications and politicians who sadly did not match their public values and commitments with actions and support. We won’t call them out here, but they know who they are and they can expect to be challenged in future when they claim to care about sports, and the lower leagues, in the North West.

To supporters up and down the land, but particularly Southend United, Charlton Athletic, Oldham Athletic and Swindon Town trusts who gave immeasurable amounts of support to our campaign, alongside information and contacts, without which we would’ve struggled to gain the traction that we did on social media and in the press. We are aware of the ongoing situation at Oldham, too, and will continue to support them however we can. If this Summer taught us one thing, it would be that when the chips are down the wider football family will come together to support one of our own.

& to the countless fans who supported in whatever way they could - be it expertise to the new board, expertise to the Up The Dale Not For Sale campaign, sharing social media content, contributing to share issues, driving around the NW finding existing shareholders, spreading the word at Dale games, chanting 'Up The Dale Not For Sale' at matches - anything at all over the past 7 or 8 months... Thank You

The problem with a post like this is that we always run the risk of missing key people out... obviously that is not our intention and we'll say again, to anybody who helped keep the wolves from the door - thank you.

Clearly Morton House are not going away forever - with a rumoured £1.2 million investment they will want to get that back. A c.23% share in Rochdale AFC is never going to be worth that, so there could always be an undercurrent of wondering what they will do to get that money back. The positive is that, following the brilliant recent share issue, their influence in Dale is severely diluted, and any attempt to get to 50+1% would be nigh on impossible. As a fanbase, we will continue to remain vigilant to safeguard our football club as a fan owned, sustainable community asset both now and in the future.

Now we have an opportunity to move forward with OUR club - a new, professional and committed board, young exciting manager, youthful and talented squad, and a fan base more united than at any other time in recent memory. Stockdale said next Sunday should be a celebration, and we agree.

Up The Dale - Not For Sale

& After the share issue & the public thank you...

Good News - Trust Donation
Some really good news! by R17ALE 2 Dec 2021 20:22
The following is from part of The Trust's fantastic monthly newsletter.

"We were incredibly surprised and delighted to learn that in the share issue by the Club, a local individual who wishes to remain anonymous has purchased 26,800 shares in the Club and has put the shares in the name of the Trust. This is a 100% donation and comes with no terms or strings attached.

We are asking members not to speculate who may be responsible for this. The donor has been very clear in not wanting to be named, and we ask for those wishes to be respected."

The Trust now has around 125,000 shares equivalent to 14% of the club.

A fantastic gesture too from the Mr Ben E. Factor!

EDIT: If you're not a member, but consider yourself a fan, you really need to get aboard The Trust who provide a wonderful service for members. If you can't afford the fiver, PM me.

Optimus Build Ltd - Match Ball Sponsor
Optimus Build Limited... by UpTheDaleNotForSale 5 Dec 2021 11:37
...(who recently filed the bankruptcy petition against Matt Southall) are today's match ball sponsors.


Matt Southall - Creditors, Cancelled Holidays & Charlton Dossier
MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall - the spotlight & your MANY creditors now aw by RAFCBLUE 6 Dec 2021 20:11
After two long hot holidays in the Caribbean since the EFL announcement in August and with dark winter nights ahead and Omicron becoming rampant its probably time we stopped enjoying ourselves and all got back on the investigation front shining the spotlight of disinfectant at Matthew Southall.

Since Alexander Jarvis of Blackbridge Sports Limited exited stage right in August 2021 (back to his parent's spare bedroom and possibly never to be seen again) and quicker than you can say "Scouse Disaster", his good mate Matthew Southall, (or Matt to his very few friends) entered centre stage with wild claims from the Manchester Evening News:

"Former Charlton Athletic chairman Matthew Southall has struck a deal to buy a 25 per cent stake in League Two football club Rochdale AFC.

Mr Southall is acquiring his shares from Andy Curran and Darrel Rose's Morton House MGT group, whose bid to take over the club collapsed several weeks ago"

That was 29th September 2021. Bit too quick for a guy who Charlton fans value less than dog shit to have done any deal with Curran and Rose who were - and one assumes still are - under investigation from the EFL.

Absolutely nothing has happened because Southall has no money and a long list of creditors snapping at his heels.

Southall hasn't actually cottoned on yet that there is no interest amongst the fanbase or the shareholders for Southall to come in either as an investor or as an owner, and that if he was to do so, he would be walking into a hostile situation.

The EFL are quietly investigating all those involved with Morton House as are various other government authorities. The club have said previously they are providing full co-operation to the EFL.

If we go back to that fateful day on Tuesday 6th July when Alexander Jarvis temporarily "misplaced" his IT devices whilst enjoying a visit to Spotland arriving in the back of Andy Curran's Rolls Royce Cullinan (71AC), Alexander inadvertently leaked a whole load of detailed information onto the World Wide Web like Wikileaks on acid, Alexander single-handedly scuppered a deal put together behind the backs of fans.

I know what you are thinking - can Alexander strike twice? Is it possible that Alexander's complete lack of computer skills to sink the same deal twice?


We already know that Alexander Jarvis and Matthew Southall know each other - something reported by Southall and features on the excellent CODE RED Charlton dossier (

On that Charlton fans (slightly over generously) call Alexander a "minor character" "MINOR DISASTER" would have been more apt:

"Jarvis passed unnoticed by Charlton Athletic fans until brought to their attention by Southall’s comment to representatives of Rochdale AFC Supporters Trust. Southall claimed he has known Jarvis for a few years, and had worked with him previously, including at Charlton, before being invited by Jarvis to buy Rochdale AFC shares from the Morton Group."

Once you understand that link you realise that Jarvis' IT indiscretions allow you to find out:

(1) Southall's home address in Worsley
(2) Southall's email address and phone number
(3) His fancy cars parked on the drive in Worsley (leased of course)
(4) That the Southall kids go to a private fee paying school near Worsley (not bad for a lad who got nicked for shoplifting from Woolworths)
(5) The family have recent holidays in Dubai but have, regrettably had to cancel the ski trip and the trip to EuroDisney (Southall's wife Jade McManus is FUMING apparently)
(6) Southall doesn't actually have any money left and is on the run from his builder Optimus Build who have a charge on his house for the money they are owed.
(7) Money is due to A LOT of creditors for Matthew and Jade. Times are hard.
(8) Matthew has no form of paid employment.

Morally, ask yourself this. How does a man, with no wealth run a big house, big cars, private schools for his kids and all with no job.

He's what financial investigators call a NINJA - "No Income No Job Absconder" - someone who has tons of assets, no income and leave a trail of financial dissolved companies and lives in his wake.

Charlton fans know him well; after what he did to them they follow his EVERY move:

Until he withdraws formally (and stated in the MEN) we have no option but to show him the same spotlight courtesies that we extended to Andy Curran, Darrell Rose, Denise Valerie Courtnell, Faical Safouane, Kelly Curran and many many others.

For those on Twitter - make sure you follow @CharltonDossier and WATCH THIS SPACE OVER THE MONTH OF DECEMBER......

(And Alexander - change your passwords and your mobile FFS)

Matt Southall - Child Support
MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall - who is paying Arabella's child support by RAFCBLUE 7 Dec 2021 20:03
Responsibility (noun) the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

Fatherhood comes with responsibilities.

Endless bills. Dirty nappies. Keeping a roof over the little ones head.

Holidays to Dubai. Trips to the see Santa and the reindeer. Running Charlton Athletic into the ground.

It's very hard being Matthew Southall given how forgetful and calamitous he is.

Matthew Southall forgets that the Charlton dossier has ever fingerprint of his time at Charlton:

Running up consultancy bills

Getting into trouble in the courts for illegally altering Companies House details

Southall forgets a lot. Fortunately, the internet does not forget.

Tonight folks, here is a man who thinks he buying 25% of a little League 2 club from Morton House and he's omitted one of the worst things you can forget - his eldest daughter, Arabella.

To Jade Katy McManus, Southall's current squeeze, Arabella is a dirty word.

Jade Katy has had two children with Matthew and followed him around as he did the dirty on Charlton Athletic, often pictured in the director's box.

