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the worst ever 18:13 - Oct 10 with 2286 viewsOldjack

Prosser the Tosser dwells on Phil's bum hole like a rusty old hemorrhoid ,fact You Greedy Bastards Get Out Of OUR Club!


the worst ever on 09:54 - Oct 11 with 314 viewsdickythorpe

If Warnock gets sacked sooner than later then I would not write Cardiff off. No league was ever decided in October!!!!

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the worst ever on 09:54 - Oct 11 with 316 viewsbyron

the worst ever on 09:41 - Oct 11 by omarjack

It's way too early to tell where a club will finish or how many points they'll make in the first 8 matches tbh. Newcastle and Huddersfield are also in the same trouble. And Palace were at 0 pts (and 0 goals) after the 1st 7 fixtures last season. And yet here they are.

I'd say things could never be predicted like that. 2 seasons ago, when Clement took over we've only collected 12 pts in 19 matches I think. We ended up surviving, making 29 pts in the second half. That's around 250% increase over the first half results.

The issue here is that Cardiff's squad is just too weak to make it. It's just not realistic. They said the same about Huddersfield last season and they only survived because we bottled it. But, Huddersfield won their opening 2 matches that season so it gave them a huge boost of confidence, Something Cardiff don't have.

As for Cardiff, they've had an awful start. And it doesn't look like they'll be able to win more than 3-4 for the whole season. They'll finish with less than 25 pts that's almost certain.
[Post edited 11 Oct 2018 9:42]

Our next 5 home games, Fulham, Leicester, bha, wolves, saints.
This will tell us all we need. We could be mid, could still be bottom. Fulham have a dodgy defence and wolves have only played 1 of the top 6. Amazing that palace had no points no goals after 7 games and stated up.


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