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lukes first days at his new club
at 01:04 15 Feb 2020

Must be pretty daunting for him, and I bet he's going through a rollercoaster of emotions, switching from a family club to the Premier League club. Interesting piece showing the young lad turning up at Wolves, going through the official business end stuff, meet and greet, signing and fitness tests.

Style of play is starting the pay off
at 19:58 11 Jan 2020

Dale's quick passing and movement, has been effective and slicker in recent games all over the pitch. I think it's starting to pay off.

Judging by today's game, we seem to be getting the balance of keeping possession attune with, dangerous forward momentum. Ryan's at his best, Dooley the engine room and the link to putting the opposition under pressure. So glad to see him back.

No lone wolf. The players worked for the full 90 as a team. Strong down the right hand side. Players getting into space. Matherson on an overlapping run, racing down the wing on the right side. Today a few time's he was looking out for Wilbraham. What a great quick thinker and nice deliverer of the ball. We are so fortunate to have his quality at the moment.

Nice to go into the Newcastle game showing some decent form and confidence.

Bruce's take on the game
at 19:03 4 Jan 2020

Seems mildly upset in his calm way.. Stylee of getting back home from the supermarket and complaining to the wife he forgot to buy the bog roll.
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Restless bolton
at 13:36 2 Jan 2020

If we can get a win against Bolton in the coming weeks it's going to get tougher for Hill. The natives are restless.

Looking forward to the battle

Their website shows there's quite a bit of discontent brewing following their loss at the weekend.
at 21:48 15 Dec 2019

I'm hoping Dale, can get out of this underdog mentally and take this game to these lower league minnows


If we can't show some guts and positive play tomorrow then BBM needs to sign up Tony Robbins into his back-room staff until the end of the season.
Unlikely and much needed Win
at 17:25 7 Dec 2019

Hope the fans that travelling back, are buzzing after this unpredictable win.

About time we didn't get sucker punched by any bad luck, during the match. Safe journey back!

Mongol fighting Spirit
at 22:54 22 Nov 2019

Too many games we have surrendered to the opposition.

Also when taking a lead, only a few of the team show a will to punish. Rathbone and McShane are our warriors. Like to see more step up to the plate, like Camps.

Wish we could see some more fighting spirit and belief. Win lose or draw, let's see the players go balls deep for a win and go try to boss a game for once.

Vid For the dressing room. Pre match. A bit of mongolian Rock.

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Ipswich game
at 22:57 5 Nov 2019

I'm feeling disappointed with a 3rd loss on the bounce. Ipswich was very strong disciplined side with good passing skills and concentration. With our budget and small(physically too) squad were always going to have to fight and get that bit of luck, to beat teams these championship material teams.

This said it was a great first half by Dale, playing at tempo, we very close to getting something out of the game, Matheson was like lightening down the wing however Done missed chances again. Nice to see Pyke back, I do rate him but doesnt seem to do enough, he disappeared later in the game may be fatigue. Very entertaining half though

2nd half it was different story again. Wish we could play great for at 3/4 of the game. And also have players to come on that change a game instead of making it worse. Unfortunately with each substition the quality of play deteriorates.

Onto the next. The heads haven't dropped yet and they are still trying and playing for BBM..we need to play some sh1t teams and get our mojo back.
ideas for a luke matheson song.
at 21:07 31 Oct 2019

Anyone got any Ideas for a luke matheson song? here's my effort.

There's no doubt, his speed is dangerous
Score a goal Luke, entertain us
At old Trafford, he was rampageous
Here we are now, entertain us

[Post edited 31 Oct 2019 21:48]
Against Oxford Away Nov 2018
at 23:47 25 Oct 2019

Noticeable is the goal celebrations, I wonder if the camarade is better this year. I'm not reading too much into it, but there doesn't seem as much punching the air.... all pile ons..corner flag jiggles..for Dale goals
[Post edited 26 Oct 2019 0:04]
The new boy.
at 23:09 12 Oct 2019

Turned out a well-earned result the beers are tasting sweeter this Saturday evening. Barry made some good changes in defence today by blooding the new signing.

