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I wonder what plan the board has in mind
at 16:55 6 Mar 2021

For replacing the possibility of half a million quid in gate receipts / beer, food sales next season ?
When you look at the possible candidates for relegation from the Championship and Bolton’s current form, plus the clubs with decent away followings that are currently in Div one (they can’t all be promoted) it could be even more.
Or will they bemoan how we’ve no money due to being relegated ?
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Deadline for eligibility to play tomorrow ?
at 11:12 11 Sep 2020

Is it 12 Noon today ?
Sponsored walk to Halifax
at 20:15 10 May 2020

I’m sure there’s one or two on here from the above photo.
I’m second from the left on the back row.
It’s not the Boxing Day walk as due to KO being brought forward to lunchtime
we had to set off very early and it was pitch black. 😆
Mutual consent tonight ?
at 16:01 5 Jan 2019

Thanks very much for everything but think we both need to go our separate ways ?

This really is hurting our club very badly and I can't see it being turned round under the present management team I'm afraid.
A difficult decision may have to be made by the board
at 23:43 23 Oct 2018

Given we have four home games on the bounce coming up, failure to win any and a defeat in cup to Gateshead even in a replay may make the board feel they need to take action.
On the one hand we have a decent squad that is under performing for what ever reason and there could be many including Keith.
But on the other hand we all have to be careful what we wish for.
It could be a tricky few weeks for Keith and his staff.
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Is that the most lucrative goal ever scored at Spotland by a Rochdale player ?
at 20:28 18 Feb 2018

Steve Davies has probably earned us at least half a million quid ? What ever happens now we've made a few bob,
let's hope the we can start performing in the league games

[Post edited 18 Feb 2018 20:29]
New signings
at 11:13 31 Jan 2018

Lets hope they like real ale so Hilly can conduct the business in the Cem.
Its about the best thing we have to offer at the moment.
We've no training facilities of our own to show them and I certainly wouldn't be
showing them round the COA with state of our pitch !
at 09:06 26 Jan 2018

Hands up everyone, did none of us think that this would happen sooner rather than later ?
As Dale fans we know the clubs limitations, we have no sugar daddy directors with millions to spend, they do a splendid job just keeping us going and operating in the first div is not cheap. As much as it would be nice to be challenging for the Championship I'm afraid its very unlikely to happen. The only chance we have is that one of us who's a true Dale fan becomes a billionaire and I mean billionaire as even at our level it would take a hell of a lot of money to get us promoted and keep us in the Championship.
Come guys give the directors a break, ok they make mistakes when it comes to marketing and communication, but who else wants to put their hands in their pockets to keep us ticking over.
All I will say is be careful what you wish for !
Sooner the better
at 13:57 18 Jan 2018

With games coming thick and fast in the next few weeks, the sooner we get the squad sorted the better, I know its not always as simple as that for us with the wages on offer but as each game goes by its 3 less points on offer and considering there's at least three six pointers in the next month and we have Wigan home and away before the end of February I I would like the best team we can aquire on the pitch as soon as possible to give us a chance of staying up !
[Post edited 18 Jan 2018 14:00]
Camps to Blackburn ?
at 09:07 16 Jan 2018

My Blackburn supporting colleague at work seems to think they are in for him ?
Anyone else heard anything ?
Dale Bar
at 12:19 21 Jul 2017

Is there any news regarding the Dale Bar being open after games this season ?
Tomorrow's game
at 16:56 3 Mar 2017

With at least 3500 travelling away fans tomorrow it's to be hoped if there's any doubt regarding the pitch they will make an early decision at the latest 11.00am
Defining weekend
at 12:38 6 Jan 2017

If the Hogan deal goes through and we go through, financially this weekend could be the biggest weekend in Dales history !
The future is certainly looking bright off the pitch and it would be capped off if we could have a good go at securing a playoff of spot.
Think it would be Dales best ever on and off the pitch,certainly in the 43yrs I've had a season ticket. Makes those dark days of the 70's seem a little further away. Still have nightmares from time to time round June when the re election time was due.
Brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.
Hope Sir Fred is watching he deserves a lot of credit the fact we can even look forward to days like this and all the other guys over the years that have keep us going on a shoe string budget.
To quote a saying
"we've never had it so good" !
Two cup finals
at 21:36 24 Oct 2016

Two defeats !!!

[Post edited 24 Oct 2016 21:37]
Slow process
at 11:00 17 Mar 2016

Slow though the process of getting us to this point has been regarding the ground its the correct process. Hopefully now we can start to build up a steady income in off the field activities and establish ourselves as a solid div one club. The next stage I guess is to have a pot (all be it a small one) for Keith to dip into if required to purchase on or two players to maybe get us to the next level of challenging for a playoff place on a regular basis. After that then hopefully the promised land which to me as a Dale fan is a season in the championship before I pop my clog's. Having had a season ticket holder since 73/74 times running out so sooner rather than later please.
[Post edited 17 Mar 2016 11:05]
Worst Ever
at 02:31 13 Mar 2016

Sorry just come in bit of a night out to say the least at Norden Cricket Club plus add ons
Without going into to much detail that has got to be the worst bUry team I have ever seen
And I am 57 so work it out for yourselves !
Up the Dale down the Ale or Whiskey in my case

If that were Dale with all that money spent I would be asking a lot of
Questions !

[Post edited 13 Mar 2016 2:33]
Sadly its all about greed.
at 12:25 10 Mar 2016

I've gone on about it to friends since the new tv deal for the Prem.
It would do the no harm to lose about 2.5m each to be shared out between
The 1st and 2nd div roughly about a million each team to be used with strict
ruling that it has to be used towards the running costs of the club and not
for buying players. With that comes a cap of £20 max per game.
That should hopefully attract more people making it a better atmosphere
Also it should keep smaller clubs afloat and allow these bigger clubs to keep
Buying lower league club players.
When and not if they cap the home fans tickets in the
Next few years it will see the end of clubs like ours.
If Burnley go up and start charging £30 - 40 for watching
prem football how can we compete with that ?
A Burnley fan I work with pays £400 for his season ticket
And gets his sons for free. Not bad especially if
He's watching Prem football next season.
Its all well and good the Prem fans complaining
About ticket prices but without the wealth being
Distributed more evenly clubs like us will go out of
Business how many of the Prem fans care about that ?
[Post edited 10 Mar 2016 12:29]
Johnson appointed Bristol City manager !
at 14:56 6 Feb 2016

Barnsley looking for a new manager
Let the be light
at 02:38 27 Dec 2015

We have power! Just come back on in Bamford for anyone who has
Gone to stay with friends or relatives it's safe to return home.

Merry Christmas to all
Up the Dale
Proactive and not reactive
at 00:33 16 Nov 2015

It's was obvious at half time we needed to change things and the alarming thing for me although Hill didn't mention it after the game was that we seem to have lost the ability to pass to our own players even a simple 5 yard pass is beyond some of the players at the moment. However my concern was we would go two down before subs where introduced and that's what happened !
Having moved Bennett to fullback I would have taken Cannon and Bunney off at half time and brought McDermott and Andrew on. They won't be the best team we play all season and we were capable of beating them on a good day.
Keith please be proactive and not reactive,we are two games away from being dragged into a relegation battle, please don't think we are to good to go down because on this form we will struggle against anyone in this div !
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