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So how many of you agree?
at 21:28 11 Mar 2019

That a 14-week prison sentence and a £350 fine .........................will deter ANY other idiot - from entering Football Leauge pitches - and God help us inflicting much more serious wounds on our professional football players?

I suggest NOT ONE - will be put off !...... when oh ! when will the footballing Authorities learn > to hit these people HARD in their pockets and their own play time. Long stretches of Community Service!

at 01:48 7 Mar 2019

Our MP's have been planning all alone to keep us tied to the E.U.!

Since November 2016, The veterans for Britain ( Taken from their website ) - have been sounding the alarm about the vast military agreements the EU has been pushing.

The UK should never have agreed to participate, yet ministers have given active consent for the UK to be a participant and have done so in FIVE separate agreements at the EU Council.

EU Defence Union is vast and complicated. A single page might reference four other prior plans or agreements which must also be read in order that the whole is understood. Financial elements link to structural elements, which in turn link to political decision making and joint purchasing and ownership of military assets. There is even foray into space, satellites, drones and “beyond state-of-the-art” defence technology.

When we present the plans to MPs, defence commentators and the media they are naturally baffled. This is how the EU gets its way.

The EU Commission has been planning all this since 2014 and have rolled out a dizzying SEVENTEEN documents in less than six months, comprising more than 60,000 words.

After every EU Council meeting, new documents are generated while others are amended.

In the absence of simple answers to simple questions, many default to the hopeful view that ‘Brexit makes it all ok’ and the relationship will surely end in 2019.

Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

We are always being asked why the UK’s accession to these agreements has any effect on a departing UK.

That’s precisely why we’ve written this article.

How does EU Defence Union bind the UK in terms of Brexit? Here’s how:

1. It threatens UK autonomy in defence procurement decisions

How? UK companies are tied into defence procurement deals which require adherence to EU defence policy and European Defence Agency (EDA) membership. When the UK leaves these, it regains defence autonomy. But the companies will be hostages to EU policy and political pressure from Brussels.

2. It gives the EU new leverage in the Brexit talks

How? The agreements are an additional set of UK commitments. These will be harder to unravel post-2019. They cover defence command structure, intelligence, defence finance and defence procurement.

Once signed up, the UK loses its ability to negotiate a deal that best suits an independent country.

Worse, as a key military power the EU wants our support, but we will have handed it over without gains in other Brexit areas in return.

3. It commits the UK to legal merger of defence capabilities for at least two years

How? It means refusing to even begin discussing UK disengagement from recent defence agreements until after March 2019. Exit talks first, future relationship second. That could take months or years and will keep the UK tied in for the duration of a transition deal, during which the UK will still be a member of the European Defence Agency and applying Common Defence Policy.

4. It hinders our exit from the European Investment Bank, the EU state bank, created to “further EU policy goals”

The new EU policy means linking UK membership of the European Investment Bank (EIB) to defence, making it more difficult to leave the European Investment Bank, which is an organisation closely association with supporting EU policy with considerable UK financial assets but for limited UK gain.

5. It adds a ‘gravitational risk’ to the UK for the start of defence talks in 2019, which are intended to take us closer to EU defence union

How? Since the UK is already part signed up, it feeds future calls for the UK to remain in the EU’s centralising military strategy, removing the UK’s ability to take independent action in defence and defence procurement to save jobs and expertise.

6. It threatens NATO

The European Commission’s European Defence Action Plan repeatedly asserts the EU’s ‘strategic autonomy’ in defence.

“The EU will continue to work closely with its partners, particularly with the United Nations and NATO, while respecting the autonomy of the EU’s decision-making processes.”

The EEAS’s Security and Defence Implementation Plan, as well as the EU Council conclusions from March, May and November 2017, repeatedly refer to the development of EU strategic autonomy in defence.

The EU is pursuing four separate funding streams that partly claim authority over member states’ national defence budgets and joint financial assets. The decision making over these funds and their conduct will be done within the EU remit, not through NATO.

The protagonists of EU defence union have outlined areas in which NATO has not served the objectives of then EU. Ursula Von Der Leyen, German Defence Minister, justified EU defence union by citing NATO ‘inability’ to intervene in the Western Balkans, Ukraine and Africa. This helps explain why the EU is moving towards developing common pooled EU assets. It already has collective assets such as its Satellite Centre, and a Space Policy to go with it.

7. It is completely unnecessary for the UK to be involved, yet EU Commissioners have told the UK Govt it is expected to “play its full role”.

Denmark, an EU member state plays no part in EU defence because it opted out. The UK should have insisted on the same deal.