Jade Katy doesn't like Arabella being mentioned. It takes the limelight from her two own children (who have RIDICULOUS names) and the big house in Worsley which has more charges on it than there are Rhino in the Serengeti (Serengeti is not one of the RIDICULOUS names but if you know your geographical deserts and grasslands, you might be in with a good chance of a guess).

Arabella's presence always reminds Jade Katy that Matthew's first love was and is lingerie and commercial model, Elizabeth Tierney who is signed to Boss Model Management.

Elizabeth Tierney's relationship with Southall was brief (let's be honest whose isn't?) but Arabella doesn't get a look in at the big house in Worsley.

"Mommy to my baby Arabella" - how did she fall for a loser like Southall.

If the Child Support Agency or Elizabeth need the Southall address in Worsley then we might be able to put them right. Just off Leigh Road isn't it?

Matthew was very open about his daughter Arabella in an interview (you can tell she's his favourite):

It's a really helpful interview it informs us:
Fitness entrepreneur Matthew Southall was born in South London and moved to the North West with his mother at the age of 5. His father was of Nigerian descent, but left before he was born. Matthew graduated from school with all A’s and studied Art and design at college before moving to Leeds to study 3d Interior and Architectural design, graduating in 2006. One of his close friends growing up was a professional footballer for Manchester United and England so he managed to make several contacts within football and went straight from University into sports management, where he worked under renowned Iranian businessman, Kia Joorabchian, owner of football stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. He was very quickly involved in high profile deals, learnt a lot and then in 2010 set up his own Sports Agency and represented several high profile Premier League players. In the summer of 2014, he set up an online fitness wear brand which went onto launch in December 2014. Matthew currently lives in Manchester and has a two year old daughter, Arabella.

"Three Steaks Pam" has also waded into on the excellent Tattle Life:

Elizabeth is only about 26 and has already been married and divorced. She has her daughter Arabella calling Jamie (O'Hara) “Dad” when he isn’t, her dad is a Manchester guy called Matt Southall, Elizabeth’s ex husband. He’s now with a woman called Jade Katy and they have 2 kids but from what they show on social media, he never seems to see Arabella. Jade is also the absolute double of Elizabeth so he obviously has a type. I just find it weird that he doesn’t see his kid and she’s calling someone else Dad.

Even the Daily Mirror chimes in:

Elizabeth has one young daughter, Arabella, from a previous relationship.

Now, when you consider that its really easy to get hold of copies of marriage certificates, a decree absolute or final order of the dissolution of a civil partnership and other publicly available records you'll see how much that is about to become uncovered.

University in Leeds, "fashion brand", "football agent", "straight A's"

It's almost as if he has left this here to be found and fact checked.

Of course, Alexander Jarvis is to blame for all of this information. He and Southall go WAY back - as Southall admitted to the Dale Trust that they had worked together at Charlton Athletic.

And whilst publicly available information exists like this its only right that it is shared so that the man and woman in the street can, fairly, form a view as to the type of person that Matthew Southall is.

He wants complete transparency. He should go do another interview with the Dale Trust.

Poor Arabella - at least Jamie O'Hara was able be the Dad that Southall isn't.

And Jamie O'Hara was at least a proper footballer whereas Matthew put out the cones for a while at Blackburn Rovers before they f&cked him off onto his graphic design course.

This article, from 2010, says he was "on the books" of Blackburn but I guess that was when he was also "helping himself" at Woolworths

More to come and the next bits are juicier than Three Steaks Pam!

Southall might want a quick word with Andy Curran over erasing that internet footprint pronto.

Matt Southall - Links to Curran and Jarvis
MORTON HOUSE / Southall, Curran and Jarvis ALL visited RAFC on 29th APRIL 2021 by RAFCBLUE 9 Dec 2021 21:34
Life is about to get a whole lot hotter for the Scouse Disaster, Alexander Jarvis.

On 29th April 2021, 9 weeks BEFORE those fateful late night EGMs of 1st June Alexander Jarvis visited RAFC during the day with Andy Curran.

This is just after the Swindon home game where a number of fans clocked Curran's Rolls Royce Cullinan (71AC) on the main car park and Curran attended alongside many others.

There were that many attendees with nice cars on the car park that the club, on a night of a fan's protest that the club, put out an announcement about it which stated they were looking for investment:

It said:
"As reported on Monday, the Board of Directors are working to secure outside investment for Rochdale AFC and as a result have met with several serious investors over the past few months.

The Board have now reached a key stage with a number of highly interested parties, including a group of investors, who attended last night’s game along with the Speakmans."

On the 29th April, Andy Curran drove up to Rochdale from deepest Essex to visit RAFC with Jarvis brought with him an unannounced guest to RAFC.

Step forward: MATTHEW SOUTHALL [wave]

Fortunately - and thanks to the wonders of CCTV technology - all of this gets recorded in glorious technicolour. The kind of glorious technicolour that means you can pick out three people clearly who clearly are all connected.

Southall, Curran and Jarvis - the pauper's Ocean 11.


With all that has gone on, why wait until now to release this GOLDEN NUGGET of information?

In life, timing is everything.

Kieran Maguire noted on 5th June 2021 on his podcast that he felt Southall was always involved. Go listen back to his podcast; he tells us what our CEO at the time wouldn't.

These tweets are 4 days after the EGMs:

Maguire replied on Twitter on 5 June 2021 at 17.35:

" TBF after the meeting with fans trust at Dale would be difficult for Southall to sneak control over the club ."

Alexander, oh, Alexander. We owe you such a thank you for being so f*cking useless that you have tied Matt Southall to Andy Curran and Matt Southall to yourself.

When you came back with Andy Curran on 6th July 2021 to meet the Dale Trust you left behind the vital bits of information that allowed this little love triangle to be confirmed, filmed and documented.

Fat Pat of the Wilbutts Lane Chippy witnessed the trio on 29th April 2021 espying the menu but suspicions were raised when no-one orders a chip barm.

Dale Trust even had to apologise to the EFL for saying a deal had gone through, which the EFL knew nothing about:

And then named Curran on 15 July 2021:

Tonight is the night where we can say, there is NO DOUBT at all that Southall was in this all along.

Now for the usual difficult questions:

1) What was Matthew Southall doing at RAFC on 29th April?

2) What link(s) does Matthew Southall have with Andrew Kirk Curran?

3) Why would Matthew Southall be so secretive about his involvement with Andrew Kirk Curran PRIOR to the EGM but show up at Spotland for a meeting?

4) Why would Matthew Southall HIDE behind Alexander Jarvis when the going got tough in the Summer?

5) When is all goes wrong and the EFL charges Morton House and individuals, how can Matthew Southall do 25% deal so fast with Andrew Curran's payroll company?

Here was the dastardly plan folks that was going to dupe supporters and the EFL:
a) A payroll company, with hidden ownership, agrees it will loan some money to a Matthew Southall. The technical term is "bridging finance"
b) That payroll company charges Matthew Southall "interest" on that loan
c) The payroll company buys the shares from individuals and makes them assignable to Matthew Southall. Alexander Jarvis needs to get 50% to get paid and do a deal
d) At 50% Matthew Southall can then assign the shares bought and emerge as the new owner of Rochdale Association Football Club.
e) Asset stripping of the football club can then begin. Big consultancy invoices are charged and the club and its supporters are left behind to deal with the mess.
f) The bridging loan is repaid, with a financial return for the payroll company.
g) The deal goes through so quickly that the EFL can do nothing about it.

There are some MASSIVE thank you's in providing the missing pieces of the jigsaw:

* Charlton fans. The next time we play you the beers are on us.
* Specific Charlton club employees who were asked about Matthew Southall on 29th April 2021
* Fat Pat - eye witness extraordinaire
* Local CCTV operators
* Alexander Jarvis

It is an utter disgrace how the EFL have been duped by Alexander Jarvis, Andrew Curran, Morton House and Matthew Southall.

The Charlton Dossier is right:

Today in England, it’s possible to buy a famous football club, drain it of cash, and bring it to within days of administration.

