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Why Is Carlton Palmer Suddenly The World's Expert On Southampton FC
Thursday, 2nd Sep 2021 11:05

For the benefit of younger fans Carlton Palmer was a player with Saints from September 1997 until January 1999, he left without much good to say about the club, yet suddenly in the last few months he seem to offer an opinion in the media on everything Saints related.

Carlton Palmer was a footballer in the late 90's for Saints who in a little over 15 months played 52 games for Saints scoring 3 goals, described as abrasive, awkward and argumentative at most of the 9 League clubs he represented he surprisingly also won 18 caps for England.

After leaving Saints aged 33 his career was almost at an end in terms of the number of games and he played around the lower divisions playing his last League game in 2005, dropping out of view of the media long before then.

Since then he has scraped a living in various football academies mainly in the North of England and also an Estate Agent in Sheffield.

In April 2021 he became the manager of Grantham Town and in the last few months seems to be trying to force his way into the media through online football media sites.

Hence over the past few months he seems to have become several websites go to guy on Southampton FC, despite severing all ties with the club some 22 years ago and rarely returning to the club or indeed the area since.

Suddenly he is the expert on Saints and the man giving the exclusive in the know opinions, whether it is claiming that Danny Ings is nailed on to go to one club or another, mainly Spurs and never to my recollection Aston Villa or other tittle tattle he has been trying to make click bait.

On Tuesday he claimed that Ryan Christie was "itching for a deadline day move to Southampton" the headline looks good. but the rest of the quotes from Carlton aren't anything other than his own opinion based on literally nothing else.

“Anybody who wants to play football wants to play in the Premier League, that is for sure. Of course, I think he’d jump at the chance.

“Southampton is a fabulous football club. I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped at the opportunity.”

So how was Ryan Christie itching to play for Saints you tell me ?

His latest one today screams "Ex-Southampton midfielder hints at James Ward-Prowse release clause"

Yet the article has little in it other than Palmer "Thinks" he may have a release clause.

I have no problem with ex players making comments about the club, but if you are going to get an Ex Saint to talk about Southampton FC then at least get one who knows what he is talking about and clearly Carlton Palmer doesn't, I could probably give a better diagnosis on Grantham Town.

If you was to put forward information as being in the know then at least quote a player who actually knows something about the club and has taken an interest in it over the past 22 years, he left without fanfare and since he departed has never mentioned us at all until this moment.

If there have been 250 players who have turned out for us since his time at the club, then it would be in the 240's before you suggested the name of Carlton Palmer.

Perhaps he has fallen on hard times and needs the money, but it does gall me a little to see a player who cared little for the club both during his time here and after to start to suddenly be the World's expert.

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JGH added 11:21 - Sep 2
Couldn't agree more. He has also spent time as the Head of Sports at Wellington College's Singaporean spin-off. No doubt his time at a rugby school on the other side of the world will have only enhanced his substantial expertise further!

It has been irritating seeing him quoted and re-quoted by various articles this summer but I could never work out where or to whom he made any of the the original statements, almost all of which seem to be negative towards and dismissive of Saints as a club.

I thought he was a pretty good player in what at the time was a very poor Saints side but sadly he does seem to have a chip on his shoulder now...

Sadoldgit added 11:31 - Sep 2
I remember his signing well. At the time it causes a minor melt down but he actually did well for us. He ought to shut up for now though.

JoeEgg added 11:38 - Sep 2
The transfer circus gives all would be media 'know-alls' the time of their lives producing a succession of sensational headlines and phrases like 'fans will be gutted' to apparently keep us amused. Carlton Palmer isn't the only one spreading ridiculous rumours and stories trying to attract the maximum attention. Even Hampshire Live tries to turn every slight movement or gesture in the fottball world into a sensational headline and an exciting chance for the reader to vote Yes or No on some obscure rumour they probably no nothing about anyway! I for one am fed up with all rubbish we are obliged to read and react to!
Thankfully the Ugly Inside at least tries to provide news that we can rely upon and avoids, where possible, the fantasy world of other writers. I'm ready to take you on again Nick for another season as I still see glaring problems remaining at St Marys. No central defender who can lead the back line, no proven goalscorer and a manager with a lot still to prove. But this is a trusted website and carry on the good work Nick!

les5tar added 11:45 - Sep 2
I agree with all that has been said so I email the source behind this article - Calab Sage and said this

