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Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 v 0 Southampton
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, 29th September 2018 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 30th September but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Rui Patrício6.6
Ryan Bennett5.2
Conor Coady5.2
Willy Boly5.5
Matt Doherty5.6
João Moutinho5.5
Ruben Neves5.6
Jonny Castro Otto5.3
Helder Costa5.0
Diogo Jota5.3
Raul Jimenez5.7
Ivan Cavaleiro6.4
Leo Bonatini5.3
Adama Traore6.1
6.2Alex McCarthy
5.1Cedric Soares
3.7Jannik Vestergaard
3.6Wesley Hoedt
4.7Ryan Bertrand
4.1Mohamed Elyounoussi
4.3Mario Lemina
6.1Pierre Hojbjerg
4.9Nathan Redmond
3.4Charlie Austin
4.7Danny Ings
3.4Stuart Armstrong
4.5Manolo Gabbiadini

Match Rating4.1 

Your Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Match Reports

bigrob68 added 17:28 - Sep 29

useless defence and Charlie what's the point Austin.

NorthernSaint85 added 17:30 - Sep 29

For parts of the second half we were on top and should have taken the game by the scruff of the neck however we lack quality. Some of the football today reminded me of last season where we were effective at keeping possession but couldn’t do anything with it. However last season we could defend, I wouldn’t mind knowing what actually takes place in the defensive sessions in training and why Yoshi can’t get a look in is a mystery.

I_would added 18:03 - Sep 29

Where was JWP when you need him?

helpineedsomebody added 18:46 - Sep 29

scored one away goal this season nothing needs to be said .

codge added 18:49 - Sep 29

What is the point of Charlie Austin being on the pitch anymore, totally wasted space today. And our two center backs are dreadful, Armstrong, lemina, nowhere good enough on this showing.Hard to find anyone other than Hojbjerg who was not brilliant today by any means but at least he makes an effort for 90 minutes.l starting to think Hughes as lost the plot somewhere along the way, his choices to start this game especially the choice of center backs is baffling.

Ali_Diarea added 19:03 - Sep 29

We won two nil at Selhurst Park??

Ali_Diarea added 19:09 - Sep 29

Apart from Ings, the summer signings have made no impact at all on a team that was lucky not to be relegated. The usual narrative of us having a good squad but poor manager surely has to stop now? We have an average squad, shite defenders and lack any creative spark. Coupled with a very average manager it’s gonna be a long season with more lows than highs.

SaintBrock added 19:25 - Sep 29

Just when you start to think that it can't get any worse, Saints excel themselves with the mother of all F ups!

They were tactically and strategically inept; even when they had the ball the players seemed to have no idea what to do with it, what the plan was or how to execute it. Our passing was abysmal and our so called "strike force" must be the worst in the PL, no pace, no movement, no invention and no idea what the goal is there for. Ings? Paah!

Honestly all this cannot be down to just the players, all the shortcomings and failures must be laid at Hughes' door and his staff. The player's aren't fit either so what an indictment of this current coaching set up. There is only one way-out of this mess but of course the running of our club is so rotten to the core that nobody will have the bottle to sort it out.

Reed remains the biggest obstacle to progress but he won't budge voluntarily and no way is Kreuger going to sack his tail gunner. The appointment of Hughes, an oft failed journeyman manager and his inadequate staff is proving to be the final act of folly and the killer blow to all hope of Saints surviving as a PL club.

I predicted on Day 1 of the season that we would be 20th at Christmas, on today's evidence that was being generous.

SaintBrock added 19:30 - Sep 29

Indeed Codge, what is the point of Charlie Austin. I doubt he'd even get a game for Poole Town nowadays. He isn't fit, he is slow to react mentally to what is happening on the pitch and is clueless on how to play with other team mates around him. He really is becoming a liability. Gabbi must be very poor?


SaintBrock added 20:17 - Sep 29

Indeed Codge, what is the point of Charlie Austin. I doubt he'd even get a game for Poole Town nowadays. He isn't fit, he is slow to react mentally to what is happening on the pitch and is clueless on how to play with other team mates around him. He really is becoming a liability. Gabbi must be very poor?


NorthernSaint85 added 20:18 - Sep 29

Austin was awful today. He’s almost the polar opposite of Shane Long in that he doesn’t do anything but score and he hasn’t done that for 12? games in the league now. Gabbi and Ings should be the first choice strike partnership and Gallagher should at least be given a chance just to see if he can cut it.
The service that the strikers receive has been inadequate for such a long time though it must be said. Redmond has recently begun to show intent at least but makes amateurish mistakes regularly. Elyounossi looks okay and hopefully will improve but should never take a corner again for us.

DPeps added 20:18 - Sep 29

Some fans on this site (Nick included) will say we've got a good squad, a decent manager, and that we need to stick with the team. The first two points are highly debatable. Of course, it's a given that as fans we'll support the club pretty much unconditionally (as in, I'm not going to start supporting Man U), but I'm increasingly fed up with many of the players in this team and I feel no attachment to Hughes, who I've always felt in a bogstandard manager.

