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My Apology to Nigel Hamer 14:33 - Jan 24 with 1798 viewsNookiejack

I have referred to Nigel Hamer in a number of threads as being an unelected Board member.

Nigel Hamer wrote to me and explained that:-

1. he had been an elected board member between 2001 and 2007.
2. Since then the Trust Board had asked him to serve as Trust Secretary.
3, he doesn't have a have a vote on any discussions made by the Trust Board.
4. he prepares the Agenda, but, doesn't control what is dealt with at BM's, the Chairman does that, he merely takes the Minutes and advises on certain matters, but, it is the Board who make the decisions at Meetings, he records them.

I also understand from a post by ECB that the Trust Secretary is elected by the Trust Board each year. Hence I should not have referred to him as being Unelected.

I therefore promised Nigel that I would write an apology to him on PlanetSwans - hence my APOLOGY to him here.

I also wrote to him to say how much I admire people who give up their free time to serve the community - through organisations such as the Swansea City Supporters Trust.

In Nigel's case he has done this between 2001 and 2018 - which is considerable service.

In my response to Nigel I did challenge him on:-

A. Term Limits for Trust Board Members
In my view there should be term-limits for being non-Profit Board Members - for the following reasons:-


"Term Limits-Pros

Amending the bylaws to include term limits lets a board reestablish itself every few years. A lot of good can come from that. Knowing that their time on the board is limited, board members may be inclined to stay intensely focused on their role during the time they serve the board. Having term limits offers boards the time to evaluate the type of talent the board needs for a well-rounded, efficient board and to make well-thought out plans for recruitment. Having turnover on the board brings a fresh crop of volunteers, new ideas, and hopefully some new fundraising ideas and expanded networks.

Term limits also give boards the chance to let go of board members whose attendance or participation is poor. Establishing term limits and staggering terms assures a revolving door of new board members. It’s a protocol that preserves the balance between old and new directors. The balance makes it easier for new board members to have their voices heard. When boards decide to incorporate term limits, it’s best to stagger terms so that the entire board is not up for re-election at the same time.

Even though most non-profit boards have term limits, there are benefits for organizations with regard to keeping a strong cadre of tenured board members.

Term Limits-Cons

If the workings of the board are moving along well without term limits, it may not make sense to rock the boat by incorporating them. When the best decision is to move forward without term limits, non-profit boards are wise to be aware of the pitfalls of keeping board members on the board long-term. New board members who claim a spot on a board of long-timers may be hesitant to bring their ideas forth for fear of them not being well-received. Seasoned board members may fear that new members will slow down the momentum that they worked hard to achieve. Over relying on a small niche of people who seem to have all or most of the power can stagnate and stall an organization’s progress. When long-serving board members are unproductive, it can be difficult to relieve them of their duties, even for the good of the organization. Supporters of not having term limits support their perspective by stating that using the nomination and evaluation processes are sufficient to relieve unproductive board members from their terms when necessary.

Rather than add term limits or embarrass a long-standing board member with a demotion, there are a couple of alternatives to opening up some new board seats. Long-term board members may appreciate the opportunity to serve on the advisory board. Another alternative is to require a break after two to three terms. The board should make clear that a mandatory break in between terms is more than an elongated vacation. It should be a time to evaluate the makeup of the board and the best interests of the organization.

A couple of other issues may signal a step down from the board. Ethical issues, such as legal or other high profile problems that may reflect poorly on the organization, are a valid reason for a change in board membership. Non-profits are also trending towards asking a board member to step down if the member has a status change, moving out of the organization’s field."

I should also add that if at any time, a Board member of a Non-Profit Board were conducting anything untoward - in my view it is more likely that things would be uncovered, if Term Limits are in place in contrast to indefinite periods of office.

My view therefore is - that the Term Limits of Trust Board Members should be a maximum of 6 years. I am not against Trust Board members - serving again in future - but there then should be mandatory breaks - with no involvement.

This 6 year Term limit in my view should also apply to the Trust Board Secretary.

