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Fighting on the Sandy Lane pavement
at 16:46 14 Oct 2018

Put away fans in the middle of the Wilbutts Lane.

Put them near the TDS and our yoof chuck stuff at them
Put them near the Sandy and a couple of people and a pigeon get abused like yesterday

Let them out from the middle of the Wilbutts and crowd will have thinned out as away fans get to either Sandy or Wilbutts corner.

Oh, and if there is a big knot of belms like yesterday, kettle then when they leave the ground for a few minutes exactly the same as our yoof were after the game at the TDS/Main Stand corner

I suspect a meet up was planned yesterday but because one party (Dale yoof) were detained, normal fans got clobbered.

If so, another reminder of the collateral damage these meet ups can bring
Match thread: Doncaster, home
at 00:13 14 Oct 2018

Don’t need to re-watch the missed chances as there were enough in the first half alone to do 5 mins of highlights.

Even ignoring the wasteful misses, there was moment after moment where Hart or Rafferty ended up behind the Donny back line and their cross came to nowt.

Donny were ‘injured’ twice in the first half for one reason only. To allow their staff to call a couple of players over as they weren’t coping.

Didn’t see Peterborough or Portsmouth
We got mullered by Barnsley and then some
Donny reminded me of Millwall when they went up through the playoffs. Average but know every trick in the book.

We played worse second half and scored 2.

Funny old game
Match thread: Doncaster, home
at 22:13 13 Oct 2018

Clough was invisible to Doncaster first half.

He kept popping up everywhere playing defence splitting passes or layoffs and causing them no end of problems. Inman was highly involved in creating chances too.

Still cannot believe we went in at nil at HT. They hit the post too, it could have been the most wrong sided 2-0 at half time.

Not seen a Dale team attack with such inventiveness and pace for a long long time, that side of the game was a joy to see.
Match thread: Doncaster, home
at 18:24 13 Oct 2018

Platoon 3
Cow’s backside 2

God i hate playing Doncaster. Their team are an absolute bunch of whining, diving cheats who use every trick in the book.

Their fans felt that they were getting nothing from the ref in the first half. Thst’s because he didn’t fall for their pathetic dives.

Awful defending
Awesome attacking
Admirable effort
Woeful shooting and then some.

We are on track to concede 100+ goals this season at current rate, that needs sorting as it is our underlying problem above anything else.

Not being able to score from the chances created in the first half is hopefully a passing (shooooooot brad) phase
A day for Calvin?
at 13:58 13 Oct 2018

Big Jim to start for me.

Marquis bullied our defence last season until the FA Cup game when Jim sorted him out.
Match thread: Fleetwood Checkatrade away
at 00:05 10 Oct 2018

Trying to think of a Dale player that we have paid "money" for that has actually been a major success.

Example: Andy Flounders. Signed in a blaze of glory, He wasn't a flop (sic) for me but was not a great success individually.

JW11 had an immediate millstone around his neck the moment he was signed, we paid a fee and the "other clubs were after him" tag was stuck all over him.

Last season he looked like a fish out of water
This season he is looking like he has had swimming lessons

Tough step up two divisions, some do it easily, some take a bit of time.
Ryder Cup Incident
at 23:27 3 Oct 2018

My view too, but will keep an eye on the story.
Ryder Cup Incident
at 22:05 3 Oct 2018

The incident happened on the 6th hole, a drivable Par 4.

On most Par 4 or 5 holes there was minimal people standing at driving distance, as fans packed the greens and tees.

This shot went into a massed bank of fans by the green. Any steward would have struggled to see it as the hole is a bit of a dogleg and he would not have been able to see the tee shot.

Even if he had seen it and shouted, it would have been late against a backdrop of noise.

Terribly unfortunate and very sorry for the lass, but sadly this is a danger of spectator golf watching.
Match thread: Bristol Rovers home
at 00:20 3 Oct 2018

Brilliant 2nd half effort, well done on each and every player involved.

Brizzle were better first half than second, Dale vice versa.

Both keepers made absolutely fantastic individual saves. Can’t comment on the sending off, too far away to give a fair judgement.

