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Luke Matheson
at 20:42 11 Mar 2021

The arrival of Paul Cook down here has seen ‘our Luke’ not even in the match squad of 18. I can’t help wishing he had returned to Spotland/ the Crown Oil arena for the remainder of this season. He certainly would have seen a lot more action, and we could really do with his almost naive enthusiasm.
In terms of his development he can only be going backwards at ITFC - a great shame for him, and us........
Crewe report of the game
at 20:48 9 Jan 2021

Nice tribute to the Rochdale ground staff in the report on the Crewe club site for getting the game on - ‘incredible work’ , ‘deserve enormous credit’. Despite the fight back the Dale ground staff are probably the real heroes of the day, and I hope they thought their efforts were worth it!
Well done (2) 'Faces in the Crowd'
at 12:31 24 Oct 2020

My son and I were keen to support the club by becoming 'faces in the crowd'. However much as we would like to collect at Christmas the likelihood of us driving up from Suffolk to collect were pretty unlikely and probably unwise........
So I contacted Frances Fielding and she couldn't have been more helpful - our 'faces' will stay in the stand until we are in a position to collect them, no problem. I have 'penciled in' the Easter weekend when we are due to play Ipswich Town on Easter Monday - here's hoping!
Exile Trust membership
at 11:11 18 Jun 2020

In the process of renewing our four Exile memberships for 2020/21 and all four Suffolk 'Daleys' have indicated their willingness to donate the price reduction this year (£5) back to the Trust in recognition of the great work that it does. Not everybody will be able to but if those who are able do so it will hopefully raise some extra cash for whatever the Trust chooses to spend it on. Ian et al - we really appreciate your efforts on our behalf!
Happy and healthy Exiles Day!
at 08:30 21 Mar 2020

The four of us are sat here in deepest Suffolk (Grandma self isolating) thinking of our fellow Exiles and hoping you are all keeping safe and well. This weekend of course would have seen our annual pilgrimage to Rochdale for the Exiles fixture, and we miss you all!
There is a certain irony in that normally we are are anxiously watching the weather forecast as the rain pours down and our first question when we reach the club is “how is the pitch”? Today down here and I suspect at the Spotland/Crown Oil Stadium it is dry and sunny - a perfect day for a football match!
Very best wishes to ‘Exile Ian’ and fellow Trust members who continue to do a great job, the players and staff, and a particular thought for the Chairman, CEO and Directors. Even in normal times running a football club always struck me as a very difficult job, in these extraordinary times it must be almost impossible. Thank you for what you are doing to keep our club surviving, it is only at times like this you realise just how important it is to so many people - a ‘community’ right across the world.
[Post edited 21 Mar 2020 8:45]
Dale Supporters Trust
at 10:48 3 Jan 2020

Just received the latest newsletter from the Trust - what an excellent job they do.
All volunteers providing an essential communication channel to/from the club and its supporters. Add to that specific work on 'one offs' - like ticketing for next year- and the superb work for the Exiles, we would be much the poorer without them. It cannot be easy at times, but they do a great job - thank you!
Gillingham away - an Exiles view
at 21:37 29 Dec 2019

As I normally read comments on here and watch highlights to gain my view of a game/players it is interesting today to read the comments having actually been to the game. My view of the players first:
Sanchez - first rate performance, good to have a keeper who will come out and collect the ball if necessary- nullified the Evans long throw merchant. Cruelly ironic the goal should come from mis communication on a cross.
Magloire - exactly as it 'said on the tin' when we signed him - young and full of promise but still learning. Did a good job first half as right back, wish he could have stayed there in the second half!
Keohane- gives everything, as soon as he goes off you realise what he contributes.
O'Connell- another who plays with his heart on his sleeve and had an excellent game particularly in the second half when he was surrounded by inexperience. See Sanchez re the cruel irony of the goal.......
McShane- QUALITY- as soon as I realised he was in the team my hopes were lifted, and a major reason to me why we were relatively comfortable in the first half. Him going off at half time changed the whole nature of the game.
Williams- never really been convinced by him and the sending off was stupid - he wasn't the only one who was frustrated but getting yourself sent off solves nothing.
Dooley- puts in a shift but often seems to be on the periphery- not the type of winger who 'skins' the full back and puts in dangerous crosses. In fact in previous games it seems like the full backs are the most dangerous crossers of the ball
Camps- almost playing too far forward in this game. Not at his best and still prone to lose the ball in dangerous situations
Rathbone- traditionally one of my favourite players but had an absolute 'mare' today. Is he fully fit?
Baah - talented youngster, worth a try given the injury situation but apart from one excellent shot in the second half, very peripheral to the action
Wilbraham- a lonely job given the present formation and didn't really look up for it. Hardly won a header all game
Gilliam - did all right overall, is defender his new position? Certainly not going to make it at this level as a forward.
Matheson - suddenly looks what he is - a youth in men's football. Constantly exposed us in the second half. Really needs a break and to 'beef' up!
Andrew- Did more in 20 minutes than Wilbraham did in 70 - oh so nearly nicked an equaliser when bravely heading just wide.
BBM - his analysis of the game was spot on, what more can he do with players he has available? The injuries are worse than I can ever remember and the weaknesses show all over the pitch. What you cannot fault however is the team's effort - clearly they are still playing for the manager and the club.
Referee - one of the worst I have seen for a long time, constantly giving fouls against us and when you are under the cosh as we were in the second half that is the last thing you need. Once Gillingham scored they time wasted- he just shrugged his shoulders and ran off, contrast that to our player bookings.The awful Mr Evans must have been delighted with the referee's 'performance'.
Overall proud to support a set of players who are giving their all but BBM must feel like the little Dutch boy and the dike. As soon as he fills one hole another two spring open. We badly need both reinforcements and a bit of luck!
[Post edited 29 Dec 2019 22:22]
Wonderwall award
at 10:42 21 Nov 2019

