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Trust Members Facebook page 07:07 - Apr 12 with 7465 viewsmarchamjack

The Trust put up a thread on their Communications inviting comments. I posted 4/5 days ago saying the Members only facebook group wasnt a good thing/too insular/the Trust lacking in any social media prescence on twitter/ need to get the Trust message (whatever it is...) out there far better etc.
Expected some response, comments...nothing...on the Communications thread...I'd laugh at the irony if it wasn't serious.
If there's ever a re-vote, based on the fb group, sadly, I expect nothing other than the Members to vote to remain in with the Yanks.

Oh,..Dave, what's occuring?

Trust Members Facebook page on 07:38 - Apr 14 with 1603 viewsMoscowJack

Trust Members Facebook page on 07:11 - Apr 14 by Jackfath

I agree with your statements.

Perhaps the better course of action would have been to shut down the facebook group altogether? Instead, devote Rhys' undoubted energies into developing the Trust website. An open and a "private" discussion board could be utilised with content as you have suggested coming from SM.

Perhaps shutting down the FB was the answer, but then the Trust would have been cricised for that too, wouldn't they? When communication is so shocking, removing one of the sources of information (even if it's not actually a form of communication but more of an outlet for people to rant and rave about anything at all) would have cause outrage.

Now there's so much dissatisfaction from fans to the Trust Board and a growing feeling of disgust, I do worry that they can't do anything right at the moment. We need to be careful that we don't jump on everything in a negative way and TRY to see the bigger picture.

As you pointed out, Rhys has so much energy and that does need to be encouraged, and nurtured but hopefully someone is able to help keep him focused on getting some small wins first, whilst still looking at the other longer-term ideas too. I do worry that he's trying to do too much too soon, but at least he's trying to do something different and I respect that.
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Trust Members Facebook page on 08:25 - Apr 14 with 1567 viewsDarran

Trust Members Facebook page on 23:02 - Apr 13 by Eilian

Get a life

Come on Eilian oh I swear what he means.

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Trust Members Facebook page on 15:16 - Apr 14 with 1480 viewsAmbergambler

Trust Members Facebook page on 22:59 - Apr 13 by Eilian

Sorry, what did you call me?

He called you a silly c*nt

Trust Members Facebook page on 23:44 - Apr 15 with 1375 viewsDarran

Can I ask a serious question on this please?

Who’s idea was it to call the secret Facebook group Trust Members Group?

Shouldn’t it have been called Swansea City Trust Members Group or Swans Trust Members Group?

Sounds a bit odd to be just “Trust Members Group” to me

The first ever recipient of a Planet Swans Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Trust Members Facebook page on 13:51 - Apr 16 with 1278 viewsmonmouth

Trust Members Facebook page on 22:59 - Apr 13 by Eilian

Sorry, what did you call me?

Call you? Nothing. Call the decision making body that has been utter shit and seems to be following an inward, introspective, closed shop strategy of which this is a visible part? I called them a bunch of silly c***s.

There are individuals on that decision making body that I have time for, that would do things differently if they had control, so maybe stop taking stuff so personally.

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Trust Members Facebook page on 18:33 - Apr 16 with 1232 viewsDafyddHuw

Trust Members Facebook page on 22:58 - Apr 13 by Eilian

When I first joined it came to my attention that there were around 10,000 members of the public facebook group yet we only had about 1,000 Trust members. The public group was toxic. Full of personal abuse, petty threats and bad language. No Trust issues were really being discussed on there and it represented bad value for our members.

So I decided to create a members only group that would provide a more pleasant environment and an opportunity to really discuss trust issues. Because there was less nonsense going on there, then debates can be more focused. It is also far easier for me to monitor what is being said. I sure as hell don't have the time to get into endless debates on there but I can at least monitor what is being said. It takes long enough to read all the comments nevermind reply to them.

The creation of the members' group also gave us the opportunity to find out how many the public group were actually Trust members. It was a simple way to roughly gauge the numbers. There is loads of information and statistics that can be taken from the facebook group as we are all probably aware given recent events in the News. The Trust membership demographic is almost entirely over 40. The demographics of the Trust public facebook group is something like 90% under 40. There is a simple lesson to learned here. The trust isn't engaging and creating value for the younger generation. So if we are going to do it then Facebook is very definitely a powerful tool (but not the only tool) in achieving that.
Yes, the numbers are low at present. Please give me a break. It's just the beginning and the easiest way to start introducing other mediums of communication such as video content.

One of my first considerations was to create an online forum. The trouble is we already had one with 11,000 members. It is far easier to do it through facebook. There is a reason that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world by far with which coincidentally hosts the biggest Swansea city discussion group in the world. There may well be a forum created as part of the reshuffle of the website. If its simple and easy to set up and maintain then I will be pushing for it!

Let's not forget that I joined the trust board to specifically deal with Facebook. You can't exactly criticise me if there are lots of changes happening and that a lot more content is going out on it. Its what im here to do!

There is not a single thing that will be going to the facebook group that won't be going out to members via email and onto the website. It may take a bit of time to get it onto those platforms but I promise to try and get it done before my time is up in July.

The website is on the agenda for Monday's subgroup meeting. We are looking into it. It needs a good tidy up IMO - Hey, I may even ask you lot for your ideas on changes!!! (or I may just ask the facebook group ;) - Joking )

We are volunteers, so do all this work in our spare time. We only meet once a month. At the last meeting, I was there for 5 hours straight. I will be finishing work early on Monday so that I can be at the meeting for 4 pm. I wouldn't be surprised if it went on until 9 pm like the last one.

2 things -

1. Very well done for giving it a go and devoting your free time.

2. I'm not on here much these days, so until this thread I was totally unaware of you.
But you're already pissing me off

Trust Members Facebook page on 19:18 - Apr 16 with 1203 viewsGowerjack


He's a silly cûnt.

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Trust Members Facebook page on 16:41 - Apr 17 with 1118 viewsJackfath

I wonder how yesterday's sub group meeting went?

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Trust Members Facebook page on 17:34 - Apr 17 with 1093 viewsmax936

Trust Members Facebook page on 23:00 - Apr 13 by Eilian

You clearly haven't been on there.

I don't do facebook, and I'm not a Trust member either and I cannot see me joining again anytime soon either so you're correct, I've lost all faith in the Trust, no need to explain my position on that as I've given the reason's on here countless times.

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Trust Members Facebook page on 23:08 - Apr 17 with 1016 viewsDewi1jack

Trust Members Facebook page on 16:41 - Apr 17 by Jackfath

I wonder how yesterday's sub group meeting went?

Escalated to a tertiary group?

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