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Gabbiadini's Agent Flies In !
Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019 21:45

According to media reports in Italy Manolo Gabbiadini's agent has flown into England for a "confrontation" with Saints.

Manolo Gabbiadini's agent Silvio Pagliari, is said to have flown into England today, report Italian media outlet Calciomercato, for a ‘confrontation’ with Southampton, this is probably a little bit of artistic licence on the part of the Italian media and there are not many Saints supporters who would be surprised if the striker was still a Saints player by the end of January.

After blistering start to his Saints career two years ago he has struggled to hold down a place in the starting line up although perhaps his knack for a vital goal or two as was shown in the victory at Swansea last season along with two at Wembley in the League Cup final will always make him a popular figure with Saints supporters.

But overall his contribution to the cause has not been what we would have hoped for, 10 Premier League goals in 25 starts plus 26 off the bench is solid but not spectacular, but when you consider that 4 of those came in his first three games for the club along with his brace in the League Cup final, then 6 goals in the following 21 (26) Premier games is poor.

His knack of scoring goals that count has meant that he has not been given the stick that Shane Long has received from some quarters, but the brutal truth is Long has also scored vital goals plus his all round play is a lot better in making opportunities for others.

Ralph Hasenhuttl has picked him only once in his first game in charge and then only for a 15 minute sub appearance and now Gabbiadini appears to be fifth choice behind Ings, Austin, Long & Obafemi.

Gabbiadini has been linked with moves before, both last January and in the summer, but in fairness to him he stayed and has never given less than 100% for the club, it could also be said that for most of his time here he has been playing in a formation not suited to his style, he thrives on balls down the channels and half chances in the box and those have been few and far between for the last 18 months.

Now he seems to be vying with Steven Davis to be first out in January, Ralph Hasenhuttl will have transfer funds at his disposal, but he will know that they will not be enough to sign the quality he needs and they need topping up, selling Gabbiadini would raise perhaps £10 million and that along with a few fringe players and perhaps one or two out on loan sold would give him a budget with which he can make a difference.

It will be sad to see Gabbiadini leave, at first he looked like he would be a sensation, but looking back at the stats, his career will ultimately be defined by his first four games for the club including that Wembley game and the goal at Swansea last season and that really isn't good enough in the grand scheme of things whatever the reasons why.

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1970 added 22:22 - Jan 1
Gabbiadini is our best player by a country mile if he hasn't performed its because the team around him are p*ss poor and that is a fact, if he goes in Jan its because he is one of the only few that other clubs want the rest are dross, lamina and hojberg will go in the summer as we sell the family silver as per usual even if we are still in the prem, we need an injection of quality asap with a few released or even better sold,
if you were looking for a player or two would you consider any saints players? No nor would I and nor would thousands of other people who know anything about football.

underweststand added 06:18 - Jan 2
Whilst I agree with your first comment (1970) ..... MG hasn't shown it since his whirlwind arrival when he got in under the Prem. radar scoring 6 goals (?) in 4 games.
Many fans (like yourself perhaps) recognise he is a talented player, but is failing on the main point....he's a striker (and a highly-paid one at that ) ...who just isn't scoring .
His goal record is no better than Austin's and only little better than Shane Long (which is really saying something). Yes - we all feel sad that he was "robbed" of a hat-trick in the League Cup Final, and that he scored that all important goal at Swansea, after which there's little anyone can say in his defence, aside from the fact he seems a likeable fellow.

Sadly, he is a fish out of water, and certainly not suited to Ralph 's hard-running, high pressing game. He looks (and probably feels) pretty miserable and the best for all concerned will be for him to return to Italy, where the "more sophisticated" style of play will suit him better and he will undoubtedly start scoring again. Good luck to him.

Saints can cut their losses, the salary bill and let Ralph bring in "more suitable" talent(s).


