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codge added 22:19 - Jan 31

This is getting hard to take from the team selection again baffling to say the least, we were never set up to win this game again.Four players that cost a fortune on the bench that should of started, this manager is clueless.We are in the s- - t for sure unless there is a massive change and l can't see that happening.

DPeps added 22:28 - Jan 31

Bizarre team selection. Bottom line is if you can't beat Brighton once in a season then you're in deep do-do.

Doesn't look like we're signing anyone else, unless Les has something up his sleeve. Pretty rubbish day!

petedoors1 added 23:07 - Jan 31

Another easy to win game wasted because of bad team selections. How can you have Saints 4 dearest players sat on the Bench? When are we going to put out an attacking team? This manager has to GO and before our next game. Looking at the games we have left I can see us getting 14 points at most. Gives us 37 points .

SanMarco added 00:12 - Feb 1

Yes - team selection and tactics baffling but also a lack of real quality throughout the team. Brighton were a poor side playing poorly and we struggled to get a point. Kreuger and Reed sat in the stands obviously thinking that these players and this manager can get us playing well enough to stay up - they obviously know something that I don't. Pathetic tonight and for the first time I am really beginning to believe relegation is a strong possibility.

TimSaint added 02:33 - Feb 1

Ridiculously light-weight midfield against a team that would normally be there for the taking.

Davis was poor and even more so as captain. He didn't rally the troops and certainly didn't lead by example - in fact you could tell after 5 mins that the team were not up for it tonight and that we would struggle. He surely wasn't that great against Watford in the cup to oust Hojbjerg in the front midfield position at the expense of Lemina ?

Then factor in Tadic having a mare, his replacement not at all interested - let alone not knowing when to shoot, playing Long up on his own, no midfield support to Long, a £19m striker who didn't win a header, an Italian International striker who is clearly not interested, giving away a stupid soft penalty and generating what, 3 shots of note on target - no wonder we were poor !!

At least we didn't go all defensive and negative when going into the last 20 mins - we were already playing that way anyway !! All that backward passing bollox, hot potato, you have it - no you have it because I don't know what to do with it and don't want the responsibility of crossing or shooting !! It was like watching a Purpose team or us earlier this season. Why couldn't they at least try to play like the did against Spurs and give it a go ?

Not looking forward to Saturday now - as we could be bottom by 5pm. City did put 3 past them tonight though, so they can be beaten easily despite their cup heroics, but whether MP will watch a tape to see how to do this, is another matter entirely !!

10i added 08:48 - Feb 1

We don't have to go on about MP any more, he's f*cking useless and hasn't got a clue, and he does prove it every game. Though you would think he gives Reed an easy excuse for firing him, as MP doesn't Play any of Reed's latest heroics. Lemina, Gabbiadini, Boufal, Redmond and Carillo not starting. Forster, one of our most expensive Players who has been given a needless contract Extension in the summer, on the bench. Bednarek not even in contention in a CD, that is Relegation Standard for a year now (unfortunately it seems rightly so).

Starting an attacking 4 with JWP, Davis and Long is just ridiculous. Tadic is able to create a lot, but he Needs Players around him who can score.

Two situations describe best what the offensive Problems are:
Once in the first half Bertrand entered the box with pace, looking up and seeing Davis and JWP Jogging along in the middle not even trying to make a run so he shoots from a very bad angle.
Second: Boufal makes a goalbound cross and despite nobody being able to reach that cross initially, noone even follows it. The GK lost control but it didn't matter. Austin would have scored that one, even I would have. This is what a real golascorer, a poacher, has to do. To anticipate what might happen, to get into positions where you might score. It's not really about "standing" in the right place, you firstly have to get there. Sometimes you have to hope for a mistake to happen, but you may never stop going there, just because it seems unlikely. It's the difference between a Forward and a poacher. And it did prove the statistics we all knew before, that Carillo is no replacement for Austin as he was one Standing and watching and just started moving when the GK lost it. You have to move a Long time before that to capitalize..

10i added 08:50 - Feb 1

BTW: Leaving the shocking Davis on at half time was another one of MPs heroics. Watching 45 minutes of Football and not having a clue who your weakest Performer is..

SaintBrock added 09:25 - Feb 1

There are no words....

EDLiner added 10:21 - Feb 1

Time to drop Davis, Romeu and Tadic. Put Lemina, Boufal and Gabbi in their place.

I know Romeu is a battler but that is all he is. If we continue to play this system then we don't need someone like that. We need pace and skill and someone to get us going forward. Oh well the season ticket will be cheaper next year.

forallthesaints added 11:20 - Feb 1

See last week's match report! Thought I'd been transported in time to Saturday at West Brom when I saw the team sheet. At least he changed things at half time but by then Brighton had settled into their defensive groove and we were lucky with the equaliser. Stephens and Ward-Prowse were our best players, both striving to get the ball forward but so often one player moves out quickly with the ball only to have to stop and wait for the others to catch him up. When Brighton broke, they had seven or eight players rushing forward giving options. You could tell how frustrated Stephens was getting at the slowness and he probably took the ball further forward and more often than I'd seen him do in the past, purely because he felt that no one else was playing with enough urgency. Tadic is the eternal enigma - playing well for a few weeks but then having a poor one again. But with the team set-up he was always going to struggle to make an impact. Cedric was cancelled out by the pace of Izquierdo and rarely got space going forward. Boufal seemed to get a knock in the ribs within minutes of coming on and that affected his involvement for the rest of the game. Carillo looks a handful but was easily dealt with by Dunk and Duffy. Sadly Gabbiadini looks like he's almost given up.
Davis is, sadly as I've been a big fan of his, off the pace these days. He has few ideas and loses it more often than not. And Romeu has been a shadow of the player he was last season and constantly gave the ball away.
Which begs the question, what is wrong with Lemina. He had a dip in form after his injury but was showing improvement recently and really needs a run in the side, replacing Davis. And, while Redmond has few fans these days, he is a dangerous player when he's on song but I don't think he's played since getting 10 minutes at Fulham.
This squad has plenty of talent that is either not firing or being ignored.
It comes to something when the only consolation I can muster is that at least we're not being hammered on a regular basis so our goal difference may be the difference between us and some of the others at the end of a horrid season.

underweststand added 11:53 - Feb 1

no comment.

Fakaff added 12:54 - Feb 1

How the hell did Steven Davis get to play the entire match?

Fakaff added 13:17 - Feb 1

Is Davis on drugs, by the way? Great post match interview, scratching his face, lips all blue, and rubbing his big, swollen nose. No more games for Steven.

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