Sorry, that's all a bit negative. I only wish I could've sworn a bit more

DPeps added 20:21 - Sep 29

*felt is
'felt in' would be weird

SanMarco added 23:22 - Sep 29

Pellegrino got 17 pts from his first 15 matches, Hughes has 13 from the same number. Hughes has less per match than MP had when he was finally sacked. Puel was sacked for being boring even though he got a lot more points. All in all it would look as if the managers are getting worse or the team is or both. The constant in all of this are the people that appoint the managers and buy/sell the players. We obviously have a lot of problems and for over two years now the decision-makers at the club have fiddled while the Saints have burned. Do we look any more like scoring or any less like conceding this season?? NO.

JimmyMeliaPhD added 23:38 - Sep 29

Well that was awfully disappointing. We played about as well as we can for most of the game, but we didn;t score (yet agian) and then had absolutely no answer to Wolves' substitutions.

Our squad still lacks:
# striking power
# creative midfield influnece
# adequate central defenders.

Hughes says he might have to change things. It's good that he sees the need (CP and MP never did until it was too late). But the problem is that he hasn't got the resources to change things much for the better.

# I'd start Bednarek and Yoshida for the forseeable, but I admit that's not a Premier central duo...but nor are Vestergaard and Hoedt.

# also I'd start Ings w/ Gabbiadini, with Gallagher on the bench, but Hughes seems to have more faith in Austin (who was awful today) and Long (who's pretty much always awful).

# We need a midfielder who is creative. There simply isn't anyone in the squad that fits the bill. So if he changes things around Hughes will probably go back to Davis and/or JWP....not a clever move.

# Redmond is playing better this year, but he's still mostly ineffectual. Elyounoussi doesn't seem to have a role and his most obvious strengths are defensive rather than attacking. Armstrong also seems to have been a black box error...and should in any case be dropped straight away for the schoolboy defensive effort on Wolves' 2nd goal.

Wolves are a team that's much superior to Saints right now and, even though they didn't play great today, they put us to the sword when they felt it was time. We had no reply.

It's hard to disagree with Ali Diarea....<<We have an average squad, shite defenders and lack any creative spark. Coupled with a very average manager>>

dirk_doone added 23:53 - Sep 29

If Hughes persists with Vestergaard and Hoedt as our centre back pairing, we will be relegated.

Yoshida and Bednerek are clearly not in the same class as Fonte and van Dijk but they are the best we've got left, not a pair of donkeys like Vestergaard and Hoedt, and our only hope of staying up.

helpineedsomebody added 08:52 - Sep 30

sorry i was watching the ryder cup, in my haste forgot the palace game
must not get too far ahead of myself .
i just do not know what this manager is up to plenty of wind / no substance all we have as fans is an opinion,
but where on earth is he going to take this club before some body makes a decision for him you cannot wait until xmas if you do its just panic stations

aceofthebase added 10:48 - Sep 30

Just who has given our central defenders and Austin a rating above 1 baffles me

aceofthebase added 10:48 - Sep 30

Just who has given our central defenders and Austin a rating above 1 baffles me

SaintBrock added 13:09 - Sep 30

If we accept that of the 38 league games we must play, 12 are unwinnable, that leaves 26 games from which we can get points and a maximum of 78. To be certain of escaping relegation we need 40, in other words we need to collect 1.538 pts per game from the games where we have chance of getting points.

We have now played 7 of which one was unwinnable, leaving 6 so we should have had 9.23 pts or 9 pts to be certain to avoid the drop.

We have 5!

If this isn't a crises, then what is? It will take more than one win to get us back on track.

SaintPaulVW added 14:02 - Sep 30

The centerbacks are still a problem area. Vestergaard goes to ground too easily, Hoedt, who can make a cracking pass is also prone to errors just like Yoshida. So far, I see no step up in quality from Yoshi and Stephens at CB. If this is the future pairing that Nick is hoping then we have a problem. Not too sure what Romeu has done wrong but I'd start playing him to give a bit more cover and hopefully build a bit of confidence. Not sure Lemina or Ely are doing enough to earn a regular place at the moment.

Attack wise, contrast the first Wolves goal with our stuttering efforts anywhere near goal. Redmond is better at driving forward at goal this year but seems to lose confidence when he gets there. Our players seem to need too many extra touches to get a shot on target. I'm not despondent yet but I'm not seeing too much different from last year although it does look better.

underweststand added 15:52 - Oct 1

Took the game to Wolves after their initial 10 minute charge , we looked good (at times) but it didn't get a result as happened in Palace game.

MH has still not found the right combination for the backline...but the strikers are the same bunch (on or off the bench) but none of them scored - yet again. we must move on. NEXT PLEASE...Oh No that's Chelsea!

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