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Blackpool cut
by modelboydave at 21:00 23 Aug 2019

According to the Blackpool twitter account they get 5 percent of away ticket sales for tomorrow’s match, is that common practice? Can’t say I have heard Of a cut to the away club before in the league

EFL Update Just Now
by blackdogblue at 17:49 23 Aug 2019

No extension.. 11:59pm or else 👍👍👍


New Saturday Song!!
by rkershaw at 17:07 23 Aug 2019

DALE...... DALE...... DALE!! 😉🇭🇳⚽️
Oh dear RND international call up
by jonahwhereru at 14:59 23 Aug 2019

Great news for the lad himself but not for the Dale and impact on the squad. Sure we have two players who have covered left back regularly. However MD was like a fish out of water their and his confidence got shot to pieces; and Jim can do a job of sorts but the knock on effect that would have isn’t great. I suspect Jordan Williams would move to centre half and Ryan would take the midfield birth. Surely not Delaney stepping in at this stage.
It does expose a weakness but I guess they all have to be squad players.
We certainly don’t have two players for every position.
However we do have 4 keepers and I am surprised that a loan has not been sorted out for either Wade of Lillis, as yet. Collis will be wanting a pay increase. Also I am expecting something in the way of a loan out for Matty Gilliam, given that Tavares has prevented him getting on the been so far.
Ship one out and who know we may get left back cover in.
Radio 5
by jonesy at 09:50 23 Aug 2019

Really surprised no-one from Rochdale has phoned in to radio 5. Phone-in feeling really sorry for Bury! Makes you realise how biased bbc is and how they only put one side of an argument.
by kiwidale at 05:47 23 Aug 2019

He's not a full quid is he so leave him alone, obviously he's not all there, the lights are on but nobody is home, one sandwich short of a picnic, the lift doesn't go to the top floor, the wheel is spinning but the hampster has fooked off. The EFL must a clause on here about kids welfare when playing against adults or summat.
Ex Dale player now ‘match day manager’ at Anderlecht
by 442Dale at 22:42 22 Aug 2019

Did very little for us bar scoring an opening day penalty v Darlington.
Bye bye Daleys
by cw1 at 22:29 22 Aug 2019

enjoyed having a p-take with you. Of course it was at your expense. FYI i am a avid fan of a team playing you in the future. Might be back one day. Keep Rochdale tidy and on the map. BYE.
Keith Hill
by cw1 at 22:19 22 Aug 2019

Who wants him back ?
by cw1 at 22:15 22 Aug 2019

All you lot need to be up at 6am there is a live broadcast from Bury. You will be glued. Saddest fans in football. At least that pub is owned by you. there you are, you have achieved something. I take it all back. KING KEITH.KING KEITH PLEASE COME BACK.
Official announcement
by cw1 at 21:33 22 Aug 2019

Sorry for it looking otherwise but this is actually a Rochdale AFC forum. We talk about them from time to time. But we are more interested in talking about a neighbouring club. We are so proud of our Keith Hill. Oh he is a Legend. We would never have got out the bottom division if he had not come to the impressive Spotland. Remember a Rochdale AFC forum.
Da ion Rhys!!
by rkershaw at 20:58 22 Aug 2019

Llongyfarchiadau Rhys o ran eich galwad ddiweddar i dim dan-21 Cymru!! 🇭🇳⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
The Sunderland Match Again
by mikehunt at 20:04 22 Aug 2019

Just something I haven’t seen mentioned but there looked a blatent handball from a Sunderland player during the first half. Witnessed from the Sandy and lots shouting for a pen. Should it have been?
Biffo Bovver
by mikehunt at 19:42 22 Aug 2019

Sorry I asked now but this was the response I got when I asked an Oldham supporting mate about how Oldham we’re getting on this season:

“I’ve watched the Latics twice this season and at the moment I can see us heading towards non-league. Really poor football, load of French non-league players, coach who coaches but can’t pick the team as that’s the owners job. Coach also French with no experience of league 2. Don’t own the ground or stands. Only just managed to open the new stand as there is a big fight going on between the owner and the so called fans lead group. No hospitality in the new stand, toilets ripped of the walls and no kiosks opening for refreshemnts. 1500 less season ticket holders and 1000 down on gates. Its an absolute shambles. Protests to get the owner out etc.
Think they will end up in exactly the same situation as Bury having said that perhaps the owner has realised this and that’s why we are playing with a load of non-league French lads: cant be paying them too much. Football is in ruins I’m afraid. Something needs to be done and fast for lower league football in general. I feel sorry for Bolton and Bury I really do but come the end of this season I have a feeling there will be a lot more clubs perilously close to going out of business.