Can you explain to me why you print anything Carlton Palmer says about Southampton and their players.
He - Carlton Palmer was arguably the worst , talentless mid-fielder ever to play for Southampton in the 90's. He was despised by Saints fans for his lacklustre performances in a Saints shirt. His distribution was poor, his tackling came out of the headless chicken book of football and his goal scoring exploits on a par with Ade Akinbiyi. He was , without doubt the worst performer in an England shirt in the early 90's. So what connections does he still have with Southampton having never played for them for over 20 years. Nobody in Southampton has a good word for him so where does he get his drivelling dross information from? Is he still dinning out on his non-illustrious football career in the hope like fine wine it will look better in the future than it was in the past.
Don't pass on my regards to him either. Please find another source other than from the guy who claimed he helped Leeds United win the title in 1992 - which of course he didn't - just an anecdote from his CV

Chesham_Saint added 11:46 - Sep 2
It reminds me of the following:
Q: Why does Noddy wear a bell on his hat?
A: Because he's a cvnt.

pintsizedsaint added 12:47 - Sep 2
Ha! This has troubled me recently.

However, it is less about Carlton Palmer and more about the rise of so called “news sites” that offer nothing but clickbait. Their strategy is to either endlessly trawl Twitter for “news” or rope in the tenuous/fringe/irrelevant ex-players or “journalists” to say something vague and then claim it is an exclusive. All to ensure they can release a new “story” and get you to click on it - enabling them to say they have huge audience for their numpty advertisers.

Best advice is to not feed the fire whatsoever. Don’t click on to it.

geezershoong1 added 12:49 - Sep 2
The man's a dullard and a gobsh*te, always has been.

Russelldb added 13:11 - Sep 2
Is that Carlton (longest first touch in Premier League history) Palmer?

StBozo added 13:22 - Sep 2
This has been bothering me for weeks! What a waste of (virtual) column space his drivel is.

I_would added 13:48 - Sep 2
Academic anyway, there'll be no bids coming in for Prowsey release clause or not.

Billeewithers added 14:01 - Sep 2
One quote I noted that he believed he had a better career tha Le God!

ElijahK added 14:47 - Sep 2
Well les5star he wasn’t even playing for Leeds in 1992, as he was playing for Sheffield Wednesday as he didn’t join Leeds until 1994

cramd1 added 14:53 - Sep 2
"He covers every blade of grass out there....but that's only because his first touch is so crap" Dave Jones summed it up quite eloquently!

highfield49 added 15:43 - Sep 2
I feel sorry for all the qualified journalists around the world who are striving for regular work whilst witnessing idiots like Palmer stealing a living.

DellBoyWally added 18:13 - Sep 2
There is a plethora of rubbish sites claiming their "exclusive" stories and too many people calling themselves journalists! Really?
Sitting at a computer writing borrocks isn't journalism. Claiming exclusives doesn't mean reading a tweet then rehashing it! Nor is "Ralf told me...." (Leach of Hampshire Live) when RH is talking to the world isn't an exclusive.
Most of these sites are owned by, or are part of, national organisations - Hampshire Live is, The Ugly Inside is! Clickbait they are although I do read the comments here. At least Nick doesn't try to be too clever with implications that RH rings him every day for a chat as la Leach.
I see Hampshire Live has a list of free agents Saints could sign. They're all Ronaldo's age!!
Carlton Palmer could not do better!! LoL

underweststand added 18:47 - Sep 2
An expert ..once described as someone who knows more and more about less and less...on Saints Palmer is not.

As others have noted above CP hasnt always been so kind in his comments about his time with Saints.
Being a former player..or a former anything ..doesnt make you an expert and I have long ago lost patience with TV Sports progs.who parade former athletes with double digit IQs to give their expert opinions.

Of course Palmer is not the only former player to get media air time. If anyone is qualifed to speak as an expert on Saints it should be MLT ..but even Sky didnt recognise that when they fired him...and kept Merse.
Palmer is a long way down the list.

les5tar added 23:50 - Sep 2
Pardon me when I said that he played for Leeds in 1992 as that is what Palmer claimed which as you are aware was not true.

ItchenNorth added 19:18 - Sep 3
Bang average player, who found himself in half decent Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United sides, which made him look better than he actually was. His long legs meant he could cover the ground somewhat, but that's about it from what I remember at Saints. He was one of those signings at Saints, amongst many signings in that period, where we were really scraping the barrel at times. Thank God for Le God!!!!!

KriSaint added 18:27 - Sep 4
Carlton who?
The long legged DM who had a handful of decent games for Saints and a lot of crappy games and left the club and was never heard of ever since?
I would never click on any articles related to him.

KriSaint added 18:28 - Sep 4
Wrong. Again.

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