Well done to all those who are involved in this initiative- great for the club, the local community and of course the environment. Yet another improvement on 'yesteryear'!
A big thank you!
at 22:41 5 Oct 2019

To Ian and the Trust for organising yet another successful Exiles day. Excluding the result it was very enjoyable as it always good to meet up with fellow supporters and hear their stories of how and why they support the Dale - the highs and the lows!
In fairness to AFC Wimbledon they were extremely hospitable - the food, drink and service were excellent - they even organised the local Mayor to sit on a neighbouring table! Thank you to the Trust for subsidising the cost, it was very good value and if you ever wonder about joining the Trust, in particular the Exiles, join - it is tremendous value for money. When you talk to officers of the Trust you realise what an invaluable channel of communication the Trust plays between the Club and supporters, at times the proverbial valve on a pressure cooker!
As to the match - we really should have got at least a point following our second half performance - the players deserve enormous credit for their efforts with clearly a very depleted team. Unlike some more famous teams recently they didn't give up and showed a remarkable resilience. Indeed rather than turning on each other and criticising each other they stuck together and oh so nearly pulled off a remarkable recovery. Perhaps one or two of the 'hand wringers' on this Forum could learn from their example- or are they really Bury fans with too much time on their hands?!
Oh and the Exiles are still undefeated at the Crown Oil/Spotland stadium - let's hope that is still our proud boast at the end of this season..............
[Post edited 6 Oct 2019 10:49]
at 17:45 28 Apr 2019

A big thank you to Ian, the Trust and the Club for yet another excellent Exiles day. It was a very busy day for the Club but despite that they managed to arrange a visit from some of the current squad and the 68/69 squad - absolute heroes for those of us of a certain age! Everybody commented upon upon the pleasant openness of players like Hendo, Calvin, Jim and our new hero- BBM.
And ......... the Exiles record continues - we have never seen the Dale lose. We were trying to add up the number of years we have been attending as the Exiles, it is well over a decade we think. Anybody know precisely?
Henderson and Wilbraham interviews
at 16:00 20 Apr 2019

Very interesting and enjoyable - good policy from the Club to make them freely available to all. They provide a real insight into the individuals and a small window into what is happening behind the scenes.
Dale 2019 calendar
at 13:29 31 Dec 2018

In preparation for the midnight hour just unwrapped the 2019 calendar to see that Aaron Wibraham is January, Andy Cannon is February and Harrison McGahey is April. Callum Camps is March - is there something we don't know.........
Seriously - health and happiness to all Dale fans everywhere and hopefully an outbreak of peace and goodwill amongst forum users!
Keith Hill Thanks Fans For Their Support At Southend
at 11:21 23 Dec 2018

As one of the 111, I echo that feeling. I wasn't certainly one of the most vocal but there was a group of lads who sang their hearts out before, during and after the game - they were magnificent and made more noise than the whole of the Southend crowd!
A poster said it reminded him of the Peterborough away experience last year and that is true - it was one of those days when the miles, time and money we spend on supporting the Dale all becomes worthwhile. Well done Keith for recognising and thanking the supporters!
at 18:22 8 Dec 2018

A most enjoyable day organised by Ian. A game we might have won, could have lost so we will take a point.
The Exiles run continues- we have never see the Dale lose!
Wimbledon and Wally Downes
at 16:40 6 Dec 2018

A lot of coverage down here for Saturday’s game, a lot related to tweets new manager Downes made about gay rights in India.
Football related he is quoted as saying ‘we will look to get the ball forward and wide, I want to be on the front foot and take the game to them’ Fortunately he doesn’t mention set pieces .....
Might suit our counter attacking style- let’s hope so- the first few minutes might be ‘fun’ though!
Certainly as a new relatively inexperienced manager it will be difficult to ‘guess’ his team. The Exiles are there so be confident..........
Dean Smith
at 15:21 24 Oct 2018

From memory I think he was the Brentford manager who got the best out of Scott Hogan and I notice Scott was a second half substitute against Norwich last night.
If he gets the best out of him again it could be good for Scott and us!
Whatever the outcome tonight ........
at 20:46 2 Oct 2018

Those who criticise our club would do well to read this:
We may not be perfect but this article really makes you think!
School of the week
at 22:23 25 Sep 2018

What a great initiative this is - the real future of the club - generating support from school staff and the youngsters. Well done to the Community Trust!
We value your privacy....
at 16:17 8 Sep 2018

Keep getting this message on all non Apple equipment in the house and blocks me from gaining access to the site. Anybody else with same problem and any ideas how to get rid of it?!
Fixture posters and cards
at 14:48 5 Aug 2018

For us Exiles, are the fixture posters and fixture cards available yet, and is so from the club shop? Anybody know?
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