2 points extra Brizzle should have got, their lack of ambition was puzzling (slow walk off when subbed)

Fair result overall and more credit to our lot than their lot.
Make Keith Hill director of football?
at 17:53 2 Oct 2018

The press aren’t Rochdale fans or what i would class as the public.

PR is public relations. If Rochdale fans lose or have diminished interest in the club because they are fed up with moaning whining over critical fellow fans then this message board can be considered bad PR.
Make Keith Hill director of football?
at 16:02 2 Oct 2018

So are many posts on this messageboard.
at 17:47 29 Sep 2018

PLayed 3, lost 3 has Tiger. Bravo.

The win for Rose and Stenson was massive. USA had been coming at us strong, Speith/Thomas turning around Poults and Rory, Serg and Noran getting spanked.

Rose and Stenson were really hanging on, Stensons putt on 16 preserving the 1 up.

With DJ dragging his tee shot on 17 we were favourites, but a dodgy 2nd and 3rd left it to Stenson, who didn’t dissappoint.

Koepka has played the last 4 holes brilliantly despite results and it was ironic for him to miss the final putt.

9-7 with the Americans buoyed with a session win this evening would have been a very different position.

Not over, recent history shows us that but a blinking great position to be in!
at 23:14 28 Sep 2018

Tommy and Francesco handed Speith and Thomas their ***** back on a playe this afty, shame Casey/Hatton didn’t pull a great comeback in the morning v these two.

Mickleson and Dechenbau - I’d hide the pair of them til

Reed is a great Ryder Cup player but copped for Tiger who was mostly pooh.

Can’t believe Kopka and Finau and Reed sat out the afty. Strike while the iron is hot.

They rode their luck to beat Rose and Rahm in the morning, should have been 2-2 at halfway

Great for Rose and Stenson to likewise hand DJ and Fowler their *****

Mclroy not on it this morn, a bit more himself this afty with Poults who started off like a startled cat.

Wind picked up in the afty and the Yanks couldn’t cope. Sadly not forecast for any notable wind over the weekend.

Allez allez allez
[Post edited 28 Sep 23:16]
at 14:37 25 Sep 2018

Blimey, that’s dearer than a 3 day ticket (£445) for the tournament.
at 14:31 25 Sep 2018

Relegated according to BBC

Had to score 300 in first innings and frll short
Callum Camps
at 12:51 24 Sep 2018

As with most opinions on players these days, they focus on the exceptions rather than the rule.

Camps is a solid, tough, central midfielder. He does lots and lots of things right.

The negatives however are picked up on and used against him.

1. He tries the wonder-pass to often which rarely if ever come off. This was something i personally agreed with last season
2. He is petulant. Not something i wholely agree with but his head certainly went down after he turned into trouble on the edge of his own box at Sunderland and his body language (slumped shoulders etc was easy to see)

He’s still young, how his career pans out is anybodies guess, everyone has ups and downs. Dagnall was preferred over Alfie, one now plays in Australia, the other for bury.
at 23:28 23 Sep 2018

When Tiger was at his 100% best, he was untouchable. Nobody could get close.

1 win is not at that standard yet, he was winning 7 or 8 PGA tourneys and a couple of majors at a canter.
at 23:01 23 Sep 2018

I’d say he is 90% back to hid best, his 100% best he would have won by 10.

Certainly competitive for majors after this year, but so are many more nowadays, the field at the top is wide.

Oh well, onto the Ryder Cup, hope he is back to his usual standard in that too.
at 22:54 23 Sep 2018

Tiger about to win
Rose wins $10M

Cracking Fedex finish
Match thread: Sunderland away
at 01:17 23 Sep 2018

Match Report

1-0 flattered Sunderland when they scored
2-0 really flattered Sunderland when they scored
3-0... you get the gist.

I’ve seen two better teams against us this season already.

I was actually proud of most of our players today. Tough day, most didn’t throw their toys out of the pram.

I got asked by a Sunderland fan as we walked away “did you enjoy that?” In a ‘ooh, you must be overwhelmed to come to Sunderland” style.

I wasn’t, our team wasn’t and the scoreline flattered them. Sunderland were goodish at best.
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