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*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** 23:17 - Jan 10 with 4449 viewsCroftyjack

I have to say I am sick of hearing through these websites and through social media that
' oh the club is not what it used to be' I mean what the actual f**K does that mean.

Perhaps you mean not scratching around in the crap lower leagues where the quality is awful most the time, it was awful then so after seeing the PL for 7 years if we go back it will look even worse!
The club has not changed since 1912, owners, players and staff have and the ground but it is still what it was in 1912' a team that represents the city it was founded.
Support the club always because as far as I remember there has always been off field issues.
Maybe the club is just a mirror image of its fans these days unambitious.
*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 20:48 - Jan 11 with 502 viewsJack59

*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 19:46 - Jan 11 by PozuelosSideys

You really dont get it do you?

The club no longer represents the City. Its part of an American Hedge Fund portfolio and held mainly by American Shareholders. None of the players are local and people like you and that tosser on the other thread who placate the current position are a HUGE part of the problem.

If you want to lube up and bend over and wave your half-and-half PL scarf made in China, then go ahead. But the more people become like you, then the quicker the club will disappear into the swamp. If our fanbase had rolled over and accepted their fate like you are suggesting now back in 2001/02, there probably wouldnt be an SCFC, and almost definitely not in the FL.

100% correct.

*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 09:16 - Jan 12 with 416 viewsdameedna

However. What was the alternative? Maybe losing to Reading at Wembley. Move on.

*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 09:31 - Jan 12 with 402 viewsHeadmaster

If people can't see what's right in front of them, then we deserve to be where we are.
*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 10:38 - Jan 12 with 384 viewsJackflack

*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 13:04 - Jan 11 by Croftyjack

Far from it which is why I say since 1912 the club's the same...people seem to think the club's only existed since 2003...before then it was shite as I seen it..owners fleecing fans etc etc.
Awful awful footie...I hate the yanks and the sellouts but the club will be there after them and the next will come along and try the same.
The club will still represent the city.

my first season was 1970. A club in decline but I loved it. We weren’t like other lower league clubs like Rochdale etc, only getting 1,500 gates no matter what. I always felt we had the pontential for greater things, bigger crowds although we weren’t a big club either.
Then we had to apply for re-election in 1974 and then at the age of 16 rejoiced when the council bought the Vetch for £50,000 + £150,000 grant. The council basically said we had 5 years to come good or they couldn’t bale us out again. Oh boy did we come good or what?
When we were bad, the closer the fans bonded and rallied round. Then came 9th floor, Petty etc and the fans rallied round again.
Then came the glory years with Jenkins et al dragging the club up the leagues. We became the blueprint for all league clubs. The League cup run (Chelsea semi final) and the away game at Valencia will stay with me for the rest of my life?
Then it was needlessly all thrown away by a board that suddenly decided that dividends were no longer enough. They were getting older and didn’t need the hassle anymore... if that’s the case why the fk are you still running the club?

Jenkins! Why did you suddenly forget that our blueprint, ‘the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.’
The increase in sky money was a great chance for us to lower our wages to income ratio but no... you wasted it on players now on loan all over Europe.
You’ve recently been signing the very type of player we used to pass on these days.
Now... I feel disconnect from the owners, the sell outs, the trust, most of the players and most of the supporters who just haven’t got a clue what’s going on.
You may have noticed that I don’t post much these days because ... I have disconnected myself from this club. We have a new manager... I haven’t even read up on him or what he’s up to.
Why? Because I refuse to let what’s left of my club ruin my weekends for me anymore.
I’ll be back one day when MY club is back. Unfortunately there’s going to be a fall before we can rise again.
Swansea till I die? They died as soon as the sellouts betrayed the trust and the fans
So Crofty... that’s why!
[Post edited 12 Jan 10:39]

Lets be nice, we're all newbees on here.


*** Clubs not what it used to be!!!! *** on 11:57 - Jan 12 with 356 viewsSmellyplumz

An abortion of a thread Crofty boy.

""Although I cannot promise or predict the future, I can guarantee one thing - the current board of directors will always fight, as we have done over the last 12 years, to work together as one with the Supporters Trust to make 100% sure that Swansea City football club remains the number one priority in all our thoughts and in every decision we make."
Poll: Huw Jenkins

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