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Poor Transfers
by SaintNick at 11:49 17 Jun 2019

People complain about the number of poor transfers in the past few years but the worst period seems to be between 1991-1992

Sergei Gotsmanov
Paul Moody
Stuart Gray
David Lee
Kerry Dixon
David Speedie
Perry Groves

All of these played around 20 games or less

by saint22 at 11:25 17 Jun 2019

I wonder if Chelsea will let this chap come on loan? He looked v good for Derby

Anyone really ITK about CBs, IMO its the most important area we must strengthen so I am surprised that no one has been linked or announced yet
Liverpool have eyes on the Targett
by Butty101 at 10:17 17 Jun 2019

My sources at newsnow are telling me that Liverpool are interested in Targett.

Has any ugly ever switched political party?
by DellHero at 05:54 17 Jun 2019

Have you ever changed the way you vote? After the weekend I’ve just experienced, I’m thinking of changing from being a lifelong Tory voter (started voting when Mrs T was PM), to voting for wealth redistribution. Can’t believe I’ve typed that, but the truth is that’s what I’m thinking. I’ve struggled to pay extortionate hotel bills while others there have been banging on about their various homes. The gap between ordinary and the rich is getting bigger and bigger. I’ve just seen someone spend more on a birthday party than I earn in two years. And the lack of humility is jaw-dropping. To say they are hardline Tory boys is an understatement. And apparently tax is not something they pay much of; PAYE seems to be something for the masses.
I can’t abide the thought of Corby / McD but would they even things up??
Expect another new signing this week
by areasix at 05:29 17 Jun 2019

Turnbull from Motherwell favourite to be the next joining Thursday I hear.
Alex McCarthy
by A1079 at 21:59 16 Jun 2019

There seems to be growing noise that Liverpool are interested in him. Any truth in it or just media rumour and hype? I suspect TCM will have his finger on the pulse.
Ralph Hasenhüttl interview in Sport Bild yesterday...
by 1885_SFC at 11:14 16 Jun 2019

(a German sports paper) on his thoughts so far on life in England. Good read. He doesn't want any players over the age of 24. He likes apple pie & custard, and looks like he's already gone through a speed camera lol. Translated from Google...

Hasenhüttl: "After two wins, I've been here King Ralph"

Southampton in the south of England. More than 200 cruise ships and around 1.7 million passengers stop here every year. Ralph Hasenhüttl (51) is one of 250,000 inhabitants who are not passing through. He has a lot to do with Southampton FC!

Since December, the Austrian coach of the Premier League club. He has fulfilled the first task: the relegation. "That was my hardest mission so far," he says. "Even if you do many things new and well, you may not win a game. Because the league punishes mistakes brutally. "The former coach of RB Leipzig raves:" For me, the Premier League is the strongest league in the world. It immediately captivates you. The quality is brutal, you play felt throughout the year Champions League. In addition: Football is just everything here in England, has once again a higher priority than in Germany. "

SPORT BILD met Hasenhüttl in his office on the training ground in Marchwood, eleven minutes from the city center. In the futuristic Liebherr Pavilion, named after the Swiss entrepreneur Markus Liebherr († 62), who saved the club from bankruptcy in 2009, he has his kingdom on 20 m². From the balcony he looks at one of the five well-maintained training courses. English weather, it's raining, it's clear. But Hasenhüttl beamed: "This country is simply made with its climate for playing football. It is never too cold, never too warm. That's how I loved it as a player. "

Hasenhüttl is dynamic, tidy. Put your feet up in the summer break? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In England, he is no longer just a coach, but also a manager. "I'm involved in every decision. Even if a new bus is to be bought. When the crew is free, I'll take care of the scouting, phoning with possible newcomers. That's what Ralf Rangnick took over as sports director in Leipzig. But that's a great next step for me. That's why I find the task so appealing. "

How does he manage two jobs in one day? "You need a good time management. I sometimes stumble and have to be even more structured. "He has even changed his diet. Eight kilos are down by Intervall fast (now 98 kg). The effect? "I am more efficient and resilient. I can do more during the day. I never thought I would last, but I eat in the afternoon at 4 pm the last time, then again early at 10 am. "

