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at 13:21 20 Sep 2020

I think he needs to start looking at himself. Once again off the pace today, really poor performance. Once again racking up the yellow cards and forcing us to sub him off before he gets a red.

Really can be a liability when he has an off day like today.

On another note, I truly hate spurs. 2 touches in our box and two goals?! f@ck off
This season
at 07:15 29 Aug 2020

Can’t deny I’m feeling pretty excited about this season! Feels a lot like the optimism we’d built
Up under pochettino.

I’m also wondering how djenepo will get on. Think he could be a real asset for us next season if we can keep him fit, he’s very much the forgotten man currently
at 21:24 14 Jul 2020

Sky Sports reporting the deal could be getting closer.

Youtube clips are always hit and miss (Steve de Ridder?!) but he does look like a big strong CB, and seems to shrug players off quite easily. Could be very well suited to the prem.

If we land him, I think he will provide a bit of the physicality I feel we lack at CB sometimes. Quite optimistic about him if it goes through
This arsenal team...
at 19:50 25 Jun 2020

Are one of the worst bunch of sh!thouses I can recall. Dives, time wasting, moaning at the ref with every single kick. They really have become an awful dull side.

What a terrible game oh dear, don't even know where to start. A lot of very poor performances across the board today. Looked totally disinterested
[Post edited 25 Jun 19:51]
Some actual football news!
at 04:41 2 Jun 2020


Absolutely delighted with this. I firmly believe we have a top six manager in place and now hopefully have a bit of stability which we have needed for the past few seasons.

Fair play to the club and fair play to Ralph for the reaction since the 9-0 game. Perversely, that result could just be the best thing that happened to our club in the last three or four years.

On a side note, will be interested to see how our home form goes for the rest of the season when play restarts. If we start picking up points at home without anyone in the stadium, would that suggest that Ralph was right to ask the fans for a bit more positivity?
I truly hate playing west ham
at 15:59 29 Feb 2020

Jammy f@ckers who we always seem to completely bottle it against. Filth in every area
Of the pitch - set the tone with that assault on Armstrong in the first minute then go down and complain to the ref at any opportunity.

Feel there’s something there for us, we’ve gifted them a half but if we get ingsy on sharpish and look to get more of a foothold in midfield (kwp for smallbone, shift jwp into the middle?) were in this game. We have to rattle them though, make this Sh!theap as toxic as possible! Come on boys I can’t stand losing to these c@nts again
at 17:06 22 Feb 2020

Is just brilliant. Kept Grealish in his back pocket today, same way he dealt with Zaha. He also obliterated Grealish in the first half when he tracked him deep into his own half, fouled him twice, then raked his studs down the back of his calf. Grealish offered zero today and he looked p!ssed off the whole game, JWP knows how to play the game with key opposition players. The kind of player who I would absolutely hate to play against. He gets in people's heads in a way very few of our other players do! Top top sh!thouser. Also impressed with Smallbone, thought he looked very composed today
Out of form players scoring against us
at 13:56 15 Feb 2020

We must be easily the leagues most generous team to play against. The amount of times players get their careers back on track against us is astonishing
Very clinical half
at 15:59 18 Jan 2020

After Wolves seemed to look like the better side initially, we took control of that half. Excellent once again. Super finish from Bednarek, and so happy for Long to finally get his goal. Great header, wonderful bit of play from Cedric too! Come on Saints dont sit back, lets go for the kill
The press
at 12:11 12 Jan 2020

I noticed yesterday how we pressed Leicester even in the last few mins of injury time. Players steaming into the press, backing each other up, stopping Leicester even from getting out of their half. It was also highlighted on motd. This more than anything else I found the most impressive aspect of our performance yesterday. That desire to stop the other team playing in such a proactive, non passive way (rather than fall deep and pray we hold on) represents such a monumental shift from where we were just a few weeks ago.

Truly spectacular and brave display, Which reminded me very much of the best games under pochettino. The heart and mental strength to go out there and do that deserves more recognition and praise than I can really put into words. Phenomenal effort from Ralph and the whole team. Felt very proud watching the boys yesterday!

Pretty sure that ball was moving
at 15:20 11 Jan 2020

For the free kick that led to the goal. Why is that not being checked?? Useless officiating, what is the point of VAR.

Playing ok up to that point though come on lads Chin up
Given the exceptional geopolitical expertise available on this forum...
at 12:30 8 Jan 2020

I am surprised no one has felt the need to illuminate the rest of us on the finer complexities of the current conflict escalation in Iraq / Iran? Where are our enlightened, in the know political keyboard bashers??
Callum Hudson Odoi...
at 14:42 1 Jan 2020

Watching Chelsea struggle against Brighton, it amazes me that players like Callum Hudson Odoi, at 18 years of age, get paid 120k per week. A few appearances off the bench for Chelsea and he is handed a five year deal on that money. I have never seen anything other than classic Redmond-isms from him - move feet really fast approaching the area, cut back, feint to shoot, check back again, shank the shot / cross / pass.

Football is totally broken; at some point soon the bubble has to burst. I for one am proud to support a team that simply doesn't have the facilities to fully embrace the absolute madness of top tier premier league wages (although that is not to say I am happy at the way we have tried to emulate it in recent times!).
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