Thank God for our supporters, Fat Pat and CCTV


David Bottomley - A cleanse of the Augean stables
A cleanse of the Augean stables by David_B_CONSCIENCE 29 Dec 2021 1:31

Morton House - The cost per day of Matt Southall
MORTON HOUSE / The cost per day of Matt Southall at Charlton Athletic FC by RAFCBLUE 5 Jan 8:18

Reminded last night of how Matthew Southall was only actually Chairman at Charlton Athletic for 71 days (2nd January 2020 to 12 March 2020) when Tahnoon Nimer and others removed him from the Board of Directors I've looked at what those 90 days cost Charlton.

Thanks to the Daily Mail the internet has not forgotten!

Here was the headline:
Unhappy Valley: Sacked Charlton board members hit cash-strapped club with huge bills of more than £575,000 in consultancy fees and expenses since controversial takeover

The Daily Mail expanded:

Sportsmail has seen details of the invoices charged to Charlton over recent months, including £118,675 racked up by Southall. That figure is made up of £90,000 in consultancy fees plus a range of expenses including almost £5,000 for car hire, a £4,875 credit-card bill and just over £3,000 in travel expenses.

In addition, Southall’s contract as chairman included a two-year tenancy worth £12,500 a month in a two-bedroom riverside apartment near London Bridge, which, if paid in full, would cost the club more than £300,000.

There is no mention of the cost of the barber!

Taking those cost in order:
* £300,000 riverside apartment rent
* £118,675 consultancy fees plus expenses
TOTAL: £418,675

Cost for the 71 days he was there - £5,896.83 per day!

Southall said he had paid the £1 to buy the club live on Talksport.

He didn't mention in any of the interviews this level of cost commitment to the venerable London club.

That's a good financial return if:

Day 1: Spend £1
Day 2 to 71: Consume £418,675 of value.

Profit - £418,674.

You have to take off that profit the fine of £21,000 for behaving unlawfully changing the documents at Companies House and probably a load of legal costs as Chris Farnell and Tahnoon Nimer dragged him through the courts.

Not enough thought it seems to pay off Together Personal Finance Limited, Optimus Build, Academy Leasing and a long and growing list of creditors who are secured on 264 Leigh Road, Worsley, M28 1LF.

Matt Southall & Morton House - £1m deal on the rocks?
MORTON HOUSE / Matthew Southall's £1m deal with Andy Curran is "on the roc by RAFCBLUE 29 Dec 2021 22:10
Sahara (noun) - a desert in North Africa, extending from the Atlantic to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean to central Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan: the largest desert in the world, occupying over a quarter of Africa;

Climate changes around the world are beginning to have a huge economic impact.

Tomorrow it is 140 days since Alexander Jarvis put out a statement on behalf of his client Mr Andrew Kirk Curran in the Manchester Evening News that had bravely claimed:
"Furthermore, we have paid in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs."

In doing so Curran was confirmed as in for over £1m on 12th August 2021 all managed by the Scouse Disaster that is Alexander Jarvis.

Immediately after reading that article, on 16th August, the EFL charged Morton House with disciplinary proceedings. The EFL have these things called "rules" and the MEN article stated that the EFL "rules" had been broken.

It is alleged that Morton House MGT acquired Control of the Club, and a number of individuals became Relevant Persons without the prior consent of the EFL in accordance with the Owners’ and Directors’ Test (OADT).

The EFL’s objective was to gather additional evidence as it continued to investigate whether the Club, any Official, any Relevant Person(s) and/or any Persons wishing to acquire Control of the Club complied with the requirements of the OADT and whether any Relevant Person(s) are subject to a Disqualifying Condition.

Having considered the request for information made of them, Morton House MGT, on behalf of its directors, and representatives, has now informed the League that it is formally withdrawing from the approval process and plans to divest the shares acquired in the Club at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations. Despite these developments, the EFL will be continuing with its disciplinary investigations into this matter and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations."

Note: Curran still in for over £1m on 16th August 2021.

On 17th September 2021, Ben Ransom (Sky Sports) noted that Southall had agreed to buy 25% from Curran.

Note: Curran still in for £1m on 17th September 2021.

Now - what everyone in this pantomime had forgotten, including all of these parties, is that they had been seen, together at Spotland on the afternoon of 29th April 2021. Curran, Jarvis and Southall ALL visit Rochdale as a team for the same meeting.

Here is the crux:

8 months ago today - on 29th April 2021 - the three main characters were all seen, in Rochdale at the same place and at the same time. That April 2021 meeting was 105 days BEFORE Jarvis decided to read Mr Curran's statement to the Manchester Evening News.

What are the statistical changes of that happening?!

Fat Pat keeps a diligent notebook from behind the net curtains of her 2 up 2 down which doubles as the Wilbutts Lane Chippy. She saw them VERY clearly as many others who live and work around Spotland did.

Thank Christ the former CEO was SO security conscious and his car park barrier and ensuring the CCTV was turned on. Car park barriers stop cars and if you are driving from Worsley or Essex you need a car.

Andy Curran is not a happy bunny about all of these developments and his Christmas break has been disturbed by phone calls which have been going in and out of Worsley like an errant minor Instragram "influencer" taking lavish trips with her family to Dubai, Euro Disney and the Ski Slopes of the French and Swiss Alps (Covid-19 permitting).

When Andy lends someone £1m, he wants a return on that money and he always wants his money back.

Andy didn't drive up from Essex to attend that April meeting with Jarvis and Southall to lose £1m. Andy is very old fashioned. Borrow money from him, pay it back and if you do that then there is no need to resort to the boxing ring.

Unfortunately Southall is now feeling the pressure over quickly repaying that £1m more than the CSA knocking on asking if he will pay for Arabella but regrettably has no cash to do so.

The last thing he wants is not to be on Andy's happy list but the money has changed hands and some of the recipients have had not one, but TWO Caribbean holidays since August.

Would you believe, Matthew is on the verge of PULLING OUT and doing a runner and handing the baton back to the errant but keen Alexander Jarvis. Jarvis has even less brass to rub together than Southall.

We've always been a caring lot at Rochdale.

What we can say is that, we have noticed considerable disharmony in the Curran/Jarvis/Southall camp over the last 8 months and noted the influential players having a negative influence on other players.

Its now reaching the point where the Curran, Jarvis and and Southall might need to get some independent observations on how they could improve harmony within their team.

It is almost like they need a proven approach to successful team building and motivation and someone, anyone who could assist and support Matthew, Andy and Alexander by identifying and resolving the important psychological barriers some of the participants appeared burdened with from our lengthy observations.

The focal point all the way would be to ignite team and individuals morale whilst supporting Andy Curran to work out how Matthew Southall can ever pay him £1m back.

In these modern time and through strategic behavioural modelling tools that create winners anything could be possible.

Matthew, your last hope is here. Give these guys a ring (link below) and they can really help you resolve your issues with Andy.


Morton House - High Court action against RAFC & Dale Trust
MORTON HOUSE / Dale Trust and club sued by invisible Morton House by RAFCBLUE 7 Jan 16:00

Continued EFL disciplinary investigation of Morton House
MORTON HOUSE / Continued EFL Disciplinary investigations into Morton House by RAFCBLUE 8 Jan 8:04
With yesterday's very brief announcement from the club which noted that Morton House had filed court actions against the Supporters Trust and the Board of Directors, it looks inevitable the EFL are going to be dragged into the court process.

Over Summer 2021, the EFL were very involved and vocal. Here is the timeline:

INTERVENTION 1. END OF JULY - There was a meeting hosted by the EFL between Morton House and the club reported by the Daily Telegraph.

A self-confessed “hostile takeover” of Rochdale has sparked a homophobia row after one of those involved was accused of calling the current board “Nancy boys”.

Andy Curran, part of a takeover bid by Morton House MGT and First Form Construction Ltd, was also alleged to have called the people of the town “small minded” and to have “expressed a desire to settle any dispute with a physical fight in a boxing ring”.

The slurs were said to have been made during a Zoom call last Tuesday between the English Football League (EFL) and those trying to buy the League Two club.

The Football Association charged Andy Curran which was reported in the Manchester Evening News on 29th October 2021. The FA have yet to conclude their investigation and report.


