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The Six New Rule Changes For The Premier League in 2019/20
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 13:35

There are six significant rule changes that will be introduced into the Premier League next season here we look at them including the date for the fixtures being released.

The six significant rules being implemented are as follows.


If the ball hits an attacker’s arm during the build-up to a goal it will be disallowed regardless if it was accidental or otherwise.

Free kicks

An attacking player is no longer allowed in the wall at free kicks and opponent players must stand at least a metre away.

Penalty kicks

The goalkeepers must have one foot on the line while the penalty is being taken and ‘keepers are also no longer allowed to touch the posts before the kick.

Cards for coaches

Coaches will now be punished the same way as players with referees allowed to brandish yellow and red cards to off-field staff.

Drop balls

Old fashioned drop balls will NOT be used any more and now the giving the ball back to the last team in possession will be the formality.


Whenever a player is substituted, they must exit the field at the nearest point.

This has been introduced to stop players on the opposite side of the pitch walking to the far dugout late on in games.

For once most of these rules seem fairly sensible, although I can't see the points of keepers not being allowed to touch the posts, for some keepers ts a bit of superstition, it seems to give no advantage or disadvantage either way and only complicates matters for referee's is a keeper should accidentally touch the post without thinking..

The fixtures for the coming season will be released at 9am on Thursday 13th June so in a little over three weeks time we will all be able to plan our lives again

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BoondockSaint added 15:55 - May 22
Goalkeepers not allowed to touch the posts before a penalty kick?
Why? Are they getting some unfair "Luck" advantage?

A1079 added 16:26 - May 22
On the whole seems reasonable but the goalkeeper one is odd. So, if they do touch the posts or do not have a foot on the line, what happens? Are they yellow carded, sent off?

The drop ball automatically back to the last team in possession - is that back to the goalkeeper of the last team in possession or at the point where the game is stopped?

Are the rules yet clear on the use of and when to use VAR?

SaintBrock added 09:05 - May 23
In the end it is all a matter of opinion whether these measures alone will improve the game as a spectacle and cut out bad decision making by officials. There are many other issues that could have been addressed as well but have not been.

Let's give sin bins a chance, 15 mins off for a yellow. Taking one for the team should be an automatic red as should diving in the 18 yard box.

wibbersda added 11:20 - May 23
I think the posts include the crossbar and is to stop keepers from bouncing it and putting the taker off.

SaintBrock added 12:18 - May 23
Nothing ever put Rickie Lambert off! Legend!

underweststand added 09:20 - May 24
Firstly, we have to thank Charlie Austin for the early introduction of VAR.
His disallowed "goal" that led to his TV outburst came onöly days before the Prem. Chairmens meeting , and everyone saw the inequality of the incident . Historically, Saints have been the victim's far more often than the culprits.

As for the new rules. Most of them seem sensible - if applied correctly by the officials.
But the "handball " or, is it "arm" situation seems open to interpretation. What happens to defenders who use this to stop a potential goalscoring chance - is it a red card .or ?

I see I'm not alone in being baffled by the goalkeeper /posts ruling. (?) Why?
AND no-one has come up with a solution for those "diving incidents" (take note Deli Alli)
IF a player goes down at the slightest touch from an opponents - is that "diving" ?, recalling that there were TWO incidents involving Bertrand in the MU game last season.
On re-run you can see that either (or both) might have resulted in penalties on another day - with another ref. .. had it not been at Old Trafford.

Still not clear about the dropped ball ruling?. If it goes back to the last side in possession, what happens if it was near the opposite goal ?...sound sunfair to give them an advantage . Might it be used as a sort of "Free-kick situation" ?. or must it be punted back to the other teams goalie ? ....or ?

I recall the story from an infamous FIFA meeting back in the 1960's, when they were worried about the "goal drought" in football, and a French official was laughed to embarrassment when he innocently suggested... that the goals should be made wider ...
Considering we have 6'6" + goalies nowadays, it might be worth consideration.

NOTE; physical development; diet and training have increased enormously in the last 50 odd years. When I started watching football, (1959) ..the average height was around 5' 8" and anyone near 6 feet tall was considerd to be "a giant ".


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