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at 11:21 24 Jun 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Cloughie died this morning in Oldham hospital from a bowel condition. He'd already beaten off Corona virus!

This fella has done more for the club than anyone on here has done, or will do.

He started out with scratch cards and Goldbond in 1991 and over the next 15 or so years raised around £400,000 for the club. Plus he raised funds for the Trust selling thousands of calendars door to door in his beloved Littleborough.

The £50,000 he earned in commission he has left to the club in his will (and some!) so he raised all that money for free, as a volunteer.

RIP Rochdale's greatest ever fan. I'll miss you Cloughie.
Fighting on the Sandy Lane pavement
at 18:08 13 Oct 2018

Did anyone else witness scenes from the 1980's?

These weren't giddy teenagers, but Donny fans offering out virtually any Dale fan in sight. From what I could see a few skirmishes broke out which led to four coppers hot-footing it down Willbutts to interject.

Sadly, it was partly down to our stewards/safety people/police.

For those who don't know, there are 2 exits from the Sandy - one by the Willbutts corner which everybody who lives Norden way uses. Whenever there's a visiting element or larger away following, they refuse to open this exit on the grounds that rival fans could clash outside the ground. In reality the home fans are always gone before the away fans have left the stadium.

Today, they wouldn't open it. And so, we all had to turn round and leave at the pub exit and then turn right out of the car park and into the oncoming away fans under the trees just behind the net. I guessed it might kick off, so crossed the road immediately, but many Dale fans seemed to get caught up in the fracas.

So avoidable as well.
Alan Reeves
at 23:07 4 Aug 2018

It's taken us nearly 25 years to replace him, but Williams (Scouse one) has finally done it. He might look like John Bishop but he plays like Reeves did.

What a player!
Turning point
at 10:49 6 May 2018

Lets face it. At the time of the Spurs replay we were down. 12 points adrift and a worrying lack of fire power at home.

What triggered our come back?

Personally I think it's a combination of two things.

1. 3 of the 4 halves v Spurs made us realise we're actually a good side.

2. Selling Bunney. Quite why we persisted with the non-scoring Done up front and the non-assist making Bunney at left back for so long still concerns me. I can still remember the home game v Blackburn and after about 15 minutes the Rovers fans were singing "29, you're fooking shit". Never ignore the fans.

There might be other key moments, but I think those 2 are pivotal.

And this great escape will never usurp 1987 because back then we were actually shit, and without a pot to piss in, and this time it was a team effort whereas back then it was Lyndon who saved us virtually on his own!
TVOS voted number 1
at 12:57 26 Feb 2018

Just noticed in Programme Monthly that our programme has been ranked the best in League One. Not a bad effort considering the size of clubs we are up against, many of whom task employees in their media departments to produce the club match day programme.
Volunteers needed now!
at 11:31 5 Feb 2018

Just had word that the club are doing the drill and fill by hand today. Anyone with an hour or two to spare is welcome, badly needed, as it's a time consuming business.

I think the general aim is to whack in one hole per square yard about 2-3 feet down and then fill with kiln dried sand.

Given that the pitch is around 8000 square yards the club needs help.

at 16:35 29 Jan 2018

I'm sure many on here will be sad to hear Cloughie/couponman has recently had a fall and a funny turn. He's stable in hospital though and is in decent spirits.

I had to laugh when two nurses were trying to get him upright in bed and he said "it be fooking easier to lift Dale up the table than me up this bed!"

Anyway, short visits really help him, so if anyone who knows him has half an hour to spare, drop me a PM and I'll let you know which hospital/ward he's on
[Post edited 29 Jan 2018 16:36]
Tykes like us draw
at 22:42 9 Jan 2017

Arguably, the most miserable fans in the world are ecstatic at drawing us! Huddersfield fans are the most dour, long faced, miserable souls in the world. But a tie at Dale has put a froth on their pint!

Bloody GMR
at 10:15 13 Dec 2016

This might be me getting the wrong end of the stick, and I don't listen to it often thank God, but whenever I do, it always seems like the Eyre show as though Fred and Steve are matriarchs of the game.

Fred is introduced as the man who has done everything in football. He hasn't. I've read his auto-biography and he's basically done fook all.

Steve is always introduced as the former Rochdale manager who knows everything about the game. He doesn't.

Why can't GMR just be honest with their intros?

Steve should be introduced as a former failed manager of Rochdale who's trained up a few kids at City, and Fred's here because he's cheap and wants to keep himself in the limelight.

Whilst I'm sure everyone is thoroughly pleasant and decent at GMR I just feel they're taking the listeners for mugs.
Who do you think bury should appoint as their next manager?
at 13:35 21 Nov 2016

Who do you think bury should appoint as their next manager?

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Who should Calvin have elbowed like that?
at 23:50 4 Nov 2016

Happy New Year!
at 08:35 6 Aug 2016

Here we go again. And I've never felt as positive about the Dale as I do right now.

