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just back 22:33 - Aug 12 with 1002 viewsbuilthjack

We were so lucky. A point gained thankfully.
Fab good, defence good, the rest poor in my opinion.
Siggy is going, so give Clement 40 million now.immediately so he can get the 3 or 4 players needed.
Start Mesa next game.
Dare I watch MOTD. I guess I will.

Poll: When will the new Manager be announced?


just back on 22:35 - Aug 12 with 990 viewsOldjack

I'm recording so i can jump straight to our best bits

Prosser the Tosser dwells on Phil's bum hole like a rusty old hemorrhoid ,fact You Greedy Bastards Get Out Of OUR Club!

just back on 22:41 - Aug 12 with 953 viewsawayjack

just back on 22:35 - Aug 12 by Oldjack

I'm recording so i can jump straight to our best bits

There weren't may. Two attempts both just wide by Tammy. Rest of the game was like Zulu with them running free through our midfield and our defence blocking most attacks. If they'd have had a forward could shoot straight it would have been 4 or 5 nil. They had 29 shots but thankfully only 2 on target! They'll sort that out. Where we go from here is questionable, but we'll need more than couple of average signings being runoured.

just back on 09:48 - Aug 14 with 724 viewskeith_gatebroth

I've never seen such a one sided game, Southampton were far superior to us and it was embarrassing how easily they played through us. Yes our defence held out but Southampton had umpteen chances to score as we were overrun in midfield. It was a steady bombardment throughout, Our full backs were beaten time after time and unable to stop their wingers crossing into the box. How we came away with a draw was a miracle. A lot of work needs to be done in training this week and boy do we need some quality reinforcements asap.
Only positive on the day was the free ice cream courtesy of Virgin Media.

just back on 09:56 - Aug 14 with 700 viewsAl_Bundy

Shame this wasn't a L2 fixture.. we all could have walked around the stadium and watched the match from the other end second half.
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