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Joe Thompson testimonial
at 00:27 17 Jul 2019

Jon Macken
Kevin Ellison
Marvin Morgan

Jnr is going to get a League 2 education on Sunday.
Cricket WC
at 21:56 14 Jul 2019

Pitches for ICC tournaments are managed and selected by the ICC, not England.

Get the **** in etc ad infinitum
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 22:54 11 Jul 2019

There was talk from bury fans appealing any -12 point deduction from the FA as they had not done due diligence when considering the Dale takeover and fit and proper test.

As in Conn’s article, they were not notified of the change of ownership and have pursued the required evidence since made aware.

I don’t think any appeal would go very far based on this.
Cricket WC
at 22:26 11 Jul 2019

Unbelievably i was offered a ticket for today but could not go due to work commitments that i simply could not get out of.

Sunday? Full day doing my FA coaching badge, course booked without consideration of the bigger picture.
Cricket WC
at 21:24 11 Jul 2019

****** smashed the ******** *******

******** brilliant.
20 months
at 20:23 10 Jul 2019

The law in this area has always been woefully lenient on the perpetrator.

It is no deterrent and leaves the family/friends angry.

Death by dangerous driving sentences can be appealed.
Death by careless driving sentences can’t.
at 16:37 18 Jun 2019


*bangs head*
Cricket WC
at 16:07 18 Jun 2019

Morgan scored a century of sixes (17 x 6 = 102} as part of his innings.

We would have lost this game 4 years ago.
Ex loanee
at 15:04 30 May 2019

Wolverhampton to Shrews is geographically not too far and possibly the logistics of home/worklife balance a factor in him joining Shrews.

Integral player in our survival last season, was excellent.
Have i got news for you
at 07:23 27 May 2019

I think it is as likely that Frank wrote his series of books himself as it is of a boy having a magical football that transports him through time and space.
European graveyard train
at 00:48 27 May 2019

Farage - in
Widdercome - in
Tiny Robinson - not in
play offs etc so far
at 21:41 16 May 2019

Toothless Pompey goon who kicked the Sunderland player when he ended up wrong side of the hoardings.

Three good reasons to enjoy Sunderland going through tonight.
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 23:18 15 May 2019

Bury seem to have swapped a chairman who loved talking to press, radio, tv, media, anybody who would listen to his fantasy world of football to one who won’t speak to staff, players, anybody really.

Having got another adjournment based on 3 possible buyers - you would have thought he would have issued some sort of statement tonight.

I’ve no idea on this chap, but it is quite possible that he is genuine but has been bulls***ed by Day, he said as much last time he raised his head above the parapet. He may have had a stabilising plan but was swamped by hidden debts.

Bury lot seem convinced he is a wrong un though. His silence is incriminating in this case.

It’s one big financial mess and their promotion seems akin to Stockport and Notts C, achieved against a backdrop of financial strife.

If they do get through this, the next few years may be very tough for them
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 11:55 15 May 2019

Offer made for the club last week which will enable all creditors to be paid.

Apparently purchaser Jamie Lannister claimed ‘we always pay our debts’ and has ask for an adjournment until 19th June to allow him to sort a bit of domestic stuff out.
tomorrow can't come quick enough
at 11:48 14 May 2019

Hard to keep up with this lot.

Day sells club for £1 to reputable Bury fan/businessman
Day honourably falls on his sword leaving Bury FC out of his overall house of cards collspde.
Dale rides in to steady ship
Some wages paid with a bit of PFA help
Winding up order adjourned and previous manager Casper appeased - positive signs
Promotion sealed
Nicky Adams contract extended

Things seem to be improving at lower gigg, they could be a force to reckon with next season.
Focus group for the kids
at 18:13 13 May 2019

Anybody getting an adult ST can buy multiple Junior STs as long as they are not perceived as abusing the system, if you have a relative or friend you could ask them to do that kel. I got 4 adults 8 kids for example, all which will be used regularly next season.

I do actually understand why the club are trying to change things with junior season tickets, however also understand why it is still not great for the likes of yourself.

With the junior STs being so cheap the suspicion is that loads were bought last season but not used or hardly used. Pay £10 - take a kid to 2/3 games sort of things or in some cases less. Worth getting one at £10 on the off chance that a kid might go to more that one game.

Looking at seat availability online in either the TDS or main stand and there is next to nothing available in either aside from the front of the TDS. This is despite us only averaging total 3.5K (estimate 2.5 home fans in these two stands)

The only logical explanation for this is that there are loads of STs booked but not being used.

This manifests itself for big games.

When we played Sunderland, the club announced there were only 150 tickets available in the TDS on the morning of the game. These quickly went and fans were directed to the Sandy instead. There was however loads of empty seats in the TDS.

Same when trying to renew this season, trying to get seats together was impossible unless I chose to sit right down near the bottom.

For league matches the club has to honour season tickets, the unused junior season ticket seats have to be left empty. As the club moves to partitioning the TDS for some games with away fans, this could become more problematic.

The alternate would have been for junior season tickets to become more expensive so that people don't buy them to only use them once or twice. Don't think that would have been popular either.

Never easy.
at 08:28 13 May 2019

Would that be pronounced

Vale-I-an as in Port Vale or
Val-I-an as in Val Doonican?
Liverpool Result.....
at 23:32 7 May 2019

They just absolutely mullered Barcelona.

All over them from the first minute until the 4th goal and then Barcelona created zip chances from there on in.

4th goal was as above, simply genius and a cracking finish too.

In my top 10 matches not involving Rochdale that one is.
Scunthorpe goal today (n/t)
at 12:59 6 May 2019

They May have given their home shirts await to little kiddies at their last home match the week before.
Scunthorpe goal today
at 21:56 4 May 2019

There is tons of condemnation of Scunny for the goal and not allowing Plymouth walk a goal into their net as Leeds did but.....

When he went to roll out the ball he did so very comfortably
When the lob came back he was able to step back four times and leap to try to save it
After the goal went in he was able to walk around complaining

3 minutes later, he had to be carried off with a man either side of him as he couldn't put any weight on his left foot.

I think the truth is more like he got a slight knock, as his team were winning but a bit under the cosh he went to take a tactical injury, got called out and then faked the extent of his injury to illicit sympathy/prove the point to Scunny that he was genuinely injured and it was a despicable act.

Not doubting that he went to roll the ball out, but doubting whether this was for a genuine reason of a tactical one.

Made no difference in the end of course.
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