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Moggy R.I.P. 15:55 - Aug 5 with 10142 viewsSuddenLad

The legend has passed away.

A unique character, a man who had Dale in his veins and who did so much good in raising funds for good causes.

Rest in Peace, lad. Great memories.

“It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled”


Moggy R.I.P. on 16:00 - Aug 5 with 3689 viewsjudd

Was hoping it wasn't true.

Had a great laugh with him last Saturday when he really got into the bucket collection and ended up with a bag of coke.

As kids he would often give us a leg up to climb into home games.

RIP Moggy - him and Killie up there together now.

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Moggy R.I.P. on 16:01 - Aug 5 with 3682 viewsBigKindo

Very sad. RIP.

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:01 - Aug 5 with 3680 viewsMoonyDale

Absolutely shocked, heard earlier but couldn't confirm the sad news....Away trips with Moggy were a thing to behold...Condolences to his family and all who knew him...RIP big fella...

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Moggy R.I.P. on 16:01 - Aug 5 with 3677 viewsphilofOAFC

Definitely a character! Well recall him doing a sponsored walk carrying his ladders.

Latest I heard was that he had donated £115 to Dale Trust for the Fund against Morton House and had raised £000s for a boxer from Rochdale so that he may always be remembered.

Sleep well Moggy, respect from all at OAFC

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:08 - Aug 5 with 3612 viewsBlueMessiah

RIP Moggy. True Dale Legend in every sense of the word.

Condolences to his friends and family.

A sad day.

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Moggy R.I.P. on 16:18 - Aug 5 with 3530 viewshammerdale

Devastated.. I was talking to him on Saturday, he was on good form. RIP

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:20 - Aug 5 with 3513 viewsrochedale

News travels fast, heard half an hour ago in the tobes. Rip moggy.

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:25 - Aug 5 with 3484 viewsJames1980

What sad news RIP and condolences to all his family and friends

'Only happy when you've got it often makes you miss the journey'
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Moggy R.I.P. on 16:46 - Aug 5 with 3373 viewsRAFCBLUE

They say that the greatest come but once in a lifetime and then never the like are seen again.

He was in the Dale Bar on Saturday collecting for the legal fund and rallying the troops for a bumper opening day crowd. He was one of those Dale fans if he talked, you listened.

He must have raised thousands on the famous "ladder walks" all over the country for tiny charities all over the place over the course of his life:

It's never nice to lose one of your own.

RIP Stephen Murray / "Moggy"

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Moggy R.I.P. on 16:47 - Aug 5 with 3366 viewsShun

RIP Moggy.

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:50 - Aug 5 with 3337 viewsBrierls

Awful news. A Dale legend, a proper one. I'm not sure you're a Dale fan if he don't know of Moggy for one reason or another.

RIP Moggy.

Moggy R.I.P. on 16:54 - Aug 5 with 3300 viewsTVOS1907

What a great character.

"We're all Dale, aren't we?"

RIP Moggy.

Maestro or capable of thinking before writing?


Moggy R.I.P. on 16:54 - Aug 5 with 3295 viewsChaffRAFC

Very sad to hear this. Was only talking to him on Saturday as he was doing the bucket collection with us.

His many charity walks are a thing of legend, I had the pleasure of being the support car for him and Bob Herdman when they did the 27 mile walk to Macclesfield for the Dale Trust many moons ago.

Top bloke and one that every Dale fan will know.

RIP Moggy

If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor


Moggy R.I.P. on 16:55 - Aug 5 with 3289 viewsforeverhopefulDale

Oh FFS, devastated by this news of a true Dale supporting legend, and brilliant fundraiser.

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Moggy R.I.P. on 17:07 - Aug 5 with 3219 views1mark1

. A great Rochdale charity fundraiser while carrying his ladders all over the country, and absolute legend of a Dale fan. My earliest football memories were of him leading the Rochdale singing in the Sandy Lane. Always great to talk to and even more so to listen to. Condolences to his family and friends. 😢♥️👍

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Moggy R.I.P. on 17:10 - Aug 5 with 3202 viewsAlbert_Whitehurst

Sad to read. I’m sure Killie will be head in hands at the thought of having Moggy with him in heaven for eternity ✌🏻

Moggy R.I.P. on 17:14 - Aug 5 with 3177 viewsDaleiLama

RIP Moggy. Let's hope the lads can get a W tomorrow in honour of all your good works. Condolences to his family

Up the Dale - NOT for sale!
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Moggy R.I.P. on 17:20 - Aug 5 with 3131 viewsbrownale

Moggy R.I.P. on 17:14 - Aug 5 by DaleiLama

RIP Moggy. Let's hope the lads can get a W tomorrow in honour of all your good works. Condolences to his family

R.I.P fella give us an RRR

Moggy R.I.P. on 17:30 - Aug 5 with 3074 viewskel

From my time starting watching Dale at the start of the nineties I’ve always thought Moggy had an aura about him and commanded respect. Even last week when he got the Dale Bar falling silent I was still scared to death of the bloke but you couldn’t help but love him.

We’ve lost a true legend here and we’ll never see his kind again. RIP.

Moggy R.I.P. on 17:43 - Aug 5 with 2998 views442Dale

A Dale icon who transcended eras, it was good to see him at recent games. RIP.

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Moggy R.I.P. on 17:57 - Aug 5 with 2932 viewsSalwaDale

Very, very sad news. An absolute Dale legend over the years for many reasons. Was on very good form on Saturday. Give us an R.



Moggy R.I.P. on 17:58 - Aug 5 with 2928 viewsrafc1984

Such sad news. A true Dale legend RIP Moggy

Moggy R.I.P. on 18:01 - Aug 5 with 2910 viewsnordenblue

Not much I can add thats not already been said, just spoke to a very close friend of his and as I said to her you'd struggle to meet another person anywhere who would leave such an impression on so many people.

RIP Moggy you'll be greatly missed by many

Moggy R.I.P. on 18:17 - Aug 5 with 2793 views100569

I couldn`t believe it when I saw the thread. Like others I was talking to him in the Dale Bar on Saturday and he was in very good form and very vociferous trying to raise funds for our fund raising. His ladder walks will never be forgotten. We brought him back from Plymouth following his walk to the Dale match down there, he must have forgotten to arrange his return journey !

Truly a great character and his loyalty to Dale unquestionable. Sad sad news.

Condolences to his friends and family .

RIP Moggy.

Moggy R.I.P. on 18:18 - Aug 5 with 2782 viewsMoonyDale

The amount of phone calls and messages I have had asking if it's true is astonishing, many from people who have never set foot in Spotland.....We shall never see his like again...

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