Diplomats and Ministers thought they were “nurturing good will” by playing along, but that’s not how the EU works. It’s an acquisitive project that exploits every opportunity behind momentary consensus.

The EU Commission has told the UK that because “decisions over EU Defence Union were taken unanimously”, the UK is expected to “play its full role while it remains a member”.

The Best Countries For Business 2019
at 01:20 6 Mar 2019

The Forbes 2019 list sees UK at Nuber1 - GERMANY @ 14'TH and FRANCE @ 21' ST ...

Forbes gauged the Best Countries for Business by rating nations on 15 different factors, including property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal, trade and monetary), red tape and investor protection. Other metrics included were workforce, infrastructure, market size, quality of life and risk. Each category was equally weighted.

Without all the doom & gloom and scaremongering if only the remoaners - would have faith that we CAN & WILL make a big success out of leaving the E.U. It is in ALL of our interest of every single family in the UK - for all our futures!

Rank Name GDP Growth GDP per Capita Trade Balance/GDP Population
#1 United Kingdom 1.7% $39,700 -3.8% 65.1 M
#2 Sweden 2.1% $53,400 3.3% 10 M
#3 Hong Kong 3.8% $46,200 4.3% 7.2 M
#4 Netherlands 2.9% $48,200 10.5% 17.2 M
#5 New Zealand 3% $42,900 -2.7% 4.5 M
#6 Canada 3% $45,000 -2.9% 35.9 M
#7 Denmark 2.3% $56,300 7.6% 5.8 M
#8 Singapore 3.6% $57,700 18.8% 6 M
#9 Australia 2.2% $53,800 -2.6% 23.5 M
#10 Switzerland 1.7% $80,200 9.8% 8.3 M

#11 Ireland 7.2% $69,300 8.5% 5.1 M
#12 Taiwan 2.9% $24,300 14.5% 23.5 M
#13 Finland 2.8% $45,700 0.7% 5.5 M
#14 Germany 2.5% $44,500 7.9% 80.5 M
#15 Norway 1.9% $75,500 5.5% 5.4 M
#16 South Korea 3.1% $29,700 5.1% 51.4 M
#17 United States 2.2% $59,500 -2.3% 329.3 M
#18 Spain 3% $28,200 1.9% 49.3 M
#19 Japan 1.7% $38,400 4% 126.2 M
#20 Belgium 1.7% $43,300 -0.2% 11.6 M

#21 France 2.3% $38,500 -0.6% 67.4 M
#22 Austria 3% $47,300 1.9% 8.8 M
#23 Luxembourg 2.3% $104,100 5% 0.6 M
#24 Israel 3.3% $40,300 2.9% 8.4 M
#25 Portugal 2.7% $21,100 0.5% 10.4 M
#26 Iceland 4% $70,100 3.5% 0.3 M
#27 Lithuania 3.9% $16,700 0.8% 2.8 M
#28 Estonia 4.9% $19,700 3.1% 1.2 M
#29 Czech Republic 4.3% $20,400 1.1% 10.7 M
#30 Italy 1.5% $32,000 2.8% 62.2 M

#31 Slovenia 5% $23,600 7.1% 2.1 M
#32 United Arab Emirates 0.8% $40,700 6.9% 9.7 M
#33 Chile 1.5% $15,300 -1.5% 17.9 M
#34 Poland 4.7% $13,800 0.3% 38.4 M
#35 Malaysia 5.9% $9,900 3% 31.8 M
#36 Latvia 4.5% $15,600 -0.8% 1.9 M
#37 Cyprus 3.9% $25,200 -6.7% 1.2 M
#38 Slovakia 3.4% $17,600 -2.1% 5.4 M
#39 Mauritius 3.8% $10,500 -6.6% 1.4 M
#40 Hungary 4% $14,200 3.2% 9.8 M

#41 Romania 6.9% $10,800 -3.4% 21.5 M
#42 Greece 1.4% $18,600 -0.8% 10.8 M
#43 Malta 6.7% $26,900 13.6% 0.4 M
#44 Georgia 5% $4,100 -8.9% 4.9 M
#45 Qatar 1.6% $63,500 3.9% 2.4 M
#46 Bulgaria 3.6% $8,000 4.5% 7.1 M
#47 Thailand 3.9% $6,600 11.2% 68.6 M
#48 Costa Rica 3.3% $11,600 -2.9% 5 M
#49 China 6.9% $8,800 1.4% 1,384.7 M
#50 Oman -0.9% $15,700 -15.2% 3.5 M
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Could we nick a point off Utd?
at 14:11 2 Mar 2019

Saints unchanged.

Yes, we can!
Not expected to get any points.
Pressure - is sort of off!
We need some luck!
Why not?

