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M4 07:07 - Nov 16 with 914 viewsSwanzay

Closed by Llansamlet

M4 on 07:11 - Nov 16 with 907 viewsbuilthjack

Both ways?

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M4 on 07:23 - Nov 16 with 887 viewsSwanzay


M4 on 07:27 - Nov 16 with 876 viewsN_T_J

I live by the Bowens and been up since 4:30 watching the Cricket, and the traffic has been coming through since then.

But i can see lorrys on M4 now East and West. So guess its opened back up.

M4 on 16:26 - Nov 16 with 617 viewsymaohyd

Statistically i wouldn't be surprised if the stretch of motorway from the Bont to Sarn has one of the worst fatality rates in the UK.

The number of fatalities seems to get worse every year. I'm sure people's attention being taken away from the road by looking at their phones has a lot to do with it.

Was returning to Swansea the other week, on the M4 approaching Port Talbot , suddenly a lorry swerved, leaving the middle lane, half of it going into the fast lane, if another vehicle had been in the fast lane at the time, who knows what would have happened.

When I caught up and passed him he was looking down at his phone!

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