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This report demonstrates why the UK was right to vote to leave the EU.
at 15:00 19 May 2019

A devastating internal report has revealed that Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission has been blighted by fraud and harassment.

This is YOUR MONEY that the EU spends like confetti!
Juncker's Brussels HQ is riddled with fraud, harassment and rogue workers yet only three officials were sacked last year, damning report reveals
Three Commission officials were sacked and seven demoted for bad behavior
One of those who was sacked had leaked embarrassing documents to a paper
Another was convicted of 'professional extortion and passive bribery'
A third official was sacked in 2018 for 'aggressive and threatening' behavior

Dr Lee Rotherham, an expert on European Union fraud, explained that ‘This report demonstrates why the UK was right to vote to leave the EU. It also looks like more evidence of the poor treatment of EU whistleblowers who try to do the right thing.’

The director of the EU-focused think tank The Red Cell added: ‘It is a timely reminder of why the UK should not still be so generously feeding the EU budget.

‘Once taxpayer money ends up in Brussels, people spending it lose any sense of ownership and accountability. But it doesn’t come from a magic EU money tree. It comes from ordinary hardworking people’s payslips.’

He went on: ‘That’s why the UK is better off out and taking back control of the way our money is spent.’

Last night, an EU Commission spokesman said that they expect ‘high standards of ethics and integrity from its staff. When allegations of misconduct are established, they are sanctioned appropriately’............ Ya right !!! they are all on the EU gravy train - AND WE PAY.
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at 23:08 18 May 2019

Do 22 out of 26 Eurovision Countries SING IN ENGLISH? ( Franse & Serbia in part English ) ............... and ALL interviews ARE IN ENGLISH!

Because they KNOW that is the best chance of WINNING.


We will soon have a PROPER LEADER who will get a positive deal that will be passed by our pathetic politicians in parliament ---- Take that to the EU and demand that this is what WE will accept ................

They will never ever cut ties with us .... IT IS NOT IN THEIR INTEREST. --- If they do FANTASTIC!
then just watch the EU LEADERS SQUIRM ............. When will people realize THEY NEED US.and to bend over backwards to give us a fair deal - even open up the "so-called closed treaty " .......... THIS WILL BE FRONTED BY OUR STONG LEADERS - and not weak-willed pathetic civil servants, that have given away EVERYTHING the EU wanted.

THE divorce and further trade agreements will be worked out together this time!

After our teams " pathetic " showing against relegated Huddersfield!
at 23:20 16 May 2019

Apart from Ralph ( didn't he sound disappointed and " pissed off " in his post-match interview ) - saying there is a LOT of work to be done in the summer?

Have we have heard from our owner?
Has Kat got any views - on our past 3 years performances?
Have we have any statements or heard from anyone from our board of directors?
Is there any work or future planning going on at St Mary's?

As usual, there is COMPLETE F@ING SILENCE - The club treats us fans and supporters like cultivating mushrooms - Keeping all of us " completely in the dark " and shitting on us whenever they can!!
A modern-day method?
at 18:30 12 May 2019

Playing the ball out of defense?

Keeping the position of the ball - into midfield - to set up an attack .... I get it!

But with our - dare I say ... fragile defense where we seem to give the ball away .... and gift our opponent's attacks, so they can score goals and lose us points, does it not make sense for our players to use their grey matter - and get to ball up the field? You could say ANOTHER 2 POINTS LOST just because of Gunn of all people thought he could " pratt about " and look cool - instead of clearing the ball ---- total madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Les Reed - A take on WHY? enormous HIGH WAGES?
at 12:39 6 May 2019

I believe that if you think back REED was extremely miffed about the situation regarding - Toby Alderweireld ( Eventually he chose Spurs - but at one time was happy to stay with Saints I read in the press! ) ......... Yes, we had an option to buy him at an agreed price - Mr. Reed was trying to be cleaver - and f@ed the whole deal up! Just after that point in time Saints announced Foster signs a SIX-year contract - SIX years ............ hence the utter mess with wages we now find ourselves in, at the present time, - and will be a few years B4 things will finally sorts out and settle down.

Agents must have loved Saints - as a willing " Soft touch " as it was extremely unusual to what seems for Saints to automatically dish out such long contracts, which other clubs in our position just were not offering their players - SO I do hope that we don't eventually find out that in time ........... that brown envelopes were being circulated.
Jamie Carragher
at 21:50 4 May 2019

What a load of ____ that pours out of that gob!
What planet do these politicians live on?
at 10:05 4 May 2019

The Tory leadership contender Dominic Raab has publicly complained that he’s ‘feeling the pinch’, even though he’s paid £79,468 per year — plus very generous expenses.

Raab resigned as Brexit Secretary last year, losing his £33,630 extra pay.

How the F~ing hell do these people think how pensioners, one parent families, and others survive?
[Post edited 4 May 10:07]
What do Saints fans think of this?
at 23:57 30 Apr 2019

One of my biggest bugbears with our club Is the COMMUNICATION between " What is happening within our club - and ANY communication with the fanbase? There is "NONE". NO! I DO NOT expect the club to " Tell all " and appreciate that some negotiations are very sensitive - but just an indication would have helped in the past like other clubs have done with their supporters! Ralph our now departed part-time chairman - tried with 2 fans forums " IN THREE YEARS! " in which I only felt that us fans got his load of his " Corporate-speak * and by speaking a load of verbal diarrhea for 20 minutes - and didn't answer the original question asked?

So what do you feel about this West Ham fan's initiative for us to adopt here at St Mary's?

