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at 14:33 2 Jul 2019

Seems to be talk that we've signed/about to sign two players:

Rhys Norrington-Davies - Loan from Sheff Utd.
Eoghan O'Connell - From B*ry

Anyone heard anything else?
Can we do this..?
at 14:51 19 Mar 2019

Lets have it right, if BBM keeps us up this year it will be absolutely nothing short of a monumental achievement. We're 4 points short, and our goal difference is now out of our hands and will certainly be the worst come the last day of the season so we are 5 points adrift.

The fight for relegation is so fierce this year, unlike last year when Bury, MK & Northampton never really looking likely to survive. We're competing with 11 other teams who are fighting for the same thing who happen to have more fans, and more resources than us.

The odds are against us, and anything short of a siege mentality from all supporters will confirm our doom. We're off to a good start points wise with Brian and we can definitely achieve what would probably be more unthinkable than last years fight. If BBM even comes close to keeping us up does he deserve a crack at the job next season?!

I hope I'm not the only fan out there who is embracing the run in and thinking we can achieve the impossible again. Up the Dale! Can we do this..?
Sunderland Ticket Sales
at 16:49 18 Sep 2018

Popped into the ticket office today to purchase my Sunderland Ticket. Was informed sales have reached over 700 to date!

Good stuff, Dale! Hoping for a 1200 turnout!!

It's certainly a better feeling than what could have been... Forest Green, Crawley etc. It' important to enjoy these occasions! Up the Dale.
Keep the faith!
at 22:55 21 Nov 2017

Come on Dale fans - can't we stick together & remain fully behind the regime currently in place!

KH has had nothing but success during his time here & we are currently going through our toughest period. We own a stadium, have had 3 consecutive years of top 10 league 1 football & have produced some sublimely scintillating football along the way!

The players have given everything tonight and for those who have watched Hilly's interview's he's clearly had an incredibly tough 2017. a tough time for all associated with RAFC.

Lets go against the modern footballing grain & want change right here, right now. Lets galvanise behind this amazing journey we've all been on & lets get out of this predicament united, not divided!!

In Hilly I trust! Up the Dale!
Checkatrade Group
at 11:14 7 Jul 2017

Drawn against Blackburn & B*ry... Academy team to be announced next week.
New Signing..?
at 09:58 30 Aug 2016

Are we going to actually sign anyway in the remainder of this Transfer Window...

Has ANYBODY heard any rumours or do we think its going to be a quiet one..?
Lets get behind 'em!
at 11:14 27 Aug 2016

Big game today! Almost a must win game to lift the pressure of everyones shoulders!

Lets get right behind them and push us towards these first 3 points!

Up the Dale!!
Tom Kennedy
at 09:44 10 Aug 2016

Sorry if its already been posted but TK has signed for Fylde. Great signing at that level!
Jack Payne
at 17:17 27 Jul 2016

Did not know this guy was available for a free!
Surely this would be a good bit of business for the Dale..?

Posh paid 600k for him not so long back..?
Chris Beech
at 23:16 14 Mar 2016

Just something that crossed my mind on Saturday, but does Chris Beech get the credit that he deserves..?
Fair enough, Flicker is a dale legend and always has been, but the club has had more success with Beech at the helm of assistant manager than we did under Flicker - he's manager of BURY now, and still gets more songs sung about him in one game than Beechy has had throughout his incredibly successful tenure.

In addition to this he's also been the man who developed Cannon, Camps, Allen, and a few others - work of a genius.

Really think he deserves a lot more credit than he is due and when Keith does eventually move on (hopefully not to soon) Beech would be my outright first choice.
at 14:35 3 Jan 2016

The most impressive performance i can remember as a Rochdale fan yesterday - absolutely superb. Every single player performed their tactical roles exquisitely. We were exciting to watch, energetic, forward thinking but still succumbed walsall to not a single shot on target.

Lets hope this performance lifts everyone at the club and it continues throughout 2016! Up the Dale.
at 21:42 6 Dec 2015

Have to admit, after being a fan for many years, i am starting to become alienated with Keith Hill. He is the best manager this club will probably ever had, but his lack of simple commodities lack passion and endearment to the fans is increasingly frustrated. He doesn't even clap the fans at away games!!
His interviews are becoming dull and lifeless, and the constant playing down of expectations looks like its actually having an effect on the players belief in themselves

Our league position is absolutely fine by me. Our persistence with young players being exposed to the first team is also d=fine, despite the fact the number of mistakes they make is utterly frightening - they will learn and develop, and become better players. However, simple old fashioned values like passion, commitment and endeavour are not on show on a consistent basis - for Rochdale fans this is the least you expect.
What we've also come accustomed to is an attacking ethos based on energy, off and on the ball running and pressing which this season has been apparent in all but 4 games of the top of my head

Lets have a return to the nothing to lose mantra and lets get our Rochdale back - PLEASE!
Bunney and Camps and Recent Form
at 15:19 14 Nov 2015

Cant describe my frustration that these two players stay on a pitch for 90 minutes against what is an incredibly strong Wigan side. Bunney offers very little for the minutes he plays and has the physicality of a sardine. Camps is the most frustrating player i have ever watched play football. Can count the number of times he's had a good game or worked hard on 1 hand. Thinks he's remarkably better than what he actually is.

A large chunk of the team are massively unperforming at the moment, however the three players i thought were playing well today KH decides to take off.

Incredibly frustrating at the moment, there is soooo much missing for us to 'consolidate'. I genuinely do think we will be absolutely fine and be quite comfortable but we're so far away from the team that would attack whatever team was put in front of them like we did last year.

Up the Dale.
Blackpool protests & boycotts etc.
at 23:56 11 Aug 2015

Been in contact with a Blackpool fan via twitter informing me of their situation, and i asked how Rochdale fans could help with the Oyston situation:

There is a planned protest at 2:15 and all Rochdale fans are welcome;
Avoid buying anything within the ground e.g. drinks, programmes as all this would go straight into the Oyston coffers;
Buy tickets from Rochdale ticket office as Rochdale get 5% of the ticket sale.

Expects about 3,000 Blackpool fans.

Also, tonight was magnificent against an outstanding Coventry team - imagine what we could do to Blackpool!!
Henderson bid Rejected...
at 01:42 29 Jul 2015

Sky Sources: Rochdale reject £100,000 bid from Barnsley for forward Ian Henderson.
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