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pete_boggs added 19:35 - May 5


Lazz added 19:40 - May 5

Bloody Bertrand he wants away

codge added 19:40 - May 5

Ref gave them enough extra time, Moss truly a wa-k-r always a worthless referee when we have him.So heartbreaking for the lads another great effort deserved so much more.Still in our hands unless we get another bad Ref.

SaintBrock added 19:47 - May 5

Heartbreaking. A moment of madness from Yoshida cost us the match. I know Bertrand made that final error but he was knackered with so much pressure piled on the defence after the Red Card so not really culpable for the goal. With luck like this it seems we are doomed to go down. A win at Swansea is the only option left to us. That will keep us up whatever happens on the last day if only by goal difference unless Citeh put 5 past us. Swans will beat Stoke easily now that Stoke are down.

SaintBrock added 19:48 - May 5

code, don't be irrational, Cedric was down for well over two minutes. Use your eyes man.

SaintBrock added 19:49 - May 5

codge, don't be irrational, Cedric was down for well over two minutes. Use your eyes man

leighsaint added 19:50 - May 5

Why oh why didn’t Bertrand put the ball out of the ground instead of keeping it in play. I thought that they are supposed to be professional what with him keeping the ball in play and Cedric going down wanting trainers on in extra time beggers belief. School boy errors, do they want us to stay up

larry12 added 19:51 - May 5

Romeu shiiiite, Prowsey pointless shiiiite, Hoedt pointless shiiiite, etc, etc ,etc

DPeps added 21:25 - May 5

In the cold light of day I'll reflect that this has been a good day for us. But it's hard not to be gutted. Everton were terrible, and were there to be stuffed.
For what it's worth I thought Yoshi's first yellow was harsh.
Also, please someone teach Hoedt how to slide tackle with his right foot

saintjf added 22:32 - May 5

I would have accepted a draw before the match. We can still survive. Results like this are why we are where we are.

SanMarco added 22:39 - May 5

We are not having the luck. We deserved to win but it ended up a lot worse than if it had been the 0-0 it looked for a long time it was goung to be.

Why oh why did Bertrand do the only thing that could possibly allow them to score in the 20 remaining seconds? Also Moss was the usual bag of sh1te giving them that free kick against Redmond in the corner and then letting them take it from the wrong place. He was guessing - the linesman didn't flag.

Also why did Cedric have to go down for 80 seconds at the start of injury time. It just gives the idiot referee the excuse he needs. Having said that it wasn't the time that was the problem. There was FIVE seconds left when that ball hit the net. Yoshi's first yellow was unfair but he was still an idiot to lunge in for the second.

My nerves are shredded now - and we've got to go through it all again on Tuesday. Swansea wont be as obliging as Everton but maybe we will have a bit of LUCK for a change.

KriSaint added 22:42 - May 6

Sadly, Lady Luck stayed away today again. Where has she been all season? (Please turn up on tuesday in Wales!).
So sorry for the lads and the fans that we were robbed in the end.

That would have been the most deserved Saints away win of the season.

We looked well organized and dangerous on the counter.

Terrible refereeing in key moments. Redmond DID NOT commit a foul close to the goal line in the Everton half in extra time, and Redmond should have been allowed to carry on with the ball in a potential big chance creating situation for Saints. But no. Moss felt he had to give a free kick and he even allowed Everton to take the free kick super quickly, several meters away from the correct place.

McCarthy was awesome. One (and only one) great save required - from Baines´ free kick. Several good cross clearances and collections. He looked like England national team material, and Southgate was watching from the stands.

Still, a massive point, and we have some momentum with us when we play Swansea on tuesday.
If we win that game, we are safe.
If we loose, we have to beat City, while Huddersfield loose to Chelsea and Arsenal.

We are still very much alive.


Boris1977 added 21:47 - May 7

Shit, put off for a day commenting on the match. Decent effort against a half hearted team. Just grateful we don't have the difficult run in that Huddersfield and wba have, as they have both picked up great PTS in difficult places. Can you imagine saints playing man u, spuds, man city and keeping a clean sheet? Everton on beach mode and we only put one chance away. The ref made several bad decisions but Everton were not interested until the end and we didn't put them to the sword. I'm tired and worn down by this season and don't feel like I understand what I'm supporting anymore. We need 2 goals at Swansea otherwise what has been happening for the last few months will happen. COYRs, together as one.

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