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at 18:16 16 Jan 2021

The last few match threads & other posts have started to call for Bbexit (claiming it before Baz 😀).

I like most am not happy with results, league position or at least half the squad at the moment. Covid aside, would we have invested more in the team? No one will know for sure but I doubt it...

Do I call for Bbexit.. No..
Do I think he is doing a good job?.. On the fence
Do I think he is up to League 1 Manager.. No..

What would I do if I was the Chairman?

Bring a new Manager in & make BBM assistant to gain more experience???

Happy New Year
at 16:41 31 Dec 2020

Let’s start... not sure what everyone is doing tonight, I’m having a quiet night in...

New Year, Brexit starting at midnight, been food shopping today & fruit & veg scarce...

Saying that, have no wealth but health is ok & that’s all that matters nowadays...

Happy New Year everyone
Another Legend Gone
at 16:35 31 Dec 2020

RIP Tommy..

Tommy Docherty: Former Man Utd and Scotland boss dies

[Post edited 31 Dec 2020 16:36]
Half time draws-Away games
at 17:34 23 Dec 2020

Just wondering why in the state we are all in is the club not doing half time draws for away games?

I presume there is no rule against it, a gambling (lottery) licence so what’s the problem or has no one at the club thought of giving it a try??

New iPhone iOS big brother
at 17:11 14 Dec 2020

Just swiped left on my iPhone to the new widgets page and it is showing a map pinned to where my boy has his football training on a Monday night. It is not in my calendar or anything. I never use google maps so why is it showing me this information???

Scary what data is collated...
Xmas Tour Bets
at 22:30 18 Nov 2020


On a serious note.. great idea👍👍🎅🏻

Now then... Dave Sweetmore

Santa 100-1
Elf 2-1

Any other odds?

Edit... let’s not lower the tone on a fun post, twitter etc..... it’s a good marketing initiative ...
[Post edited 18 Nov 2020 22:34]
NFR.. Me & Chalky Digressing on another thread what was your first car?
at 20:26 18 Nov 2020

To take our minds of lockdown...

MK2 Ford Escort Mexico.. Registration WHK 678S

God I loved that car... was only 18... if only I could have it on the drive now 😢😀
Pirates About
at 19:41 18 Nov 2020


Make it cheaper & more profitable for the club 👍

Dale Wonderwall
at 17:46 14 Nov 2020

Drove past earlier, noticed the trees being trimmed on the back of the car park but what also caught my attention was what looked like a blue & white floral tribute name in the middle of the wonderwall behind the Sandy. Apologies can’t remember the name but has someone passed away?

Another Club Vacancy
at 15:58 9 Nov 2020


I can do that job... played shite but we were unlucky... 🤣
NFR.. School Nativity Play
at 20:05 6 Nov 2020

Message from school:

Apologies we have had to cancel this years nativity play for the following reasons:

Joseph & Mary can’t risk a £10k fine for the christening.
The 3 wise men have been hit by the travel ban.
The Shepherds have had their furlough extended until next March
There are no shops open to buy gold frankincense or myrrh
The innkeeper has had to close the pub
The Angels can’t fly as their airline business has gone bust
Santa can’t get about because it will break the rule of 6 with his reindeer
Lastly, there is concern over Rudolphs red nose so he is self isolating awaiting his Covid test results

Borders 0.01 AM
at 21:18 16 Oct 2020

So come midnight +1 minute, Lancashire goes into lockdown...

Whitworth is in “Lancashire”...

Been discussing this tonight, from where the road forks right towards Shawclough, say that is the county border.. nearest pub is the Oxford? On Whitworth Road?... 10 minute walk for a beer if that?

In the other side, GM & lancs get locked down, Todmotden is in Yorkshire .....

Where’s my walking shoes ....

RIP Eddie Van Halen - Legend
at 21:25 6 Oct 2020

Eddie Van Halen: Revered guitarist dies at 65 after cancer battle https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54443394

Best band FRED
at 22:09 9 Jul 2020

Led Zeppelin
Sam Smiths Pubs
at 18:17 4 Jul 2020

Just heard they are reopening from Monday & adding a £1 to every drink, draught, spirits, wine & soft drinks... 😯 ... WTF???

Engaging Safety Ltd
at 20:43 30 Jun 2020

Latest tweet from the club..

No COVID-19 'offside traps' for @officiallydale! We are proud to be working with the Dale to develop a COVID Secure Procedure & RA's; a challenge due to their many community links but layouts for safe routes in the numerous buildings & offices are now in place. 'Back of the net'!

Wonder how much that is costing us?

Strange the club has taken a loan from RBC, new pitch, barcode entry system etc... Spending it like Beckham me thinks ...
Withdraw Dale Lotto Direct Debits
at 20:18 20 Jun 2020

Should we vote with our feet until we get some answers / not a woolly comment....

If season tickets were half price tomorrow would you buy one?

Much talk of shares & shabby ways of releasing players...

Most Staff furloughed... but getting a new pitch & barcode entry system...

Never been so fooked off at what I see & have read recently if I’m honest, anyone who knows me will know I have Dale blood running through my veins... I’m bleeding at the moment and it isn’t a good feeling..

Asda Rochdale Raining in
at 17:15 15 Jun 2020


All Lives Matter.. Peace & Goodwill
at 21:29 14 Jun 2020

All Lives Matter.. Peace & Goodwill

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Twitter Updates
at 17:26 1 Jun 2020

Thought about adding this to the lotto thread but then not.. think it deserves its own & some answers please..



The last 5 posts on twitter have been all about the lotto, today encouraging people to go to direct debit again, slightly worded differently than the last one 3 days ago..,.

Hello Mr Bottomley,

This is what you said below, how can you furlough our media person but in contradiction of your statement, start effectively bucket shaking (we are not Bury).
How about using the twitter feed for news on players & if there is a released list?, what are the thoughts & plans of the EFL option of a 20 man squad?

As a result of these actions, we will now only be providing media updates on a once a weekly basis and our social media channels will remain unmanned at all other times. We thank you for your understanding. We will aim to provide information regarding Club and EFL matters through our weekly updates.

Edit. Spelling mistake 😀
[Post edited 1 Jun 2020 17:34]
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