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Nigel Lawson is a right twunt. 18:14 - Aug 12 with 323 viewsBrynCartwright

Some of you may be anti manmade climate change, but this guy just takes the biscuit ( and many underhand brown envelopes)

I just wish he would keel over after cramming one of his daughters cream cakes into his loathsome, purulent craw.

BBC really letting their standards slip letting this person that is not a climate scientist on a debate on climate science.

Letting Julian Ruck loose on Newsnight about Welsh Language expenditure was bad enough but this is even worse

Poll: Does Jenkins Need To Go?


Nigel Lawson is a right twunt. on 18:59 - Aug 12 with 296 viewsMo_Wives

His daughter's a big Swans fan, BTW. Here she is with Chico...

[Post edited 12 Aug 19:38]

"Or whiny religous c*nt gets sacked for venting his Muslim inspired bigotry in the classroom. And goes on telly with a chum who doesn't like gays." (Humpty 2017)

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