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Swansnews & Stickies 19:22 - Aug 12 with 1130 viewsDafyddHuw

Why are there 4 different threads by Swansnews, all of which are shit?

And why are they all stickies?

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Swansnews & Stickies on 19:26 - Aug 12 with 1123 viewsItchySphincter

Because this is a dictatorship.

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Swansnews & Stickies on 19:28 - Aug 12 with 1117 viewsGaryjack

Swansnews & Stickies on 19:26 - Aug 12 by ItchySphincter

Because this is a dictatorship.

You what?

Swansnews & Stickies on 20:13 - Aug 12 with 1061 viewsPhil_S

We've kind of been over this a few times already but just click this link...

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Swansnews & Stickies on 04:52 - Aug 13 with 1022 viewsLoyal

I thought swans news was Phil ?

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Swansnews & Stickies on 08:10 - Aug 13 with 986 viewsBrynCartwright

I've now blocked him.

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Swansnews & Stickies on 08:50 - Aug 13 with 965 viewsSgorioFruit

I've also blocked him

My methods are not favoured by some but by god i speak the truth.
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Swansnews & Stickies on 09:19 - Aug 13 with 952 viewsWarwickHunt

There's a News page in the menu bar - put this 'news' there and spare us this arse dribble.

Swansnews & Stickies on 10:24 - Aug 13 with 933 viewsraynor94

Blocked it, a real waste of space at the top of the board

You give it out, you take it back it`s all part of the game

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