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New Developments in Swansea 14:14 - Apr 19 with 4595 viewsblaenaugwentjack

Just had a look on my newsfeed, Wales on line i think? Reguarding the copper works site ( Penderyn Distillery ) and the cable car/zip wire project on killvey hill, thoughts?

New Developments in Swansea on 21:43 - Apr 21 with 600 viewsDr_Winston

Compared to many places in the UK Swansea is Nirvana.

It's got its problems but there's plenty worse out there.

Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or f*cking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back.


New Developments in Swansea on 08:50 - Apr 22 with 506 viewsyescomeon

The good Dr got in there before me. Living up in the North West for a few years has been an eye opener for me. Swansea really isn't that bad. Most towns in the UK are shitholes, it's easier to list off the good ones that the ones you want to avoid. I expect that the same can probably be said worldwide mind.

The lagoon shouldn't be lumped in with other developments that have fallen through in Swansea imo. Care really needs to be taken with that as it's a big risk environmentally, from a selfish, Swansea-centric perspective I'd rather they took the gamble with that one in Cardiff bay. The hold up with funding on that one is at the UK level too I believe.


New Developments in Swansea on 13:15 - Apr 23 with 438 viewsEbo

New Developments in Swansea on 02:33 - Apr 21 by snork44

I will be coming back to Swansea for the first time in five years ! So what has changed and what would be the best place to go to first ?


Thank you, goodnight and bollocks
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