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Tonights games
at 21:40 29 Jan 2019

NML scores v Arsenal
Fleetwood match thread
at 18:49 19 Jan 2019

Man of the match for me....Joe Rafferty.
Andy Murray
at 23:54 12 Jan 2019

I’ve always chuckled at the hatred he got for his I will support anybody agai st England comment.

That’s the moment I began liking him. He’s Scottish, if he doesn’t hate England (full stop) then he bloody well should at football. Politically correct not to, I don’t care for political correctness.

He’s dour, again, he’s Scottish, bravo.

Won some majors during a golden era, Timmy couldn’t get close.
Interest in Hendo
at 23:03 5 Jan 2019

Mates lads were mascots today.

Hendo gave the pair of them a pair of his boot each.

If he could go up in my estimation, he would have done today but as he’s maxed out, he can’t.
Perkins departs
at 10:22 5 Jan 2019

It’s going to be harder to make mass changes each game with our shrinking squad.

5 out
1 in

So farewell then,
David Perkins.
Your stay was as short
as you are this time.
League 2 was your level once
Hopw it is again
News due........
at 16:39 4 Jan 2019

I’ve just put this place on meltdown watch.
Down to Earth Thoughts & Prayers
at 21:05 1 Jan 2019

Sorry to read about this lad, hope he makes full recovery, two horrible illnesses.

Thoughts with his family too.
Doncaster match thread
at 19:47 1 Jan 2019

Number 7

He absolutely roasted Harrison at RB in the first half, who finally RIGHTLY got a yellow card for accumulated fouls against him, he couldn't cope and Hilly did him the mercy of moving him to CH to protect him.

After that, the ref decided that Harrison's accumulated fouls counted for any Rochdale player who fouled him.

MJ Williams touches him, yellow card.
Camps touches him, yellow card.
Inman has a 50/50 tussle with him, ref decides it goes the Donny lad's way. Yellow card.
Rathbone pulls him back - yellow card.

The Rathbone one, fair enough, but the others were absolutely nothing tackles or 50/50 balls with no malice at all.

The one time twinkle toes lost the ball to Done, he had a kick out at him as Done scampered away, nothing.

The lad was devastating and had a cracking game, but the ref decided he was so special that any foul on him was a yellow card.

Yes, he was running us ragged
Yes, he got brought down a lot by Harrison
The rest, he simply decided to protect him so much that we couldn't breathe near him.,

Not sour grapes about the result, we got a deserved thumping, awful initial team selection, if Hill couldn't remember that we got swamped in the league at Doncaster 12 months ago with no big man up front to help relieve the pressure, then he is very forgetful indeed.

With Camps supposedly up front, he rarely stayed there and dropped back into his central position. This meant that we had him, Morley and Adshead all in there tripping over each other.

Harrison and RB was lost. Only just got in in time to see the looping header from his position sail over Norman's head for the first. His foul on #7 free kick for the second. It didn't get any better.

We had absolutely no physical presence in the front 6 positions, yet when we rarely attacked, we crossed for their CH's to clear away easily.

Awful awful first half, second half was much more balanced until Norman did what he did and the boos rang out.
[Post edited 1 Jan 19:48]
Bradford game
at 01:03 29 Dec 2018

Bradford at their place were the worst team I’ve seen this season bar none.We actually physically dominated them, something you never see against them.

Looks like the new chap has sorted them out however and i expect them to be a reet tough game tomorrow. They had good players playing awful, a bit of tinkering is all it has taken.
Chairman Presentation
at 00:57 29 Dec 2018

Sadly not there tomorrow.

Thanks Chris, between thee and Mr Kilpartick I you have stewarded our club from being the laughing stock (cue Oxo img from 1993) to being a club who have fans who

a) claim the team being 18th in League 1 is the worst they have ever seen
b) believe our most succesful manager is a nutty old so and so
c) can laugh at bury
d) can laugh at Oldham
e) can just about remember Hartlepool, Darlington, Halifax, R&D, Aldershot, Wrexham, Torquay
f) can just about remember Stockport, and almost have the slightest ounce of sympathy for their fans
g) can lie in point f)
h) rather enjoy cup runs
I) pay less than they did 10 years ago for season tickets
j) loads of other reasons, too many to mention.
Made Me Laugh...
at 18:10 28 Dec 2018

Well done Bury for giving him a lifetime ban.

I’m a Victorian Dad type and hate violence at football. Would hope Dale would do exactly the same if one of ours did the same.
Adding to the rumours
at 09:31 27 Dec 2018

Maybe so, but i see Pompey in a different position as us, a club gunning for the title and would have expected their recruitment right now to be pinching bigger names or obvious squad improvers.
Adding to the rumours
at 09:17 27 Dec 2018

Without taking anything away from AC, i’m wondering how this purchase came about.

Pompey can hardly have scouted him much, perhaps it was his short sub appearance in the cup that impressed Jackett so much.

I can see it being extremely attractive to AC, big club, top of the league, not getting into the Dale team for whatever reason, it’s the attraction the other way that is less clear.
Blackpool game
at 01:09 27 Dec 2018

First goal. We debated who played the initial ball over the top for Hendo. On review, blimey it was only Olly Rathbone, he must have motered to be where he was to score the goal!

Sending of was right, nothing tackle and a tangle. You can’t headbutt and not expect to be sent off.

Sending off aside, was impressed with Blackpool, sending off made all the difference, even with that they have potency up front and evidently a good shot stopper.

MJW my man of the match.
Blackpool game
at 19:09 26 Dec 2018

Nope, he was specifically booed

Firsty, as soon as his name was announced
Secondly as he entered the pitch after their lad had gone off

There was also booing as you mentioned, for the slow walk but the above two were over and above that.

Not by one or two either, a good number in the TDS.
[Post edited 26 Dec 2018 19:10]
Cannon to Pompey confirmed
at 18:07 26 Dec 2018

Can’t wait to boo him.

Good luck Andy, great time to sign for a club on the way back up.
Blackpool game
at 18:04 26 Dec 2018

Joe Bunney booed?

Well done those who did, classy individuals.
Word of mouth
at 19:51 23 Dec 2018

Ps Great Book
[Post edited 23 Dec 2018 20:39]
Word of mouth
at 10:59 23 Dec 2018

Merry Xmas, you filthy animal.
Word of mouth
at 10:09 23 Dec 2018

I have it on good authority from a very reliable source that today there is a small degree of happiness amongst a select few Rochdale fans.

These fans, known as ‘realists’ are reported to be over the moon that Rochdale not only won, but also away, a long long way away, where we normally get nowt, on a cold December saturday. It is rumoured that some of these were even happy for Calum Camps and even more remarkably, Jordan Williams.

This sweeping mood of bon homie has been put down to The Magic of Christmas. It’s even rubbing of on others, with a decrease in ‘our manager is a clueless meglomaniac’ posts and questioning of individual players.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa bringing bagfuls of transfer rumours and in the know posts, but they can all wait for the new year, that is of course if we still have a club in January given us being less financially stable than an umployed gamblaholic and the four horsemen may ride out if we lose to Blackpool on Boxing Day.

Deck the Hill with loads of money
Fa la la la la, buy a strika
We should soon see old Joe Bunney
Fa la la la la, lanky winga

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