JohnBall added 12:59 - Jan 2
What a truly depressing fiasco. 1970 has nailed it exactly - and one of the very few to do so on this forum. I get sick and tired of re-reading the idiot criticism that Gabbiadini's goal record is unacceptably poor. Think about why ! 1970 points out the obvious - that he has been systematically abandoned or misused by 4 managers, since being purchased. Left on the bench, played in wrong positions and now finally just abandoned completely. Just remember how good he was on arrival. One of the most exciting, natural, instinctive strikers ever to wear a Saints shirt. With intellingent movement, excellent touch and not insignificantly, a hard working attitude. So are we saying that the rest of the squad (and particularly our midfield players) are so inept and lacking in imagination that they cannot be coached to capitalise on the off-the-ball runs of Gabbi, or is this just a case of a culture at the club, led by successive managers and reinforcing dour, defensive, predictable tactics. Spearheaded by a blunt front line, unable to score goals and inevitably destroying the morale and self-esteem of a team that cannot imagine any other way of operating. So now, Hassenhuttl will enforce a new fitness and highpressing regime. Sounds good, however still the reality of a front line with little penetration (Ings excepted) and with little chance of financing any new quality replacements in January. So WHY sell your potentially best player ??
I'm not alone with the above view. I've heard Le Tissier, Merrington and others (who's views surely counts for something ?) make similar remarks.
We used to be a football club that celebrated flair. Now it seems we're fast becoming the exact opposite. As a committed Saints fan of over 50 years, I for one find this extemely depressing.

SaintNick added 14:57 - Jan 2
John Ball, I have tried to be constructive about Gabbiadini and I mentioned there were mitigating circumstances, but take away those opening 4 games and 6 goals and he hasnt done much, he has played under 4 managers .

It should be remembered he didnt score again for the final 8 games of the season after scoring at Watford the week after Wembley, his goal return was just not good enough

Yes he is potentially our best player, but only if we completely change the way we want to play, scrap wingers and concentrate on threading balls down the channels and you will get the best out of him, but that isnt going to happen.

Why sell him ? The answer is easy he is not suited to our style of play, we have other options ahead of him and as you said yourself to give us a chance of financing quality replacements

BoondockSaint added 15:42 - Jan 2
Agree with 1970 & JohnBall.
Gabbiadini hasn't had a proper chance with a proper manager.
Has he complained or gone to the press? No, a complete professional all the way.
Nick continually trots out his number of goals scored vs those of Long, JWP, Austin, etc.
Months ago I posted the stats that show if you compare the amount of minutes they have played, Gabbi's production rate is well above the others.

The last three managers have stifled his career so I am not surprised if he wants to move on. If he does, I wish him well.

JohnBall added 16:09 - Jan 2
Saint Nick,
Thanks for your reply to my post. Unsurprisingly (Groundhog day here we go again...), you confirm all of my prior observations. You say "he is potentiall our best player...but only if we concencentrate on threading balls down the channnels". Isn't that the point !! If we played him in his best position (i.e. a central striker) we wouldn't need to use him as a winger, a role for which he is unsuited, having him run around like a headless chicken, unlinked with anyone else in our forward line.
We don't ask Austin or ings to perform in a wide role, so why misuse your most talented striker - destroying his confidence and then complaining that he doesn't score enough !! Stupidity beyond stupidity.
OK, with that quality of football thinking, I understand the need to sell him. If I were him I'd want out and as soon as possible. Good luck to him.
Once again however - what a waste !

SaintBrock added 16:18 - Jan 2
The evidence based on three or four years of him being here is that Gabbiadini is net to offing useless. Three managers in a row cannot be regarded as stupid and short sighted because they could not or cannot fit him into a system or get the "best" out of him. They cannot do so because he is a very limited player and his mythical hidden "best" is in fact just that, a flipping' myth.

He's Italian, he's a pretty boy and so ergo he must be brilliant seems to be the line that many fans have adopted. Well, obviously he isn't very good.

LoisDeem added 16:21 - Jan 2
"Confrontation" is Italian for 'constructive meeting' and doubtless involves a lot of gesticulation.
I am certain that this footballer will look better elsewhere, and wish him well.
That we are unable to accommodate him says more about our recent evolution, more's the pity.

LoisDeem added 16:36 - Jan 2
Gotta dispute your 'three managers in a row', and even your ironic reference to Italy's Mckenzie Crook. Love is blind, eh?

BoondockSaint added 17:48 - Jan 2
Hi Saint Brock

I thought that the ..."three managers in a row..." Actually Were "...stupid and short-sighted.." and that was why we had to get rid of them!

If you apply the criteria you use to judge Gabbiadini as crap to the rest of the team, they are all crap!

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