The EFL continues to work with Rochdale AFC, Morton House Mgt and First Form Construction Limited alongside a number of other individuals in relation to applications under the EFL’s Owners’ and Directors‘ Test.

Based on discussions to date, the EFL has reserved its position in respect of any matters arising out of the ongoing situation at the Club and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations.

Any allegations in relation to discriminatory comments are matters for the Football Association which can investigate any individual who is subject to the FA Rules at the time the comments were allegedly made.

The EFL will continue to work with the Club and relevant stakeholders as they seek to ensure a successful and viable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.


On 16 August 2021, in accordance with its Regulations, the EFL issued notice to multiple individuals of the commencement of disciplinary investigations in respect to the acquisition of shares in Rochdale Association Football Club.

It is alleged that Morton House MGT acquired Control of the Club, and a number of individuals became Relevant Persons without the prior consent of the EFL in accordance with the Owners’ and Directors’ Test (OADT).

The EFL’s objective was to gather additional evidence as it continued to investigate whether the Club, any Official, any Relevant Person(s) and/or any Persons wishing to acquire Control of the Club complied with the requirements of the OADT and whether any Relevant Person(s) are subject to a Disqualifying Condition.

Having considered the request for information made of them, Morton House MGT, on behalf of its directors, and representatives, has now informed the League that it is formally withdrawing from the approval process and plans to divest the shares acquired in the Club at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations. Despite these developments, the EFL will be continuing with its disciplinary investigations into this matter and will take the most appropriate action available to it under its Regulations.

More importantly, the EFL will continue to work with Rochdale AFC as we collectively seek to ensure a successful and sustainable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.


Sweet FA

The EFL now has a massive problem coming.

On 16th August they publicly said:

More importantly, the EFL will continue to work with Rochdale AFC as we collectively seek to ensure a successful and sustainable long-term future for the Club and all those associated with it, particularly its players, staff, and supporters.

So where is this "collectively"?

The EFL by now must have had all they are going to have in terms of evidence. The club say they are complying; the EFL say Morton House are "refusing to co-operate with the League's ongoing investigations"

(a) The EFL can conclude if their share transfer process was correctly followed or not

If the EFL's share transfer process was followed and there is no issue then the EFL need to come out and publicly confirm that.

If the EFL's share transfer process was NOT followed, then there is a breach of the rules and that means disciplinary charges either:

(b) The EFL have gathered or have had provided the relevant information so they can make a disciplinary charge or they can't.

I could see a situation where shareholders prior to the AGM sue the EFL for a failure to to properly regulate.

Either the EFL's rules have been followed or they have not.

It is no more difficult than that.

And if Morton House are so sure of their position then I am certain that in a court of law in the UK they will have no issue at all of sharing all the information that the EFL wanted in the first place in the High Court.

Let's be honest, most supporters know more about Morton House, Andrew Curran, Darrell Rose, Faical Safouane, Denise Valarie Courtnell and Matthew Southall from supporter led research between Summer 2021 and now.

The good news for all of us is that the court processes in the UK move really slowly, especially after Covid.

The High Court has a massive backlog of work going back two years. Inevitably, this will be stuck in a queue of other cases until it reaches the judge.

It might be Christmas 2022 (at the very earliest) before anything actually happens as the way lawyers have to work involves filing paperwork, reading paperwork, responding and there is a lot of back and forth.

You only have to look at other public examples of civil claims and their lawyers tactics to realise how a legal process that someone is defending can be challenged.

Plenty of time for the EFL to update us all on how they see Morton House engaging with fans "collectively" when Morton House don't want to talk to the EFL.

And particularly when Morton House are trying to divest "at the earliest opportunity"

Perhaps all they really want is Dale Trust to buy their shares because no one else will pay the ridiculous "in excess of £1 million to date in consideration for shares, due diligence and legal costs" as Alexander Jarvis described to the Manchester Evening News on 12th August 2021.

Morton House - Why the EFL MUST get off the fence soon
MORTON HOUSE / Why the EFL MUST get off the fence soon... by RAFCBLUE 10 Jan 8:58

When will the EFL get off the fence? That has to be a question worth asking hard now given the way in which events have unfolded with a failed hostile takeover by a faceless payroll company.

The threatening of Rochdale supporters and the Dale Trust with High Court legal action allows us to remind ourselves of the role of the EFL as regulator.

A regulator regulates. It is there to ensure that the rules and governance is upheld and not overridden to the detriment of the game.

To be fair to the EFL, the EFL HAVE already launched disciplinary actions against "multiple individuals" in August 2021 but that is it so far.

They also confirmed in a statement on 16 August 2021:

Furthermore, Morton House MGT, its directors, and representatives, have confirmed to the League they are refusing to co-operate with the League’s ongoing investigations.

As we have highlighted before from the demise of bury fc was the criticisms in the Bird and Bird review, ordered by the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

It's a really good read and if you're interested in doing so make sure you have brew before you start!

The pertinent bit for Dale fans in challenging the EFL and the mockery of a process and our experience as fans so far is on Page 31 (of 33)

"8.3 This case has highlighted several issues with the EFL Regulations, in particular in relation to:

8.3.1 the OAD Test. There is no doubt that the EFL applied the OAD Test properly in relation to Mr Day and Mr Dale. The question is whether the test as currently written is fit for purpose. In particular,
it only looks at a narrow list of objective criteria, and does not take into account various other factors that speak to whether a new owner or director is a fit and proper person to own/run a member Club.

8.3.2 the regulations that apply to changes of ownership of a Club. Once again, the EFL applied those regulations when Mr Dale acquired Bury FC from Mr Day. However, the regulations do not prevent a new owner acquiring the Club before he or she has provided a business plan for the Club and proof of the funding required to underwrite that plan. I am aware that the EFL is already considering blocking changes in control until the new owner has provided adequate evidence of source and sufficiency of funding. For example, it could require the new owner to provide irrevocable financial guarantees of payment of any funding requirements for at least two seasons.

8.3.3 the regulations relating to ongoing monitoring of a Club's financial health. In particular, the Regulations do not currently require League One and Two clubs to submit annual business plans,
underwritten by adequate proof of funding, or half-yearly management accounts, and the SCMP submissions they are required to file were never intended to be and are not an adequate substitute.


1. In the testing of Morton House, Andrew Curran, Matthew Southall and any other party are the EFL applying the narrow criteria or, as recommended, the wider consideration of the Bird and Bird review?

2. Have Morton Rose, Curran, Rose, Southall provided their business plan - as opposed to the Club's business plan. Testimony from the the EFL statement indicates this has not occurred. The Bird and Bird review suggests it should have done.

3. Who at the EFL is leading the EFL review? The Bird and Bird review suggested this should be a senior leader.

4. Have Morton House, Curran, Rose or Southall provided the "irrevocable financial guarantees"?

5. When do the EFL expect to conclude the disciplinary investigations?

6. What recommendations from the Bird and Bird review are the EFL applying to the circumstances that exist for Rochdale AFC with a failed hostile takeover by a faceless payroll company?

These are six very challenging question for the EFL and some more very good reasons why the EFL should kick out these folks into touch.


As noted above, the EFL have started a disciplinary investigation that is currently ongoing.

The EFL though are deafening in their silence of movement and have provided no public statement since August 2021.

That's nearly FIVE months of silence from the EFL.

If anyone wanted to contact the EFL directly then the details on their website are:



Court Case - Part 2
Court case pt2 by judd 8 Jan 0:18
"The Board of Directors report that Morton House has filed a High Court claim naming the Board of Directors and the Dale Trust as respondents."

Apologies for the separate thread but have been pondering over the above wording.

It appears that these shysters so beloved by our former CE Bottomley are targeting individual Directors as appointed by us shareholders, together with the Trust as a body.

Are we going to allow this to happen without a very public and noisy display of support for each and EVERY one of those who has stood up and fronted these charlatans?

Are we going to allow this new board to be worried and bullied?

Not a fookin' chance.

Let these good people know just how much we as a fan base will support them in terms of hostile activity.