Is that also the bad food in England? Hasenhüttl laughs: "Not at all! The food is better than his reputation. I love Apple Crumble with custard, so I could play it. "After the league, he now wants to rebuild the club:" For the first half year, we first wanted to bring back the feeling of being back. I think we have managed to make people positive for the club again. Next season, we want to climb as far as we can. If we keep our point cut, we can land at 10th place. "

Hasenhüttl wants to strengthen his team, looking for a goalkeeper coach, a second athletic coach and up to five new players. "We want players who fit our philosophy: lots of speed, high pressing, gaming intelligence. The English football is very man-oriented, in the direction of the players are trained. It's important that we get guys who can also defend ball-oriented. "None of them should be older than 24 years. "I have had good experiences with that in Leipzig. I've learned to develop young players and see that you can succeed with them. "

In Leipzig he had two strong years with the places two and six. Just like RB, he records every training session by video. Only the masts of the cameras must be shorter - because next door is the nature reserve New Forest. Hasenhüttl: "I learned a lot in Leipzig, especially from Ralf Rangnick. He showed how to successfully lead a club successfully. These approaches and experiences are very helpful to me now. "

From next season, the game philosophy Hasenhüttls should also be implemented in the offspring. The club is justifiably proud of the academy. Stars like Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Liverpool) and Theo Walcott (Arsenal) were trained here. "Our academy has the highest ranks in England," says Hasenhüttl. "We have some good guys in the pros. Like Yan Valery. Our goal is to constantly develop exceptional talent. "

How is Southampton ranked by the financial possibilities? Hasenhüttl: "In the Bundesliga I would probably compare with Mainz or Freiburg. We are limited in our possibilities, but we are taking a very sustainable and healthy path: we are a self-financing system, living from purchases and sales. "

The club belongs to the Chinese businessman Gao Jisheng (estimated assets 240 million euros). How much does he get involved? "Hardly, there is loose contact. For example, if we win against Tottenham, it's an extreme publicity for him. The Chinese are very interested in the Premier League. The games are seeing 100 million people there. "In summer, the club flies to Macau for four days as a club owner. "Such trips I find in the preparation actually suboptimal," says Hasenhüttl honest. "That's why we only have five players plus juniors, the others are in the camp in Ireland. So the journey to China has little influence. "

He quickly got used to the life outside of the place. Driving on the left? No problem! "That went after two days. I tend to bother the speed limits. A maximum of 75 km / h on the highway - that is tough, especially as you are always stressed. Sometimes I would like to get on the gas. "He grins:" But everywhere are speed cameras, as I unfortunately already had to find ... "
And what annoys him most at the stadiums? "Clearly the guest cabins. That's a disaster, even at Manchester United at Old Trafford. They are not bigger than my office, sometimes we coaches do not even have an extra room. "

At the harbor overlooking the water Hasenhüttl is at home. His beloved piano had to stay in Germany. "The apartment is not big enough for that. And I have no time. But the other day I played in the team hotel, for the debut, rather spontaneous. I sang: 'Weus'd a Herz host wia a mine' from the Austrian Rainhard Fendrich, I think that's great. "

The fans in Southampton love him for his looseness. In the winter they have written his own Christmas song, Sponsor Virgin welcomes guests at the stadium on a poster in "Ralphampton". But Hasenhüttl remains modest: "Initially, the hype was almost too much for me. I won two games and was equal to "King Ralph". You have to be careful. But if you succeed in inspiring people here in a sustainable way, then they are already similar to the Leipzigers: regardless of the outcome, they are very positive. That gives me a lot of strength. "

Is a return to the Bundesliga conceivable? "You can not rule anything out in football," he says. "But right now I do not think that I'm working as a coach in Germany again. In England, the coaches enjoy a very different status. Add to this incredibly interesting league. I have an extremely high job satisfaction. "

In Southampton, the fans fear but now: Is Hasenhüttl still successful, he could be quickly gone. Like Mauricio Pochettino (47), who went to top club Tottenham after only one and a half strong years. Hasenhüttl: "I do not think about what's coming to Southampton. I've found a job here that fills me up, and I'm not here to run away. I want to make a name for myself in this league. "
As I said, he is not just passing through ...

