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RAFC Kit Vote Scandal 2019//20
at 19:18 19 Jan 2020

I like probably a lot of others on here voted for the kit & a chance to go to Italy.

All the votes counted & lucky winner announced followed by a fun day, big trailer selling kits / shirts to young & old.

Home kit Blue & Black & the second kit being Grey..

Now then, why sell a kit which children want but actually never see their team in?

Again, yesterday we played in the 3rd kit, in fact we mostly play now in the 3rd Choice Pink One???

How many games has the Grey Kit been seen??? This is not what the fans voted for and the club should consider a refund..
BBM Out or bring in a new Manager & keep him as a coach?
at 21:42 29 Dec 2019

Simple question.. not a James poll 😀
BBM Rotherham pre match interview
at 17:47 6 Dec 2019

PR Exercise or Honesty??

Just read it twice if I’m honest, talks about recent events and growing discontent in our attacking style & supporter feedback (doesn’t say booing specifically)

In light of previous manager & a certain foul mouthed director, is he being sincere he is feeling our pain???

I side on sincere so tip my hat to him, must be as painful for him to watch as us


Goldbond vs Buzzliine
at 19:38 21 Nov 2019

Was reading the Hornets Lifeline thread & scrolled down the article a bit too far, then I saw the Buzzline draw results..

Their prize structure seems a lot better than ours & let’s be honest, we must have 100 times more people in our draw than ours so the odds must be better.. what is a £5 win nowadays?

Never heard of the Hornets Lottery Draw, no one has ever knocked on the door & it’s not well advertised, is it a secret society? 😀

Anyone on here in the Buzz team?
Lazy Councils
at 18:18 7 Nov 2019

On the way back from Sandbrook, the road sign still says Spotland Stadium? why?

What’s worse is had to go into Bury this morning so went Heap Bridge way to avoid the traffic around Fairfield and my boy asked why are there still brown signs still say Bury FC ⚽️

Why?????? 😀😀
Ashes - Not a Cricket Thread
at 20:13 18 Oct 2019

Just been asked a question, does Rochdale allow a scattering of ashes for a lifelong fan?

Any sincere advice please for an old lady who’s Husband has recently passed..

Many thanks
£36k FA Draw Lottery
at 18:27 16 Oct 2019

One lucky club will win a bye according to BBC Sport Breaking News after the Bucket Demise..

Rain covers? 😀
Marketing at the club
at 17:42 8 Oct 2019

Ready to Reload fooking what??

A striker would be a good start 🤨

Someone stealing a wage for this
Why is Sandy Lane closed? - Bomb Scare at the club
at 16:16 2 Oct 2019

Dibble everywhere

All roads around the ground, looks like stopping people as well?
[Post edited 2 Oct 2019 16:38]
Box Privileges
at 19:45 20 Sep 2019

Just found out if you are in a box, you can go in & out the front door next to the ticket office for a fag when you want! 😡🤯🤯

How does that work ffs...

Feel a complaint coming on..
Alby”s Mum
at 19:44 16 Sep 2019

Terrible news on the twitter feed, his mum is in Christie’s with the terrible thing that is Cancer.

Lovely gesture on what he did with his grab a grand winnings.

Hope she makes a full recovery and he’s back soon..
Alternative Joe Bunney Thread for all of us who wish him well
at 18:19 10 Sep 2019

Get well soon Joe 👍
Blast from the past 🤨
at 19:20 29 Aug 2019

Just noticed a really left field tweet on RAFC Twitter retweeted or whatever that means..

George Donnelly.. there’s an ex-Number 9, now playing for Skelmersdale United so back home in scouse land... why would he care we are playing Man Utd??

Maybe he’s making it known he will be playing AFC Bury next year 😀❤️
Today’s Youth Match vs NCFC
at 12:41 27 Aug 2019

Big Cup match on this afternoon for a conference team.. 😀

We had better win or a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) will be gloating all night 🤨
EFL Update Just Now
at 17:49 23 Aug 2019

No extension.. 11:59pm or else 👍👍👍


Steve Collis
at 20:43 20 Aug 2019

[Post edited 20 Aug 2019 20:46]
Nursery Rhymes 😀
at 18:11 19 Aug 2019

Now 4 Green Buckets hanging on a wall 😀😀

Tick tick
Biffos Rock Bottom
at 18:09 17 Aug 2019

Are they NCFC in disguise 😀
[Post edited 17 Aug 2019 18:18]
Fixture Board
at 17:18 13 Aug 2019

Just talking to a guy about football & said on way to match tonight, he honestly said he looked at the board on his way home & still says Doncaster & thought it was next week!!
Tranmere Tickets Alternative Thread PA Away
at 21:17 1 Aug 2019

1,500 Extra tickets sold so Bucket fans can go & watch Plymouth and watch there Ex-Manager & most of last seasons team as they have nothing better to do 😀😀
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