Failed Hostile Takeover - Outstanding Fan Questions
Failed Hostile Takeover - Questions by UpTheDaleNotForSale 9 Jan 13:27
Following on from the confirmation on Friday that faceless payroll company Morton House are looking to take legal action against the club board of directors and trust (& so by proxy our fans and community), we want to remind the public of some of the key questions related to the failed hostile takeover of RAFC by Morton House Management & First Form Construction Limited.

We started last night by asking:

- Why did Andy Curran / Darrell Rose (Morton House) PRIVATELY pay 3x market value for shares in #RAFC?

- Why was Matt Southall seen with Morton House at the Crown Oil arena in APRIL?

The purpose of this thread is to find out what outstanding questions you have. There have been loads asked on various threads (that can be found on the Hostile Takeover thread) and we know there are lots that haven't been mentioned yet. Post your questions below and we will collate them from here / FB / Insta / Twitter, and ask them publicly across all of our platforms - tagging in the EFL, HMRC, SRA and any other relevant people / bodies to questions that are related to them.

We want to keep our club fan owned, at the heart of the community, so any questions we have that can be kept in the public conscience (and potentially be asked by the multiple press agencies that are again taking an interest) can only be a good thing.


Andrew Curran found GUILTY by The FA
MORTON HOUSE / Andrew Curran FOUND GUILTY of FA charges by RAFCBLUE 11 Jan 16:00
Football Association find Andrew Curran GUILTY of a breach of Rule E3.

Full version here:

Andrew Curran FA Ban
ANDREW CURRAN FA BAN - Taylor Curran/Maidstone United watch by RAFCBLUE 16 Jan 18:39
A quiet weekend for the Curran family and no need for Andrew Curran to risk breaching his 63 day FA ban as his son Taylor didn't play.

It's been an odd season for Taylor Curran - he's only had three starts and come on as sub twice following a period where Swindon Town fans had really got to him.

Boreham Wood won 5-4 on penalties to advance in the FA Trophy.

BBC North West Tonight - Jan 24th
BBC North West Tonight by UpTheDaleNotForSale 28 Jan 10:08

Sharing this in case anybody hasn't seen it yet - the club got some really good coverage on BBC NWT following the Bradford game.

The theme was clear - fans of Dale are proud to be fan owned, and excited for the future of the club within that fan owned model. There was a brilliant quote near the end of the second clip from an elderly lady, where she said,

"You wouldn't think you'd go home from a nil - nil feeling pleased, but after everything we've been through we are."

We shouldn't underestimate the impact the events of the last 12 months have had on individuals as well as the club, and that's why we think its more important than ever to shout about how we are #FanOwnedAndProud and #FansTogether.


A Club United - Crowdfunding
A Club United - Crowdfunding by UpTheDaleNotForSale 28 Jan 12:14
So it looks like the Trust and Club need to raise c.£130K to fight the legal action being brought by Morton House.

Its a big number, so probably worth collating any information into one thread. We'll need the wider football family to support our club now more than ever.

Club Statement:

Trust Statement:

Crowdfunding Link


Charlton - Southall & Bassini
Our Charlton friends by judd 11 Feb 15:37

What a wicked world football is at times

Southall & Birmingham City
Matt Southall & Birmingham City by HullDale 17 Feb 23:41

Rumours abound that Matt Southall is now involved in an attempted purchase of Birmingham City.

Sahara Capital
SAHARA CAPITAL - The Leigh Road, Worsley Lender by RAFCBLUE 17 Feb 21:50

Leigh Road, Worsley has a new lender.

Welcome SAHARA CAPITAL. [clap][clap][clap]

Two partners, 15 employees, 130 lenders, £47m funded since 2016.

Sahara Capital is not regulated by the FCA

The legal entity - Sahara Capital Limited - does not exist at Companies House.

Leigh Road, Worsley, Manchester
Tel: 07921 335 945

Anyone want to hazard a guess of who it might be?

Village Energy Solutions Ltd (& Morton House)
The Fans Forum question about Village Energy Solutions and Morton House by RAFCBLUE 17 Feb 20:44
A question tonight from the floor was about a company called Village Energy Solutions Limited and their financial links to Morton House.

I was a bit of a way away so I didn't hear the exact question but a quick Google gives this:

The Official Receiver was appointed liquidator and as part of their duties, initiated an investigation into Donna Nada’s conduct and the reasons why Village Energy Solutions failed.

Enquiries uncovered that the company was originally incorporated as providing real estate and management consultant services and in its first 9 months had three different names – Rasdale Solutions Ltd, Caffe Concerto Payroll Services Ltd and Concerto Payroll Services Ltd – before settling on Village Energy Solutions.

In interviews, Donna Nada, from Ilford, Essex informed the Official Receiver that the company traded from premises in North West London and provided payroll and HR services.

But due to Donna Nada’s failure to ensure Village Energy Solutions Limited maintained and/or preserved adequate accounting records or provide any form of records to the liquidator, it was not possible to verify the true nature of £2.3 million of income and whether this accounted for all the company’s sales and income.

Donna Nada’s misconduct also meant it was not possible to determine the legitimacy of at least £1.8 million worth of payments out of the company’s bank accounts.

ESSEX PAYROLL COMPANY? Where have we heard that before?

It's made the Ilford Recorder here:


In April 2019, a company called Morton House Business and Corporate Services Ltd bought an 80% stake in the Village Energy Solutions Limited

The person who did the buying of the 80% for MORTON HOUSE was:


In January 2020, the High Court ordered the winding up of Village Energy Solutions Limited at the request of HM Revenue and Customs


In March 2020, Morton House Business and Corporate Services Limited then change its name to Morton House MGT and First Form Construction Limited.

The Government Article states:
"Donna Nada’s misconduct also meant it was not possible to determine the legitimacy of at least £1.8 million worth of payments out of the company’s bank accounts."

I'm no expert but how does Morton House manage to own 80% of a payroll company, which is wound up by the Official Receiver and fails to know where it put £1.8m!

Fast forward to July 2021 and over £1.0m according to Alexander Jarvis turned up from nowhere to be paid for shares for a hostile takeover that no one knew about or wanted.

That's got to be the best Fans Forum question since the one from about Barry-Murphy's contract which outed Bottomley when Graham Rawlinson gave a factually correct answer!

It's also got to raise MASSIVE questions for HMRC about the current Morton House Mgt and their payroll operations under Faical Safouane and Denise Courtnell.

Why Can Nobody Find Denise Valarie Courtnell?
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth comfortably wins the aware of hardest working pensioner. 95 years young she does more work than many of half her age.

A close second is the glamorous granny Denise Valarie Courtnell.

Morton House's sold shareholder and director at the start of 2021 is a busy bunny when it comes to corporate deals.

As other threads suggest she was the sole shareholder and director of Morton House when it bought:
* Village Energy Solutions Limited - a company that the Insolvency Service could not explain £1.8m
* See Rail HR Solutions Limited
* RTU HR Limited

Looking around the world wide web, Denise is still involved as the sole director of:

* First Form Services Limited:
* Total Group Serv Limited:

And whilst the failed "hostile" takeover is being investigated by the EFL, she has managed to voluntarily liquidate:
* Cavell Services Limited

Here is here corporate historic records here:

And here:

And here:

And here:

And here:

Very little digital footprint from any of these businesses.

Multiple name changes. Multiple directors. Multiple chances of £1 shares like a game of pass the parcel.

So where is Denise and why has no one heard from her?

I hope the EFL manage to track her down; their rules suggest she might have been a "Relevant Person" when the failed hostile takeover was concocted and signed off on by Andrew Curran.

Denise Valarie Courtnell - The CV
Denise Valarie Courtnell - CV by UpTheDaleNotForSale 23 Feb 11:18
Following the recent revelations about Village Energy Solutions Ltd, and coupled with the EFL responding to Dale fans' queries by saying how complex their investigation is due to the number of individuals / companies / new information involved, we thought we would compile a list of information (all freely available online) about the business history of Morton House director Denise Valarie Courtnell.

