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Fulham 3 v 2 Southampton
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, 24th November 2018 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 25th November but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Sergio Rico6.5
Cyrus Christie6.1
Dennis Odoi5.8
Alfie Mawson6.2
Maxime Le Marchand5.9
Calum Chambers6.0
Jean Michael Seri5.8
Andre Schurrle6.4
Tom Cairney6.0
Ryan Sessegnon7.1
Aleksandar Mitrovic7.8
Stefan Johansen5.3
Floyd Ayite5.2
Aboubakar Kamara5.2
5.4Alex McCarthy
3.8Cedric Soares
4.0Maya Yoshida
2.6Wesley Hoedt
4.0Matt Targett
5.5Mario Lemina
5.1Pierre Hojbjerg
4.4Manolo Gabbiadini
7.2Stuart Armstrong
5.5Nathan Redmond
3.0Charlie Austin
3.0Mohamed Elyounoussi
4.9Michael Obafemi

Match Rating5.6 

Your Fulham v Southampton Match Reports

I_would added 17:26 - Nov 24

Tosh x 3 years

I_would added 17:26 - Nov 24

Tosh x 3 years

codge added 17:40 - Nov 24

I don't want to here how we were the better team when your defense absolutely was a shambles.The same thing again piss poor marking in fact no one exempt McCarthy comes out of this debacle with any credit.Armstrong, Redmond,both excellent but Austin again wasted space up front and even Gabbi seemed to running around like a headless chicken.Suey this has to be the end of the road for MHalloween as l can't see any reason to keep him any longer,for two seasons we have not filled the two CBS s.

SaintPaulVW added 17:53 - Nov 24

Help me, Obi-Femi. You're my only hope.

KriSaint added 19:30 - Nov 24

Ok....., my patience with Hoedt and Yoshida has now finally run out irreversably..
That happened, when I saw Hoedt´s unfortunate idea of how to cope with a ball in the corner of his own half followed by fellow CB Yoshida losing another arial duel, this time against left back Sessegnon, who is at least a head shorter, leading to Sessegnon assisting the 3-2 goal with a flick-on. That was after having seen both defenders wrongly placed when Fulham scored to 1-1. Bring in Vestergaard and Stephens and give especially Hoedt as long an absence from the starting line up as possible..
Also, my patience with Hughes has now run out. Get rid.

aceofthebase added 21:25 - Nov 24

Cedric out of position, totally beaten, unchallenged header. He's just a boot it up the pitch player and was more responsible for the loss than the CBs. Please play someone else at right back
It's time to start with the youngsters

codge added 21:44 - Nov 24

Same mistakes same people making them,how many times does this have to happen unbelievable.

SanMarco added 22:37 - Nov 24

Same old mistakes spoilt an otherwise reasonable enough performance. Our forwards don't score and our defence is very, very poor, As is often the case against the lower teams we look fine for long periods of the game but that isn't enough in this league, Fulham's defence was slightly less rubbish than ours and they had better attackers than us. Gabby missed two sitters, Austin didn't get close enough to the ball to even do that. Redmond alone put in more crosses than their whole team but they scored from most of theirs. Redmond's were usually heading practice for the defenders.

As for Hughes I think those 'you don't know what you're doing' chants should in part be a requiem for Les Reed. Our back four today was weaker than the one we played for the greater part of our first season back up. That's not Hughes' fault and the other CBs hardly inspire with any confidence. We are now in big, big trouble and it is difficult to think of easy solutions. The new manager will have hell of a job to keep us up and it will need, at the very least, new defenders in January.

allsaint54 added 02:54 - Nov 25

My dog can defend better than Cedric. At least he can head a ball

DPeps added 07:44 - Nov 25

There are so many problems at the club at the moment, and I'm not at all confident that we'll pull through this season. On the pitch the defence only looks ok if we play very conservatively, but if we play that way the attack can't score. Our midfield is the strongest area, but cannot do everything.

