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Tranmere Rovers v Rochdale prediction logged
Biggest gulf in class between 2 teams?
at 22:12 21 Aug 2018

Well...tonight was a real wake up call to the whole football club. From top to bottom, from the Chairman to the tea lady.

We were simply battered from start to finish, and to be honest, couldn't have grumbled if we'd lost by 7 or 8, such was the difference between two teams competing in the same division.

I was wondering if I'd ever seen such disparity between 2 teams before...I can only think of a couple of games last season that came remotely close...namely Wigan & Blackburn at home...but to be honest, tonight made those games look close.

So many individual errors that it's not worth going into too much detail, but surely, our delivery from dead balls must be a real concern to the Management? I lost count of the number of free kicks or corners given to us that led directly to a chance for Barnsley.

Is it the players who are not good enough, or the coaching that is falling short?

Having said all that, well played Barnsley. One of the most complete performances you could hope to see at this level.
at 12:54 14 Jun 2018

Signing number four to be announced at 1.00pm.

Another returning player.


Scott Wiseman or COG anyone?
Weaker or stronger?
at 09:54 18 Jan 2018

Just thought I'd ask peoples opinion on our transfer dealings to date in the January window.


Billy Nott (loan from Lincoln) Good swap deal . Can't be as poor as Williams surely?

Ryan Delaney (signed from Burton) Untried defender. No appearances in England. One for the future?

Sam Hart: (loan from Blackburn) Left Back Again, an untried player...not played a L1 game yet.


Jordan Williams (Loan to Lincoln) Has been awful here. Good deal for all parties

Joe Bunney (Sold to Northampton) bit of a surprise, selling to a relegation rival in the same league, but Joe divides opinion among fans I know. Surely, we didn't need the money?

Jordan Slew: Left at end of short term contract. Never given a chance, Not much idea if he is any good based on what I saw.

MJ Williams : Back to parent club. Had been injured that long I'd almost forgotten him being here, but we looked better when he did play.

Other stuff:

There are also rumours of Camps leaving, and I had a phone call last night telling me that we are trying to offload several other players...some are regular first teamers if fit. Others are no surprise, but not able to go at present.

No idea if we intend to bring anyone else in.

I reckon that we are weaker now than before the window opened, and I expect us to add some quality to the squad without too many departures. However, the realist in me expects Camps to be sold (undisclosed fee) and for us to bring in a couple of youngster and one we've seen before.

Need to bring in

Box to box midfield player
Winger with pace
Goal scorer (which is always the hardest thing to find)
New pitch (the correct one this time please...what a waste the last one has been)

I've given up on us signing Jims replacement. This is something that we should have done over a year ago, but Hill obviously can't see a problem or he wouldn't have given him a contract extension.

The financial cost of relegation
at 17:46 30 Dec 2017

I am wondering just how much it will cost us if we drop down to L2 from a financial point of view, and have done some rough figures, which may or may not be accurate, but they are my best guess.

These figures are for a full season.

Loss of TV money £200,000

Loss of away fan income £250-300k

Loss of sponsorship / hospitality programme/kit sales £50k

Loss of home support £200,000

I know that these are rough figures, but they represent around £750k in terms of reduced income should we go down.

And yet the Directors tell us that we currently have no money to improve the squad, which suggests to me that we are currently running at a big annual loss, propped up by the Hogan/Allen transfer fees.

I'd suggest we cannot afford NOT to bring in a couple of players in January, and hopefully shifting out or paying off some of the deadwood.

It's a calculated gamble, but one that imho, we can't really afford not to take.

Rochdale Online coverage
at 12:04 7 Feb 2017

Why is the coverage of Dale so poor on Rochdale Online?

They seem very capable of publicising sporting events in the town (particularly Hornets, for example) but seem loath to offer much in the way of positive publicity about the football.

This weekend for example, there was an excellent item (together with photos and video links) about Hornets following their fantastic win.

Dale, on the other hand, hardly warranted anything... a short item which in its first papragraph moans at the lack of quality on show and also points out the poor pitch. No photographs, and no positivity whatsoever, unless you count us losing our play off position as positive. No mention of our long list of injured players, or any other mitigating circumstances.

Do they even send someone along. After all, we are the premier professional sporting club in the Borough. It doesn't look like they can be bothered.
The Pitch
at 10:44 5 Feb 2017

I know there are plenty of comments about the pitch, but I think it needs it's own thread.

I'm frankly appalled at how quickly the pitch has gone from being perfectly good to being not fit for purpose.

Yesterday, after arriving at my dad's following a 6 hour journey, he said that he'd like to come to the game with me. He used to assist the groundsmen at both cricket & bowls locally, so he's not a complete novice in pitch maintenance matters.

His immediate comment on entering the ground and seeing the state of the pitch was "it's been laid wrong". On questioning him, he was adamant that from what little he could see the roots of the grass were suffering, there was far too much sand within it's structure and more worryingly, it looks like there are once again big problems with the drainage.

His conclusion was that "it'll have to come up and be re done as soon as possible"

In addition, he didn't think that playing Rugby on it was making it any worse.

I think it's time that the club actually made an official comment about the pitch, as we seem to spend a huge sum of money on it each season, but it hasn't been good enough this year. Have we done anything different to previous years that would contribute to it's poor condition?

What worries me, is that the weather has so far been kind to us, both in terms of temperature and rainfall, so how much worse would it be in a bad spell?

The curse strikes again?
at 22:54 21 Jan 2017

I know we won in the F A Cup at Barrow, but we've lost our two league one games since Hilly was awarded Manager of the Month . This follows a fantastic run beforehand. We have now suffered a string of injuries and 2 losses.

Is the curse real?

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