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This summer's transfer strategy 14:42 - May 18 with 2526 viewsGlyn1

See Paul Clement's comments:

Therefore it appears that, although it may not work, they are attempting to:

(1) Keep Gylfi and Llorente

(2) Bring back Bartley and Gomis to see if they can work with the squad and can step up to the Premier League with better training and tactics

(3) Work with the youngsters (including Mawson) and bring more of them into the team - Clement is experienced at coaching younger players

(4) Make no more than 2 or 3 big signings, if that.

All of which means that the owners wouldn't have to splash out a big amount of cash.

Speaking personally, I'd be OK with this. We do have a capable squad of players that have been mismanaged terribly but may still finish only 1 point below last season. If this means that we're aiming to be a safe mid-table team that could put together a decent run in one of the Cups, then that sounds OK to me.

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This summer's transfer strategy on 20:43 - May 18 with 527 viewsMattG

I would expect a fairly major clear-out this summer - it is obvious that our squad is too large.

Not sure that will generate a massive amount in transfer fees but should free up a a fair bit of wages that can hopefully be put towards a smaller number of quality recruits.

This summer's transfer strategy on 21:06 - May 18 with 500 viewssP7qupUf

The key thing for me is pace. We are very short of it. especially going forward. I think we could get rid of Dyer, Barrow and Montero. The latter have pace but can't cut it.
This summer's transfer strategy on 00:43 - May 19 with 440 viewsgiantstoneater

This summer's transfer strategy on 21:06 - May 18 by sP7qupUf

The key thing for me is pace. We are very short of it. especially going forward. I think we could get rid of Dyer, Barrow and Montero. The latter have pace but can't cut it.

Dyer has another 3 years left on his contract and hasn`t Routledge just signed an extention. The players coming back from injury and loanees will be classed as "like new signings"Gomis,Routledge,Leon,LLorente are all the wrong side of 30 and Dyer must be close to the 30 mark our attacking players are looking on the old side so an injection of pace would be nice but it seems as if our new signings will be the ones returning and I cant see too many new players coming in. I`m not sure I like the idea of Gomis coming back he`s already let us down before, he has quality but does he want to show it to us on a regular basis we can`t afford to take the risk.

This summer's transfer strategy on 07:27 - May 19 with 392 viewsYossarian

If it's only going to be 2/3 new signings then an absolute must is a creative midfield player. This is where we lack any real Premier League quality.

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This summer's transfer strategy on 10:57 - May 19 with 316 viewsTummer_from_Texas

This summer's transfer strategy on 20:38 - May 18 by jasfan

The squad this year was weak and it took the January window to address some of its shortcomings. I agree that it is mainly an issue of quality.

In the 2014/15 season we achieved our highest Premier League position whilst coping with the rigours and disruptions of a relatively successful Europa League campaign.

How would the current squad have coped with that?

I think it just illustrates the decline in the quality of the squad since then.
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Actually, the Europa League campaign was 13/14, and our league form that season (as well as the rumored agent issues) cost Laudrup his job.

In 14/15, however, we did have to deal with losing Bony to Man City in January, as well as Shelvey and Gomis acting like spoilt babies. And Monk to his credit still managed to get the club to perform better in the 2nd half of the season, in spite of all that.
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This summer's transfer strategy on 14:28 - May 19 with 258 viewstomdickharry

In answer to the thread title.Mr Clement to use his own football connections to recruit as many as players as he deems necessary to keep us in the PL next season and at the same time moving out players who are not good enough for the PL.
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