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Rovers' turn, again, to continue QPR's abysmal cup run - Report
at 18:23:37

I really don't know why we bother. It's so predictable but depressing all the same.

This team is bang in trouble, despite two fortuitous wins.

Good report as always Clive
An open letter to our Sky overlords – Column
at 20:17:07

Spot on Clive.

I cancelled sports and movies a good few months ago. I've saved £50 a month and haven't missed it for a second.

The money is secondary though, as they're so blinkered. The bubble will burst.
Perch's stupidity opens door to lowly Wolves - Report
at 18:35:19

Summed it up perfectly Clive. Thought we did ok for the first 30 minutes without really threatening.

Perch is a complete tool. Talk about how to ruin the game /your day / evening in one crazy moment.

I've never left a game early before this year but last night was the third time this season already. It just sucks the life out of you.

Anyway, a week and a bit to recover in time for the 9am train to Rotherham - why?!
Poles impress, but no late thriller for Sylla – Report
at 18:07:01

Thanks Clive. Met up with some Brum mates before / after and we only gave them the top tier after last year.
The most inevitable 0-0 draw in the history of the sport – report
at 01:11:07

Thanks Clive, not much to write home about. We could have carried on playing between the Forest and Watford games and still wouldn't have scored, Pressure mounting for Donny game.
Back to back defeats for listless Rangers – report
at 12:57:59

Thanks Clive, fair play to all those that attended.

For all of the supposed 'creative' players we have in the squad, we're hardly creating a chance. It showed how reliant we are on Austen.
Phillips haunts Blackpool as Redknapp outsmarts Ince – report
at 17:53:14

Thanks fo the report Clive.

A very enjoyable away trip, with a great result; a good, noisy, travelling support in dreadful conditions, just over a week before Xmas - pretty impressive stuff.

I even took the other half to see the illuminations - which are turned off in November we found out after we arrived. She said that she thought you'd be older - I guess there's a compliment in there somewhere!
Late Doncaster goal floors lame QPR - report
at 17:29:51

Thanks Clive. Great away day, sh1t game.

I think I might have fallen asleep in the first half, but as nothing was happening I couldn't be sure.

Let's see what response we get tomorrow.
Everything’s premier, except the league – awaydays
at 14:34:25

Quality, Clive.

We found a curry house in Wigan after the game, but were told that everything closes in there at 10pm during the week - clearly not.

Had to settle for a kebab in a naan bread from across the road!
Faurlin’s El Guapo overshadows impressive QPR victory – report
at 08:47:57

Thanks Clive, a much much better performance.

Derby's physical approach in the first half reminded me of a Sunday morning pub team.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Faurlin, but judging by his reaction alone, it doesn't look good.
Nothing to see here – report
at 14:18:45

Thanks Clive, it was a truly awful game.

I was fortunate / unfortunate (depending on your point of view) to be able to coincide a work trip to the north. Hoillett and Phillips didn't offer any real threat and I lost count of the times they gave the ball away.

We've flattered to deceive so far this season and need to be a bit more adventurous with the ball rather than passing sideways and backwards the majority of the time.

Still, if we can win our home games and not lose away, we'll be well up there. And it's still a lot better than last year - some good honest performances (if not spectacular)!
Still just a potato – full match report
at 13:45:44

Well done Clive, see you in the Championship.

With regard to Harry's comments about players continually arriving late for training, I wish we had the balls to make an example by formally disciplining them and then dismissing for breach of contract / failing to follow a reasonable management request - as would happen in any other job!
QPR provide more easy pickings for Michu and his Swans – full match report
at 07:30:09

Thanks for the report Clive, another tough game to watch.

Cesar's injury really set the scene, as he couldn't kick and put us under immediate pressure.

Michu is a class act - we didn't need to make it any easier for him.

We seem to attract more than our fair share of muppets for this away fixture - there's always lots of in-fighting for some reason.
Taarabt’s miss proves costly in latest scoreless draw – full match report
at 13:19:32

Thanks for the report Clive.

Some very positive debuts and a good 2nd half performance. Samba is an absolute beast and made Hill look small during their warm up together.

There are lots of positives (apart from goals), but we're running out of games fast and I'm not convinced we'll turn things around fully in time.
Battling QPR hold Spurs to hard fought draw – full match report
at 12:35:26

A good performance and a very good point. It will be interesting to see if we play the same formation / style at West Ham - big 3 points up for grabs!
Unloved tie gives way to unwanted replay – full match report
at 09:06:04

Thanks for the report Clive, it was just like watching a pre-season friendly.
Suarez-inspired Liverpool accelerate QPR descent – full match report
at 19:36:38

Happy New Year Clive, and thanks for the report.

I can't remember feeling less enthused about watchimg us play and although I've only missed 2 games in the last 2 seasons, i just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to buy a Chelsea ticket with the way we're currently performing. With any luck that will mean we'll play a blinder a win.

i'll be back for the West Brom game, £25 poorer though!
LFW Travel Guides – DW Stadium, Wigan
at 17:20:32

9 of us on the 8.30 - must be bonkers!
Win eludes improved QPR as Redknapp begins impossible job – full match report
at 13:40:21

Good report Clive, and hats off for making the trip.

It's the first one I've missed this season and it was good to hear the backing on the stream I was watching.

A big game Saturday now. We really need a win to give ourselves a fighting chance.
Missed chances and basic errors, a familiar QPR tale – full match report
at 18:36:21

Thanks Clive.

A decent performance, but once again we never really looked like winning - much the same as most of our other matches!

Tarbs was easily our best performer and the only one (bar possibly Hoillett) that looked like making anything happen.

The defence looked a bit better this week and interestingly played zonal marking from corners, although you always sensed they'd make a mistake along the way. and they didn't disappoint!

Hughes and co, seem to have run out of ideas and his gamble on Johnson and a lack of decent centre back / full back options are really hurting us.
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