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Sevilla to buy Mesa 18:45 - May 15 with 5161 viewsSwansea93

€8m with a further €2m in add ons, expected to sign a 3 year deal.

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Sevilla to buy Mesa on 08:21 - May 16 with 353 viewsShaky

Sevilla to buy Mesa on 08:06 - May 16 by moonie

Indeed shaky. Brilliant critique.
I've read Chrissy mentioning he only replies to intelligent posts.
How does that work and who decides if they are or not.

If it's the reader ,then it's surely only his interpretation as to if its intelligent or not.

So that s not intelliegent to me.

People should remember that you should believe nothing what you hear and half what you see.

Behind the mask

The irony is that "Chrissy" seems to be spending all his time currently arguing that Jenkins really is an alchemist, while rubbishing and doing in the only manager in recent history to actually have produced gold.

Misology -- It's a bitch
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Sevilla to buy Mesa on 08:28 - May 16 with 336 viewstheloneranger

Sevilla to buy Mesa on 07:31 - May 16 by Private_Partz

I feel true this backs up what I am thinking.
It is not just wages and lower levels of football. Players can see what a toxic incompetent mess the club is in and can only see our decline continuing.
I bet it ain't pretty on the inside.

I also think when Mesa signed he was very close to being picked for the Spanish squad, or so the story went...hence his moustache 😂

He believed he could showcase himself with us in the Premier League, get picked for Spain and be on the plane to Russia.

That went tits up for lots of reasons, and now he's got no reason to come back.

Sevilla to buy Mesa on 08:32 - May 16 with 333 viewsmoonie

Brilliantly analogy. I might have found a poster with whom to exchange views .

I'm struggling as to a chairman of a company can be praised when he is directly responsible for losing money for the business.

I would,suggest Bony,Mesa,Baston,Clucas and Andre Ayew will all be disposed of at a loss. I d suggest the purchase of A Ayew was worse value than Bony

Great significance was placed on gaining maximum market price for Siggy . Fair enough but to replace a player of that quality with Clucas beggars belief.
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