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So why didnt Boris Johnson do an Andrew Neil Interview?
at 16:55 11 Dec 2019

Scared his lies would be exposed?

Scared his incompetence would be exposed?

Scared both would be exposed?

Disgusting that the bbc let him off the hook but to be expected
your husbands not a traitor and you aren't stupid
at 16:51 11 Dec 2019

clearly not the dune household.....tin of empty beans, blow up doll and butchers knives on a fake chippendale nowhere to be seen
Labours fair tax calculator...put in what you earn....
at 16:06 11 Dec 2019

Labour the only party proven not to have lied in broadcasts and adverts this election have produced a tax calculator to show what you would pay under labour tax policy. Have a go, obviously with such high net worth individuals inhabiting this forum some damage will be done
[Post edited 11 Dec 2019 16:19]
163 economic experts back labours economic policies
at 17:56 10 Dec 2019

Top of their field economists back labours policies as being good for the country including ones that previously had been critical of Corbyn

Labours manifesto is fully costed, the funding document is freely available on line

The tories have not produced a costing document , apparently we are all going to pay no tax and a Smaug is going to let Boris pay for the billions of freebies with his stash

Maybe the tories russian masters will stick a few roubles

The tories have not produced a single funding commitment or policy on social care so if you are getting on or your relatives need assistance or you have disabled family members, best hope your kids dont hate you too much or your siblings have enough time cash and energy to put up with you.......its back to the 1920s with Boris
88 percent of tory ads found to be dishonest 0 percent of labour ones
at 17:43 10 Dec 2019

BBC investigation along with various fact checkers found 88 percent of tory advert were lies, whilst labours were entirely truthful

I know the scum that incites violence and smears pensioners, that post on here don't mind being lied to as long as it means they get a fix for their hate but there are plenty of non posting uglies that may consider integrity important in politics
Another 70 plus labour campaigner attacked and hospitalised by uglyinside types
at 18:17 25 Nov 2019

Utter scum clearly a pattern this wee man as was just wanting a better world for his grandkids no doubt the scum on here will find a way to blame Corbyn:

An elderly Labour supporter was taken to hospital with a suspected broken jaw after he was attacked on a doorstep while campaigning in South Yorkshire.

The 72-year-old retired plasterer, who The Independent has chosen not to name, was allegedly assaulted by a man while canvassing in the village of Hellaby, in Rotherham, on Sunday afternoon.

Police have since arrested a 51-year-old man on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Tony Griffin, 62, who knows the victim from the campaign trail, said the man ended up in A&E after suffering injuries to his jaw and teeth during the incident.

He told The Independent: “I don’t know exactly what this other person did apart from he punched him and damaged his jaw to the point where he can’t eat properly at the moment and needs dental work to a couple of teeth that have been chipped.

General election: On the campaign trail
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“I’ve stood on doorsteps quite close to him while he’s been saying what he says, he’s just a nice old bloke really. He’s the sort of person you can’t imagine saying something difficult or offensive.

“I sent him a message last night and he said he was determined to be back out canvassing today, depending on how it fitted in with his dental appointment. That’s just the sort of person he is.

“I can’t imagine him saying ‘boo’ to a goose. He is over six foot tall but a gentle giant.

“His vision is not fantastic and he doesn’t walk with a stick all of the time but we are not talking about someone who can run away very easily.”

Read more

Boris Johnson’s manifesto pledges at a glance, from the NHS to Brexit

Almost 2.5 million private renters could lose chance to vote

UK ‘risks becoming Trump’s poodle’ if Johnson wins election

The key seats that will decide the general election

Mr Griffin, who campaigned during the first EEC referendum, as the EU was then known, during the 1970s, said he had noticed a shift in some people’s behaviour towards campaigners since the 2016 referendum.

He said: “An even closer friend of mine was in another constituency not far from where this happened last week and some bloke through a door with a chain on it was swearing at him, saying ‘I’ll shove this leaflet up your arse’.

“You’ve always had people who have just got very different views…but this does seem to be quite personalised against Jeremy Corbyn and therefore it tends to become personalised on the doorstep because of this assumption that you are there as his ambassador.”

Sophie Wilson, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Rother Valley, said the campaigner was in “good spirits” when she visited him in hospital on Sunday.

She told The Independent: “This was a vicious attack. I will say that I’m really shocked at this; Bob is one of the most gentle people I know.

