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World Cup Performance = Transfer Speculation?
Written by ymaohyd on Sunday, 22nd Jun 2014 18:26

As the Manchester City players were gleefully and deservedly carrying the Premier League Trophy around the Etihad stadium on Sunday, May 11th in front of their adoring fans and my 'Plastic' Liverpool heart ached at the thought of what might have been, I allowed my thoughts to turn to the summer. The prospect of good weather, lazy days at the beach, the now customary BBQ's and of course the footballing feast that was about to be upon us.

Hopefully, we would be treated to a rich smorgasbord of skill, passion, upsets, controversy and of course GOALS and plenty of them, as the 2014 FIFA World Cup once again dusted itself down and set up camp in the cacophony of colour and passion that is Brazil. So far, I'm sure most would agree, that Brazil has delivered on all fronts, with Costa Rica, a country of just 4.5 million stealing the honours during the early stages.

Going back however, to my eager anticipation of the summer, it wasn't just the World Cup that I was looking forward to. I must admit, I have become one of those strange fans of the game, who enjoys the speculation and gossip of the close season as much as the football itself. That speculation and gossip in recent years, has intensified with the advent of the good old and much maligned...'Transfer Window'. The very mention of this two word, 'phrase' I'm sure will bring, managers, chairmen, agents, players, supporters and anyone else in the 'football' world out in a a cold sweat and reaching for the medicine cabinet!

Personally though, I love it. Ashamedly I spend hours surfing the net, looking for stories, mainly about possible Swans, comings and goings and in the main laughing with utter contempt at some of the stories that emerge from the amateur and professional journalists that hold court on some of the strange media outlets that have emerged in recent years on the good old 'World Wide Web.

In terms of summer transfer speculation then, who will be the big story of the summer? Now, as my wife often tells me, I spend far too much time, thinking and analysing all things football. As John Cleese would put it, to my 'Little nest of vipers' great annoyance, this analysis is often done aloud rather than in my head! She just doesn't appreciate that I need to discuss these matters of huge importance and in a housefull of women (apart from my dog), this is nearing an impossibility!

So mans best friend has had to listen to me explaining that in my carefully considered opinion the big transfer saga of the summer will of course be....Luis Suarez!

Now good old Luis, doesn't tend to divide opinion..most people, apart from Liverpool fans tend to hate him. Alleged (well actually, confirmed guilt) of racial abuse, biting of opponents and a a bit of professional shenanigans in the South Africa world cup against those poor Ghanaians has had Luis' card marked in most people's eyes. At the end of last season though he did say that he would be loyal to Liverpool for the 2014/15 season, not for him the sound bites, quotes to the media about needing a new challenge, no Anfield and Premier League grounds would once again witness his infectious smile and kiss of the knuckle after scoring another of his brilliant goals, or would they? Personally I wasn't convinced.

And so, reading through the obituary of England's world cup campaign in one of today's tabloids, I cast my eyes over an article that officially, in my opinion, opens a long hot summer of Luis Suarez tranfer speculation. The article alluded to Suarez's disrespect of the English media, reports emerging from Spain that both Barca and Real are looking to make huge offers, in Barca's case according to one paper, it's already a done deal with Suarez keen on living near his In-laws who apparently live in a pleasant Barcelona suburb.

All very interesting, but so what, I hear you all say, as long as it doesn't affect the Swans...or will it? Cast your minds back to a few years ago and the magnificent tenure of the Swans of Roberto Martinez. The Swans were flying high, winning league 1, a magnificent first season in the Championship then the good old knock on effect that often happens in football, bites us on our derrier!

Sunderland sack manager.

Sunderland appoint Wigan's manager.

Wigan chairman big buddies with Roberto

Bye, Bye Roberto,

Swans need a new manager!

Now I've created one of those algebraic equations to explain this in more detail as far as this summers world cup in concerned and how it may affect the Swans...Here goes!


This translates to:

Suarez is brilliant at the world cup + Barca or Real can't resist and off he goes to Spain+ Liverpool now have loads of money = Bye Bye Wilf.

I obviuosly hope this doesn't happen and good old Luis may be true to his word and stay at Liverpool, however the whole summer as far as Wilf's Swans future is concerned may come down to this one transfer. With Liverpool having a fortune to spend, I don't necessarily think they'd sign Wilf. My big fear though is the Martinez-esq knock on affect that may happen. Liverpool look to replace Suarez by buying big, that club is now also awash with cash and looking to recruit and without doubt Wilf will be one of the strikers who will be turning heads, especially if he does reasonably well at the World Cup on top of his fine Swans season. The knock on affect might run to even more clubs, however without doubt the potential Suarez tranfer will be huge. £80 odd million Euros might be floating around and a lot of strikers may be moving around because of it...Let's hope the Martinez effect doesn't catch us out again.

So back to our fine weather, the world cup and surfing the net for transfer speculation and of course talikng at my poor old dog!


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