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at 22:35 14 Aug 2019

Good to see Liverpool taken to pens, but I do think in a strange way this may not work out so well for us on Saturday. Yes they’ll be tired, but I suspect they’ll play a little longer than they usually do which, as we have seen, could royally f@ck us up.

They know we suffer under the long ball and they’ll also be exhausted so will maybe have a little less energy to press quite as intensively or play as adventurously and short as they tend to do. I’ve seen van dijk ping a couple of ridiculous 60 yarders from deep tonight and would expect more of that.

Not saying they’ll go full Burnley on us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they sacrifice a little zip in exchange for more direct pragmatism which may well not suit us!

Ralf and preseason
at 06:52 22 Jul 2019

I have to say I’m quite excited for this season, having felt a mixture of fear and apprehension at this stage for the previous few seasons. Yes we still need a CB at the very least, but the noises put out by ralf suggest an extremely thorough and well planned pre season itinerary, and I’m sure we’ll see the boys ready to hit the ground running by the time the Burnley game comes along. Last season it seemed to take us ages to catch up with everyone else (which we never really did to be fair), I think the benefit of a solid and professional pre season can’t be underestimated.

As for this China trip, of course it’s madness from a playing point of view but this seems to have been understood by the board, with ralf talking about how compromises have been made and while
it remains logistically challenging, everyone seems to be on board. Good to see people seemingly pulling together to meet the clubs collective objectives, this seemed to also be the theme
If the recent fans event with Blackmore.

Hearing about topics and chapters suggest the planning and organisation that goes into how the club is now run from a footballing perspective is of a very high standard. I can’t imagine this level of detail ever went into Hughes’s or pellegrinos pre season activities. Overall there are many reasons to be very positive about the upcoming season. I feel well be a team that many will not enjoy playing against.

“I build up the pre-season in every week chapters and topics and what I have seen so far the first game in Austria was not so good and now it’s getting better and better and that gives me a positive thinking about the beginning of the season.”
[Post edited 22 Jul 6:54]
We must be West Ham’s favourite team to play against
at 15:32 4 May 2019

As at st Mary’s earlier in the season we are making West Ham look like a top four team.

Really concerned that we are obliged to pay 20million for Danny Ings!!
We badly need to sharpen up
at 18:03 20 Apr 2019

Look second to everything at the moment. Ralf needs to get stuck in at half
Time, same team talk to the wolves game please!
at 20:39 8 Apr 2019

Without knowing the full context of these quotes, I do wonder whether our wonder kid should focus more on getting himself fit than comparing himself to a world Cup Winner? Given what ralf said about oba needing to be more professional, is now really the time to be telling everyone how good at running really fast he is?

I’m sure Michael is half joking (but also probably not) but players seem to get a sniff of first team football now and seem to think that’s job done.

at 06:24 31 Mar 2019

Exciting to see the switch to a back four pay off, thought we looked decent for most of the game with that shape if not exactly world beating. Great also to hear ralfs comments after the game saying how we now have two formations we can play. Seems to have taken a while but ralf has done an amazing job getting us to a point where we now have a couple of options in terms of a game plan and being able to switch things up now and again. Not sure even poch had similar flexibility so it is great to see a little tactical nous being displayed under ralf.

Huge fan of this manager
Brighton game
at 05:28 30 Mar 2019

Feeling good about this one. I think we will start sluggishly, slowly pick it up and get the win second half. 2-1.

Plus Lawrenson has tipped us to lose which is usually a good sign. Come on boysssssssss!!!!!
Attacking Northam second half...
at 17:16 9 Mar 2019

Seemed to do the trick today?! I've always wondered if opposition teams playing towards their own fans in the second half gives them an edge and contributes to us conceding so many late goals that cost us points.

I wonder if it was Spurs who chose to take those ends or was it our decision?
This referee...
at 15:43 2 Mar 2019

Jesus Christ I know teams never get anything at old Trafford but this is taking he p1ss!

Brilliant performance so far saints, fantastic
Listening to Ralf
at 22:19 24 Feb 2019

Anyone else get the impression he knows he has been sold down the river and is regretting his decision to come to Saints? Past few games he has looked broken. Not blaming him, just observing that compared to when he first arrived his demeanour and the way he comes across in every interview is totally different
There are no words
at 14:24 24 Feb 2019

What can you say about Stephens? Need To sub him off right now and never allow him back on a football pitch in a saints shirt
top three most infuriating games of football
at 17:00 9 Feb 2019

Disgraceful to throw it away like that at the end. Reminded me of the days of playing teams like boro or derby, awful sides who would come and ruin games then nick them at the end.

Goals conceded in the last minutes of pretty much every game will end up costing us. This cannot go on.

Stephens played brilliantly the whole game, topped off by his goal but then giving the ball straight back to them ended up costing us the entire game. Yet again.

at 14:57 4 Feb 2019

I know plenty has been written about our Shane on here, some of it fair some of it quite unjustified, however his performance on Saturday was nothing short of disgraceful.

His biggest (some might say his only!?) asset is running around bothering defenders, defending from the front and making runs to pull markers out of position. Beyond doing none of these against Burnley, he actively looked like he couldn’t care less. Lots have mentioned him giving the ball away before the goal but he also wasnt interested in supporting team mates or making the press - I think on reflection that really hurt us. Not blaming him for losing the points but his performance must surely have raised some question marks in the dressing room.

Not sure what was wrong with him on Saturday but any time you see a player quite obviously not giving 100% it really angers fans, and rightly so. It also made me think of how often do you really see Long genuinely put himself about? I know everyone says how much his value is based on his superb work ethic, but I honestly haven’t seen Much of it this season. Just can’t accept not putting in the effort, definitely not from Shane Long
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