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Sunderland 3 v 0 Bristol Rovers
SkyBet League One
Saturday, 22nd February 2020 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 23rd February but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

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Your Sunderland v Bristol Rovers Match Reports

LancsBushRs added 16:01 - Mar 10

Oh dear.

francisbowles added 16:02 - Mar 10

I only managed to see the game on the internet with a foreign commentary but, with that restriction, I don't think we could have done much more. The Hill goal, looked a penalty, Mackie unlucky, Zamora hit the underside of the bar and what were the bookings of Onuoha and Diakite for? A brave attempt, 3 subs (although I wouldn't have swapped Taiwo for Traore) to win the game almost came off but backfired. Diakite looks very good but I don't suppose he'll want to sign for a Championship club.

newgolddream added 16:06 - Mar 10

So disappointing yet again.7 points from 24 against our main rivals is a shocking return and will probably condemn us to to Championship football next season. The new management team has been a disaster so far and a bottom of the table finish is on the cards if things don't change very soon. Have just checked the relegation odds and the bookies are tipping us to go down for the first time this season. The next couple of months will reveal all.

QPRFish added 16:36 - Mar 10

1997-98 Jamie pollock contributed to keeping us up.

2011-2012 Has bob pollock contributed to sending us down......?

westealinghoop added 17:37 - Mar 10

How can Barton get a rating of 3*?????
Presumably he got 1 point each for putting his boots on the right feet, and the third for tying his laces up all by himself?!?!?
I'm not sure that Wright-Phillips had boots on today!!
Perhaps he mixed them up with his bedroom slippers????

hoops123 added 18:12 - Mar 10

Shocking. Woeful and limp. No desire, no passion and not a clue. With the exception of Hill it was relegation material. Barton can't pass for toffee and neither can Ferdinand or Traore. SWP can't trap a ball to save his life. Hughes made a major error by playing SWP down the centre. Buzsaky and Mackie should have been in from the off, particularly with Tarrabt missing. Buzsaky is the only dead ball expert we have. His ability was seriously missed today. onuoha went walkabout leaving their goalscorer unmarked. I make him responsible for at least 4 goals since his arrival - not the player I expected. Hugely disappointed.

derbyhoop added 20:31 - Mar 10

I now understand why Clive leaves it 24-48 hours before writing his report. I got back at about 4:30 and I was still wondering how we managed to lose.
After the first 10 minutes we were the better side. I thought we controlled the tempo of the game, created chances, hit the bar twice, had a perfectly good goal disallowed. Either bnot good enough or not lucky enough. Today, it was the latter.
What we didn't do was defend properly for the full 90 minutes. We switched off twice and conceded twice. We didn't score when we were on top.
IMHO, Barton and Diakite dominated the midfield and we should have got more out of it.

Before the game I thought the side that lost today would go down and I think we need to start looking at travel guides to Hull and Ipswich.

jo_qpr63 added 21:04 - Mar 10

Hill, again , had a good game. Barton was good apart from a couple of misplaced through balls.I thought Cisse and Zamora played ok together, there is def goals between them and probably better then mayby Bothroyd and a fit DJCambell.Ho hum..Here we go again! In my opinion SWP has to be dropped, Taiwo seemed very slow but as for Diakite were the hell have we got him from!! Bad Bad signing. got us loads of free kicks in our own area. He just doesnt know what to do with a football apart from run with it or kick people who have it. We played like a team that havnt really played together very much because thats exactly what we are. I still dont think we should be written off yet. For me weakest link is SWP , he should of buried that shot instead of trying a tekkers top corner curler. Again the championship players looked more dangerous, Hill,Mackie, Buzacky . We had a great foundation of players that we should of built from instead of throwing money at some random household names and i think thats where Warnock got it wrong.

MelakaRanger added 22:39 - Mar 10

Two very poor teams and mistakes everywhere. Park football much of the time

We never really looked like we could beat them yet they were there for the beating.

