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ESL team fines.....
at 11:45 10 Jun 2021

It seems that the english 6 clubs who joined the ESL and then back tracked have been fined a total of £22m between them.

Now that money should be equally devided between the 72 league clubs to a tune of £300k pr club....

It is money that will go a long way in helping clubs to survive...

Stripulations like not to be used n transfer deals etc..
Peter Vincenti
at 11:33 6 May 2021

Petef Vincenti as been appointed as PFA Vice Chair

A big thanks
at 08:46 3 May 2021

A big thanks to the Manchester United supporters for showing the football world how not to try and get changes at your supported club....

Watching the disgraceful scenes unfold on sunday afternoon shows how moronic some people can be.....

This should be a pointer to all Daleys what not to participate in if wanting a change within the club...
Ownership ideas
at 12:55 23 Apr 2021


Tbe above article as a section called 50+1 which is the model german clubs use and if it works for them why not here.....

at 17:12 19 Apr 2021

Dont know what time the AGM starts but will the EGM be on the table!

Hope a shareholder provides a bit of info on here.......
at 09:51 19 Apr 2021

Did somebody mention that Bottomley was on the radio the other day.
Did he have anything of interest to say !
Trust EGM update
at 11:50 16 Apr 2021

We'd just like to provide an update to Trust members following our announcement earlier in the week that we intended to call for an EGM. We have delivered a letter to the club this morning where we have formally called for that EGM.

In the past 48 hours, we have been in contact with a number of shareholders, and we were delighted that we had a total of 54 unique shareholders backing our call for an EGM which equated to around 25% of the total shareholding.

A massive thank you to all supporters for their backing over this. We will update you once we have a date for the meeting.

I wonder that out of the other 75% of shareholders with also vote for an EGM..
With what the yanks said about the club i think they just might..
[Post edited 16 Apr 11:59]
Season tickets
at 11:43 9 Apr 2021

Not inc this season and not inc any cup matches roughly how many home games are played at the COA on a tuesday or a saturday...

Hoping that supporters can attend properly next season and to generate more income how about a separate tuesday night match season ticket and a separate saturday afternoon only season ticket along with the reqular season tickets...

Just a thought....
Jim Trott RIP
at 14:40 9 Mar 2021

Trevor Peacock or otherwise known as Jim'no no no' peacock as passed away aged 89...

A date for the diary
at 18:08 8 Mar 2021

The English Football League has confirmed the 2021-22 season will begin on Friday, 6 August.
at 19:55 1 Feb 2021

Anymore out goings besides Baah and Tavaries........
Tavares to Coventry
at 09:18 1 Feb 2021

Any truth in Tavares in leaving....
Another passes away
at 13:47 25 Dec 2020

John Edrich class left hander passes away at the age of 83....

5 days of christmas scrapped
at 19:50 19 Dec 2020

Its gets worse.........
Boris as scrapped the 5 day christmas bubble.
It is now christmas day only.....
Tier 3 we stay
at 12:37 17 Dec 2020

It was always inevitable that that we stay in tier 3..
Those 5 days over christmas lets just hope the infection isnt a huge increase and sets the area back.......
at 19:31 11 Dec 2020

According to my WHU mate down in London he as heard that Dawson will be heading back to Watford any time soon...

Joe Bunney
at 18:26 1 Dec 2020

How the mighty fall.....
at 13:12 17 Oct 2020

Nile Ranger goes Sunday League..

Ex Dale Florent Hoti
at 08:33 10 Sep 2020

Trust statement
at 17:37 23 Jun 2020

interesting reading.....

Trust news / meeting with the club

First of all, thank you to everyone who has signed up already for the 2020-21 season, whenever that might eventually start. We are completely blown away by how many people have taken the time to sign up already, especially so many people who are joining up for the first time. If you are one of those, please take the time to give us your feedback because ultimately iit is your Trust and the feelings of the membership will always dictate the direction that we take.

We met with Dale CEO David Bottomley on Tuesday morning to discuss a number of issues that have arisen over the past three or four weeks, as well as offering feedback from Trust members to the club. The report from this meeting is being sent first of all to Trust members as a benefit of membership, and will appear on the Trust website on Wednesday morning for everyone to read. Please respect this members' benefit.
We started the meeting with a full and frank conversation about the club, decisions taken and how it needs to significantly improve communication with supporters, taking on board comments directed to the Trust from members over the last few days.

The fans forum in February had shown that the more open and transparent the club is with the supporters, the more they will back the club once they are in possession of the full facts of the situation, with a need to involve stakeholders on decisions. There was a clear need for the club to display both leadership and direction, as too often they have been reactive rather than proactive.

