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City Centre 18:41 - Nov 14 with 2442 viewsymaohyd

Just reading an article in the Swansea section of Wales on Line regarding the various developments proposed for the city centre.

Reading between the lines it seems that none of them are truly moving forward.

The gondola scheme from Kilvey Hill seems one step away from being shelved (of you get away from the sound bites), as ever with Swansea a ridiculous situation whereby if the gondolas go over the river a substantial payment will need to be made to some Duke's trust fund as they own part of the river bed and they are based in Somerset!

No businesses have looked at the old Landore works, Homebase soon to fold half of the units in Parc Tawe are empty including the old Toys T Us.

The article outlines pipe dreams, artists impressions with very little concrete developments moving forward. I'm still not convinced that this indoor arena will be built.

Swansea City Council look as if they will make mass redundancies shortly.

Hang on though another article highlights that Swansea does Beaujolais day better than any one else! Basically fat, ugly women will be getting off their tits with an excuse to do so...yes very Swansea!

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City Centre on 00:45 - Nov 17 with 445 viewswestside

this is what the students flats are going to look like on the kingsway
City Centre on 21:19 - Nov 17 with 336 viewsjack2jack

City Centre on 06:42 - Nov 16 by Whiterockin

I just wish they would use some of the multi millions to teach them to lay the paving slabs evenly. I really can't believe how uneven the new pavements are, they are worse than what they have taken up.

The laying quality is isn't the best in parts, hopefully, that will be rectified, before the contractor leaves site.
What amazes me is the amount that is being spent on what is primarily a highway, they could have utilised off the shelf materials for a fraction of the price.I do hope that future maintenance is carried out to the highest standards, to maintain its appearance, rather than reinstating it with tarmac etc.
I also hope that whist redevelopment works continue on new builds etc, that the footways are not trashed in the process, given the amount The Council is spending on the scheme.
City Centre on 21:32 - Nov 17 with 330 viewsJack59

City Centre on 21:21 - Nov 15 by Jackfath

That's exactly right, because students have more money than the average swansea citizen. They bring money in, they spend it here. Fill the city centre with them. That's the strategy.

It's a pity that students are exempt from paying any Council Tax, it's such a drain on the local authority.
City Centre on 21:40 - Nov 17 with 326 viewsjack2jack

City Centre on 21:32 - Nov 17 by Jack59

It's a pity that students are exempt from paying any Council Tax, it's such a drain on the local authority.

Yeah but,yeah but, they are going to bring millions to the local economy mun.😀

City Centre on 22:22 - Nov 17 with 293 viewsoldgrey

And of course none of these naysayer posters have bought stuff from on-line purveyors like Amazon etc.
I rest my case m'lord.
Repent ye sinners.
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