Bartons passes and spot kicks as useless as ever,

For much of the time we looked clueless and never seemed to make space or to 'be there' for team mates.

Where was the team coordination and spirit that we had last week?

Repeating this performance will bring us zero points between now and seasons end.

I now expect us to go down, bottom of the leage


jo_qpr63 added 23:31 - Mar 10

Melakaranger, diddnt we score from a Barton corner. Agree we was poor but i dont think we should highlight Barton as the main culprit. I still cant belive SWP diddnt score, worse then Buzackys last week.

snanker added 00:09 - Mar 11

In the 21st century with the money involved in the Premiership it is ludicrous that there is no goal line technology. The linesman said he didn't see it for the bodies in the way and at 5' 5" I believe him. Then it is down to the ref given the reaction of both sets of players to refer the call to the camera. If he doesn't have that option then the call to give the benefit of the doubt to the home side is usually the norm either way. Both the first Bolton and the QPR goals were offside and the R's shout for a late penalty was justified on two counts an initial handball and a foul.To say the officials were poor is a clear understatement.
That established the R's did enough to earn something out of the game but their woeful finishing was again their undoing with Klansic burying an almost identical shot that SWP had blasted well wide (no left foot !) in the first half. The bottom 3 "bad luck" factor is now well and truly entrenched in the side and every year we see 1 of the relegated teams down due to it as much as some average finishing on the pitch. Sadly this year it looks like the R's will be that team. With fortune not currently favouring the brave I don't know how long the players can mentally work to turn this around. The only opportunity left now is to win matches they aren't given a chance in and that makes us one hell of a long shot.

MelakaRanger added 04:50 - Mar 11

I agree Barton is not the main culprit he is just one of the 'main culprits'

If anyone attempted 50 free kicks, corners, passes then simply by the law of averages one or two would be 'good'. Out of every 50, Barton does indeed make one or two 'good' spot kicks, whereas he should only be making 1 or two bad kicks!

Equally how can anyone of SWP's supposed pedigree be so flippin' useless?

We are as good as down now so we have nothing to lose anymore. So how about benching JB and SWP for 2 games and see how we perform. Things couldnt get any worse and maybe they would get better. Time maybe to start thinking/preparing for next season?


hoops123 added 11:32 - Mar 11

Our championship winning side of last year would have battered Bolton. Simply no team team spirit or desire with this lot. The effort shown by Mackie when he came on should embarrass the rest of the overpaid clowns. Hill has now been the mom for 3 consecutive games, simply for his never say die attitude and clear desire to stay in the team. Faurlin makes Barton look like a pub patience has finally gone.

texasranger added 13:24 - Mar 11

hoops123 got it dead right ! I can not believe SWP started while Mackie and Buz were on the bench. And all those elementary mistakes - mis-hit short passes, heavy first touch and lack of passion. Pathetic.

e1337prodigy added 23:07 - Mar 11

Finally we look like we are capable of scoring, but then our defence disappears. Maybe next weeks formation should be 1-2-4-3. Have Clint Hill on the line blocking shots because I can assure you he will give 110% to keep that ball out. Derry Diakite just a couple yards in front of Hill constantly side stepping in front of the goal to block shots like some players on table football game. barton, buzsaky, tarrabt (if fit), traore (or Smith). zamora, cisse and mackie up front... and just hope we score more goals than the opposition.

QPunkR added 11:23 - Mar 12

I honestly believe someone should sabotage Sheidt-Phillips' boots before a game (although the way he plays, looks like they already have!) to stop him being picked as a guarenteed starter. The man is absotively, posolutely useless. He has no redeeming qualities on a football pitch whatsoever, and why he therefore started in the creative space behind our decent front 2 instead of Akos or even Mackie simply defies belief.
We weren't helped by some woeful officiating, but Hughes needs to take a hard look at himself with regards to team selection.
Our predicament summed up in 6 words;
Going down, going down, going down

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