“He is just out every single day fighting for what he believes in, fighting for a better world for his kids and grandkids.

“We should all remember in politics that, while we might have political disagreements, the underlying similarity we all have is that we are all trying to change the world for the better.

“I just hope that this attack doesn’t silence anyone.

72 year old female labour supporter attacked and injured by ugly inside types
at 18:10 25 Nov 2019

A 72 year old woman campaigning for labour attacked by cowardly scum calling her a marxist and vandalising labour posters with the words trotskyist, the type off utter cowardly scum posting in the same kind of language we see daily on here, the likes of Occasional Showers, TCM the rest using this language , fascists who do what fascists always do attack the weakest in our society, this is you and this is what Nick Illingsworth tolerates on here, you are scum, un british cowardly scum, that is your mentality
Is he related to Diane Abbott by any chance?
at 04:53 25 Nov 2019

or is he just a lying tory crook?
There you go Nick
at 21:41 24 Nov 2019

your dream lp
A question for Brexit voters
at 19:12 24 Nov 2019

a poll in 2017 found that 2/3 of people polled who voted to leave were willing to see the economy 'significantly damaged' by brexit as long as the uk left.

Please say yes if you feel the same way now
Finally got a photo of Dune
at 16:57 24 Nov 2019
BBC caught at it again
at 13:14 24 Nov 2019

Kim Jun Boris
holocaust denier suspended for full house
at 22:59 21 Nov 2019

THis vile tory this week got suspended for amongst other things bog standard far right holocaust denial. But he also made anti islamic, racist, homophobic and sexist comments, these arent headline grabbers for some reason at the moment. A pretty disgusting full house though for sentiments that probably got him selected in the first place

I have waited for the uglies self appointed anti semitism tzars to post about this but strangely they have forgotten why ever could that be, I mean could it be they agree with him and because its not a story concocted to smear labour theres a carpet to be swept under? I think so
I see Boris has run away from debate no 2 with Corbyn
at 19:22 21 Nov 2019

He's bottled an invite from channel 4 to do debate 2 on Sunday...cant hack it can he now he has been found out.....perhaps hes too busy renaming twitter acounts to mislead the public

Doesnt look like swing voters have been taken in though does it

Dune was telling us the tories had the marginals in the bag
1 million young people have registered to vote in the last 17 days
at 18:05 18 Nov 2019

Isn't that great news
Boris in the Lead
at 17:36 16 Nov 2019

Boo watch .....Jezza got a heckle from a hate preacher and an snp nutter this week but i am afraid he just isnt competing with this

Lib dems suspend transgender campaigner, 'furry' and boyfriend of a peado
at 17:03 14 Nov 2019

They mopped him up from the greens, a year ago, its amazing isnt it, the outraged cult on here strangely didnt post about this story, it was high profile enough ....we've had the tories who claim trans women are women and came up with the policy to make self identity law, we've had the brexit party who are absolutely crazy for the trans big time and have been for months and nothing, ill have to check through the threads on the ugly as Im sure I must have missed them on these individuals ..........I mean the cult clearly dont approve of this gender identity nonsense so where are the earlier posts on the issue?
Brexit Party announced 2nd Transgender candidate in September
at 16:57 14 Nov 2019

Nigel Farage thinks calling yourself a lady name and wearing lady clothes can magically make you a lady, see thats the problem with the brexit party it just thinks if you 'identify' as something and put on an act you magically become that thing, hence minor public school boy mainstream racist and conman, tax dodging banker and sea devil looky likey Nigel thinks holding a pint of bitter in his hand when there is a camera about makes him a man of the if by magic

Good to see hes after the 1 percent self identified lady dick owners vote
The reform of the GRA
at 15:49 14 Nov 2019

See this is exactly where the Tories go wrong in 2004 Labour introduced the GRA that said if someone genuinely feels so uncomfortable in their own sexed body they can undergo the legal fiction of becoming the other sex IF after 2 years and medical assessment they gain certification. The tories since 2014 have been dedicated to reforming this so that anyone can'Identify' as 100 genders or more at the drop of a Hat, a tory policy that is utter nonsense on stilts, remember the tories believe that despite scientific facts its what you feel you are thats real, so dont worry if you are a working class tory who really feels the etonian elite thinks you are a true brit and one of a big tribe - thats really really the truth without any proof they wouldnt use you as cannon fodder at the first opportunity
They're really warming to Boris up north arent they
at 23:35 13 Nov 2019

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