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McBurnie 07:50 - May 15 with 3310 viewsshandyjack

We all know he's not PL ready but he will guarantee us 10-15 goals minimum next season, buying a striker in to do that job would cost £10-15m, why oh why are we looking at selling him, even if he is out of contract next year, his goals this coming season would bring in a lot more money if they sent us back up

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McBurnie on 13:04 - May 15 with 514 viewsjack247

McBurnie on 12:27 - May 15 by DwightYorkeSuperstar

Are we 100% sure he has a year left? I remember reading an unconfirmed rumour his final year was optional depending on whether we stayed in the Premier League. Hopefully it was false or it was removed in a subsequent new deal.

Surely we wouldn’t be stupid enough to let a completely unproven U23 player, as he would have been when he signed his contract, dictate clauses like that.
McBurnie on 13:34 - May 15 with 447 viewsRiscaJack

McBurnie on 13:04 - May 15 by jack247

Surely we wouldn’t be stupid enough to let a completely unproven U23 player, as he would have been when he signed his contract, dictate clauses like that.

You sure about that?



McBurnie on 13:40 - May 15 with 421 viewsJoe_bradshaw

According to both and Wiki his contract is up this summer. Can that be true?

If so he has been able to speak to prospective clubs since January. So it’s probably not.
[Post edited 15 May 2018 13:47]

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McBurnie on 14:14 - May 15 with 378 viewsThornburyswan

McBurnie on 08:52 - May 15 by Yossarian

1. People are saying that he can guarantee 10-15 goals in the Championship...what, with our midfield?If people who went to the game on Sunday didn’t think they were comically bad, then they’ve either become used to watching shit (understandable) or totally deluded
2. The boy is a Rangers fan and that would be a far, far more powerful pull than coming back to little old Swansea and the everyday life at a toxic club that players can’t get away from fast enough.
3. The boy has been on loan twice and probably doubts he’ll make it as a first team regular here. He’s had a bit of stick (rightly at times) but that wouldn’t have endeared him to the club in any case.
4. Sell him, but for somewhere in the region of £5 million. A few goals in a half-season Championship loan don’t make you a £10 million striker.

Plus if he felt old Stevie G had identified him as a key signing I suspect he'd crawl over broken glass to go - after what we've had to watch this season I only want players that want to be here, if that means he goes for £5M+ that's ok with me - clearly more would be better & maybe if the Rangers offer is genuine it might flush out some higher bids from Championship level clubs but given the choice of £5M from Scotland or a few £££s more from direct competition I'd take the Scottish money.

Reinforces the need for us to resolve our managerial position pdq particularly if the official transfer window is opening tomorrow.
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