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Frustrated rant
at 11:08 8 May 2021

Don't think I have ever been this deflated waking up before a Dale game.

The prospect of facing teams like Harrogate and Sutton United as opposed to Sheffield Wednesday/Sunderland/Ipswich...😔 The financial allure of staying in league 1 to face these teams needed relentless positivity, support and fight. Instead we accepted our shortcomings and rolled over. Can't wait for 19 Torquay away fans to create a crackling atmosphere at Spotland.

I'm sorry but our squad belongs in league one and I am genuinely gutted we never gave it a proper go (ALL SEASON)

The board, BBM etc always talked like we never belonged here. Especially around Jan. That we are lucky we aren't down before Xmas. This is poor poor leadership and this negativity has crawled through the whole club.

Where were the positive "we are good enough, we belong here, let's fight to the death" statements that galvanise us all consistently.

Now it's poor little Rochdale with the vultures ready to offer £100k for genuinely talented players. Or as recent news has suggested, letting all our talent leave on a free.

I know all this has been said before but just needed to get it off my chest.

Up the Dale and all that but wow, what could have been eh?
Conor Grant moving on?
at 09:50 4 May 2021

Got a few reliable sources telling me clubs are circling and are close to signing Conor Grant. For me will be such a shame to lose him and surely only a decent fee would twist our arm.
Tavares Hat-Trick for Cov U23s Vs Cardiff
at 15:45 27 Apr 2021

Have we let one slip away? 👀
If not BBM then who
at 18:03 6 Mar 2021

After watching that I've cracked open a second bottle of wine 😋

I've been supportive of BBM, knowing/understanding the players and budget he is working with.

For the record I expected us to be where we are. What I didn't expect is the lack of fight, lack of goals and lack of shape. It does seem like the end, regrettably.

Some people have suggested Cowley/Holloway/Bowyer et al. Realistically there is no chance we can afford them.

More likely it will be an internal appointment (McNulty/McShane) or a non league manager.

Would Wilbraham return to North West for a crack?

Realistically, who do you reckon could:

1. Save our season
2. Get us promoted should relegation happen
Jimmy Ryan
at 19:35 28 Feb 2021

I'm surprising myself writing this but never knew how important Jimmy Ryan was to this team.

I've noticed the complete lack of intensity in midfield for a number of weeks and had a look at some highlights from earlier in the season...with Ryan in the team we are so much better.

I feel we need 2 "ratters" in the middle (Rathbone/Ryan ideally) and we are playing with too many so called "cultured" midfielders. We lose intensity/tempo in defence and attack and generally look unfit. It's why we keep going backwards in my opinion.

In previous games Ryan has demanded the ball in tight spaces and continued momentum...nobody has replicated that.

I noticed Burton's CM Clare was all over the pitch on Sat and never looked rushed.

I'm a fan of Morley but he needs a rest for me and feel he plays his best football on excellent pitches, a luxury we don't have. Shaunessy looks way off the pace so far.

In the absence of Ryan (and now Rathbone X3 games) who could fill that essential "ratter" role?

Keohane? Brierley? O'Connell? Roberts?

Fairly sure BBM is here to stay for the foreseeable so just trying to throw some immediate solutions out there 🙂
Sensationalism vs realism
at 12:43 20 Feb 2021

"I've been a season ticket holder for 40 years and this is the last straw"

Ok, that may not be a direct quote but I have been seeing this kind of rhetoric on here and on social media recently. I'm left scratching my head as to why. There seems to be a trend in society/politics etc to sensationalise a viewpoint for increased attention/column inches (see Brexit) and feel this has seaped into football fandom.

For the record I accept there are issues with the board who are rightly scrutinised. I accept we didn't sign a left back. I accept the team are in poor form.

But I'm not throwing my scarf away in disgust.

I happen to work for a club in South Yorkshire and trust me, their boardroom issues FAR outweigh ours. Dale also seem to be in a ok financial position in the circumstances.

When we started the season (with all the releases) I feared we would really struggle. In fact we are just above the relegation zone, which is surely where most of us expected we would be.

The club are also recruiting roles behind the scenes which I see as a massive positive. Many others seem disgusted at this. Some of these advertised roles I actually work in...20k wage bringing in 150k income for my particular football employers. Isn't this good for our club?

We are in league 1 and have been for a while now. I love this club and will support them as best I can to stay in this excellent league and play Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday 🙃 each week. The last few years have been incredible for Dale and I just don't understand the chronic negativity from many fans. Maybe I'm missing something.

I've paid my £10 and bought my beers for the game this afternoon to support the lads. Let's all get behind them and criticise proportionately.

Up the dale

How about a banner at the Man U match. "We'd rather be playing Bury!"
at 08:26 30 Aug 2019

Theoretical stadium relocation
at 23:14 28 Jun 2019

Bit of fun...If money was no object, where In Rochdale would you relocate Spotland?

Evening all. Long time reader, first time contributor.

Upon a Dale reunion last weekend in the pub, an interesting topic/scenario was brought up and wanted to open it up to the forum.

Taking into account tourism, transport, location, accessibility etc that would increase the attendance/popularity of the club, where would you relocate Spotland?

I few suggestions were Norden Field, Hollingworth lake or a central location maybe the old market for easy away fan access to the train station.

Rules were:

1. Would have to improve matchday attendance/reputation of the club
2. Be in a location that would best represent Rochdale

Stadium names also welcome :)
[Post edited 28 Jun 2019 23:17]
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