Business Name : D and D UK Ltd
Company Number : 05873039
Position : Director
Business Status : Dissolved Nov 2010
Co. House Link :

Business Name : First Form Services Ltd
Company Number : 12555864
Other Names : Liquet Management Services Ltd 6/20 – 7/20 & Petawawa Ltd 4/20 – 6/20
Position : Director
Business Status : Dissolved Nov 2021
Co. House Link :

Business Name : HillCare Personnel Services Ltd
Company Number : 12537040
Position : Director
Business Status : Dissolved Sept 2021
Co. House Link :

Business Name : G&B Finch Serv Ltd
Company Number : 12536410
Other Names : Director Mar ’20 to Apr ‘20
Position : Director
Business Status : Accounts Overdue
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Cavell Services Ltd
Company Number : 12528714
Position : Director
Business Status : Dissolved Nov '21
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Total Group Serv Ltd
Company Number : 12528740
Other Names : Canary Management Services Ltd 3/20 – 11/20
Position : Director
Business Status : Accounts Overdue - Strike Off Petition
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Marketing Management Consultancy Ltd
Company Number : 12528759
Other Names : Sorrel Services Ltd 3/20 – 9/20
Position : Director Mar ’20 – Apr ‘20
Business Status : Active
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Coleman Management Services Ltd
Company Number : 12528490
Position : Director Mar ’20 – Apr ‘20
Business Status : Accounts Overdue - Strike Off Petition
Co. House Link :

Business Name : PMG Logistics HR Ltd
Company Number : 12528763
Other Names : Arcade Transport Solutions Ltd 11/20 – 3/21 & Arcade Services Ltd 3/20 – 11/20
Position : Director Mar ’20 – Apr ‘20
Business Status : Dormant
Co. House Link :

Business Name : ACS Management Serv Ltd
Company Number : 12528658
Other Names : Bridgeview Management Services Ltd 3/20 – 5/21
Position : Director Mar ’20 – Apr ‘20
Business Status : Dormant
Co. House Link :

Business Name : DB Project Tech Ltd
Company Number : 12409931
Other Names : Hill Care Personnel Services Ltd 1/20 – 10/20
Position : Director Jan ’20 – Apr ‘20
Business Status : Confirmation Statement Overdue
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Morton House Mgt & First Form Construction Ltd
Company Number : 03779852
Other Names : Morton House Business & Corporate Services Ltd 3/19 – 3/20 & Firstform Construction Ltd 5/99 – 3/19
Position : Director
Business Status : Active
Co. House Link :

Business Name : Village Energy Solutions Ltd
Company Number : 11215024
Other Names : Concerto Payroll Services Ltd 8/18 – 11/18, Caffe Concerto Payroll Services Ltd LTD 8/18 – 8/18 & Rasdale Solutions Ltd 2/18 – 8/18
Position : Morton House took full control from Donna Nada Apr ’19, gave full control back to Donna Nada July ‘19
Business Status : Liquidator Appointed Nov ‘21
Co. House Link :

Business Name : See Rail HR Solutions Ltd
Company Number : 10986377
Other Names : Graphite Civil Engineering & Groundworks Ltd 9/17 – 1/19
Position : 80% Owned by Morton House in Apr ’19. At this time, Denise was the exclusive owner of Morton House
Business Status : Extraordinary resolution to wind up Jun ‘21
Co. House Link :

Business Name : RTU HR Ltd
Company Number : 10521493
Other Names : Benkat Ventures Ltd 12/16 – 4/18
Position : 80% Owned by Morton House in Apr ’19. At this time, Denise was the exclusive owner of Morton House
Business Status : Liquidator appointed June ‘21
Co. House Link :

Morton House & RTU HR Ltd
RTU HR LIMITED and MORTON HOUSE - challenges coming? by RAFCBLUE 18 Feb 21:12

Another 15 minutes. Another company which links Mark Farrugia, Denise Valarie Courtnell, Morton House and Andrew Curran.

Are you listening EFL?

April 2019: Morton House buys an 80% stake

With a guy called Raymond Woods. This is the same Raymond Woods who is involved in the See Rail HR Solutions Limited.

What a coincidence?

80% OWNED BY MORTON HOUSE in April 2019

The other thing that happened in its corporate history:

December 2019 - file accounts for a dormant company.
June 2021 - Raymond Woods tried to wind-up the company by appointing a voluntary liquidator.

Still with us EFL?

Here is the good bit.

This one isn't being liquidated quickly. In fact, the liquidator from Osset has had to go to court to ask to be relieved of his duties.

And now the liquidator is the same firm, with the same address as the one that helped HMRC bust Village Energy Solutions Limited.

What are the chances of 3 companies:
* Village Energy Solutions Limited
* See Rail HR Solutions Limited
*RTU HR Limited

all following this pattern:

* All involving Mark Farrugia
* All involving Morton House taking an 80% share after Farrugia has been involved
* All deals done in April 2019 by Denise Valarie Courtnell as sold shareholder and sold director of Morton House
* All then moved on to another single director
* All then attempted to be liquidated

Can the EFL see the pattern?

Friday night is party night. I wonder if there is more than 3?


Morton House & See Rail HR Solutions Ltd
Another difficult question about See Rail HR Solutions Limited and Morton House by RAFCBLUE 18 Feb 20:58
I popped into the Wilbutts Lane chippy earlier to see Fat Pat for one of her legendary greasy chip barms.

She's been reading the forum but expressed her disappointment that she couldn't make the Fans Forum last night.

Apparently Thursday night is bingo night and nothing gets between Fat Pat and bingo.

There is though another juicy revaluation coming though and its not a greasy chip barm.


This is company which according to Companies House does:
32990 - Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
38110 - Collection of non-hazardous waste
42990 - Construction of other civil engineering projects not elsewhere classified
43999 - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

Not really a mention about Human Resources but then - when has that been an issue?

Fat Pat's been doing her homework though and she told me about the confirmation statement of 15th April 2019. Here it is:

80% OWNED BY MORTON HOUSE in April 2019.

This is the point where Denise Valarie Courtnell was the sole shareholder and sole Director of Morton House. No one else could do that deal other than our glamorous granny Denise!

The other thing that happens in April 2019:

Mark and Denise - friends for Village Energy Solutions Limited

Mark and Denise - friends for See Rail HR Solutions Limited.

They LOVE their SOLUTIONS do Mark and Denise.

Morton House run it for a year; before the shares go to a gent called Raymond Peter Woods. Everbody Loves Raymond.

Meanwhile in July 2019, the 80% Morton House company files some dormant accounts. Nothing to see here guv!

Guess what happens next after Raymond takes control?

A liquidator is appointed and guess what - there is no assets to pay liabilities and the liquidation is still proceeding.

Fat Pat knows the score.

She knows she saw Andrew Curran on 29th April 2021 when Matthew Southall, Alexander Jarvis and David Bottomley all walked down Willbutts Lane and one of the party refused Fat Pat's wares!

Fat Pat is worried that the Mark Farrugia, Morton House, Denise Courtnell and Andrew Curran link lives strong and is the real reason why on the 29th April 2021 there were people on the lookout for another business to buy.

I wonder how many others are out there........?

Let's see in the coming days shall we.


Raymond Peter Woods - The Finisher?
"If you're in the penalty area and aren't quite sure what to do with the ball, stick it in the net and we'll discuss your options later." - Bob Paisley OBE

Captain Sabotage, Alexander Jarvis ("aka The Scouse Disaster") has grassed on Andrew Curran to the Daily Telegraph, Matthew Southall to a load of UK journalists and one by one he is grassing to relevant authorities those involved.

Mark Farrugia of Dagenham . The banned statutory director who ran lots of companies which Morton House bought for a while and then dissolved.

Andrew Curran of Ingatestone, Essex. The homophobic remark maker currently banned from all football. Check.

Donna Nada of Ilford, Essex- the banned statutory director of the payroll company 80% owned by Morton House that can't explain where £1.8m of payments went whilst Denise Valarie Courtnell was her owner and director. Check.

But everyone needs a finisher. Goals win games and if you don't stick it in the net then you've nothing to come.

It's all very well forming these companies and operating them without putting in accounts and doing the ownership cokey cokey.

To you. To me. To you. To me. Or was that the Chuckle brothers?