Talking with other fans and reading comments on forums, all fans seem to be united on thinking that Hughes needs to go. I agree, but the guy will need to be superhuman to get us out of this predicament. A successful background in alchemy is essential for any applicants

mattthelegend added 08:42 - Nov 25

Good point SanMarco, whilst yet another defeat you can only work with what you have got. Hughes may not be the greatest in the world, but our recruitment has been woeful over the last 2 and half years. All that money spent on players on loan or sat on the bench what is now Boufal, Carrillo, Vestergaard, Claisse, Mohammed nearly 80 million there. It’s going to take a miracle to get us of this with or without Hughes.

mattthelegend added 08:43 - Nov 25

Forgot, what has happened to Bednarek????

sandywelsh added 14:24 - Nov 25

We now have a team full of crap players that we have amassed over the last 3 years. These players would struggle to win a game in the Championship so the future does not look good. It looks like its down and down again no matter what manager we have the players are not good enough. The Board needs a major clear out and we need an owner who likes football with money to invest in the playing side of the club.

DPeps added 17:53 - Nov 25

My suggestions for Hughes/whoever replaces him:
- drop Cedric. When he first came I thought Cedric was ok, but he's plateaued for the last 2 years. He's actually getting worse now. In the past his defensive frailties were masked by good CBs, now we don't have the same quality centre backs. We don't have a lot of options at RB, but surely it's time to give Yan Valery a chance? Cedric could possibly fit in further up the pitch, but frankly I think he needs dropping altogether for a bit
- don't play Hoedt. Another one who is not getting better. He makes too many errors. As a CB pairing, I'd probably go for Stephens and Yoshi, or maybe Bednarek. Again, we're not spoilt for choice here, but I trust Hoedt the least out of all of them
- don't play Austin. I love the guy's passion, but he's offering nothing on the pitch now. I'd rather we bring through a young striker (Gallagher when fit or Obafemi)

aceofthebase added 18:41 - Nov 25

Dpeps.. Fancy putting your name forward as new manager. You have my vote

SanMarco added 19:11 - Nov 25

I am sure DPeps is far too sensible to want the poison chalice that is the Saints job. I agree with his assessment, although I would probably try the giant Danish CB again and (despite yesterday's sitters) would stick with Gabby a bit longer. Obafemi is being talked up but he really should have scored himself yesterday. Even so, yes, , I would give him a run before Austin and Long. I would also put Redmond on a week of extensive crossing practice. He got to the same blade of grass that Fulham players got to (2 crosses and 2 goals) on numerous occasions and did nothing. Alright often he didn't have much to aim at but then you hold it up and wait for Charlie to eventually lumber into the area...

Mrangry25 added 18:59 - Nov 26

Well what can i say, another game we should have won but didnt, getting fed up listening to the same old tosh dished out by Mr Hughes, yes we may have had the majority of possession but if you don’t put it in the onion bag what is the point of this tippy tappy football!!!. He continues to play the same players and expects a different result, why he keeps playing Charlie up front is beyond me, he offers nothing and more importantly wins nothing either, why does he play Hoedt he is a calamity and makes too many basic errors. Redmond yet again should stay on the right NOT the left and get some crossing practice in because it is pathetic to watch. Lamina and Armstrong in the first half were brilliant Lamina my MoM. Cedric is embarrassing as a full back gets beat too often and wanders all over the place getting caught on the wrong side to often.
We break too slowly which is partly down to the fact that Charlie has got no pace at all and the rest of the team are still back in the 18yrd line instead of pushing out as a unit to support. I feel for Gabbiadini he is a class player but spend most of his time covering for Cedric. There needs to be a change and quick. I think Stephens and Yoshida at CB’s Targett Left, not sure who RB, Keep the midfield the same but put Redmond on the right to allow Targett more room down the left, drop Charlie to the ‘A’ side and play Obafemi and gabby upfront. It was a disappointing showing on Saturday but i think we can get it of it but change is needed now. Tuesdays match against Leicester is the one to try it out on. I live in hope

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