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Saturday Is Time For Unity Not Protest
Tuesday, 26th Nov 2019 10:41

At Arsenal Saints supporters got behind their team from the start and were almost rewarded with all three points, now that support needs to be replicated at St Mary's where the team are fast becoming scared to play at.

Social media has been full of Gao out protests, which is all well and good if anyone actually had the £200 million needed to persuade him to sell the club, without that he will stay the owner, it is not 1993 where their was no owner and the major shareholder had something like 10%.

This is modern football owners cannot just resign and walk away, but is Gao the problem or has he just appointed the wrong men to run the club for him, I would say that is nearer the truth, Gao has done nothing different than Markus Liebherr or indeed Katharina, what he has done differently is make appointments that are not working.

If those who wish to protest want to do so, then try and get to the root cause of the problem, the people Gao employs to scout and sign the players have let him down, as we saw at Arsenal, game after game sees points thrown away by the same defenders making the same mistakes.

But at Arsenal a group of fans was emerging that are just as concerned as anyone about the situation, but know that by making it worse does not help the club itself, but trying to make it better by supporting the team might just do that.

I am not part of that group but I was stood by them at the Emirates and their non stop singing stirred up the fans around them, they got an atmosphere going and for the first time in a couple of months it was actually a pleasure to watch Saints, they kept the fans positive and not negative.

Speaking to them, they were certainly not happy clappers, but said that the next moth is crucial for the team and our Premier league hopes, the time for protest is the New Year when our fate will be clearer, not now when we need every point we can get.

They therefore are doing all they can to get behind the team and it was good to see.

On Saturday against Watford we can either be on the road o recovery after the game or truly in the mire, we all need to ask ourselves do we want to be part of the solution that helps us get three points or do we want to just make a problem worse.

Most Saints fans are responding positively so far, against Everton they kept with the team and sadly were only rewarded by more defensive mistakes, but these can be rectified in the January transfer window, but we need to be in the position to benefit then and that means winning a game or two now.

The fans at Arsenal I spoke of are actually getting off their arses and doing something tangible, they are not just trying to stir up the fans on social media, they are physically doing it at games.

No one is happy with the situation at the moment, but lets back the team now as whatever the cause, on the pitch little can change till January at least, then and only then can we assess the situation and look at the true cause.

Up until September no one was complaining, since Ralph Hasenhuttl's arrival results had been good, we spent in the summer transfer window, but then it all started to go wrong after a solid start, but that does not mean we can't put it right on the field.

On Saturday against Watford, get behind the team and let's look at the situation after the game, small steps to get back to where we want to be.

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stmichael added 11:01 - Nov 26
The atmosphere at Palace is amazing.
It started with a group of about 50 ultras near the corner flag.
Everyone took the pisssssss out of them as we started up our dire funeral march of OWTS for the umpteenth time.
We only have one song and we copied that from SpurS..
Fair play to these lads ..
I hope it changes the atmosphere at SMS for the better as at the moment the fans are as championship as the players...

SonicBoom added 11:29 - Nov 26
Do you really think that we copied "Oh When the Saints..." from Spurs ? Seriously?

oliward added 11:29 - Nov 26
It’s totally the right thing to do and this piece is exactly correct.
There is no point booing players, manager or coaches. Yes, an awful lot needs to be addressed and corrected but as you say, the new year is the time for that if the next five games have gone tits up.
Until then, there is a chance that good points can be obtained. What player will respond positively to a chorus of booing and adverse chanting.
Fingers crossed for Saturday.

Peterx added 12:35 - Nov 26
Agree - next 6 games, most against winnable opposition are absolutely key. Lets get behind the team on Sat. Have to say was totally not expecting Vestegaard and Romeu not starting at the Emirates but it worked, so hats off to Hassenhutl.

LoisDeem added 14:55 - Nov 26
Saints Away fans are awesome.
We need the players and home fans to aspire to the same.
These players are much more likely to hit the back of the net with support.
Keep it Up Everyone.

underweststand added 15:35 - Nov 26
The biggest question after the disappointing finish to the Arsenal game has to be ….
Where on Earth did those extra 7 minutes come from?
It was certainly one of the best attacking displays I've seen for almost a decade ….and getting off 21 shots with barely 40% possession certainly confirms that.

If anyone is to blame for losing the other 2 points ..(sadly) it's those attackers who missed 2 or 3 golden chances even before the 90 minutes were up. With better luck we might have gone into added time leading by 3-1, or even 4-1.

Those 3000 hardy fans who travelled to the Emirates will need to bring megaphones with them - if the other 25,000 of us can't raise more than a whimper on Saturday.
COYR !!!!!!!!!!


underweststand added 15:58 - Nov 26
Ought to point out that "When the Saints go marching in " pre-dated Spurs corruption of the text - along with dozens of other clubs who change the words to fit their club names.

Adapted from a gospel song (dating) pre-1900, it was first recorded in 1923, and much later (more famously) by Louis Armstrong's band in the 1930's
My late father ..a Saints fans from the 1930's ...certainly commented on the use of it at Saints' games of that period and it was already a rousing encouragement to the team when I first began watching Saints game (1959).

Spurs began using it 50-odd years ago, when through a lack of imagination - at a time when they had teams worthy of winning trophies - they "co-opted" it and changed the words - since when they have paid the price for their "theft of copyright".
We'll have to wait and see if Jose Mourinho can lift the curse.

the_saint added 17:22 - Nov 26
The 7 min came from substitutes, two head injuries, VAR pen decision which was about 1min 30 sec and bit of time wasting thought it was a bit harsh but let's not forget we are only a small club.

1970 added 20:34 - Nov 26
Saints away support has been fantastic for years and in some ways that's what confirms us as top a top flight club not a bunch of glory hunters,
your right we do need to get behind the team 100% for the rest of the season but when you start to talk about business and how the club is run I find it somewhat astonishing to think there is no difference in how the club is run from Markus to Gao I think you should do a poll and see what the rest of the people think and secondly the impact of the fans protests against an owner like Gao,
if for example the season ticket sales dropped to below 17000 the knock on effect would be a total disaster for a business like SFC with sponsors asking questions and the fact we have a billion plus following audience would not be a good situation for business maybe not enough to panic sell but enough to rethink this strategy for sure.coyr

WalkingRosie added 09:37 - Nov 27
Cheers Nick

I'll sort out that £50 next away game I see you at. ;)

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