If you voted to Leave the E.U - You are being SHAFTED!
at 16:09 1 Mar 2019

Your members of Parliament - Refuse to Brexit - for their own selfish gains.

So you think we will NOT be joining The European Army? WRONG!!

They are doing it "By the back door " and keeping it quite!
Why would they risk investing BILLIONS ?
at 17:04 28 Feb 2019

World’s biggest wealth fund piles billions of pounds into Britain after taking 30-year bet that UK economy will be STRONGER after Brexit.

Yngve Slyngstad, CEO of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund said his country would continue to invest in Brexit Britain regardless of the outcome of the Government's current negotiations with the European Union.
He said: 'With our time horizon, which is 30 years plus, current political discussions do not change our view of the situation.'
Even so, Britain's share of the fund's portfolio slipped below Japan's to third from its usual spot in second behind the United States. Slyngstad said the dip was caused by a strengthening of the yen against the pound.

And he said Britain was included in a broad-based global equities buying spree worth about £22.5 billion from November to January when the fund reckoned it was buying shares on the cheap amid turmoil on markets.

The fund is one of the biggest foreign investors in Britain, as a co-owner of London's Regent Street, as a top five owner in firms such as HSBC and BP among others, and as a holder of roughly £6 billion of UK government debt.

So the worlds biggest wealth fund thinks we will be better off and are willing to bet heavily ...but still we will hear nothing but doom and gloom from the remainders who have their fingers in the pie ! How many doom stories have made the headline but yet we get some seriously heavy hitters betting on us and investing and still the news outlets put it way down the page as if it's not very important? No Deal is the way as we will end up in a much better place ...or we can stay in the EU rot away and follow them into recession. If you don`t fall for the lies its a really really easy decision - or believe all the MP's who are EMPLOYED and advisors to most of the BIG BUSINESSES and corporate bodies, who have vested interests in KEEPING US TIED TO THE E.U.

M.P's are supposed to carry out our wishes and 17,400,000 voted and wish to LEAVE!
FULHAM - The most important game of our season.
at 06:57 25 Feb 2019

I have had to sleep on the thoughts of being what " I describe as to been severely let down " by the very poor performance of our team, against Arsenal yesterday.

I always try to be very positive - but now feel moved to say to our board TO NOW FACEUP TO REALITY ".It is a known fact the to survive in any league - you need a goalscorer., and it has been bloody obvious that for over 2 years now Saints have desperately needed at least one quality striker. - but all we have seen is our players being "loaned out "and the board not wishing " NOT PAYOUT DECENT MONEY " to secure a noteworthy name! - hence we are left with having all of our forwards. knowing most were proven to be left likely with an injury As a supporter seeing our team having 10 days "in the sun " Ralph to TRY to iron out our misgivings of the past few matches -Saints supporters were looking toward at least some effort yesterday. I feel now is the time for Ralph to impose himself ............... and even if today is a recovery day BRING ALL THE SQUAD BACK TO STAPLEWOOD ..... to watch videos ALL DAY IF NECESSARY ............. AS the performance against Arsenal -- WAS UNINSPIRING & UNACCEPTABLE.
Apart from the difficulties with regard to the lack of forward power - Ralph must look at his own player selections and now drop Stevens in favor of what I thought was a "Man of the match " performance by Yoshida against Chelsea, like many posts, have pointed out.

Wednesday's game " IS THE MOST OF IMPORTANT ONE OF THE WHOLE SEASON " so it's now time to ditch all the frustrations and negativity .......... and get behind our boys and cheer them on to a big win. COYS.

The 11 Independents?
at 10:14 22 Feb 2019

Do you not find it very strange?
Leaving their respective parties - wanting to have a peoples vote? ( in another words NOT accepting the majority of peoples wishes, and trying to keep us in the EU ) ...... and yet they do not want to go back to their beloved constituents - and ask their constituents to -- back their decision to leave their respective parties? and to vote for them? and yet - they are adamant that - they back a "Peoples Vote " and wish the people to decide!!!!!! Hypocrisy or what?
The 11 Independents agenda? --- Can you see this group agreeing on anything?

The ONLY thing that they agree on is ways on stopping Brexit --- THEN WHAT?
Can you really see Anna Suubury agreeing with socialist policies?

My opinions are - Have these people ............ thought this through?

I predict that apart from Mr. Chuckup who has a 27000 majority - all the others will not be re-allected - I feel their ex-parties will see to that !!!!

I am not saying that the UK does not need a new centrist party ............... as the liberals are looked upon as a joke! ...... the main culprit being Nick Clegg ............... Who chose to Boost his own EGO as he could see and smell his own Power - being the deputy prime minister in a coalition government - instead of carrying out and being true to his parties manifesto - of abolishing students fee's .......... in other words this lying scumbag destroyed the liberal party.