Cedric seems to be having fun..
by SonicBoom at 23:39 15 Jun 2019
The media; ref Lampard
by Gennaro_Contaldo at 11:42 15 Jun 2019

This sums up what is wrong with football and the media.

Media report that Sarri is off to Italy, fair enough. They they realise that Chelsea have a vacancy for a new manager.

Frank Lampard's Derby County did okay last season.

Suddenly the media are all over this, talking about Lampard going back to Chelsea. What the release fee is. What he can do. Who he wants on his team.

F**k all respect shown to Derby and no real evidence that the Chelsea board want a manager who has won nothing. Just the media almost trying to force it to happen.

Or is it just me??
Noel Gallagher
by PatfromPoole at 10:04 15 Jun 2019

Not sure if they showed this on the TV last night, but during Noel Gallagher‘ set last night...

He asks if there are any Leeds in.

Some guys in front of me excitedly wave a Leeds flag.

Noel gives them a thumbs-up and says “This one is for you”.

He then sings Oasis’ “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”.......

Friday Night Choons...
by 1885_SFC at 20:13 14 Jun 2019

It's been a while.

A classic 80's track to kick off with. The Outfield were from London but never really made it in the UK. They had a lot of success in the US though. One of my favourite ever 80's songs:

Centre Half
by Heisenberg at 09:55 14 Jun 2019

Any ideas ? Out of the ones I saw against us last season Sol Bamba at Cardiff impressed me. Other than that no idea but we definately need at least one centre half. Probably two if we can shift Hoedt and Stephens.
Leicester players in demand
by Butty101 at 07:14 14 Jun 2019

It will be interesting to see if they keep chillwell, maguire and Maddison. As we are constantly told small clubs can’t keep hold of their best players.
Or is it just Saints that can’t as they are the only club that pays agents fees, ni , tax and bonuses etc
Are you happy with this?
by A_Saint_in_Stoke at 04:13 14 Jun 2019

I have been accused of being " Over the top " - But may I ask! Are you " REALLY HAPPY " that YOUR MONEY is going to fund these unelected eurocrats?

Anger over £440,000 'golden goodbye' payments to EU top dogs Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk when they stand down later this year
Juncker and Donald Tusk in line for nearly £440,000 in 'golden goodbyes'
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker can pocket £144,000
Donald Tusk is in line to rake in up to £288,000 for a 'transitional allowance'
The pair will still be entitled to the handouts even if they secure new jobs.

AGAIN I SAY - That the E.U. is for " THE FEW " to jump on THEIR E.U. GRAVY TRAIN --- And guess who's paying ............. We all are!!!
Martyn Margotson
by this_charming_man at 18:03 13 Jun 2019

Looks like he’s been busy. Just saying.....

Djenepo signs - O/S
by saints__fan__73 at 13:30 13 Jun 2019

by gentlekenneth at 11:32 13 Jun 2019

Talk to me. What have I done to upset you? You're killing my positive forum vote coefficient!
No One Excited About Football
by SaintNick at 10:04 13 Jun 2019

The fixtures have been out for an hour yet not one post
Time for a Brexit post based on actual stuff
by DellHero at 13:55 12 Jun 2019

Actual stuff: just got a rundown of the Lord Mayors brekky session held with industry this morning. Looks like Chancellor also spoke. They stated, and all the industry leaders there (FTSE100 CEOs....not me) seemed to agree, that the economy will be worse after Brexit and worse^2 after a no-deal Brexit.
No matter what the other possible improvements might be, who wants the economy to be worse.
Our business is just being winkled out of a programme by the French; hard to get investment when the opportunities are shrinking. No comparable biz in ROW for us.
Might be easy to knock the comments from this morning’s meeting but I tend to believe that group. Sure, they will do very well themselves but most will have their company at heart.
Biggest fear (not project fear!) is over stock market. Affects all of us.
Norwich City
by saintwizzler at 08:45 12 Jun 2019

Fair play

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