Jarvis has really done it this time with his linking up play. Step foward Mr Raymond Peter Woods

You see, Jarvo knows he is on borrowed time. If you botch £1.2m of money that is supposed to, shall we say "recycle" quickly around various bank accounts, sinking it for good into worthless shares of a football club is not a clever thing to do.

Sinking it publicly into worthless shares of a football club is not a clever thing to do.

Captain Sabotage however wants to work in football again but his credibility is severely damaged so he has turned informant various authorities to save his own pale skin.

He's now telling undercover journalists about possible Chinese investment. The only Chinese investment Jarvo does is when he tucks into some nosh at Mr Chilli in Liverpool.

Who'd have thought?

Raymond Peter Woods is not a man without incident in his life.

Raymond Woods, 44, of Brampton Drive, Preston, was also disqualified from driving for 12 months yesterday at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court.

The father-of-four was sentenced for failing to stop at a road accident, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

He was then captured making a right turn into The Ship Inn carpark when his Range Rover struck Mr Voyce.

Despite knowing he had struck someone Woods failed to stop at the scene and drove off.

Passers-by tried to help Mr Voyce but he later died from his injuries.


Despite this, Raymond Peter Woods has carried on his career in 2018, 2019 and 2020 taking companies which Denise Courtnell and Morton House have touched and - shall we say - making or attempting to make them disappear.

Here goes:
Hainwell Enterprises Limited

Total Group Services Limited

See Rail HR Solutions Limited

RTU HR Limited

When not finishing things off for Morton House, Raymond runs:

Tulketh Tap Room Limited

Friargate Tap Room Limited

These are very new companies and have a very limited trading history.

What would a Range Rover driving man from Preston have business taking randomly - See HR Rail Limited and RTU HR Limited off the hands of Morton House and via a liquidator (Raymond is not an accredited liquidator).

Thanks, Jarvo! And a word of advice Alex. Stop answering the phone and change all your passwords ffs!

Alexander Jarvis' Latest Comment
Alexander Jarvis' Latest Comment by HullDale 27 Feb 12:52
Just having a mooch online and came across the latest article from Fitzochris... looks like he has spoken to Jarvo!

'Jarvis told this writer: “I’m not actually involved in the takeover anymore, but I’m happy to tell you what I know from when I was involved.

“Morton House was invited into the club at the request of the management at the time. The first meeting was with [then chief executive] David Bottomley and other directors. They were very open to outside investment at that time.”

Jarvis said: “Matt Southall has a relationship with Morton House and they’ve approached him to work with them on a deal. I’m not sure when he initially got involved, but I believe he is now actively involved publicly, you can see that.”

Its a good article to be fair :

2021 Accounts
2021 accounts submitted by leedsdale 25 Feb 13:33

Not sure I can see hand sanitiser itemised separately, sadly

Morton House - Economic Crime Bill
MORTON HOUSE / UK Government bring foward Economic Crime Bill by RAFCBLUE 28 Feb 21:46

Long awaited measures to tackle corporate anonymity and to give teeth to the enforcement of unexplained wealth orders are among the measures in the government's much-trailed crackdown on 'dirty money and corrupt elites' following the invasion of Ukraine.

Announcing this afternoon that the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Bill along with plans to upgrade Companies House will be introduced in parliament tomorrow, prime minister Boris Johnson said: 'There is no place for dirty money in the UK.'

According to a statement by Downing Street, the legislation will create a register of foreign owners of UK property. It will also require anyone setting up, running, owning or controlling a company in the UK to verify their identity with Companies House. Entities failing to reveal their ‘beneficial owner’ will face restrictions over selling their property and penalties of up to five years in prison.

Maybe Denise Valarie Courtnell will be able to be verified after all!

The Athletic - Latest Article / Matt Southall & Morton House
The Athletic by HullDale 1 Mar 8:54
Latest article here:

Morton House - Who's Who
Morton House - Who's Who by UpTheDaleNotForSale 5 Mar 11:31
With the recent article in the Athletic, where Matt Southall divulged lots of new information (including the fact that Morton House 'will take control [of RAFC]' we know they will welcome plenty of public scrutiny and interest from fans of the club they are aiming to purchase.

One of the most important decisions in ANY business is who you work with, who are your directors, and who acts as your advisors.

With that in mind, we've started a bit of a 'who's who' thread on social media of the main characters and some of their history. It can be found here:

We're also curious to know... is this Faisal Safouane


EFL - Club Charged
EFL Investigation complete - Club CHARGED! by RAFC_Starling 16 Mar 10:00
I saw a post on Twitter saying that the EFL have reached a decision on their investigation into the hostile takeover by Morton House and the Club have been charged?!
Can anybody get some clarity on this? If it's true i'm surprised the Club have not released a statement.

EFL - Multiple Individuals Charged
MORTON HOUSE / EFL conclude investigation charging "multiple individuals&qu by RAFCBLUE 16 Mar 10:01

The Mill Article
Starling/Huchen/Rochdale glory doesn’t seem keen to post this link… by kel 19 Mar 13:36
…given his liking for posting articles the moment they appear.

Bald bellend.

Hypervigilance by judd 21 Mar 21:58
Over the last few weeks, the number of anonymous accounts purporting to support Morton House (& be rallying against Rochdale AFC, its volunteer directors and Supporters Trust) has increased across all platforms.

We've seen suspicious accounts trying to sow discord, disinformation and division amongst Dale fans, as well as trying to undermine the legal defence crowd funding efforts (which looks to be averaging around £6K per week!) amongst the wider football family.

Some fun names to keep an eye out for...



We believe these two are the same person / people... seeing as on the 16/3 the accounts appeared to accidentally reply under the wrong username here:



There are plenty of others popping up and disappearing, many of them seemingly with the intention of causing trouble, or trying to intimidate individuals or groups. If you see any, feel free to add them to the list.

Club Statement - EFL Charge
Club Statement - EFL Charge by HullDale 23 Mar 9:14

Andrew Curran - Written Reasons
The Football Association have published the written reasons into Andrew Curran being found guilty of an aggravated breach of FA rules.

You can find this yourself by:
1. Visit:
2. Type 'Curran' in the search box
3. Click search and the PDF then appears at the bottom of the screen

Or simply click this link:

The Daily Telegraph reported in August 2021:
Jarvis said he himself had been on the “heated” Zoom call and that he could not recall the alleged comments being made by Curran, adding: “I don’t think, if he did say it, that he meant it in the way that it would be perceived.”

Captain Sabotage at his finest there.

9.3 gives the testimony of a senior EFL official and says:
The meeting was extremely difficult throughout with AC saying words to the effect of “We own 43%, regardless of what you do. If they want to be a load of nancy boys stabbing us in the back that’s up to them”.

9.5 gives the testimony of a senior EFL official and says:

"AC then challenged the EFL and stated words to the effect of “We own 43% regardless of what you do”. This was aimed at the EFL. He went on ‘If they want to be a load of nancy boys stabbing us in the back, that’s up to them”. This was in reference to the RAFC Board.

Reading the document carefully it looks like Jarvis is up to his neck in it.

And that was before he dropped Curran in it to the Daily Telegraph!

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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 19:17 - Aug 19 with 20713 viewsUpTheDaleNotForSale

worth noting - there will be stuff from further back that we still need to dig out... and the amount of work that has gone into uncovering these facts and assumptions so far is much more than the work of a 'small minority of fans'.

this is the organised work of a dedicated fanbase who are very clear:

we were never for sale.

we are not for sale.

we'll protect our club in future as we have in the past.
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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 19:26 - Aug 19 with 20652 viewsboromat

Poll: What are we more excited for?


The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:10 - Aug 19 with 20534 viewsmikehunt

This is brilliant. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

The worm of time turns not for the cuckoo of circumstance.


The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:13 - Aug 20 with 19678 viewsDale_Trust

Summary of where things stand

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 13:56 - Aug 21 with 19057 viewsjudd

Poll: What is it to be then?

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 14:35 - Aug 21 with 18999 viewsDaleiLama

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 13:56 - Aug 21 by judd

Don't you just love a happy ending?

Up the Dale - NOT for sale!
Poll: Is it coming home?