To bring you a smile!
at 03:39 15 Feb 2019
.Nice to see the board supporting Ralph
at 01:36 15 Feb 2019

Granted It is a Wednesday evening - but good to see a promotion like this, for pensioner/supporter on a budget like me with over a 300-mile round trip to cover.

With tickets for Fulham just £20 until Friday 22 February, use your exclusive promo code and bring up to six friends.*

Thank you, Saints. COYS.

Watching sky sports " soccer special "
at 21:47 12 Feb 2019

In an attempt for "Cool speke " can anyone understand Clinton Morrison?
Beyond Belief?
at 20:55 10 Feb 2019

Can ANYONE justify this decision?
How is this allowed to happen? when there are so many others in financial difficulties!

Jailed Al-Qaeda chief who 'had links to 7/7 London bombers' gets £800,000 in legal aid to appeal his conviction
Rangzieb Ahmed, 43, jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court in 2008
The jury heard Ahmed headed a three-man Al-Qaeda cell planning murder
Ahmed the first person in the UK convicted of directing a terrorist organization
FOI request reveals he has received extensive taxpayer-funded legal fees

A convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist has received nearly £800,000 in legal aid fees to appeal his conviction.
The jury heard that he headed a three-man Al Qaeda cell which was preparing to commit mass murder.
Ahmed was jailed for life with a minimum term of ten years after the Manchester Crown Court after a jury found him guilty of being a member of Al Qaeda with his associate, Manchester taxi driver Habib Ahmed.
The 43-year-old, who was arrested in Pakistan, became the first person in the UK convicted of directing a terrorist organization.

A freedom of information request has revealed the extremist received £782,407 in legal fees, as reported by The Sun on Sunday.

The fees include £589,667 for a barrister and lawyers, £121,892 for an appeal against a failed conviction in 2011, as well as £60,435 for a civil action.

MP David Davies described the payments as an 'outrage.'

Ahmed, who is thought to have links to the 7/7 terrorists, has a parole hearing next month.
Ahmed lost an appeal against conviction in 2011 after he claimed that police and the security services had earlier allowed him to leave Britain for Pakistan while he was under surveillance, knowing that he would be mistreated.

Ahmed was jailed for life with a minimum term of ten years after the Manchester Crown Court (pictured) after a jury found him guilty of being a member of Al Qaeda with his associate, Manchester taxi driver Habib Ahmed.
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The positioning of away supporters at St Mary's.
at 07:42 10 Feb 2019

I was encouraged at the recent "fans forum " that the club is looking into this situation, I understand it's a logistical nightmare - but am certain would help our team.

Perhaps - Can anyone help?

Now I don't know for certain - but I wouldn't mind betting that we have LOST more points at home - say in the last 3 years ....... when the away team are playing TOWARD their own supporters in the 2nd half! when playing us at St Mary's.

Are there any ways of looking up the results over the past 3 seasons - where they away side were kicking towards their own fans in the second half - and how the points won or lost panned out? ................ my point is that we need all the advantages for our team at St Mary's.

Yet again yesterday - Cardiff playing toward their fans in the second half - seemed to me to " BE ENERGISED " by their fans, as is nearly every team are!

Many other clubs stick the " Away fans " to the side and out the way - and not so visible.
at 20:12 7 Feb 2019

Now Tusk backs CORBYN's plan: EU President ' TOLD May Labour leader's Brexit suggestions could be a way out of the current impasse' in brutal Brussels face-off.
'They would divide Hell'
at 02:29 7 Feb 2019

This is how EU bosses view the 17,4 million British people who had the "AUDACITY " to vote to leave their rotten club.

Another Brussels boss takes aim at Brexiteers as Guy Verhofstadt follows Donald Tusk in scathing insults at vote Leavers
Donald Tusk started the row saying there is a 'special place in Hell' for Brexiteers
Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt said vote leavers would 'divide hell'

Do you really want to be associated with these people?

The start of the finish!
[Post edited 7 Feb 2:34]
at 19:34 3 Feb 2019

Week after week his programme invites ALL THE VERY TOP EU LEADERS to express their views - their side of the negotiations ....... and week after week they refuse --- WHY THOUGH? SURLY if they solidly believed in democracy ........ they would explain the EU's side of the withdraw.

This again indicates the EU is a dictatorship, and should you have any doubts then there is no better example than - tomorrows BBC 2 programme at 9, o'clock just see how they treat Greece in this weeks programme - and make up your own mind? Do you see how the powerful treat the so-called lesser nations of the EU club?
[Post edited 3 Feb 19:34]
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