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All the positivity from last week is now here in this post..
at 17:33 9 Feb 2019

Cem Clique
at 16:48 10 Dec 2017

Welcomes another member. Annoyingly ...a thoroughly nice man.
Hilly clapped us
at 21:46 17 Mar 2015

And the world is good
The hardest job in football?
at 11:18 10 Mar 2015

Genuinely good luck to Frances.
Fabien Brandy song
at 15:50 12 Jan 2015

Well if it's good enough for camps..thanks Mr Manilow for the tune ...

Oh brandy... Your coke and your 'e's' are worth taking... That I bought yesterday... Oh brandy.

I'm now on a down and I'm shaking. Will you deal today... oh brandy
at 11:18 17 Dec 2014
Just another game...
at 12:10 28 Sep 2014

Next week.... Anyone here buy that?
Sun shines on a cheap place to live
at 22:36 6 Sep 2014

It's been a bit rainy today, but by god what a great day.... 4-0 away from home and I didn't even have a Maccy D's

Rate that. If you lot have a go at my prose I'll walk... Knobs

Actually I'm gone.
Well done Cambridge
at 18:30 18 May 2014

Up the plate.
Last minute ticket available
at 08:22 2 May 2014

Un Covered seating

Pm me if you want it... I need yer phone number like.
[Post edited 2 May 2014 8:53]
Pony tail hair cuts
at 18:52 13 Apr 2014

We're all friends... Is there a point when any of us have sported a pony tail garb/haircut? I think we all need to know...
Just back from another slump
at 22:14 18 Mar 2014

What's it gonna be like when we get out of this slump.

Bunney great... Allen great... Henderson great ... O'connell great...

Just friggin great all round... Only down side the sending off.. Hey ho!
Blank Pieces of paper required tomorrow
at 11:33 28 Feb 2014

Watch Hilly on You Tube...
Massive Fire
at 23:37 30 Jan 2014

At the old Turner Brothers mill....
[Post edited 30 Jan 2014 23:37]
Day 2 or is it 3 - An Ashes Tale
at 23:19 23 Dec 2013

Right lets get one thing straight. Following England cricket at the moment is a bit like watching Dale when they were/are shit. The cricket gets in the way of a good time. We found out about Swann in Shanghai. More reasons not to get excited about why we are really here, but just an inconvenience to the fun that surrounds this entertaining trip. A bit like the 5-0 defeat at Torquay, if you know what I mean.

Right Southend after shots we had devoured plus the newly acquired shocking pink tu-tu that we purloined from a lady in a shocker of a club in Southend we made our way to the convicts out post via Heathrow, bedecked in cricketing whites that turned heads as we strode through Terminal 4. We were giddy as you can understand so photo opportunities we taken ....

We took our seats on the first leg of the trip. Childish games ensued, that never really lost there fun as certain messageboard users insisted on messing with individual TV controllers much to the annoyance of other airline passengers. Anyway I digress... here is a picture of the back of the head rest in front of me for no apparent reason with the customary backs of heads shot...

Flights are boring, especially long haul ones but a bottle of vodka between us helped us fill the dull hours on our way to China. You can only watch the Shawshank Redemption and play Tetris so many time before you get peed off. Shanghai came and delivered little. Its a shit hole trust me... Hundreds of shops selling stuff that even the hardest of crack heads wouldn't want to buy from. To give you an idea there was a shop selling all things Panda, and not a proper bar in sight. We found one, but it was no Cemetery Pub but beggers cant be choosers... and it were dear to...

By now we had befriended a Leicester chap and we got a picture taken with the big fella, see you didn't know he was a bloke from China did you?

A slight delay and we made the last leg. A quieter journey as jetlag and post vodka hangovers took grip and I had the pleasure of sitting next to an Aussie who was actually quiet affable.

10 long hours later we touchdown at HMP Australia. It was raining. Which matched our mood regarding that knob Swann retiring, but I was reliably informed that Melbourne was like that, and one minute it can be cloudy and the next, blazing sunshine.

Once ensconced in the hotel, we did what most respecting English people do when on their hols...find a pub. After much walking we found ourselves in an area of Melbourne, called St Kilda where there are many pubs and bars. Jetlag was really taking a grip by now and we all had our moments when we teetered on the edge of going back to the hotel and never being seen until Xmas eve, but we drank through it and at 4am some 30 hours after we woke up on the Saturday morning in Southend, we finally relented to some 'quality' sleep back at the hotel. Lists of interesting people we met, a Louis Suarez lookalikee who was a bint, a bloke who got chucked out of the same bar 6 times, we met a dirty Burnley fan who we bumped into in one of off the bars bogs. Speaking of bogs, over here they have a bizarre set up when having a slash. They have,what can only be described as a 'cattle grid' infront of the urinal, which raised the question in the bar,do you stand on the grid or before it. Apparently it depends on how well you're hung.

Suffice to say we did Dale proud and we was the last people to leave the bar.

More irrelevant nonsense tomorrow. If we can be arsed.

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International Scouting System
at 19:44 12 Dec 2013

'There is no chief scout or scouting system' - David Flitcroft

So what whopper was fatty Day on about this summer.

Francis Jeffers
at 17:21 7 Nov 2013



A minutes silence please at 1pm
at 11:10 14 Oct 2013

For the sad sacking of Blackwell.

Our thoughts are with all you Dalies at this sad time.
How our Official Site should do previews...
at 10:19 8 Jul 2013

Read Leighanne, read and learn. This is a genuine review. Gordon is in overdrive... Some fantastically funny sound bites

Pre-season starts in earnest with visit to Stainton Park

It’s the time of the year when expectations amongst many are high, when hopes are raised and when supporters flock to Stainton Park to see a new look team, only this time – it’s different in so many ways.

Season ticket sales have gone through the roof, the positivity and that good feeling coming from Gigg Lane is nothing but good. The new look Shakers will be there for all to see with so many new faces, so many trialists and new faces within the Stainton Park board room to top it all off.

The revolution moves to the next step as Kevin Blackwell puts his side out for their first real test. Pre-season is two weeks old now, fitness levels are coming but there’s no better test than a good competitive game – and we know from previous years, that a competitive game is just what the lads will get.

For two players, the very fact they are kicking a ball again will be more than enough positives for their own reasons. Adam Lockwood and Shane Byrne will be involved after overcoming injury and illness over the last season and summer.

Five new faces will be on show, a new look side and shape. Gareth Roberts, Nathan Cameron, Andy Procter, Greg McDermott and Ashley Grimes will be joined by Euan Holden & Tom Soares – both well-known and now both with proper long term contracts.

Add to that the continental flair from French, Dutch and Belgian trialists – plus the odd German, Italian and a Brazilian – plus a handful of English lads – all on trial, all looking for a club and all keen to impress Kevin Blackwell.

This isn’t the Bury FC that took to the field 12 months ago – this is the NEW Bury FC, smarter, fitter, stronger and above all – still alive.

The result means nothing to Kevin Blackwell or his staff. It’s about getting minutes in, getting time on the pitch, bonding as a team and getting to know each other. They can live in each other’s pockets all they want – time in the team is a valuable lesson for all concerned.

Has the Shakers revolution stalled? It’s hardly got going yet, but the shake-up has begun. It’s rolling forward, at a fast rate of knots. Get it right off the field – it will be right on the field.

Expectation from fans is high – but the expectation from everyone at the club is higher and better.

Yes we are obsessed. Obsessed with the amusement you lot provide.

at 18:47 27 Apr 2013

Cash or cheque???
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