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 14:45 - Aug 21 with 18979 viewsjudd

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 14:35 - Aug 21 by DaleiLama

Don't you just love a happy ending?

It does appear to be set up nicely

Poll: What is it to be then?


The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:51 - Aug 21 with 18732 viewsgriff

Bloody brilliant. Just saying.
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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:17 - Aug 23 with 17992 viewsUpTheDaleNotForSale

Updated back to April - interesting to note the figure of £6 a share being bandied about even then...

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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:28 - Sep 1 with 16724 viewsleedsdale

Dale Trust are being interviewed on the Price of Football podcast being released tomorrow - all good publicity

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:40 - Sep 1 with 16697 viewselectricblue

Reading the latest trust news letter about Curran and Rose and their supposed 40% ownership...

If they have actually paid certain parties where is the proof!.
If the share transfer papers havent been handed to the club then surely Curran and Rose own sod all...

Do the trust and the board know who as agreed to sell and have they contacted these parties asking about if they did sell their percentage and recieved any monies.

We know the yanks bought from Dunphy not long ago...

My all time favourite Dale player Mr Lyndon Symmonds

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 19:20 - Sep 1 with 16649 viewsUpTheDaleNotForSale

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:40 - Sep 1 by electricblue

Reading the latest trust news letter about Curran and Rose and their supposed 40% ownership...

If they have actually paid certain parties where is the proof!.
If the share transfer papers havent been handed to the club then surely Curran and Rose own sod all...

Do the trust and the board know who as agreed to sell and have they contacted these parties asking about if they did sell their percentage and recieved any monies.

We know the yanks bought from Dunphy not long ago...

this is where the complexity lies... technically we believe the sale has been completed financially (sellers have either received all the money, or some of it with some being sent from Gateleys after an agreed period of time), although the shares haven't transferred in the actual business.

so there are a lot of people working in the background to see where we go from here - we think the EFL would have to formally approve the share transfer before Dale signed anything or we could be in the deep doo doo... hopefully there is a way that the shares can be bought from #AndyCurran and #DarrellRose of #MortonHouse by the right people, and then there would be a legal way of the share transfer happening from original sellers to new buyers without Curran and Rose ever being formally listed within the club. the challenge is the price they paid - would they sell at a loss to try and show good faith, and then maybe recoup some money from Jarvis or the sellers if they had watertight get out clauses?..

knowing which authorities are looking into this, if we were the sellers we would be very wary of doing ANYTHING with that money until we knew exactly where it had come from... there have been plenty of references to the proceeds of crime act and also source of funding (this is what the SRA are looking into Gateleys for allegedly).

the Trust would be better placed to answer the final question... we would be amazed if they haven't contacted the sellers - if the sellers replied or engaged at all is another question entirely. if they were real fans of the club, or proud of family legacies, you would expect they would at least have the courtesy to reply.
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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:26 - Sep 1 with 16600 viewsEllDale

I would suggest that the events of the last three months demonstrate that the sellers of the shares fall into neither category.
The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:32 - Sep 1 with 16599 viewsUpTheDaleNotForSale

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:26 - Sep 1 by EllDale

I would suggest that the events of the last three months demonstrate that the sellers of the shares fall into neither category.

although some still publicly claim to be (linkedin is a goldmine of bluff and bluster if you know where to look).

some of the stuff that has come to light about 3 of the sellers particularly is absolutely unbelievable... a lot of it not yet in the public domain. these things have a habit of coming out, though, and we wouldn't like to be in their shoes (professionally and/or privately) when they do.
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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 21:48 - Sep 1 with 16512 viewsSuddenLad

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:32 - Sep 1 by UpTheDaleNotForSale

although some still publicly claim to be (linkedin is a goldmine of bluff and bluster if you know where to look).

some of the stuff that has come to light about 3 of the sellers particularly is absolutely unbelievable... a lot of it not yet in the public domain. these things have a habit of coming out, though, and we wouldn't like to be in their shoes (professionally and/or privately) when they do.
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I cannot wait for these charlatans to get their public shaming and complete humiliation. What they set out to do was wicked, greedy and selfish. The sooner it's out there, the safer this club will be.

It could/would have led to the ultimate demise of our club, but they probably knew that and still thought it was O.K. to go ahead.

B*starfds the lot of them.

“It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled”

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 09:30 - Sep 2 with 16389 viewsleedsdale

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:28 - Sep 1 by leedsdale

Dale Trust are being interviewed on the Price of Football podcast being released tomorrow - all good publicity

An excellent interview Col - well done! 👏
The Hostile Takeover Thread on 09:04 - Sep 5 with 15786 viewswozzrafc

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 20:26 - Sep 1 by EllDale

I would suggest that the events of the last three months demonstrate that the sellers of the shares fall into neither category.


The yanks were never dale fans, the may have added ‘up the dale’ to their statements when they wanted to delude dale fans they had a genuine interest for the club. But we were nothing more to a means to their ends, and when they saw that couldn’t be achieved they decided to cut their losses regardless of the consequences.

Andrew kilpatrick wanted to play chairman but couldn’t be arsed to put the effort required or the finances when things got tight. He let bottemely have free reign and when personal circumstances got in the way he cut and run, taking the opportunity to make a profit in the process. Did he suspect what impact this would have on the club? Well if he did he probably didn’t give a shit. He took the post as custodian of the club and then neglected his duties…. Both in bottemleys reign and offloading his shares.

As for Rawlingson he probably allowed to be taken along with bottemley’s plan thinking he could get his place back. Was he nieve? well as supposedly a successful businessman then you would think he may have suspected the consequences. I think he just stuck two fingers up.

Then bottemley well his role has been well documented by others. His was a premeditated attack, brought on for self interests and nothing else. Vindictive, and bourne out of some twisted act of revenge. Whether he ultimately wanted the demise of the club, who knows….. he just saw it as collateral damage.

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 11:26 - Sep 17 with 14493 viewsleedsdale

Seems like Morton House want to sell to Matt Southall, former chairman of Charlton.

Looking at the comments he makes Jarvis and Curran look like angels
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The Hostile Takeover Thread on 07:38 - Sep 18 with 13964 viewsFloopyFlips

Rochdale fans dont trust a word southall says he nearly bankrupted my club charlton overnight and we had get police in kick him out of the club if u dont act now get him out u will have no club

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 08:01 - Sep 18 with 13945 viewsFloopyFlips

Southall has about £12k in assetts he will buy loads of range rovers a luxury flat and wouldnt give a crap about your club u need do all u can get southall out of your club

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 15:38 - Sep 29 with 12540 viewsjoecooke

Has a house in Worsley.264 leigh road. Known as Millionaires row or debtors retreat.

Poll: How much would you care if bury fc went out of existence

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 16:09 - Sep 29 with 12503 viewsjudd

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 15:38 - Sep 29 by joecooke

Has a house in Worsley.264 leigh road. Known as Millionaires row or debtors retreat.

Wonder if this is the house?

Poll: What is it to be then?


The Hostile Takeover Thread on 16:09 - Sep 29 with 12471 viewsSuddenLad

Approached by 'an intermediary'. I bet he slithered up to Southall with a forked tongue flapping in the breeze.

Whoever it was, is no friend of Rochdale AFC.

“It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled”

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 16:17 - Sep 29 with 12469 viewsjoecooke

The Hostile Takeover Thread on 16:09 - Sep 29 by judd

Wonder if this is the house?

The very same i would imagine

Poll: How much would you care if bury fc went out of existence


The Hostile Takeover Thread on 18:44 - Sep 29 with 12344 viewsNorthernDale

Southall is a 100% shyster, he left Charlton with debts of £1.8 million, he according the the fans, seem to use Charlton as his personally piggy bank to fund his lifestyle and I am not surprised the judge found against him, as Charlton fans pointed out in a clip, he has a history of being less then honest with the truth. He apparently did it without telling the other directors what he was doing with Charltons money, as well and seemed to bill them for anything he could.

Why do many of these doggy characters seem to live in Dubai? according to the MEN article, he resides in Dubai, the former owner of Macclesfield , who destroyed the club by taking out vast amounts of money to support his lifestyle apparently resides there, as I believe does the owner of Oldham.

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