We discussed the finances at the club, how the Covid-19 crisis had impacted them, and how we are having to re-examine the club’s model given that we may not be able to rely on the transfer market and cup runs in the future, as we have done in the past.

The Trust are currently undertaking a research project with a view to attracting families to the Crown Oil Arena. Amongst the Trust committee, we have been allocated a club each from the eight EFL clubs to win Family Club of the Year over recent seasons and will produce a mini report on each to find out what they do well before compiling an overall report for the club. That report will also be published on the Trust website.

Ian Henderson situation:
The leak on Thursday night. Given that this has never happened to the club before, how was it possible for the news of the retained list to be leaked by a BBC Radio Manchester journalist on Thursday evening?
The leak came from a source close to one of the players who was released and was 100% not from the club.

Why wasn’t Ian Henderson’s departure accompanied by a proper and fitting tribute from either the Chairman or the Manager given everything he has done for the club? This could have made a significant different to the events over the weekend. Given it took Gary Jones over six years to return to Rochdale following his departure, how have we reached the stage where another club legend leaves the club under a cloud?
The club accepted the criticism over this and agreed, that in hindsight, this was something that should have been done and considered in the future.

Is it correct that Ian Henderson was unaware of his release when the leak appeared on Thursday evening? Why did the club terminate Ian Henderson’s relationship with the club via email rather than via telephone call or face to face?
As released in the chairman’s statement on Monday, the matter had been discussed in a telephone conversation between Ian and Brian Barry Murphy on 13th June.

If this is simply a case of negotiations breaking down between the two parties, is this something that could still be resolved?
It was stated that it was not the club that closed the door on the negotiations, and you can never say never in football.

Questions from us:
Now the 2019-20 has ended for us, when will we get to know about season tickets, new kit etc?
Information on new season tickets would be released within the next fortnight. We are looking to re-open the club shop on a limited basis from Saturday 4th July, with the new kit available from mid July.

Any decision on the season ticket plan that we discussed at our meeting two weeks ago?
The club were delighted to accept our proposal. The Trust would formulate a plan to be announced before the end of this week.

We asked several questions about the new season and fans attending matches.
We are one of a growing number of clubs within the EFL who are not wanting a return without crowds. There has been very limited information from the EFL regarding any start date at this point. Clubs are tentatively talking about a possible return date about 1st October operating under a 30% capacity. There is a Senior Executive from the EFL who is part of the Government’s working party on (is) “Letting Crowds Back into Sporting matches”, but it must be reiterated that this very little coming from the EFL with regards to this.

Questions from members:
How many/which other investors have you held discussions with?
Whilst the specific details must remain private between Dale and possible investors, the club have spoken to a number of possible investors with a view to taking the club forward

Why did you turn down the Altman/Marcelli approach?
Unfortunately, the club are bound by the non-disclosure agreement in place between both parties and are unable to go into details.

When did you become aware of the private shares transfer to Altman/Marcelli?
The club were made aware of the sale of the shares in October.

Are you aware of any other transfers of shares since June 2019 and if so how many and to whom?
The other significant trade in shares was the purchase of Martin McCleoud’s shares by Director Andrew Kelly.
With the share register now in the public domain, the Trust would be looking in depth into this and will report back to members about any significant changes.

How will the stadium be protected with any incoming investor?
The Board of Directors were very mindful in ensuring that any investment was for the best interests of the football club which carried a level of protection in itself. It was essential that the club brought in an investment to take the club to the next level.

Every manager since Steve Parkin had lamented the fact that we don’t have a training facility of our own, and this was essential for the club - not just one for the first team, but for the academy as well. It is vital that improvements are made to the infrastructure of the club. One club at our level was given as an example as earning £400,000 over a season from pre-match dining alone.

Amongst the changes being discussed by the EFL were stricter wage budgets at this level, and beyond that they were looking at bringing in rules ensuring self-sustainability – with the club currently reliant on transfer fees and cup runs, changes will be needed with the infrastructure of the club to help us achieve that.

We had some questions with regards to now postponed EGM. Due to the level of detail in the questions, these (questions) have been passed on to the club’s legal team, and will be reported back as soon as we can.

We had some questions regarding Dale Lotto. However, with two members of the Trust committee being Lotto agents, it was felt that it would more appropriate to hold a separate meeting when one of those could be present. We discussed this with the club and they are happy to arrange such a meeting with our Lottery Partners at Total Gaming Solutions present. When this meeting is arranged, we will notify Trust members.

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