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Match Thread?
at 15:43 9 Oct 2021

Couldn't find one...but not good so far...in fact we just can't get anything in the last third.
Port Vale
at 15:40 3 Sep 2021

For those of us unable to attend tomorrow the club are reminding us that, because of the international weekend, we will still be able to watch the match live tomorrow on iFollow.

Not sure how the money-side pans out, (based on last years Covid affected away games), but think that paying the £10 through the Dale main site should see the best part coming to Rochdale.

Dennis Butler
at 17:32 29 Aug 2021

Great interview here...

Club Statement
at 17:05 12 Apr 2021

On A Lighter Note...
at 16:50 9 Apr 2021

...some very recent NO FEAR football. Hope the club won't be letting Thomas
go on the cheap.

Well done lads!!


Website Showing Team's Wages etc.
at 16:52 24 Jan 2021

Not sure whether this has been posted before or if it's trustworthy. Still, perhaps worth a gander. Seems like a lot of figures to put together if not.


Btw., as you'll see, all teams posted and a few other sports; see what you all think?
Keaton Mulvey...
at 18:52 7 Jan 2020

...new forward signed after impressing in trials...

What A Game Hey....
at 19:33 4 Jan 2020

...and without wanting to single-out any one particular player as it became a real team performance; but perhaps a special mention for young Matheson.

He's only 17 and rightly or wrongly he was coming under some forum criticism (defensively) if only to be perhaps rested.

Well, what a response! Hope we see more of the same son; WELL DONE!
at 13:49 17 Dec 2019

Apologies if already raised; does anyone have an update on the main man - hopefully not too serious?

PS. Thought Morley's penalty take was as Cool For Cats as you'll ever get; brilliant for such a young age!
With Just Under A Week To Go...
at 20:13 19 Sep 2019

...what are the thoughts of fellow Dalies on expectations against Man U and the kind of side they'll put out?

Guess we'll be making a whole lot more on gate receipts than the meagre £10k for winning a 3rd round tie when even winning the Carabao Cup still only offers £100k; Ok added Wembley gate receipts too.

Any takers for a shock result or should we be concentrating on League? Plus, is there any stipulation for the type of team they must/can play?
at 12:10 12 Sep 2019

Sort of guessed that Chesterfield were having a rough time in the Conference but never realised they were already 5 points adrift at the very bottom.

Not so many years ago didn't they build a new all-purpose stadium that was supposedly self-financing and was at the cutting edge of the way lower league (and other) footie clubs were hoping to go in that it could be used for other stuff. ie. Not closed for 13 days in every fortnight.

Always saw them as generally having bigger support than us but does anyone know how/why this has come about? What's gone wrong? Is it ownership, bad management. I enjoyed away days at their old ground but is the £14M alleged regeneration being mooted for us part of a similar pathway? Worrying.
OK, What A Lack Of A Match Does?
at 16:14 7 Sep 2019

Can we make a balanced side out of ex-Dalies playing today. I see Widdowson (assume it's him) scored an own goal in the Orient v Swindon game.

Mansfield/Scunny game makes for easy pickings - see if you can add?

Shows how far we really have come if we can fill a team-sheet especially when no Champ. or Prem.
Great To See Morley...
at 10:37 28 Aug 2019

...scoring another goal last night; bring it on!

He's obviously getting game time now and perhaps so he should be - 20 early next year.

How far do others see him going in the game?
Does Anyone Know If Higginbotham...
at 21:13 14 Aug 2019

...went to Kashmir?

Things not looking good as tourists and workers flee, but might be different for footballers, as India revokes it's 'special status' - guessing that could be something like the EFL removing funding to their members and saying just get on with it?
[Post edited 14 Aug 2019 21:13]
In Light Of All This Reported Financial...
at 08:33 13 Aug 2019

...mismanagement by owners etc. at footie clubs, (call it what you will), I was having a deeper think about this in respect to The Dale. OK, you cannot stop these folk wanting to 'flex' their egos and there's no doubting what huge wealth there is out there (or not)?!!

Also, and has recently happened (and quite possibly happens in hundreds of other ways) a director uses, say shirt sponsorship, to stream income to the pitch and provide extra clout which would normally not be a part of that supposedly 'safe' 60/65% of overall income. ie. You could be a shirt sponsor for £20M over 3 years, (if you've that money), and so the same percentage of that income can then be diverted elsewhere?

Obviously this is hypothetical but quite probably not far from the truth with some club's owners 'play things'.

So, rewind to The Dale. Surely it would be in the efl's interests and that of clubs like ourselves to be seen to be benefiting from keeping books in good order. There could even be a league table whereby the top 5 - 10 receive 'another' lump sum payment every year for doing so. (Surely £300k-£500k would not be out of order and it could be a way whereby more money trickles down, but in a legitimate and fair way).

I doubt it's going to bother very wealthy owners but could be a nice windfall for 'doing it the right way' and it could be a huge difference in our long-term survival; particularly in L1 but also the League - just take a look at all those familiar yesteryear fixtures in non-league.

If you're still with me (and thanks if you are) I read that Lincoln City are 'spent up' on this years playing budget. Their meteoric rise has most probably been ignited by their new chairman's initial investment and so, what were 2,000'ish gates in the Football Conference suddenly becomes 8,000. Can anyone else see where this one 'might be/could be' going?

You can have a read here. Of course it could just be smokescreens but I think not.


[Post edited 13 Aug 2019 9:03]
Might Have Missed This One...
at 20:34 26 Jul 2019

...but has someone left the club who had this job?


Nothing Exciting Yet...BUT...
at 13:52 2 Jul 2019

...if you could choose and sign an ex-player (from whatever time in our history) to come in and really bolster the squad and perhaps inspire us getting top-half; who would it be?

Personally, I'm leaving players like Lambert/Murray/Holt/Hogan although it'd be nice to get Scotty back just to build his confidence back up. Of course doesn't have to be a striker but feel we need someone to compliment Hendo (who has obv. been highly inspirational in any case).

So, perhaps controversially? I'm going for a fully-fit and hungry Paul Connor.

OK, So There's THE Bury thread and talk of training...
at 10:41 1 Jul 2019

...facilities again, but never realised Carrington was rent free?

Read on...


Another online quote says...

"The CVA confirms that BFC pays a peppercorn rent but that a covenant requires the upkeep of the facilities - circa £350k per year."

As the saying goes...nothing is life is for free.
[Post edited 1 Jul 2019 10:46]
Could One or Two Let me know if this can be seen; thanks...then I'll explain
at 19:01 3 Mar 2019

Just Looked Up...
at 19:03 2 Mar 2019

...where we were @ played 35 last season when we'd just lost at home to Fleetwood 2-0, albeit amost 3 weeks later (20 March), well, you never know...footie's a strange game...we'll no doubt see.

19 Wimbledon 37 -11 42
20 Oldham 36 -12 40
21 Northampton 38 -25 40
22 MK Dons 37 -14 38
23 Rochdale 35 -10 34
24 Bury 37 -24 30
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