Of course there are a few things I think we could be better at, but as someone who's given 3/4's of their life in support, I gaze on in wonderment at the following:

1. Getting ready to kick off for another season in the 3rd tier. ANOTHER!
2. We own our own ground.
3. We know our Directors and trust them to steady the good ship Dale.
4. Companies the size of Carlsberg UK want to sponsor us.
5. A local company has committed to us for 5 years on the shirts and ground name.
6. We've got a squad light in numbers imho, but which is peppered with local young talent.
7. We've just recruited the CEO of the year (2015?) as our new Chief Exec.
8. We've gone public in our ambition to build on all of the above to try for Championship status.
9. Today's Ob has put the team photo on the front cover.

Never in all my days did I think I would look at the Dale and be so proud of what we've achieved given where we've come from.

Sorry. I've put the mockers on today's result with this post, but there are times when you need to admire the achievements.
Realistically, what should England do at the Euros
at 16:00 28 May 2016

Realistically, what should England do at the Euros

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Well done Leicester
at 22:45 2 May 2016

They deserve a congratulations thread of their own.

They've stuck it up the fancied clubs big time in the same way we like to think we do, albeit at our lower level.

It doesn't seem five minutes since Jimmy Graham was putting us 1-0 up against them in the League Cup in 1993.

We lost 6-1 eventually!

Could this work?
at 12:09 2 Apr 2016

Given the latest set of accounts show us making a £1.4m profit and that gate income was only £900,000 we would still have made £500,000 if we'd let everyone in for nowt.

Now that we own the stadium and keep all match day income, has the time arrived for us to scrap admission charges completely?

And I bet if we did, crowds would only go up slightly which sort of answers the question!

They told us he was good, but he was shit really!
at 20:33 13 Mar 2016

On the other side of the coin, there is so many to choose from.

The other team would have been quite good. This one is scarily bad and I'll have missed some out!

1. Kevin Rose (Sutton)
2. Andy Thackeray (Sutton)
3. Pim Balkestein (Err)
4. Andy Farrell (Barrow)
5. Neal Trottman (Err)
6. Simon Coleman (Parkin)
7. Mark Bailey (Barrow)
8. Andrew Tutte (His Dad)
9. George Donnelly (Coleman)
10. Graham Shaw (Docherty)
11. Trevor Snowden (Sutton)

Choose from any of the following for the bench. Paul Williams, Ashley Grimes, Stephen Jordan, Mark Payne, Robbie Wakenshaw, Mark Leonard.

Can anyone use the same criteria to pick a team to out-shit this one?!
They told us he was shit XI
at 15:20 13 Mar 2016

Reading someone else's post about how surprised they were to read on Scunny's Forum that they thought Canavan was shit, has given me an idea for an unusual Theme Team XI

Players who upon signing for Dale, were immediately followed by their previous supporters taking the time, on-line, to tell us he is shit, only for the player in question to then show some promise/do well.

1. Genuinely cannot think of a 'keeper
2. Simon Ramsden (Grimsby fans)
3. Tom Kennedy (bury fans)
4. John Doolan (Blackpool fans)
5. Niall Canavan (Scunthorpe fans)
6. Ashley Eastham (bury fans)
7. Nicky Adams (bury fans)
8. BBM (bury fans)
9. O'Grady (everybody's fans including bury)
10. Jean Loius Akpa Akpro (Grimsby fans)
11. Joe Widdowson (Grimsby fans)

Feel free to add a goalie and others I may have missed for the bench.

You are allowed to add players who didn't come from bury or Grimsby. Wow, their fans can really spot a player!
Another Season Ticket thread!
at 15:44 24 Feb 2016

Reading this board over the last few weeks, it's clear that some fans find it hard to stump up £300 in March or April, but would like to spread the cost monthly in order to receive the benefits of being a s/t holder.

Presumably, the club don't fancy having to check the bank statements every month to make sure everyone has coughed up.

There is, I think a way round this. Start up a season ticket Goldbond club say next January where fans can join for £10 per week or £43.33 per month.

Assuming the fan has honoured each monthly payment by August, they receive, free of charge, a season ticket for anywhere in the ground. Or two season tickets even, or a season ticket and a home shirt (or £50 to spend in the shop).

On the downside it means fans end up spending more over the year, but on the plus side, it spreads the burden over 12 months and you might end up winning your money back with luck.

Finally, the club has to give 20% of S/T money to the VAT, whereas lotteries are exempt from VAT and so Dale would get to keep all of their brass if done via the Goldbond.

If this was an option, what would you do?

I'd certainly do it if the club put real added value into the package, maybe throw in a pre-match meal or some other low cost incentive.

Have we got a game tonight?
at 11:40 3 Nov 2015

Just reading tomorrow's Observer and it says "speaking ahead of last night's Johnstone's Paints Trophy match against Morecambe at Spotland".

I thought this match was next Tuesday!

Surely the Ob hasn't slumped so low as it can't even get the fixtures right? Or am I reading it wrong? Or are we playing tonight?
Bittersweet story in the press on Dale!
at 14:12 30 Oct 2015

Interesting and nice story in The Guardian today picking up on real, if unspectacular clubs.

We're number 4 on the link.


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