West Ham fans to be able to vote on selected club decisions from next season with interactive mobile app
West Ham will allow fans to vote on club decisions by using a mobile app
Fans will be able to take part in polls and share opinions if they buy fan tokens
Supporters will have a greater influence the more tokens they hold
The mobile app will become active from the beginning of the 2019-20 season
The club's presence on will allow fans to decide on the man of the match
Who plays?
at 07:14 28 Apr 2019

What's your opinions on Saints line up for our 2 remaining games?
My hunch will be that Ralph will use them to play - some players who need to be sold and also blood a couple of our youngsters - with this in mind I expect Foster to start in goal in both games.

Who would you include?
Hazard 'offered £400,000-a-week after tax' to join big-spending Real Madrid.
at 06:22 25 Apr 2019

Yes, he is a brilliant world class player!
Yes - Money from merchandise - money from sponsorship, etc,.
But the fans do eventually pay.

Are these deals good for our game? Maybe if there was a formation of a European Superleague ( I believe that would be great for Saints and a fairer Premiership ),

I do question - is ANY player worth that much?
Your opinions?
It's called BRITAIN'S got talent?
at 20:38 20 Apr 2019

So why is Cowell getting acts from - Beleriuse - Japan - China - Slovenia and all the countries around the globe?

Surely we have enough talent IN BRITAIN to entertain us?
Disappointing 1'sr Half.
at 20:12 20 Apr 2019

Lamina & Armstrong livened us up in the second half - brilliant Mario goal strick, bending around their defenders - into the far corner, I feel that there is a certain question mark whether he will want to be at Saint Mary's next season - and that's if Ralph has him in his future plans!
The first half was dreadful - but Ralph is still learning about his players - so when we are mathmatically safe , I exspect Ralph to give chances to more younger players - also exsperiment with different shapes & systems - ready for next season - which I feel we all exsopect to be in a better leage position!
How would you feel - If you were a family member of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby?
at 01:32 15 Apr 2019

When families have difficulties feeding their own families -- and we have British citizens beheaded by these people - HOW CAN THIS BE JUSTIFIED? .......... in spending our taxpayers' money like this?

Shamima Begum is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship: Fury as jihadi bride’s legal fees are paid by taxpayers
Shamima Begum was granted legal aid to fight the removal of her citizenship
Lawyers were successful in asking for taxpayers' cash on Shamima's behalf
Taxpayers face legal bill which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds

Meat Cleaver murderers
Michael Adebolajo, 34, and Michael Adebowale, 28, murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby with meat cleavers in Woolwich, south-east London, in May 2013. The pair, who were jailed for life, received £200,000 in legal aid to fund their defences.

But Adebolajo appealed against the conviction. Again he lost, this time at a cost to the taxpayer of £50,000.

Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who has received £140,000 in legal aid, supposedly inspired the two killers.

Pop star paedophile

Paedophile Gary Glitter was also given more than £21,000 in legal aid to fight child sex charges – despite being wealthy enough to rent a £2million London home and earning £300,000 a year in royalties.

Vile grooming gang

Members of an Asian grooming gang – who raped, tormented and abused girls as young as 13 – were handed more than £1million to unsuccessfully defend criminal charges and fight deportation to Pakistan. Shabir Ahmed, 65 – the ringleader of the Rochdale child sex gang –was granted £249,707; Abdul Aziz, 44, £195,277; Abdul Rauf, 48, £282,370; Adil Khan, 48, was granted £282,289. But thousands more was also handed to lawyers working to stop the men being sent home.

In contrast, scores of others have been denied public money for their legal costs – such as the families of those killed in IRA bombings, and parents desperate to help treat their sick little boy...

Away side kicking toward their own supporters in 2nd half again!!!
at 20:07 5 Apr 2019

A massive advantage for them - if we get a lead?

There giving Van Dick some stick.
Surrender your sausages!
at 20:44 3 Apr 2019

And YOU still want to be part of this PATHETIC DOOMED EU ORGANISATION?

Please remember, these are OUR CLOSEST FRIENDS!! .... What great friends?

The EU will force British holidaymakers to hand over home comforts like pasties, cheese, and ham if they try to take them to Europe after a No Deal Brexit
UK travelers would face EU disease control laws if we left without a deal
They would come into effect immediately and apply to products of animal origin
It would leave Brits facing a choice between leaving them behind or smuggling
EU Commissioner warned that checks would apply at all borders in the EU
British holidaymakers could be forced to become smugglers if there is a No Deal Brexit because EU rules will block them from traveling with home comforts like Cornish pasties and pork pies.

Ham, sausages, and cheese are among products that could be barred from being taken to the continent if the UK leaves without a deal under hardcore disease control rules.

It came as a senior European Commissioner warned that luggage checks would come into force at all EU borders points immediately if the UK left without a deal at any time.

If the rules were heavily policed it could mean travelers either leaving their beloved comfort snacks behind or find a way of smuggling them past border guards.
at 05:32 29 Mar 2019

Senior minister defends the Government’s £12m purchase of a seven-bedroom New York penthouse apartment for a British diplomat Flat bought for Antony Phillipson, UK's trade commissioner for North America
Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said 'best possible deal and value for money' was secured. The luxury apartment cost £12.03million and has a swimming pool and steam room.

An expensive area - that's sort of ok and I don't feel to stick him in a slum BUT these " Over the top " decisions are completely annoying and so unfair to the ordinary people.
Superb late goal.
at 10:00 22 Mar 2019

Captain our captain!

A brilliant strick from our - Pierre for Denmark, to earn a late drew last night.

Seems to get better with every game he plays!
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