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The proposed moving of away fans seats?
at 09:17 16 Aug 2019

The idea of playing at our " Home Stadium " ....... should mean - we have every advantage possible in Southampton's F.C. favor!
Personally - I do feel that - when the away side - have the choice ............ they always choose to kick toward Thier own fans in the second half ........... which is a distinct advantage to them!

I do not have any statistics -- So who could do the honors? and work out - how many points Saints have dropped ( in say the last 3/4 seasons ) - when we were leading or drawing in the first half - only to be pegged back in the second half - when the away side are kicking toward their own fans seated at the Northam end ....... now! It may be me - but in my own mind, but in a number of games that we have been leading 2- 0 at half time - then only to lose 3-2 or draw 2-2 in the second half.
Our esteemed managing director Toby Steele last night waffled on about health & Safty, and seemed totally uninterested about this subject being raised again - but also made a valid point that with the moving of 3000 seats, some of our own fans were uneasy about being move - which is a fair enough point.
What astounds me is - that these are supposed to be intelligent people - but do not have any capacity to " Think outside the box " Should I be faced with this situation - I would reach out to the many talented Architects and Designers in Southampton and ask them to come up with solutions to satisfy all H&S, Police and above all being practical - by designing 3000 new seats for away fans thus increasing St Mary's capacity, which would negate moving any existing season ticket holders - problem solved, as they were going to spend loads of money, in any case, to move away fans.

And the by-product being - more revenue to help pay for the expansion!
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What did we learn from the Fan's Forum?
at 20:13 15 Aug 2019

That an old gentleman who has supported Saints for over 80 years - has faith in Ralph!
Apart from that, it's the same old! same old! as we hear every year.
Does anyone know?
at 10:19 14 Aug 2019

If the " Fans Forum " will be broadcast live tonight? or will they edit it and put it out as a video later - as per last time?

I did submit this question through my Saints supporter number a few days ago - but as usual ................... it seems to be ignored - as I haven't received any reply!
Deadline Day - Any predictions with under 7 hours to the close?
at 10:48 8 Aug 2019

I am desperate for our club to do well ... but fear from the sky reporter Jamie Weir who has just reported from St Mary's on Sky sports .... very little transfer activity will happen - or in my view, NO transfer activity will happen today. , and it will be interesting to listen to Ralph's report at around 2 p.m.
Sims agrees New York Red Bulls loan.
at 23:56 7 Aug 2019

Southampton Football Club can confirm that winger Josh Sims has joined MLS club New York Red Bulls on loan until the end of the year, subject to international clearance

The 22-year-old, who has made 27 first-team appearances at Saints, will make the switch to the United States until December 31st in order to gain some valuable experience and additional playing time.
Ahead of the move, Sims also agreed to a new one-year contract extension at St Mary’s, with his deal now running until the summer of 2021.

The club wishes Josh well in the coming months and looks forward to watching his progress.

Good Luck Josh ...... Show them what they're missing - and score a hatful of goals .... look forward to welcoming you back !
Trouble at Mill?
at 08:01 6 Aug 2019

I will probably be rubbished for even posting such concerns?

How many other fans - have the same uneasy feeling 's about the start of the new season - or is it just me?

There are " too many problem area's " without any explanations forthcoming and this - after the club stated - we will be more forthcoming and transparent!

Time will tell - but I just sense ............. there maybe " problems behind the scene "
at St Mary's?

Do you agree with - LoisDeem added 12:23 - Aug 3
at 14:19 3 Aug 2019

Derek -or was it Clive? Once said:
"What a way to run a ballroom."
This continual 'stripewash' is obviously what they meant.
Other than Ralph, who does clearly have his hands full, the club is clearly falling short on the PR side. They are failing to communicate properly via their usual media outlets, and as a lapsed season ticket holder /member they are now failing to communicate directly with me and mine -pathetic!
I am sure they are subscribing to the only communicate when necessary school of thought -but when this relates to match tickets and dates etc they are clearly penny-pinching -which many will lazily pin the blame on ex-personnel. There needs to be a thorough cleanse and unsloping of shoulders before it's too late -too many are failing in their duty and not earning their wages -so stop slacking, show your colors/mettle FFS Saints!

I totally agree .......... Do you?
So what is your opinion?
at 16:41 25 Jul 2019

Exactly the very same as in previous seasons - Fans forum stating...........We at the club ........ will be open and transparent with our fans!

Should you read the TCM Transfer window dilemma post ....... you should pick up HOW FRUSTRATING Saints loyal fans are?

So I thought I would wait for my Official Saints Member's newsletter. It arrived today -

We're delighted to have you here as a 2019/20 Official Member's newsletter - For some kind of information as to how our transfer activity is progressing Answer NOTHING ................ deathly silence.

Saints22 must have a double hernia by now - not knowing ANY PROGRESS on Central Defenders!!

Like I have pointed out - many many times in previous posts ( even have given examples of other clubs take on keeping their fans " up to date " with their latest news " )

No, we don't want to know ALL ABOUT transfers targets ................ BUT as the club wishes to be open and transparent with our fans!? Would you not agree --- some kind of transfer IN'S and OUT'S situations/ developments would not go amiss?
NOW! Just watch the E.U?
at 12:45 23 Jul 2019

They say - Now more agreement negotiations.

We will now have a negotiation team - " with motivation and "balls " to stand up for everyone in the UK - instead of having a weak-willed pathetic Robins team - that rolled over on every situation!

