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MOTD running order 20:07 - Aug 12 with 423 viewsDarran

Swans on last.

The first ever recipient of a Planet Swans Lifetime Achievement Award.
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MOTD running order on 20:11 - Aug 12 with 408 viewsjack2jack

Quelle surprise!

MOTD running order on 20:11 - Aug 12 with 408 viewsBanosswan

It's a conspiracy I tells ya

Ever since my son was... never conceived, because I've never had consensual sex without money involved... I've always kind of looked at you as... a thing, that I could live next to... in accordance with state laws.
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MOTD running order on 20:12 - Aug 12 with 405 viewsOldjack

What's new

Prosser the Tosser dwells on Phil's bum hole like a rusty old hemorrhoid ,fact Tea bag was also born to lie ,fact


MOTD running order on 20:20 - Aug 12 with 384 viewsNeath_Jack

On last, would be better if they left us off there altogether after that game.

Visual Valium.

I want a mate like Flashberryjacks, who wears a Barnsley jersey with "Swans are my second team" on the back.
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MOTD running order on 20:37 - Aug 12 with 349 viewsCooperman

On last and even then the footage is going to be biased towards the Southampton attacking intent.

MOTD running order on 20:37 - Aug 12 with 347 viewsSwanzay

Wouldn't be surprised if they took the tape the CH5
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