Hope I’m wrong about the latics but I can’t see any positives at all !!!!! “

I was quite shocked by this. Does this show that these shenanigans really are endemic in football?
Well Done Luke...
by dale1968 at 17:10 22 Aug 2019
Junior Agogo Dead..
by dale1968 at 13:29 22 Aug 2019

Very sad used to like him....
Thanks for the memories
by truenorth at 12:58 22 Aug 2019

The Chris Brass broken nose/own goal for me.
Anyone else?

Open Letter to Joy Hart
by EGP at 12:23 22 Aug 2019

Dear Joy,

I watched your impromptu interview on the telly and before it started, I was full of admiration for what I would call a plucky old girl standing up for what she believes in.

With a fair mind, I listened intently to your thoughts and became astonished at your views, assertations and untruths that you spilled out with monotony.

Unfortunately, the immediate audience to which you speak, will choose not to take issue with you, but when it goes out live on the telly, you open up a much wider can of worms, perhaps unwittingly, but open nonetheless.

It goes without saying, that if you speak to a few hundred bury fans the IQ pool is going to be significantly below any normal average.

However, on a National level, you are being listened to by people of far greater intellect and common sense than you would typically expect to meet at Gigg Lane.

Bearing this in mind, I will take issue with a number of things you said or suggested in your two-minute spell in the limelight.

1. bury FC is not a big club. It is certainly not in the same bracket as the Manchester or Liverpool clubs as you suggested. If you graded the 92 clubs from top to bottom, bury would be in the bottom 20, whilst the Manchester and Liverpool clubs would be in the top 10. You shouldn’t come out with nonsense like this because some bury fans are so thick they will believe you, and therefore will adopt an even bigger swagger. You are misleading your public.

2. The town of bury will not die if bury FC goes bust. On the contrary, it will most likely do better as a local economy. Whilst the football club currently owes £115,195 to Bury MBC (and £148,533 to Trafford MBC), the local council has less money to invest in local services and local employment. This is bad for the town.

You claim that if the club dies, local businesses will be out of pocket as a consequence. Notwithstanding the scores of local businesses who are already out of pocket due to the club not paying its bills, the amount of money that actually goes into the wider town on matchdays is negligible.

Most, if not all monies spent will be taxed, with that money going to central government (eg alcohol duty). The knock-on benefits to the town from 500 visiting fans is tangible as 95% of their total spend will be in transport costs and costs at the stadium, none of which currently filter their way through in wages to staff or taxes to Bury MBC.

If you are going to fight bury’s plight on economic grounds, you need a brain, a business sense, and an emotional blackout on your football club.

Even if you had all three, you’d still lose the argument. Indeed, turning your argument around, if bury FC didn’t exist, just think how much more money bury fans would have to spend locally in businesses which do pay their way.

3. The plea to other clubs, who in your words are the same size as bury, to bail you out is laughable. Why should they? And why should bury be the sole recipient of charity in League One? If City give your club £1m then surely, to be fair, they should give the other 23 clubs £1m also?

4. Your protest was sadly marred by a Neanderthal attacking a door. Clearly this individual should have been left in the kiln 30 minutes longer before birth, perhaps even as long as an hour.

Whilst unconnected to you, it seemed his gripe was with your current owner not paying club staff and also with club staff who still choose to work for the club.

Given his difficulty in stringing a few words together, I might be wrong on that, but if I’m right, can you answer me this? What is the difference between bury FC not paying players for services rendered and not paying small businesses for services rendered?

Had the Neanderthal been from the Bolton and Bury Lads and Girls Club demanding his £2,100 they are owed, would you have been on his side? Most right-minded people would have been if you’re not sure.

5. Why do you and several other bury fans think that the world revolves around your club? It doesn’t. You are not a victim. You and the aggrieved fans are a consequence of doing fook all when it was blindingly obvious six years ago that bury FC was on its way to the wall on your watch.

There’s a very long thread on this messageboard which acts as a running commentary to the slippery slide into oblivion that your club has been journeying towards for many years. Given the evidence presented to bury fans over the last six years here and elsewhere, I have one really simple question for you.


And whilst we’re at it, where was Neanderthal man? Where were the protesters? Where was Kenny? Where were all the stomach-churning sob stories who suddenly pop up like rats in a shit tip pleading innocence and mercy?

We’ve tried to help. We’ve tried to instil humility and responsibility into you and your club. We’ve played Devil’s Advocate, and yes, we’ve taken the piss at times and had a good laugh at your expense. As you have with us.

But, take off the bitter myopic glasses, look around and what do you see?

(I hope to God the answer isn’t a car-park).
BBC Football Quiz
by rkershaw at 07:30 22 Aug 2019

Question 4....???? 🤔
A Rochdale Team
by mikehunt at 21:35 21 Aug 2019

And, whilst we are waiting to crack open the champagne, here's one I don't think we have had before - is it possible to name a full team of players actually born in Rochdale? I wouldn't know where to start.
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