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Starmer’s dilemma
at 11:17 10 May 2021

Too far left for the middle ground voters in the south. Not progressively modern socialist enough to keep disaffected voters in the north. Hamstrung in his attempts to modernise the party by the all powerful unions who are still rooted in the 20th century. You could argue that Johnson’s success is not down to the fact that he is “clever” (God don’t we all wish that we had studied the “classics” - they come in so handy when dealing with a pandemic) but by the Opposition’s constant ability to shoot themselves in their collective feet. You could argue that Blair was successful despite the Party and it is clear that the rancour he caused with the far left of the Party is still a festering wound. The Greens and LibDems have picked up votes which shows that there is still some life in opposition votes thankfully. Despite the BBC telling us what an awful time Labour have had of the recent elections, they have gone up from being 12 points behind the Tories in the 2019 vote to 7 points behind now. Progress of sorts, but painfully so. I can’t see their fortunes picking up until they stop the infighting and concentrate their firepower on winning the next election, not constantly undermining their own leader. Starmer has two massive battles on his hands. Not only does he need to prove to the electorate that Labour have what it takes to take this country forward after 10 years of appalling austerity, but he has to do that with a large faction of his own party doing their level best to pull the rug from under him at every opportunity. Does he compromise and risk the chance of become left in a neither one thing or another situation, or does he go for broke and risk his leadership position by pushing forward modernist reforms against the will of the far Left?
Ian Wright and domestic violence
at 09:07 7 May 2021

There was a very moving programme in the BBC last night about Wright’s experience in growing up with domestic violence. It explained a great deal about his own volatile behaviour as a player and was quite an emotional watch. Not only was he abused by his step father, but his mother also abused him. Fortunately his brother did what he could to help and Wright also had a school teacher who became a father figure to him so he wasn’t without support, but growing up in one room in that atmosphere must have been the stuff of nightmares. He was even made to stand and face the wall when his favourite programme, MotD, was on.
My brother met him in an airport waiting room a few years back. My brother is a Fulham supporter and he said that Wright could not have been more down to Earth and friendly and they catcher about football for ages.
When he was on I’m A Celebrity there seemed to be a more edgy, introverted and depressive side to his nature and that was fully revealed last night. A lot of abused children grow up to be abusers themselves but he clearly has a family that it completely different to the one he grew up with and it is with all credit to him that he didn’t end up going off the rails as many of his peers did.
It is a very moving programme and I urge you to watch on catch up if you didn’t see it last night.
Local Elections 2021
at 08:15 5 May 2021

Can’t believe they are happening tomorrow. Usually there are candidates boards in front gardens and piles of electoral literature on the door mat. This year, apart from a few boards from the Greens there are very few boards around. We have also had some leaflets from the Torys but not from anyone else. No one knocking on doors asking for votes. I don’t even know who the candidates are. Ok, it’s not as big a deal as a GE but it is still important. It is as if no one in this part of the world gives a ****.
Alan McLoughlin RIP
at 17:48 4 May 2021

Died of cancer aged 54. He was our first £1m signing and my memory of him was being very disappointed with his performances with us. He did well elsewhere though. 54 is no age. RIP
[Post edited 4 May 17:49]
Under 23’s
at 14:24 2 May 2021

Currently 2-0 down to Everton after 20 minutes. Ferry, Jankewitz, N’Lundulu, Obefemi and Tella all playing.
European Super League
at 20:44 18 Apr 2021

Here we go then!
Third Wave?
at 12:19 13 Apr 2021

The scientist seem to be saying that we will avoid a third wave of the pandemic, let’s hope so. Unfortunately I am not so sure given the behaviour in the local last night. People started off on their tables of 6 but after a few drinks there was plenty if mixing between tables and social distancing went out of the window. Many of the patrons looked too young to have had the jab yet and they were the worst offenders. Hopefully being outside will have helped but it will be interesting to an eye on the infection rates on the next few weeks.
The prices in our local have also increased sharply since the latest lockdown. We have a cheap and not so cheerful Merlot which has gone from £15 to £20. I know they have had a rough time of it, but if they want to encourage their regulars back regularly, this is not the way to go
Covid Vaccine Side Effects
at 09:21 27 Feb 2021

I had my first jab yesterday (AZ). Felt fine for 12 hours but then went to bed and starting shaking, followed by feeling like crap all night. Barely slept and still had flu like symptoms this morning. Took some painkillers and am feeling a bit better now, but has anyone else had a nasty reaction?
The Blitz
at 13:51 24 Feb 2021

An interesting documentary on the Blitz on BBC last night. We have all seen the footage of the devastating bombing but the personal stories really brought home the horror of the situation. The Government padlocked the gates of the underground stations at the start to prevent people from taking shelter so that the trains could continue to run. Public pressure out an end to it fortunately but it was interesting to see how badly prepared we were for the bombing campaign. The idea that everyone pulled together was shown to be hollow as anti-semitism reared its ugly head in the Rast End. Photographs in newspapers were doctored and censored as were news reports of the actual damage done and losses. Descriptions of the damage done to the casualties was horrific. My grandparents and parents rarely talked about the Blitz ( they live in London) and you can understand why when you watch this. Fortunately for us Hitler turned his attention towards Russia in 1941 because it is hard to see how London and the other major cities could have survived another prolonged bombing campaign.
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