Mcshane lacked a little pace but looked solid and dependable, safe and trustworthy. Early days, but he's going to be a crowd favourite if he can carry this through in the coming matches, and hopefully his coolness will rub off on his teammates.

Tons of experience to pass on, Mathesons an intelligent lad and it will be interesting to see the sensai and the trainee playing together, hopefully, he will learn lots from Mcshane.

Dale v Wycombe Lowlights
at 23:18 28 Sep 2019
We need the old Hendo back.
at 22:52 28 Sep 2019

Running out of position and making silly mistakes. We need Henderson back to his best to match his goal-fest of last season.

He may find his form, with quicker service, but needs the players to be spotting his runs as he does try to breach the defence, always looking for that through pass. But it seems, only the creativity of Morley, Rathbone or Matheson are the players, to possibly unlock a run through on goal.

Camps could help more. Great player on his day. Felt his demeanour appeared maybe a bit negative today. There were a few times he could have had a go at goal and didn't. Also passing it back instead of moving it forward putting pressure on their defence instead of finding a route through for Hendo.

It's not just Camps a few of the other players need to look up and read the game better and look round for more passing options. As we can do it on our day.

Although Hendo is Captain, I think Rathbone would deserve the responsibility in the future. He is a genuine Dale hero who deserves every penny of his wage, for the shift he puts in. Pissing Down or a Tuesday night borefest, he always turns up for a fight.

Man U V Dale highlights.
at 00:26 26 Sep 2019

BBM is off to a great start
at 22:41 3 Aug 2019

Game 1. Cannot get better than a win away from home with so much anticipation on how this seasons going to pan out.

With our new Manager learning on the job, it's going to be an interesting journey and hopefully a good one.

It's a welcome change he has a humble personality instead of an ego. Early doors but Brian's got the players playing for him. Some great passing and possession and a reflection of the hard work on the training ground.

It's a thin squad and injuries to any key player could break the momentum. However. Good times!! :-) Roll on the home game.

Henderson Rallys the Troops
at 20:37 2 Aug 2019

Hendo's skills are not confined to the football pitch. He's also a maestro on the double bass.

Here he is with a call to arms, a rallying call for the season start tomorrow.

[Post edited 2 Aug 2019 20:45]
Beer influenced purchases.
at 01:15 2 Jun 2019

Anyone else purchases stuff when getting a bit giddy. I'll not get to more than half the games and purchased one for 20 years ...however, booked my season ticket Block E row G main stand. Daaaale...Littleborough's BBM Barmy Army. Hope the main stands warm, cuddly and vegan-free.
[Post edited 2 Jun 2019 2:39]
Rochdale Roadshow. Wider audience
at 23:12 24 May 2019

A great initiative to promote season tickets for Barry's barmy army.


A lot of the venues for this promotion are in central Rochdale

On the whole, I think Central Rochdale has a lot of people who have bigger priorities than paying a lot of money for a season ticket watching Dale

Traditionally, the asian population in central Rochdale prefer other sports and may not support Dale, even if tickets were 50 quid. Just my opinion.

Surely banging the Dale drum in Milnrow, Littleborough, Castleton, Bamford etc... where I'm sure, a larger Dale demographic worth tapping. Take it to Aldi, Lidl, outside the train stations.

Push the dale promotion further afield than Heywood and Rochdale Centre.
'Waiting Game' Who's going to sign first?
at 01:01 16 May 2019

Aaron Morley, Done or Rathbone and 4 others shrewdly rubbing their chins. Waiting to see what offers from other clubs tantalise and titillate.

Who's the first to renew? Maybe the opening gambit is to wait a month, for a more 'high profile' club to come knocking?

hope to see Morley and Rathbone sign and get onboard. However, I hope we can get a final settled squad here before the training holiday to Bogner Regis.

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