Conflcits of Interest
I also made a post about the "Bermuda Triangle of Keith Harris - Steve Hamer and Nigel Hamer.” Nigel also asked me to explain this.

I explained the wider context to my post was the following:-

On social media there have been the following potential conflicts of interests discussions:-

1. Leigh Dineen, ex Chairman of Trust Board, went on to buy 5% of the club’s shares.
2. Huw Cooze - ex Supporters Director of Trust Board owned a company which had related party transactions with the club.
3. Huw Cooze - ex Supporters Director of Trust Board (from social media) appeared to be paid directly by the club, for his services as Trust Supporters Director, in contrast to the club paying the Trust and then the Trust reimbursing Huw Cooze for any expenses incurred in the carrying out of his duties.
4. Huw Cooze went on holiday with Brain Katzen, one of the selling shareholders.

The above, if true, indicates that ex-Trust Board members have had very close relationships with the Club and in my view it is for debate - whether they passed the potential conflicts of interest ‘sniff’ test.

I also understood from Social media that Nigel’s brother Steve Hamer has a connection to Keith Harris, a person who brokered the deal i.e. the Selling Shareholders sale of shares to the Yanks.

I therefore stated to Nigel I was not comfortable, from a potential conflicts of interest perspective, that he may discuss the Trust’s position with his brother - for him to then relay Trust’s position on to Keith Harris.

For the avoidance of any doubt - I don’t think Nigel would do this for any personal advantage - it just could be during a family discussion. The thing is if Nigel is party to all of the Trust’s debates and decisions - I am not comfortable that he continues as Trust Secretary, from a potential conflicts of interest perspective.

I explained to Nigel that my 'Bermuda Triangle’ comment refers to the black hole/opaque region of the world - where ships and aircraft have gone missing.

On reflection I don’t thnk it was the best analogy, I was trying to get across the ‘opaqueness' of the historic potential conflicts of interest, which certain of the ex-Trust Board members have had with the club and the potential conflicts of interest that I feel Nigel is now in - with respect to his relationship with his brother and then his connection with Keith Harris.

In Summary
It was poor form of me to keep referring to Nigel Hamer as being an Unelected Board member given the considerable years of service he has given to the Trust and that he has been elected each year by the Trust Board to be Trust Secretary.

My 'Bermuda Triangle' analogy wasn't the best to describe opaqueness re Potential Conflicts of Interest between Trust Board Members and the Club.

I am uncomfortable that Nigel who I assume as Trust Secretary is party to deal discussions with the Yanks - is related to Steve Hamer who is connected to Keith Harris, who apparently brokered the deal between the Selling Shareholders and the Yanks. I do not think that Nigel would ever share any information to his brother Steve for personal advantage.

Ny previous posts had nothing to do with Nigel’s personal competence or ability to do the role - more my feelings that the Trust hasn't historically got it right about Term Limits for Trust Board members and managing carefully the potential for conflicts of interest between Trust Board Members and the Club.

My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 15:36 - Jan 24 with 1708 viewsswanjackal

He was great in Chariots of Fire.

"Heaven preserve us, from the sincere reformer who knows what's good for you and by heaven is gonna make you do it whether you like it or not." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hypocritically hypocritical !


My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:04 - Jan 25 with 1494 viewstrampie

Had a letter have you Nookie ?

Continually being banned by Planet Swans for Porthcawl and then being reinstated.
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My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:19 - Jan 25 with 1470 viewsNookiejack

My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:04 - Jan 25 by trampie

Had a letter have you Nookie ?


I had an email from Nigel.

My response to him was as per my post above.

I won’t discuss anything more in respect of this here - as I have raised my views about term limits for Trust Board members in the Trust AGM thread.

My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:33 - Jan 25 with 1442 viewstrampie

Oh I see had an email, email being the modern version of a letter.

Continually being banned by Planet Swans for Porthcawl and then being reinstated.
Poll: UK European Union membership referendum poll

My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:42 - Jan 25 with 1423 viewsNookiejack

My Apology to Nigel Hamer on 11:33 - Jan 25 by trampie

Oh I see had an email, email being the modern version of a letter.

Yes sorry Trampie

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