Watch now ............ how The E.U. will Completly change their opinions - and will now be willing to actually negotiate - instead of dictating!!
I rate this CB.
at 13:38 18 Jul 2019

Highlighted this CB when with Bristol City when he moved to Middlesbrough last year.
A strong commanding 6' 5" instrumental CENTER BACK LEADER that I feel although now aged 30 could do a Fantastic job for Saints, and can also disrupt opposition defenses - and even score the odd goal!

Aden Flint is a snip at £6 million in my opinion ............ but is now likely to be snapped up by Cardiff.
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Good luck Sam!
at 11:15 12 Jul 2019

Sky Sports understand that Blackburn has agreed on a fee for Sam Gallagher.

No other details are available as yet - best of luck to you Sam.
at 19:51 10 Jul 2019

When a player moves from his/her existing club - granted there are certain costs that are involved.
I know that I am highlighting a top player - but this filters down through ability/standards of players throughout all the football leagues.
How can anyone justify such woeful disregard .................. when Paul Pogba was transferred from Juventus to Man Utd the fee was reported on Sky to be £89 Million - his AGENT took £41 Million for himself! ........................ How can anyone justify such a fee?
and rumor has it, that his agent now "Wants more money " - and so is behind the unrest of the player performing for Utd this season.
Agents or PARASITES as I would name them - are literally sucking the life out of the game.?
Can you imagine what a percentage of their fee's - and what difference that amount of money would do - in helping our clubs in our lower leagues develop budding young footballers. I really don't know how or more importantly WHO is going to end this madness!
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Remoaners - Wrong again ! ......... Just Give Brexit a chance.
at 07:39 8 Jul 2019

One thing Project Fear did get right - Brexit's boosted wages for British workers - officials from the Unite union last week.
Remember the former Marks & Spencer chief Lord (Stuart) Rose, then head of the pro-Remain group Britain Stronger in Europe, was asked by a parliamentary select committee whether leaving the EU — with a consequent drop in the availability of workers from those 27 nations — would result in a rise in wages for low-skilled British workers.

Yes, that's very possible, Lord Rose told the MPs, and added: 'But that's not necessarily a good thing.'
Their cast-iron forecasts that simply the act of voting for Brexit would cause a recession and a sharp rise in unemployment have been comprehensively refuted by the facts on the ground. The economy has continued to grow and employment rates have reached one record high after another.
How can this ever be sustainable?
at 18:30 5 Jul 2019

I mean everybody knows that all of our UK car industry - are moving abroad " Don't They "?

So what are these idiots at Jaguar doing?

Jaguar delivers a huge Brexit boost with plans to build its next-generation electric XJ luxury car at Castle Bromwich factory.
Jaguar will build an all-new battery electric XJ luxury saloon in Castle Bromwich
The news will be a boost to the 2,500 workers at the Midlands car factory
JLR has committed to building the car no matter what the outcome of Brexit
The all-electric XJ will be able to travel nearly 300 miles on a single charge

Could it just be that Jaguar has recognized that they have a committed productive very skilled workforce - that will be making models That will get purchased! - unlike unwanted and difficult to sell diesel models.

Brexit will not be easy - but we WILL be a stronger and powerful nation, for the future of all our families.
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Lord Halls survey?
at 23:39 1 Jul 2019

Apparently, according to Lord Hall! tv license-fee payers support big salaries for stars like Gary Lineker, the BBC boss claims??? ( he obviously only asked Lineker's wife ? )
As the BBC publishes its annual report tomorrow Tuesday, Lord Hall of Birkenhead defended its high salaries. Lineker will head the list of top earners once again, with a salary of £1.750,000 - £1.760,000 million pounds per year.
“There’s a regular debate about whether we should pay what we do for the biggest stars like Gary Lineker, Graham Norton or Zoe Ball. I accept they get big salaries he said.

What's your opinion?
WHY ? no transfer news?
at 22:12 22 Jun 2019

Apparently, every Premiership footballer has a loyalty bonus clause in their contracts ..... that is triggered on 1'st July - Paul Pogba's eye-watering deal is below!

Paul Pogba will receive an astonishing £3.78million loyalty bonus from Manchester United, despite claiming it might be time to leave Old Trafford in search of a 'new challenge'.
Pogba's bumper pay-out is due on July 1, just two weeks after he made the startling admission about his future while on a promotional visit to Tokyo. The unsettled Frenchman's loyalty payment has gone up from the £3.46m he received last year under the terms of his five-year contract at United, so his "loyalty bonus" has increased by £320.000 in 12 months --- Bloody stupid in my opinion - This is only one player even our club has? many THIS MONEY HAS TO BE FOUND ......... Guess who's paying!

This is presumingly why we have NO transfer news :-)
Are you happy with this?
at 04:13 14 Jun 2019

I have been accused of being " Over the top " - But may I ask! Are you " REALLY HAPPY " that YOUR MONEY is going to fund these unelected eurocrats?

Anger over £440,000 'golden goodbye' payments to EU top dogs Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk when they stand down later this year
Juncker and Donald Tusk in line for nearly £440,000 in 'golden goodbyes'
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker can pocket £144,000
Donald Tusk is in line to rake in up to £288,000 for a 'transitional allowance'
The pair will still be entitled to the handouts even if they secure new jobs.

AGAIN I SAY - That the E.U. is for " THE FEW " to jump on THEIR E.U. GRAVY TRAIN --- And guess who's paying ............. We all are!!!
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